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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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MycroProcessor is a Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

In brief

MycroProcessor is a member of the YTP tennis cafe staff that likes puzzle-adventure games, VGM/chiptunes, prog, and finding odd obscure media.

He has been extremely influential in the YTP tennis side of the community and also extremely influential in the development of "visual rape" or "erosion" effects-based styles of YTP.


Before making YTP's, MycroProcessor made Myst fanvideos. However, the last few seconds of all of his videos were very abstract and YTP-esque, before even knowing of the genre.

After many influences, Mycro made a Myst fanvideo combining all of his unfinished projects into one abstract YTP-esque video that was horrible and filled with overused memes (Though, the majority of the added sources were very unique). It wasn't originally supposed to be considered a YTP, but someone compared it to one because of the use of references to Mama Luigi.

Mycro made 3 more of these, but during the process of making one of them, he saw a tennis match for the first time (on 04-01-2008 (his birthday (not in the same year))), and it changed his life forever. He suddenly realized that his old nonsensical abuses of WMM effects were considered YTP's. So he decided to make entire videos of them.

Around this time he created a separate account for YTP's (He originally used a different account), to separate the fanvideos from the interesting original YTP stuff. The rest of MycroProcessor's videos were far better and received positive feedback from the pooping community. They also used less overused memes until that aspect was phased out of his videos.

He started using interesting effects using only WMM, but he used it to near it's full potential. Eventually he added in the use of other freeware programs like Jahshaka, Wax Invoker and VirtualDub to add even more possibilities for interesting visual editing. Aural editing was always one of the most important aspects of his videos to him, so to do that, Mycro used Audacity.

Eventually he gained access to Sony Vegas 5.0. Since he was already used to using bad programs to make good stuff, he didn't have much of a problem adapting to Sony Vegas, which was much easier to use for what he was trying to do in his videos.

At this point he had really gotten in to YTP tennis, and it became the primary thing he did relating to editing videos (the vast majority of his videos are tennis rounds). So now mainly he edits videos in YTP tennis matches. He also now uses Adobe After Effects in addition to Sony Vegas as his main video editing software choices.

First poop seen


First poop made

3 Minutes of Myst Randomness


  • Experimental and Abstract
  • Lots of editing to audio. (Specifically Stutters, Panning, Echo Effects and Pitch Shifting)
  • Heavy use of 3D space
  • Intentional desync of video and audio.
  • Lots of things happening at once, especially with audio.
  • Lots of intentionally awkward feeling empty space.
  • By contrast, also lots of fast-paced stuff with no empty space at all.
  • Fast-Paced and Glitchy
  • Slow-Paced and Eerie
  • Lots of strobe sections.
  • Use of large numbers of effects and filters.
  • Tons of different sources used in a single YTP.
  • In general focused on auditory/visual editing.
  • NOT focused on humor much, but the humor that is there is usually in the kind of esoteric absurd/surreal range.

Preferred Sources

  • Gameplay footage in general (Especially of more obscure games, like Floating Runner and Pulseman)
  • Myst Series
  • Other Games in the Puzzle-Adventure Genre (Alida, Obsidian)
  • Obscure Sources in General (Foreign Cartoons, Various odd websites and Audio)
  • Pokemon
  • Video Game Music Audio
  • Many Others

Preferred Methods

  • Erosion/Virus (Very heavy effect usage)
  • Strobe (Lost of seizure/quickly flashing stuff) aka Eye Rape
  • Ambient Erosion
  • Acid Trip
  • Ear Rape
  • Stutter Loop
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Tennis (His Main Focus of YTP)

Prefered Tech

  • Sony Vegas 5.0
  • Debugmode Wax 2.0
  • Adobe After Effects CS3
  • Windows Movie Maker


  • YTP Tennis
  • Anything that evokes the emotion of "confusion" to him. This often means hyper-complex stuff where it's difficult to comprehend everything going on in a video, but it can also just mean stuff with simple non-sequitors or strange unusual editing choices.
  • Complex, experimental, abstract and unconventional editing.
  • Really heavily edited stuff effect-wise
  • Strobes
  • Stuff with an echoey/eerie feel to it.
  • Fast paced editing and contrast of lots of different types of editing next to each other.
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Gameplay footage as a source
  • Nonsense/surreal humor


  • Jokes that make too much sense

List of Poops

(This section is insanely out of date, I'll have to update it at some point)

Name Date Uploaded Length
Normal Cloud and Dinner Plate Look for an Antagonist in Kotkoda's PowerPoint Presentation 01-29-09 0:56
Cyan is Very Close in Hue, Saturation and Luminance to my Favorite Color. 01-31-09 0:29
When You Give an Gehn a Atrus Doll 02-05-09 0:31
Cyan is Very Close in Hue, Saturation and Luminance to my Favorite Color. 02-07-09 0:40
T'alvi gets WRITTEN on the day of 02/08/09 02-08-09 1:00
Lotus Turbo Challenge 233: The Bureau Realm Police Sacred Becky Edition 02-15-09 1:17
(HD) Lotus Turbo Challenge 233: The Bureau Realm Police Sacred Becky Edition 02-17-09 1:17
Proper Noun gets ALL CAPITAL LETTERS PAST PARTICIPLE on the composite mode age 03-02-09 0:53
Five-Thirds of Arin Teleport Into Narayan 03-05-09 0:33
A Haunter Calls Boogle's Cat an Asterisk 03-09-09 1:00


Very positive. MycroProcessor considers this his worst collab entry, shocking nearly everybody. SergeantBacon said it best; "That means something huge if you consider that to be your worst."


People think he's insane because he thinks he's a Jolteon.


  • In general one of the most influential YTPers in the "visual rape" side and YTP Tennis side of the community.
  • Was often the first or one of the first to use a lot of now very commonly used effects/combinations.
  • One of the earliest adopters of 3d visuals in YTP.
  • Popularized the use of Wax as a video editing program/plugin.
  • Started the idea of Multiplied Time Tennis, now an very popular tennis variant in the tennis community.
  • The first to regularly use many sources like Myst or Obsidian in a YTP, which later started being used frequently by many other poopers.
  • MycroProcessor is often credited for co-inventing YTP recycling with Mcmangos.
  • MycroProcessor created the YTP Pyramid. (Like the YTP chain, only with each video getting two responses).


In Real Life


  • GameBop (Molhal), TheChutley (YTPsource), and the rest of the Tennis Cafe Staff
  • Architect1 (52ofem)
  • Peskeh
  • Many Others!



Other Information


  • Video Game Music and Chiptunes (Along with other types of music or sound design, but his largest passion is most likely electronic music created through synthesizers in sound chips, especially FM synth based sound chips.)
  • Music in odd time signatures.
  • Adventure Games (Like the style of the Myst Series and Obsidian to be specific)
  • Things with animal characters (furry) and stuff, especially Pokemon.
  • Weird, obscure, cryptic or abstract things in media. (Obscure cartoons/games, video game glitches, experimental editing like his YTP's)


  • For a large time interval around 2009 or so, posted a review of every single tennis round posted on YouChewPoop forums at the time.
  • Is a proficient keyboardist, especially with synth, or jazz music on the piano and vibraphone.
  • Has over 25 different YouTube accounts.
  • Has met GameBop, TheChutley, Trepmaws, and Wreath Rappo all in real life!


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