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Doubles Cup III

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The Doubles Cup III is a YouTube Poop Tennis tournament, and the third installation of the Doubles Cup trilogy. It started in May 24, 2017 and is hosted by Metroid998. With 24 pairs of participants, this tourney is currently in its 4th set and with only 4 pairs remaining. Unlike the previous Doubles Cup tourneys, this variation would introduce new players into the tourney game, with some previous veterans of the tourney history of YouTube Poop Tennis. The tourney ended with exactly 24 pairs while its initial number of slots were only 8.

Set 1[edit]

Set 1 started May 30, 2017 and the matchup is shown below:

AshcrementVII + TehShadzify vs. Octagoncoil + 1nf3R_K

Baycunn + AustRock9080 vs. fiv95 + Soucisse Verte

ThirtyTwelve + Trepmaws vs. Frankey + Orlyx

Mapo + Anticheese vs. Vidtens443 + ZekiiLeaf

Tetrareux + TogeBesso vs. BoomDaCorgi1337 + YTPNerdette

Razerek + PCB vs. GTLYTP + GSgiraffes

Lavie CestLol + RavinRabbid123 vs. Sid + Laromande

Mycroprocessor + Gamebop vs. Master Sword + DingoYTP

theFXexpert + DTN7758 vs. Metroid998 + Biodegradable

PaletteBlockhead + Sixtyforce vs. DarchYTPs + acm240

Peskeh + Thatcomputerperson vs. saper + 53v3n733n

gabrielpika + CamHead vs. KnorruptionSound + Sploltoen

Razerek + CheeChee vs. GTLYTP + GSgiraffes - was the first match to get the tourney on the tracks with MVT veterans Razerek and CheeChee starting with the serve. The serve consisted of a combination of sources often used by the two with a mix of humor, continuous trails, and breaks. The round was followed by images with an animated slideshow of edits synced with BotB music. GTLYTP and GSgiraffes, being newbies of the tournament, had difficulty coming up with ideas for the response of the serve, with GSgiraffes noting that he had "been building an arsenal of bad ideas so far." With 1 point penalty, the two finally managed to get Round 2 up. The round was remixed with a constant amount of effects, and it was built upon the humor and musical section from the last round.

gabrielpika + CamHead vs. KnorruptionSound + Sploltoen - marks gabrielpika and CamHead's first doubles match and CamHead's first tournament match overall. The first round of the match is the longest video of the entire tourney containing 9 minutes of mostly edits from gabrielpika. Round 1 starts with one edit from gabrielpika and Cam's first segment of the round featuring mainly Kukori and Kotkoda with some of gabrielpika's edits of the segment. gabrielpika's part began with no edits from CamHead unfortunately, some of these parts where sped up to prevent the video to be longer than the final video. The sources seen in this part would be fill with Pingu, Keroro Gunso, PokéPark and the name a few. Then switches to Cam's musical part using the intro and outro of Pingu and added gabrielpika's 2016 animated reel, E's World Shorts. It switches back to gabrielpika's segment of the round with other sources still no edits from CamHead yet until near the ending of round using the bee scene of The Many Adventures of Winne the Pooh thus ending round 1.

Round 2 expands the beginning of round 1 shortly after KnorruptionSound's signature analogue VHS transitions in with Sploltoen's edits in the Kukori segment. Another VHS transition comes in and KnorruptionSound's segment comes in which is the longer than the other segments in the round. This part is basically the camera moving around as the first round plays. The camera segment then ends with a blackout to the VHS effect. It goes back to Sploltoen's part which edits gabrielpika's parts of the round. Pachirisu hits a volleyball player with the "Nice Job!" added from gabrielpika's part. gabrielpika's anime parts turn into a cube, ending the round with a test card.

Round 3 begins with a very extreme with other segments all playing at once which leads back to the Kukori segment. gabrielpika has even more source additions (Plonsters, Gabriel Dropout, a old OXXO commercial, Pokémon Type Wild, and the infamous Lopunny transformation) which lead some segments sped up again to prevent the round lasting too long. The extreme segment comes back but eventually CamHead's part comes in with a Sonic plush wanting to insert a disc into a DVD player with a bird having panic attack over the disc. gabrielpika points out the coincidence that VidTens443 used the same episode of Kukucska Kalandjai (Kyorochan) and soon reacts to his YouTube profile picture at the time being the same as well. Soon after gabrielpika and CamHead parts switches back and forth starting with gabrielpika adding more Gabriel Dropout and CamHead's silly Kukori anime part right after. During the Gabriel segment he adds a reference to Matth89812's prank call of the computer tech support. gabrielpika adds his previous round of the match with some addition bits of Pokémon Wild Type and the Lopunny transformation as it starts to be more focused on Lopunny. Daft Punk's Veridis Quo can be heard briefly in the last few parts of the Lopunny transformation this ends with a hug with two Lopunny.

Round 4 starts just like round 3 except it creates cookie cuts of multiple shapes as the other layers move around this then reverses this follows by KnorruptionSound's part with some edits are hit or miss which switches in and out in between the partners with the rest of the round done by Sploltoen. The OXXO and Kukori parts got mixed up with the extreme part until it switches to the other Kukori part and the Sonic part by CamHead with gabrielpika's part used briefly in between segments. The Sonic part transitions to Kukori singing with the rest of the round sped up which ends the final round of the match.

This set would have a "2nd wind" for the losing teams with the 4 highest scores. During the results, these teams happened to be octagoncoil + 1nf3R_K, GTLYTP + GSgiraffes, theFXexpert + DTN7758, and VidTens443 + ZekiiLeaf. Unfortunately for the other four losing teams Master Sword + TheYTPkid859, ThirtyTwelve + Trepmaws, gabrielpika + CamHead, and saper + 53v3n733n, their journey ends short.

Set 2[edit]

At August 21, 2017 Set 2 began with the following matches:

Mapo + Anticheese vs. Cyggie + Gamebop

PaletteBlockhead + Sixtyforce vs. GTLYTP + GSgiraffes

fiv95 + Soucisse Verte vs. Frankey + Orlyx

saper + 53v3n733n vs. Lavie CestLol + RavinRabbid123

Metroid998 + Biodegradable vs. AshcrementVII + TehShadzify

Razerek + PCB vs. Vidtens443 + ZekiiLeaf

Octagoncoil + 1nf3R_K vs. KnorruptionSound + Splotoen

Tetrareux + TogeBesso vs. theFXexpert + DTN7758

Set 3[edit]

November 25 of 2017 is when Set 3 started with these matches:

Cyggie + Gamebop vs. Tetrareux + TogeBesso

Frankey + Orlyx vs. Razerek + PCB

KnorruptionSound + Splotoen vs. Lavie CestLol + RavinRabbid123

AshcrementVII + TehShadzify vs. PaletteBlockhead + Sixtyforce

Set 4[edit]

March 28, 2018 was the day when Set 4 started:

Mackenzie + Sploltoen vs. AshcrementVII + TehShadzify

Razerek + PCB vs. Cyggie + Gamebop

Set 5[edit]

July 21, 2018, the last set has begun with the last final match:

Mackenzie/gvn + Sploltoen vs. Razerek + PCB

Final result[edit]

Razerek + PCB where the winners of Doubles Cup III.


ZekiiLeaf, a participator of this tourney, made a Google Sheets document of the statistics in May 2017. The document can be found here.