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Multi-Way Tournament

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Multi-Way Tournament was a Youtube Poop Tennis Tournament hosted by an evolving assortment of hosts starting with dewmann, the original creator/organizer, then switching over to Gamebop, and then being managed to its finish by a joint effort between trepmaws and Sid from September 2013 to October 2014, with LaVie CestLol becoming the eventual winner beating BSP666c and AshcrementVII in a three-way finale. It is the longest running tournament that has ever taken place on the site, with the shortest duration of time (14 hours) between the start of this tournament and the end of previous one. 10 of its 18 original participants would replaced more than one time throughout its run with a total of 14 additional participants, currently the most ever, beating even that of the Three-Way Tournament.


dewmann originally concieved the idea in conjuction with CaptainStringCheese in the form of a massive single 20-way match that would slowly decrease until one player remained as early as September 2011. Discussion was later carried over in private discussion with the rest of the active Cafe Staff at the time(plus RAKninja), where it was eventually molded into a rough version of its final state through an exchange of ideas between all involved. At its conclusion, dewmann and Captain became enthusiastic to possibly get this tournament idea into a proper manifestation, but were informed that a tournament was already due to happen quite soon, which would come to be the Doubles Cup II. The idea was subsequently put on hold for some time; with dewmann and Captain occasionally revisiting and revising bits and peices. Captain would later tell dewmann that the idea had essentially become "his tournament", even though dewmann liked the idea of both of them being credited with its creation equally as well as both hosting it come its fruitition, though Captain assured that he would certainly sign up for it come the time.

By 2013 however dewmann and Captain had fallen out with each other and remained out of contact for some time. Toward the close of the Triples Tournament dewmann revisted the idea once again this time with Cafe skype chat, discussing its current state and refining last touches with assistance from Gamebop and MycroProcessor, who supported the idea of it becoming the next tournament and even volunteered ahead of time to sign up for it. It was believed by dewmann that the Staff had already agreed to this becoming an event previously and that with this confirmation all would go smoothly, and within the day that Triples Tournament announced its winners the thread was created, and spots filled up almost instantly.

There did, however, occur at this time a dispute about the tournaments sudden and unexpected appearance especially as soon as it had appeared following the Triples Tourney's conclusion, in which Ashcrement was the most vocal about. It contradicted at the time the written rules of the Tennis Section that supposed "official" tournaments had to be discussed with the Cafe Staff and that the final authority of the tourney being a site-sanctioned event rests with the Staff itself, which were quickly corrected as the rest of the staff pitched involvement and the fate of the tournament was decided by majority vote. In the end the favor went for the tournament being an official one by a vote count of 4-2(though technically considered 4/5-1; MrDrunkenFox voted no, but it is thought that he wasn't entirely aware of the situation at hand), meaning the winner would recieve a trophy and the Tournaments section would recieve proper use. dewmann realized his mistake and apoligized for his unintentional hastiness but was very thankful that his tournament was given a chance and promised that there would not be disappointment.

The finalized version of the tournament that would become played borrowed in part from MycroProcessor's 3-Way Tournament in terms of matches outside of the 1v1 range, but extending far beyond the amount of players that had played in previous tournaments. The layout of sets were drawn as:

Set 1: 18 Players, 3 6-way matches

Set 2: 15 Players, 3 5-way matches

Set 3: 12 Players, 3 4-way matches

Set 4: 9 Players, 3 3-way matches

Set 5: 6 Players, 3 standard 2-way matches

Set 6: 3 Players, 1 3-Way Final Match, with the winner going to the reciever of the highest score.

The number of rounds for each match would be 3 times the amount of players, or 3 rotations. The round time limit was also deliberately set to half the max time limit of the standard (0:20 to 1:30), as dewmann anticipated that many extensions would be needed and that this would hopefully be a way to compensate for the time that people would spend on each round, de-emphasizing the utilization of long round times. The turnover time was also put back to 3 days, as opposed to 4 which had been used over the last few tournaments.

trepmaws is to credit for the idea of this Tournament's voting style; an olympic method in which voters give scores to all players based on a score from 1.0 to 10.0, from which the individual scores for each player were calculated for a final average. The reason for this is because rather than declaring one match winner, voting results would instead declare one match loser, the player who would drop out after each set thus decreasing the amount of players for each match. Penalties for lateness/going outside of rules was fixed at one point for each off the total average score, the lateness being for every 3 days a player was late, resulting in disqualification after 9. It would be after this a replacement would be requested.

dewmann wrote regarding replacements that "During a match, if a player decides they will no longer be able to participate in the tournament, they may select a player from the list to play for them, who will simply pick up from where the player left off in a match*. Note that a replacement is permanent**, and once chosen they will take the place of the original player for the remaining course of the tournament. In the event a player is disqualified due to late penalties or does not choose a replacement, the replacement players will be contacted about the open spot and whoever volunteers first will play in place of the disqualified."

"* This rule is exempt in the 2 way matches of Set 5. In this set replacements will be chosen like that of the 4th tennis cup; if a player decides they will no longer be able to participate in the tournament, they may select a player from the list to play for them. If done so, the match will restart from the beginning, using the un-replaced player's first round as the serve. In the event a player is disqualified due to late penalties or does not choose a replacement, their opponent may choose to either accept the win automatically and move on to the next set of matches, or select a new player from the replacement list to play against. If the replacement is disqualified then the opponent will automatically move on."

    • If in the beginning of a tournament a player drops out before submitting any rounds for their match (or the tournament entirely) their replacement essentially acts as the original player of said match and the dropout can rejoin the tournament as a replacement if they wish to later on. Once a round is submitted by a player however, this window becomes invalid and dropouts afterward become permenant as originally. This also only applies to conditions in Set 1.

The reason for the second exception was due to the numbers who originally ended up not being able to stay committed before start, including dewmann himself, but may be more committed at a future time and still want to play.


The first 6 people had already signed up via skype, among them were dewmann, Gamebop, MycroProcessor, and Bloodis as seasoned players. Magged Rat had previously signed up in the Triples Tournament but had failed to deliver a single round, a mistake that he hoped to rectify in participation of this tournament. Cornflakes and imoutofideas1 had previously also played in the Triples Tournament for one match each. Sid, plasticfishtank and JowlHog4 would both play for the first time competitively, with other seasoned players BSP666c, CorruptionSound, therazoredge, StickerBoyTheNextGen, sanemurzu and ZACHTOMCAT also signing up.

Already at its start though players started becoming unstable. dewmann would at this time face multiple interferences with his computer and ultamitely end up having his spot filled by eletricalmonkss, until he eventually was able to sign up again as a replacement and eventually replace StickerBoyTheNextGen, who would only ever contribute a single round. trepmaws's situation would also change and he would drop out and be replaced by GabrielCol595, who after one round would be replaced again by djninjalovemistake. This would serve to continue almost regularly through the first 3 sets.


dewmann in a humorous tribute split up the three matches by Yellow, Teal, and Purple, in order to also easily categorize the placement of players in each set. No one would stay restricted under one color, as the match draws were all randomized as had long been the tradition.

Week 1[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|uujIUFLyI5E|320}}therazoredge's Round 1 of Match Yellow, Set 1

Match Yellow for this set was therazoredge vs. MaggedRat vs. CreepahWeegie vs. StickerBoyTheNextGen vs. CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor. A powerful serve kicked the match off that was Razor's blend of heavy ambience and technical bliss, mixed with atmosphere and editing techniques that ranged from being both calming to unsettling. Round 2, which would be MaggedRat's only video in the competition, cut the round time in half and mostly featured an overlaying of a YTPer of the time known as Austrock or Dozzyrok dancing in a seizure like manner, doing little with the round itself. He would subsequently become replaced by FlamingRaptorClaw, later known as Razerek, due to other commitments once again(as had been the case in the Triples Tournament as well). CreepahWeegie's response however would be one of the better ones of the Tournament so far, displaying much technical ability in addition to cleverness, as it made use of Duck Amuck in a humourous way to counter the previous round. It's two minute length was done rather innocently, as Creepah had not yet adjusted to the new time limit in the rules. Very little of this round was used in StickerBoy's Round 4 however, as much of it's 28 seconds ended up being added source, which would continue to be added onto in CorruptionSound's Round 5, though also utilizing more of the previous Round in a way that continued the match in a more organized way.

MycroProcessor's Round 6 bore a striking resemblance to "5", specifically the "5" from his Round 9 with Gamebop and Luioigi in the 3-Way Tournament, as the same sort of sharp and abraisive noises that eminated from that video were also present here, coupled with a similar brand of simple-yet-complex-in-appearance editing. Notable in it's source additions is a interview with Robert Fripp, which would continue to make appearances throughout Mycro's videos. TheRazoredge's style would find a great element in responding to this Round as it would also be very favoriably appreciated by Mycro himself, employing the same aethetically driven style in cooperation with the mysteriousness with the previous video's atmosphere. FlamingRaptorClaw, now making his appearance into the tournament, delivered a Round 8 in a style that was not unlike that of piodx, using many of the same effects and even the same resolution, but a noticably better step up in editing than that of the previous player in his spot.

Creepah's Round 9 was largely structured around the use of an old emergency broadcast system test clip while also adding in various other sources including that of Dozzyrok and footage reporting the assassination of John F. Kennedy, following the style of previous round similarly though not as intensely. Around this point StickerBoy inaverdently disappeared and was unable to respond with the next round, so in his place dewmann took the opprotunitity and finally joined in their own tournament, responding with Round 10 which was mostly a "test-the-waters" sort of round, getting a feel for the competitive field once again but otherwise volleying competantly. CorruptionSound followed up with a strange Round 11 that only made rather scant use of the previous round and adding in many sources including the Nostaliga Critic, a Wendy's Commercial, a Wario vs. Bomberman commercial and various movies, and featured a stark and eerie atmosphere furthered by its uploading on Halloween. Mycro's Round 12 continued in the abstract vein of his previous Round making prominant usage of the color teal towards the end and using an elaborate series of layering tricks to volley the large majority of Corruption's round and therazoredge furthered the abstraction in his Round 13, featuring a segment with the handwritten text of "THE AUDIO PLAYING RITE NOW IS DANIEL LOPAIN'S(Under the alias "Chuck Person") ECOSSAM AS(Not to show my vapor fanboy-ness,i really need to stop.) I IV NO WAY EDITED THE AUDIO. THIS,SAMPLES THE BYRDS SONG "EVERYBODY'S BEEN BURNED" MOST PEOPLE HAVE,EXCEPT 4 ME AND THE OTHER INHABITENTS OF MONTANA. I AM NOT A BURNING CRISP."

Razarek largely stuck to his previous formula in making Round 14 and included a half red and white video frame at the end with backward music, which Creepah in Round 15 would overlay a number of sources on top of and follow it with an intense scene featuring several NSFW images displayed in rapid succession and finishing with a YTPMV using the previous round and other additional sources. Round 16 saw dew using the red/white space much more advanced by putting sources not inside of it and editing them like the colors were on two seperate layers, and also began with a cube segment that they call an "editing mistake" with the intention of being able to see more of the previous round inside of it. It was an overall much more intense round, considerably more than the rest of the match proceeding it, but serving to follow up what had come previously greatly and make more new and original. Round 17 was much shorter and the appearance of text saying "I'M LAZY I'M ON MY ENERGY SAVING MODE" provided perhaps an explanation as to why it was a continuation of unusually weak responses coming from someone who was known for a rather heavy style and had a tournament win under his belt, opting for once again largely more added sources and only selective use of the round before it. The thinly compressed layer of footage on the mario super show scenes from this Round would be revealed as the prominant background of the visuals of Mycro's finishing round, utilizing many cube-related effects to follow-up on that of the previous two videos and visual WAX-generated segment considered by dew to be among the more cooler things Mycro had done in his videos up to that time. Following the match's conclusion Mycro would do comprehensive reviews of each round and reveal the overall scores he gave to each player based on their performance, with he and therazoredge tied for his highest score, followed by dew, then Corruption and Creepah tied for third, and Razarek in last. As it would turn out the player to be eliminated from this match would be Razarek, with the rest of the players moving on to Set 2.

In the camp of Match Teal, for this set coming to be sanemurzu vs. JowlHog4 vs. iamoutofideas1 vs. ZACHTOMCAT/NITROCONCRETE1 vs. GabrielCol595/djninjalovemistake vs. BSP666c, the first round would feature the Figu@Mate opening edited in an incredibly humorous way with an overall basic presentation with JowlHog adding in many more intense elements to it in his Round 2, otherwise adding in no sources. imoutofideas1 requested 3 extension for his round due to school but still ended up posting his Round 3 two days late, which added even more intense elements along with much quieter audio, adding in Takes of Magic towards the end of the video. ZACHTOMCAT's Round 4 kept up this repetition without adding anything while GabrielCol's Round 5 served to finally start to add more things into the match to give it a more concise flow, though this would be the only round he would contribute for this match, dropping out soon after.

{{#ev:youtube|djD5tPObEME|320}}Splolteon's Round 6 of Match Teal, Set 1

Splolteon had by this time not made a video in over a year, so his forthcoming response was something greatly anticipated. The resulting round was such in his signature style albeit with some trace differences, with eletricalmonkss remarking "I haven't seen this much color since I went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles" and overall the most positively received round so far. The match seemed to repeat somewhat in this pattern from here on out with the continuity between rounds incredibly fluid due to largely minimal change. Sanemurzu in his Round 8 (deleted) and 13 would use only little effort in volleying the rounds of his opponent, in the case of his latter being largely the previous round largely overlayed onto several difference composites with no real altercations to the flow of the video. Jowlhog would suggest interesting things and be definitive tone changer of the rounds he volleyed, with probably the strongest of his 3 responses coming with Round 14, employing a metronome beep in order to make simple musical accompaniment and being a new obviously superior round compared to his previous. imoutofideas1 would continue to return for both his remaining rounds very visually interesting videos with a large detraction of volume but continue to be late and additionally going over the maximum time limit of 1:30, loading several penalties on his side. NITROCONCRETE1 would now step into the place of ZACHTOMCAT but stylistically would not differ to much from the previous player, first uploading a round via mediafire link which dew then put up onto TennisFacksJr so it could be seen, advising that such a move would not be repeated; Both rounds would edit the previous round very minimally with very little progression to work off of. djninjalovemistake would now take the place of fiv95 and continue fiv's way of bringing some well needed life into the match for his 11th and 17th rounds, utilizing many different audio qualities, filters and effects in contribution to his normally etherical-leaning style while Splolteon would continue to for his 12 and 18th rounds provide considerably the strongest responses in the style he was known for the best, eventually getting the highest vote average for the match. The player to leave would end up naturally being imoutofideas1, as even though NITROCONCRETE1 received the lowest raw score of 4.0, with a late penalty knocking it to 3, idea's garnering of 4 penalties knocked his score of 6.0 down to 2.0, and all the other players were spared for Set 2.

In Match Purple the lineup was Cornflakes vs. PlasticFishTank vs. Sid1325 vs. Bloodis vs. GameBop vs. EletricalMonkss, and it would be the only match of the first Set to not have any replacements. The serve was done with Cornflakes' usual setup of shaky distorted visuals with a mixture of classical music and loud audio, featuring a mix of both animated and live recorded footage in the video. plasticfishtank would deliver his Round 2 late and it would largely edited mostly a mirror effect and a red tint and largely feature a very disturbing audio source that Ekrem guessed was from "suicidemouse.avi" but it is unclear the origin of it exactly; plasticfishtank himself mentioned that "the audio of the signging is william byrd's kyrie from mass for 4 or 5 voices" in regards to an audio source layered with it. He now considers this among his other rounds of the match to be "unbearable for [him] to watch" and has planned to delete them at an unknown time.

{{#ev:youtube|L5wEWwUGiiU|320}}Sid's Round 3 of Match Purple, Set 1

By contrast the editing intensity of Sid's Round 3 was a positive surprise to many spectators and the round was widely praised, making him one of the standout players of the match and tournament. It added sources into the match for the first time in the form of Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelicon, which would not happen again until the Round after Bloodis' Round 4, making a somewhat determined yet unsuccessful effort to follow up on this style but contributing a good spin on the flow of it, with Bloodis encouraging people to look at it as a "practice round" as he had not made a proper video in some time. Gamebop's following Round added in Minecraft, Kukori audio and numerous other things akin to his source aesthetic and was additionally strong of a response, with eletricalmonkss responding to it in his very left-field oriented style adding in a manwith10toes source featuring a "Shrek 3D" for many parts of it.

Cornflakes's Round 7 began rather hauntingly adding in trailers for both _A Clockwork Orange_ (which Mycro in his review said was "oddly notable" as one of the first sources he ever recieved in a volley of a tennis match) and the rather sinisterly narrated _Rosemary's Baby_ before abruptly switching over to the more lighthearted MST3K towards the end of the video. Much of the previous round seemed rather obscured in this video but due to the previous round's obliqueness it was still considered substantial. plasticfishtank's response only lasted 22 seconds and was once again only a very slight response to the round previous adding in only very brief appearances of added sources. Sid continued to respond with an extreme visual style in his next round, similarly with Bloodis after him making the effort to respond back well enough and Gamebop working to his usual strength on his following response. eletricalmonkss responded again with an unusual short round which utilized a lot of source addition and otherwise largely clouded up the previous round in bizarre effects with only the unedited audio to signify that it was still there.

In Cornflakes last round there was for a change no added footage save for the very end with all the round being very visual though in a very simplistic way, and largely following along the narrative of the previous round with little changes made. From this point onward much of the remainder of the match followed in a similar pattern; Sid's following response featured intense visual work that served to be the clear favorite of the match, here being shown a series of segments rendered over each other showing the visual progression of various clips. Bloodis followed this up with another round with great effort and here it was considerably Bloodis' strongest point of the match, while not matching up the visual side of what preceded him but still finding interesting ways to use it in an original fashion, making frequent use of displacement maps as he had done throughout while also retaining the darker side of the match's atmosphere.

{{#ev:youtube|bbnwHldv1LA|320}}Gamebop's Round 17 of Match Purple, Set 1

Gamebop continued this in his Round 17 by implementing Rhem music within the background and featuring the entire backdrop of the video with a spinning array of layers eventually covering up the entire screen, then slowly rewinding back into black nothingness as visuals are implemented on top. Mycro called this his favorite round of the tournament so far in his final review, giving him his highest overall score commenting that in this match he had shown a particularly strong performance in comparison to most matches he'd be in. eletricalmonkss nearly missed being eliminated by uploading his very late final round which once again was edited very off-kitlerly, obscuring much of the previous round over heavy odd visuals. Mycro assessed it saying that "though this style is awesome and cool, it isn't really something I'd consider to be the best at using the previous round". His overall scoring at the end would be GameBop > Sid > Bloodis > EletricalMonkss > Cornflakes > PlasticFishTank, and the match results would end up with plasticfishtank being the eliminated player, as he had not only the lowest raw score but 3 penalties brought it down to a staggering 1.0, the lowest of the entire Multi-Way Tournament. The remaining players moved on to Set 2.

Week 2[edit]

The Match Yellow lineup was drawn as CreepahWeegie vs. djninjalovemistake vs. Cornflakes vs. therazoredge vs. sanemurzu, with djninja serving as a replacement for the recently departed fiv95. Creepah's serve began the match using largely himself as the main source and included a "mini-game" done in a WarioWare style called "Make Joe Say Something" in which the player had to "press A repeatedly" in order to accomplish this. It was largely constructed around humor while also having a distinctive visual element which along with the title set the stage for what was to come.

{{#ev:youtube|MjeocrNY35I|320}}djninjalovemistake's Round 2 of Match Yellow, Set 2

djninjalovemistake's Round 2 played up to the ideas in the serve to a tee, adding in IRL footage of themselves along with IceSumo in addition and a similarly styled mini-game titled "Who is Calling Chris Gendo?", describing "Christopher is expecting a very important phone call! Can you use your powers of deduction to guess who it is?" and featuring for a very brief few frames "Move like lightning because speed is of the essence here! Hesitation could prove your undoing! Are you the ultamite Chris Gendo fanatic?". The 3 choices were then outlined as A. Thansanqua Jantjie, B. therazoredge (depicted as a child armed with 3 massive water guns in a combat position), and C. Ban-Ki Moon. After only about 5 seconds to make a choice the image of Chris Gendo(his real-life head pasted onto Duke Nukem's body with his gun replaced with a 'Super Soaker') "explodes" followed by the text of "Oh dear! Your chubby little sausage fingers were too slow! Chris Gendo exploded and you will killed in the blast to be reincarnated as a turnip!(over an image of a turnip crop) Now we will never know who the important phone call was from ?????" Much of what was used of the previous round was used in the first 30 seconds of the video, starting with a brief musical segment with a more visual/etherical segment that followed it, ending once again on footage of djninja with a bit of a tennis cartoon appearing in one instance. therazoredge claimed that he "laughed incredibly hard" upon seeing the depiction of himself in the mini-game and Ashcrement similarly applauded it, with Creepah calling it "amazing" and hoping that the match continued in this direction.

Cornflakes detracted from this flow in his Round 3 however declining to add footage of himself and dedicating the larger amount of his video to editing the previous round in a more visual way than had been previously demonstrated, but did include a mini-game titled "What is Cornflakes Eating"(though the "Cornflakes" was stylized as just his avatar making the question appear to be "What is Eating"). The mini-game is not completed due to "SammyClassicSonicFan eating the camera" and thus the viewers never find out "What Cornflakes is eating!", though a visually distorted box of cornflakes appears immediately afterward. therazoredge's Round 4 did feature in more IRL footage though not necessarily of themselves; instead they opted to begin their video with footage of them walking around in the dark and stopping before a note on a doorstep that appeared largely intelligible, but appears to read "Hello Again! I hope you enjoy what I've come up with so far! This is Round 4, aka "4.25" also aka aka "2.4". You can enjoy if you want to!" The remaining half of the video was done much to therazoredge's trademark editing, featuring the mini-game of "You best we wagging that finger now, oke? OK!" using therazoredge's own hand, wagging finger and all, with the SammyClassic footage being manipulated in a small formation at the fingertip. Upon the game ending with animated clapping hands and "Gr8", new recorded footage appeared of therazoredge's Iphone with text reading "This concludes this video, a.k.a. '4.25' or '2.4'; It's now htpp://'s turn! Good luck!" Ashcrement at this point called the match the best of the tournament so far "conceptually speaking".

sanemurzu failed to appear and this accumulated enough penalties to be disqualified, leading a new replacement to be needed which became MAZZOMurder, playing in what is currently their most recent tournament match to date. therazoredge in response re-posted his Iphone text replacing "sanemurzu" with "MAZZOMurder" and superimposing Mazz's Final Fantasy avatar onto the Squid Girl image which previously referenced the replaced player. The resulting round was a short but sweet response adding in Power Rangers footage and working to a more old-school style with Creepah responding to it in Round 6 with once again adding in new live recorded footage and working to a much more heavier style though with the more simpler undertones that his videos often had. Creepah was shown holding a piece of paper that said "Welcome to 2.6; The First Revolution has been completed. Let us dance this dance one more time Shall We :^)". Also included was numerous bits of CD-I amidst a YTPMV made using additional self-footage and another piece of paper being held up that read "Well 2.6 Has Come to an end. Djninjalovemistake Welcome Back. Time to take the Wheel once more. Until Next Time Boys + Ghouls, See You Guys Next Time on Multi-Tennis, The Yellow Crusade." Old footage of djninja blowing a plastic vuvuzela was then added in the end signaling the next upcoming player in the match. Mazz complemented positively on the use of 3D effects and the YTPMV bits, claiming that they "never get creative enough to do those" and that they should try them more often.

djninjalovemistake began his Round 7 with footage of him removing letters from his mailbox with one being a faux ransom note reading "HURRY UP AND MAKE ROUND 2.7 OR YOU WILL", with zoom ins on the last two words and the addition of CDI to make "YOU WILL DIE". The proceeding video combined visually edited elements with musical elements (with continued usage of the amen break that was his musical trademark) with long delay on the audio and ending with inter-cut footage of djninja making himself a bowl of cornflakes, with a note in a plastic bag appearing in one with the concealed message of "That was Round 2.7, (japanese text) Cornflakes Good Luck... : D !", with this segment in particular apparently being very hard to render on his end. Cornflakes' response now featured traces of recorded footage of both him and his computer, adding the same sources added in his previous round and once again responding largely visually, this time more in the flow of the rounds before him, and also attempted a followup of the musical bits of the previous round and ended with a screen-recording of him opening up MSPiant(and revealing that he operated on Windows 8) and quickly sketching a "Good Luck on 2.9" message featuring a picture of WWE wrestler The Edge (referencing therazoredge and a nickname that some users addressed them as from time to time).

{{#ev:youtube|1jECEPDePpQ|320}}therazoredge's Round 9 of Match Yellow, Set 2

therazoredge's following Round featured more additional screen-recorded footage but none of themselves actually, although footage of cyclejunkie made an appearance at the end dancing during a segment that therazoredge called "the Breaking News" with the text "Hello everyobdy. and this is THE BREAKING NEWS here with your host, "not cyclejunkie" I have completed the round, 2.9 (or 9.11 if were still... doing that) and it's basically the same crap with drop shadowing and 3d source alpha-ing and panning that I've been doing for the past seven months! Because, goddammit, thememehipsteredge aka not cyclejunkie needs a break, and that's all I have right now And now it is time for htpp:// to make round 2.10! Have fun to make the next round, and go ahead and do what you would normally do on a normal basis whenever making the rounds you make; Damn, a kid needs sleep. This is not cyclejunkie signing off and this has been the BREAKING NEWS <3 let me go now <3". The round itself was much more heavily edited and was very positively received, with MycroProcessor mentioning that it was one of his brothers' favorite videos and also taking positive note of it himself. This would however be the last round to date that therazoredge would make and the last tennis video on his original account, moving elsewhere a matter of months later and choosing not to continue further in the tournament, sticking true to his testament of needing a break from tennis. MAZZ ended up forgetting about the match and ended up being disqualified, first being replaced by Captain and then being definitively replaced by AshcrementVII after Captain's computer broke before starting on the round. The resulting Round 10 dedicated the first half to visual editing, and the second half to self-footage(a rarity for Ash as he had only seldom been revealed in person at this time) and a YTPMV segment using Ratigan clips and the cyclejunkie segment of the previous round, with the center frame being video of a note reading "Creepah Weegie Your Next!" being deposited into a toilet.

Creepah began the last round in his side with more self-footage of him revealing the next round like it was a physical object in his hand, accidentally showing the wrong clip and tossing it aside before showing the real product, which followed up largely on the visual side and musical side of things in the previous round, putting together a new YTPMV for the latter using the Ratigan clips along with new footage. A new concept was introduced to this round, in which the frame-scrambled anime source from the previous round was joined by two other anime sources edited similarly, with space left for the next opponent to add their own. This wasn't continued beyond this point however, although djninja responded to everything else in his final response, appearing in the beginning in a hooded shirt that made them appear as ninja and editing footage of themselves punching the image of Creepah from before in an ultra cinematic style, taking on another dark and eerie tone to the match once again and featuring all new sources in the musical segment towards the end. Raygo from Kill la Kill makes an appearance with cyclejunkie's face superimposed over her, which is removed to reveal thrazoredge's face, which is also removed to reveal the ever familiar Girugamesh face. The ending scene features an image of the "super soaker" depiction of razor with cyclejunkie's head pasted onto him taped to a box of cornflakes, providing a more obscure hint to the next player much like the end of Creepah's round only used a brief second of djninja's vuvuzela footage to do the same. Cornflakes' final round on his side began viewing the end of djninja's round through an Iphone and essentially continued to repeat what he had done in his previous rounds element wise, though he also added in a small segment of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelicon, which Ash noted "leads to wonderful things" when given to Razor to toy with. The match would end here however with therazoredge continuing to abstain from responding, and essentially acting as the eliminated player for Set 2, with all other active players moving on to Set 3.

The Match Teal lineup of Jowlhog4 vs. MycroProcessor vs. Gamebop vs. dew vs. Bloodis was admittantly half-hand picked by dew themselves(2 or 3 players were already in their positions for the match) which was considered a controversial move, but nonetheless it became one of the more memorable matches of the tournament and a profound inspiration on LaVieCestLol upon their entry into the tournament. Some time into the match though dew had undergone a personal crisis and at the time was thought to be gone entirely from all sources of contact, but it was later disclosed that they did intend to at least finish out the rounds of this match before retiring indefinitely.

The match began with Jowl's serve featuring largely gameplay from Jet Set Radio Future Electric with Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven and Aisle 10 (Hello Allison) - Scapegoat Wax as backing songs, beginning with a scene featuring the current YouTube avatars of all the active players in the match. He noted in the description that it was "Not a very good serve, this was rushed beyond hell and isn't to my original vision, but it's something. I was very inconsistent in my style, switching from simplicity to compositing 8 tracks at once. My original plan for this was supposed to be much, much different, but scrapped it an hour after I started it, figuring that my opponents were not going to be happy with my source choice. As of right now, I'm just wondering how Mycro is going to serve this..."

{{#ev:youtube|J7lgcHagiVs|320}}MycroProcessor's Round 2 of Match Teal, Set 2

Mycro's Round 2 was in fact incredibly inventive, and not what was supposedly expected. Almost all of it featured screen recorded footage of Mycro playing the round from different points in the player in the thread post, editing the round, watching/playing from different points in a different window, and a complex system of playing rendered segments in different windows nested inside each other while also doing other things like listening to music and chatting with Gamebop on skype, with up to anywhere from 8 to 12 windows of activity going at the same time with the Genesis songs "Jesus He Knows Me" and "Dance on a Volcano"(which he claimed to be his favorite Genesis song) making scant appearances in between. The (Rochester, New York) in the title refers to the location where he was before beginning the round, leading to the extended time he was given beforehand. Gamebop's Round 3 used the various windows in Mycro's round to create extended complex layering sequences with a number of vari-speeding applied to the audio as well as small rendered lo-fi sequences, and featured rather uniquely the addition of Happy Tree Friends among the additions of Gamebop's usuals all together in what JacobketronCT called "Breaking the fourth wall covering another fourth wall that's also being broken". The beginning avatar collage was still kept intact up to this point also.

{{#ev:youtube|NZhQwjnlb2o|320}}dew's Round 4 of Match Teal, Set 2

dew intentionally made their Round 4 the longest round of the tournament as at this point they did not plan to continue and figured that this was an opportunity to stretch beyond the rules a bit in addition to try some new ideas out. The round is unique for being rendered originally in surround-sound, allowing 8 simultaneous channels of screen-recorded audio to be playing at a single time about halfway into the round, all featuring songs that dew can be seen clicking on and starting, including "Not Now John", "Time" and "Dogs" by Pink Floyd, "Sing this Song All Together(See What Happens)" by The Rolling Stones, "The Sun Goes Down" by Level 42, "Robot Rock" by Daft Punk and "Chalkhills and Children" by XTC, along with an edited recorded skype call dating from 2012/early 2013 that featured the likes of LieutenantGwo and PresidentOfJelybeans(messing around with clownfish), and screen recorded footage of dew playing the first 44 seconds of their round in Vegas (the clips shown were accidentally deleted, so the recorded product in full ended up being used in its place), along with the forum page of the match being scrolled up and down and an image of a drawing they had posted on deviantart, specifically a Syd Barrett homage, and their iTunes library. 2:30 minutes in the tone of the round abruptly shifts to an organisation of slowed down footage, followed by a humorous-out-of-context clip of Paul McCartney followed by a short and loudly distorted clip of Keith Richards making a wheezing noise, which dew refers to as "a bit of a CorruptionSound thing". The round ends on a rather quiet and melancholy note, reflective of dew's state of mind at the time. Round 5 kept the mood of the previous round consistent and contributed to the round's ongoing theme of live-recorded footage with its ending but otherwise kept the evolution compared to the three rounds before much more minimal, something that Jowl echoed in Round 6 although to a larger extent, though he was still critical of it with his remarking in the on-screen text "i remember when jowl made good videos :( everyone - 2014". His round made almost exclusive use of Bloodis' white noise in the beginning and visually featured more new material than the previous round did however, ending on live-recorded footage of his computer screen and face, albeit under color curves.

Mycro's Round 7 continued the ideas of his first round and also harked back to his earlier videos by now featuring live-recorded footage of his laptop screen and 3DS screen with Jolteon figures and plushies in attendance, repeating a trick he had done in Round 5 between TheChutley and superkoffee in 2010. The Paul McCartney bit from round 4 had by this time survived 3 rounds and continued to be recognizable, with a majority of the rest of the previous round appearing under incredibly deconstructed databent video along with bits of on-screen-in-video footage in the beginning, and making liberal use of blank space to shake up the match's flow. Round 8 was now done entirely lo-fi, complete with TV static and unstable pitch, also featuring screen recorded footage of gamebop's computer and a TV set, with one instance of an infinite recursion being generated without visual effects in the former. This was a very highly received round due to how different of a turn it took the match both in its presentation and pacing, which was a very unique challenge to the next player.

dew by this time had returned and posted Round 9 themselves, attempting to further follow up on the lo-fi concept of the previous round and attempting to render in surround sound once again, with the entire video being visually applied with a series of WAX-generated TV simulation effects along with film effects from visualjockey, while working visually intensely with the round but also adding in a lot of new footage in between, largely Pink Floyd related material and music. To follow up the screen-recorded image of various players' project files of their rounds, dew instead took a rather humorous take on this by ending their video with a gif of Roger Waters blowing a large puff of smoke, with this image taking up the preview window of a snapshot taken of dew's project file for their Round 6 with AshcrementVII taken in 2011. This experiment was largely not executed in the way that dew had intended, due to the surround sound effect being lost in the intentional lo-fi generated in pre-rendered audio files resulting in normal stereo with all the files put together, and dew overall has considered this to be their weak round of the match, but the difference in tone from the round on their side that preceded it was of particular note. Bloodis around this time had begun to drag and delivered his next round late, which largely repeated that of his previous round, essentially signaling a drop in enthusiasm on his side.

JowlHog4's Round 11 featured a combination of Hatsune Miku music along with "Take it Back" and "On the Run" by Pink Floyd in its music mix with the previous round being largely edited inside of video of a running man, ending with text that read "He handed the torch to Jolteon, and he runs with it. He runs for 3 days, and struggles, the torch is weak. At least the previous runner thought so" mirrored upon itself and a Jolteon sprite appearing on screen with the accompanying sound effect. Mycro naturally made use of this last element in various places with his response, also adding in the music video for Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" and an old PowerPoint presentation about Genesis featuring snippets of "Firth of Fifth" and "Dance of a Volcano" within the music used along with a very tiny piece of "Games People Play" by The Alan Parsons Project, with the end featuring a slide of Phil Collins with the first half of the finished round playing inside his image, Tony Banks with the same happening with the second half of the round, and Mike Rutherford who's image does nothing, but after a moment simply clones itself with the duplicate sliding downward.

Gamebop's Round 13 was an entirely musical Round that progressed in 4/4 at about 116 bpm, and on every 6th, 7th and 8th beat visually pulsed with a beep click using many colored layers and compositing give this a visually altering element that would carry throughout the entire round. Alfred Kwak and Myst would be added at many parts in the round with a number of window tricks done using the frames of the PowerPoint presentation with every single 8 beat segment of the round, 16 in total, appearing simultaneously towards the end, with all 16 pulsing the last 3 beats and the entire video itself responding similarly creating an intense visual effect. The end featured once again a home-recording of gamebop's computer screen and the sped up finished Round playing in Tony Banks' icon spot of the PowerPoint footage, ending with Rutherfords icon isolated with the face turned inside itself, all with the pulsation still intact in fade-out. superkoffee was among those who took positive notice of this round, with AshcrementVII also noting "Anytime you do something musically timed or rhythmic, it is simply hypnotic."

dew's Round 14 saw them playing at full-force and volleying what would normally be a tough round to follow up to with great enthusiasm. Following up the musical aspect of before the backing track was replaced with "What We Do" by DEVO which was very similar in tempo, and editing the previous Round in a similar rhythmatic way and frequently editing in half beats additionally, with it's signature bit being a WAX vortex tunnel that moved in sync with the music followed by a "YOW!" both sounded out in the music and cookie cut out of the round itself in a strobe. The video ended with all of the segments used to make the video playing at once followed by home-recorded footage of dew's computer and the posters on their wall, zooming in on Roger Waters' face on a Pink Floyd poster with Genesis' "Trick of the Tail" playing backwards sped up and "Eleventh Earl of Mar" playing next to it. This round is once again a drastic contrast to the mood of their other two rounds but suggests an evolution, from sadness to high spirits, with Round 9 playing the middle ground. dew had also decided at this point to continue onward for as much as they could, in effect becoming a host once again for the time being. Bloodis had now left and the penultimate Round would not be seen until 12 days later when saper appeared as a replacement to finish it, delivering a considerably anticlimactic end to the match by covering the previous round in various transitions and distortions breaking off almost all continuity from what had occurred earlier, but finally giving the match a proper finish as it was in question as to whether it would. dew considered the match overall to be "incredible", and it was additionally mentioned as such by others. Remarkably despite the dual penalties that dew received for their Round 4, both being late and over their own time limit, they manage to stay within the tournament by .311 of a point, with saper receiving the lowest score of 6.075 and therefore being the player that was to be eliminated.

Match Purple was drawn as eletricalmonkss vs. Splolteon vs. Sid vs. 3tp vs. CorruptionSound with 3tp, an additional newcomer, taking the place of NITROCONCRETE1 in the match. The serving player found themselves in probably the best position for their particular style, beginning with a serve that worked to their unique strengths and left open a wide number of possibilities, using largely Tommy Wiseau's The Room and Spongebob as its primary sources. Splolteon naturally tackled this with his more technical style adding in Chelsea FC footage serving to bring the match up in a pace, and Sid furthered this even more with additional technicality, continuing his surprising knack to seemingly out-tech the player in which he was volleying. His round is also unique for beginning with an intro featuring footage of himself initially reading a dirty magazine and then stopping to introduce the round in French accompanied with English subtitles(though he has revealed that what he actually said was entirely different).

{{#ev:youtube|Fp_UuSvWzNI|320}}3tp's Round 4 of Match Purple, Set 2

3tp proved a new surprise, as his Round 4 was also incredibly technical and also featuring the usage of Kukori es Kotkoda, providing a sizeable challenge to even Sid with his editing style, which came to be just as surprising to everyone as when Sid first unleashed his style onto the tournament. JacobketronCT noted that admittantly he hadn't watched much of his work before but now he would upon the impressiveness of this round, and 3tp noted that he gained a sudden amount of subscribers that day, despite also saying that not all of his rounds looked this way. CorruptionSound's response was by contrast was much more stripped down, featuring large absences of sound and the addition of a lot of sources including what imoutofideas1 identified as "a porn parody of Asterix" and Luigi's Mansion gameplay, using a repeated jingle in a couple of points throughout the video that was edited with a recognizeable hint of absurdity much in the way that CorruptionSound worked, but underwhelming when compared to the 3 rounds that preceded it. In this essence the lineup of the match could be considered a "tennis sandwich" with two pieces of light bread (eletricalmonkss and CorruptionSound, the first and last players) book-ending a very strong central meat(Splolteon, Sid and 3tp, the middle players and argueably the strongest in the match).

The second cycle repeated this pattern with eletricalmonkss' Round 6 volleying in the same style as his serve but serving to continue to be effective considering the nature of the round he was volleying(though it apparently was accidentally 36 seconds instead of a minute like he apparently had made originally), and Splolteon, Sid and 3tp all taking respective turns at building the previous round with visually impressive layering and technical editing tricks, with Sid being the more uneven yet densely packed as well as glitchier version of BSP and 3tp being almost on his own plane in terms of his responses. CorruptionSound's second round of the match by contrast was stronger in that it increased the visual side of it considerably, lasting almost the whole of the video with "TIZEDES MEG A TÖBBIEK - NEM EMÉSZTHET MEG" acting as accompanying music, but the previous round was largely unrecognizable as a result, with all of the previous audio being not present.

Despite requesting a number of extensions eletricalmonkks ended up clocking out and was disqualified due to "not being in the mental state to do this at this time" according to them, and JacobketronCT stepped in as a replacement. Their Round 11 was much different than almost every other round of the match, opting for now a much more humorous approach and making equal use of the visuals in Corruption's round in sync with new elements that he added in such as Adventure Time, David Bailey and a few images, which proved to be an improvement of strength in that particular position of the match on his part. He also commented around this time on the large number of "underdogs" present in the tournament, a number that he hadn't seen taking place since the Tennis Cup IV. Splolteon continued with his heavily visual approach in his Round 12, with Sid additionally doing so in his Round 13 while also styling it as an entry to a video diary with a friend of his making an appearance talking through the length of the video in French. VentXeKart commented positively on the use of Marble Hornets that was also apparently present within the video's additions and changes. 3tp then attempted to take a slightly different approach in his Round 14, beginning with a cinematic intro with "Round 14" text and editing as normally until "stop the music; time to go extreme" appears on the screen, zooming in on a flash of light and featuring a high-energy section of complex layering accompanied by audio with long delays. He was however critical of this section saying that "the 'time to go extreme' part kinda ruined the round" and that the round overall "sucked a bit" upon uploading it. Nevertheless he was praised by some players like iNxPRESSivE who was amazed by the 3-D effects and JacobketronCT who called it a "notable effort", and plasticfishtank, who had been consistently enthusiastic about the match, called 3tp "officially the best of the best". CorruptionSound's last round opted again for largely more added sources, beginning with the "time to go extreme" text and proceeding with much of the video taken up by scenes from the music video of Genesis' "Land of Confusion" with the edited previous round being cookie cut into the projection screens of a few scenes with "Part of "The Kill" by Napalm Death (version from the demo "From Enslavement to Obliteration"), last seconds of "Schmucks" by X-Pulsion and a directly connected song after that called "Castration" by same band" acting as the collective backing music for the round, once again using very little of the previous rounds audio. Upon the matches completion 3tp thanked everyone for a great game while plasticfishtank mentioned that they have never had such a hard time voting in their life.

The final voting results for the match saw the three middle players with the highest scores, with Sid emerging with the highest with a raw score of 9.071 which was adjusted for penalties to be 8.071, with 3tp's score lower by only 21 hundredeths of a point. JacobketronCT made the match by the skin of his teeth with only an additional 25 hundredeths of a point higher than the losing player, which turned out to be CorruptionSound, scoring only a 6.763, leading to his departure from the tournament. All scores however were considered to be fairly high considering those given in the previous set and other matches, with all matches of Set 2 being considered among the strongest to occur in the tournament in their own seperate ways.

Week 3[edit]

This particular gameweek is recognized as being the most disastrous of the tournament as well as the point in which the Tournament itself almost ground to a complete halt in progress, with only Match Yellow seeing completion and several holes in participation appearing due to the disappearance of a lot of players leaving. Match Purple(dewmann vs. BSP666c vs. AshcrementVII vs. Cornflakes) would manage to complete two rotations before the first player slot, originally dewmann and then Captain by the second rotation, would become ultimately vacant for the rest of the Set. Cornflakes would also disappear after this as well, with his Round 8 being his last contribution. Match Teal(3tp vs. CreepahWeegie vs. Gamebop vs. Jowlhog4) would fare far worse in only completing one and a half rotations with CreepahWeegie being the player to vacate as of that point, with the match never progressing past Round 5. Despite the match's dead end Gamebop's Round 3, which very greatly resembles his Round 6 vs. guitarrocker100 and CorruptionSound to the point of being a spiritial successor to that video, is considered by some to be the best round of what there is of the match is addition to one of his more recent classics.

Week 4[edit]

With the ajustments of the Tournament Lineup done, the Multi-Way Tennis Tournament could go on with a reborn dynamic, with the remaining contestants showing interest in finishing this event.

Match Yellow : Gamebop vs. Mycroprocessor vs. Sploltoen – Given the line-up, this match gathered a lot of hype even before starting, and Gamebop’s serve would live on to it by also being round 7 from the similar match of the Three-Way Tournament (which Gamebop had to drop out at round 7, being replaced by SuperKoffee). The three players will proceed to continue in the same highly technical vein the original match took place in the first place, competing in terms of creativity, weirdness and controlled chaos, while still revolving cleverly on the sources used in the original match (Most notably the Puzzle Game Myst). Gamebop's Round 4 and Mycro's Round 5 are considered to feature some of the most advanced visuals ever having featured in a round during this tournament, especially on the former side. The reception of this highly followed match has turned in the favour of Gamebop, giving him the highest note of the set, with 8.5, while Sploltoen managed to qualify himself in a very fine stretch by beating Mycroprocessor by only 3 cents of a point (7,83 for Sploltoen, 7,80 for MycroProcessor). This match tied Gamebop for his previous record of most matches won in a row, coincidentally with a match using the same exact people as the previous instance of this occurring.

Match Teal : AshcrementVII vs. djninjalovemistake vs. LaVie CestLol – Ashcrement’s serve, extensively using the video game Bayonetta, opened the gates for a match that will revolve on atmosphere, while still having a witty edge to it. djninjalovemistake put his trademark eerie, slow and rhythmic style to good contribution, while LaVie CestLol, in his Tournament debut, managed to blend this with an extensive use of 3D effects and an emphasis on sound design especially. The result is a back and forth exchange dealing with heavy use of erosion, YTPMV snippets and a very musical edge that was celebrated. Surprisingly, newcomer LaVie CestLol got the higher raw score of the match with 7.5, but got a penalty for making his round 9 too long (putting him at 6.5), while AshcrementVII got 7,43 and djninjalovemistake 6.77, with two penalties (one because of his lateness, the other because of the length of round 8) giving him a final score of 4,77, eliminating him.

Match Purple : Valkiriforce vs. Cornflakes/Trepmaws vs. GabrielCol595 – Valkiriforce's serve was done at the surprise of his author, who at the time didn't knew that he would play for the whole match and not just one match, and is filled with sources (Sherlock Hound and Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video to name a few) edited in valk's very recognizable fast-paced style that will be the staple of the match, along with the use of 90's grunge music videos. Because Cornflakes wasn't able to respond in time, trepmaws would then take his place. This would lead to a very musical match (with the extensive use of 90's grunge music videos), but in the opposite dynamic that the Teal Match had. Unfortunately, trepmaws would not be able to finish the match and it would remain stalled at round 7, with valkiriforce and Gab being advanced to the semifinals of the Tournament.

Week 5[edit]

The semifinals would lead to pretty high expectations, as this was now a direct confrontation to find who would then be competing for the final win, in a 1v1, 6-round match.

Match Yellow - Sploltoen vs. valkiriforce : Serving with his brand of technicity and use of football-match/Gran Turismo footage, Sploltoen would give a very complex and highly technical performance, whereas valkiriforce would rely more on hard-hitting effects and added sources. Unfortunately, valkiriforce would later admit that match felt not great for him as he thought he couldn't out-match Sploltoen, though his performance was pretty well recieved by people like Sid or LaVie CestLol. The scores would be in favor of Sploltoen, whom with 7.73 would beat valkiriforce (who got 6.68) and be part of the Grand Finale.

Match Teal - GameBop vs. AshcrementVII : GameBop kicks off with a very experimental serve (in his own words) that would lead to one of the most bizarre and surreal matches of the tourney, Ashcrement giving a witty yet poetic performance, while GameBop would rely on effect creativity and also a YTPMV segment and VHS-conversion on round 5 that were looked up to by the viewers. The raw results were very tied, GameBop winning by only 0.03, but a penalty for lateness would retract Gamebop to 7.24 while Ashcrement would be the second finalist with 8.21.

Match Purple - LaVie CestLol vs. GabrielCol595 : After giving a good impression in his previous match, LaVie would begin with a very straightforward, effect-based serve using Studio Uha's "Wet Short". Gab would respond cleverly to his antics, for instance using Debussy's Moonlight to craft a breakbeat YTPMV in round 4 (one of his best work at the time according to him), which in return would get LaVie to go all YTPMV Soccer in the match. But despite winning in raw scores, technical difficulties would be what made Gab lose the match, getting from 8.02 to 6.02, leading LaVie CestLol to be the third finalist (for his tournament debut) with 7.82.

Week 6 (Finale)[edit]

The line-up of the Final would then consist of two veterans and already well recognized tennisers : Sploltoen, with an already impressive Tournament Background, and AshcrementVII, already victorious of the Doubles Cup II alongside ChrisGendo ; with newcomer LaVie CestLol being in the middle, whose, even though his style has been appreciated ever since he joined, was really the underdog of the competition.

{{#ev:youtube|K78b7jiUltc|320}}AshcrementVII's Round 3 in the MWTT Final Match

Sploltoen’s first round would be a recap of some of his most impressive antics from all over the tournament, putting everybody he has faced into the final as well as his own signature, visually stunning style, despite the round being short in time. LaVie would respond to that round with what would become one of his trademark traits as time went on (especially in the competitive field) : filming himself writing and reading a letter to his opponents, asking about the mere practice of tennis, asking “What do you think of what we do? These videos, as a whole?”. AshcrementVII would give to the questions LaVie raised his own interpretation in a methodic depiction of his round, the “ABCs” which stand for Arrange, Build Blocks and Construct, which leads to a round evenly paced by added sources, weird video mechanics and witty snippets, finishing with a reference to the NINJA CHALLENGE. From then, Sploltoen would also give his own voice on the matter in a very somber, ambient response that emphasized in atmosphere and effects, giving it an dark turn that LaVie would take to his own perception, in a weirdly structured discourse on the audio and destructive 3D animations and glitches for the visual part, one of the more heavy videos he has done to this day. dew compared this half of the match to the philosophical discussions that occurred on Star Trek, with LaVie as Data, Ashcrement as Picard and Splolteon as Wharf or another secondary character.

From then on, Ashcrement would go for a completely different approach, adding more sources related to Ninjas and Skeletons while giving to the previous round a more destructive manner, putting them more in the background of the action, having more fun with the elements he now added to the mix. Sploltoen’s round 7 would go more into the pure reconstruction he’s known for, with a beautiful finishing animation that has been recognized as one of the highlights of his part of the match, completed with a more proeminent use of databending. Round 8, described by LaVie CestLol as a “love letter to YTP Tennis”, is structured around snippets of the song Battery Point by the Krautrock band BEAK>, rearranging Sploltoen’s animation to resymbolize the match and the Tournament as a whole, the two most notable elements being the 3 contestant’s avatars kicking a ball and a frieze of various rounds from the tournament. He also pays homage to his favourite match of the tourney, the 5 way match of Jowlhog4, Mycroprocessor, Gamebop, Dew and Bloodis/Saper by putting the three beeps that Gamebop and Dew used in their own final rounds of said match. Ashcrement would then conclude the match and the tournament with a redoing of the ending credits of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, with Sploltoen and LaVie’s avatars as respectively Panty and Stocking, finishing in a joke-y manner while still making a statement that he’ll make clear after the ending results have been announced.

{{#ev:youtube|VYjHp_uoFCU|320}}LaVie CestLol's Round 8 in the MWTT Final Match

Results and Legacy[edit]

As no contestant had a penalty, the end results would only be due to the votes, and LaVie CestLol would be proclaimed victorious with 8.76 points against 8.34 for Sploltoen and 8.12 for Ashcrement. This victory would be welcomed by the community, especially given that LaVie CestLol was very new to the community yet managed to make a name for himself somehow. However, AshcrementVII would then give his opinions on the match, describing it as “The most boring Tournament Match [he has] played in”, which he found as a symptom of a growing tendency that Tennis would just be “a rapey, color soup style of tennis”, especially given his rounds being sometimes described as “puzzling”. This statement would have been discussed and thought about by many, especially LaVie who would learn a lot from that experience, still being sort of new to the scene even if he won, but also for the Tennis Staff and Café who would then go on to make the next tournament a more broad, multi-style-friendly competition where many would have fun without having to deal with “rapey color splooge”. This, along with other elements, set the stage for the Tennis League IV.