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From Chewiki Archive - YouChew: 1% Funny, 99% Hot Gas
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YTPMania's current logo

YTPMania is a 13+ forum community and one of two offshoots of the YouChew Forums, being launched in tandem with Neon Castle in August 2018. Because of it being more solidly focused on catering to YouTube Poop as an interest, it is widely considered to be the true successor to YouChew, and is noticeably visited more often than Neon Castle. It was created by Smonge using Discourse software, a departure from older styles of forum interfaces, making for a very different but unique forum experience to visitors. The name is a play on Hulkamania, and as such the primary design scheme utilizes a familiar YouChew-inspired look but with Hulk Hogan colors.


In August 2018, YouChew owner Whelt announced the impending closure of the YouChew forums, citing a segmentation of the community between a YouTube Poop-focused crowd and an older crowd who had moved on from YouTube Poop. Neon Castle and YTPMania were touted as successors for the two crowds to rectify this problem. YTPMania, in addition to hosting discussion of general topics, was conceived to emphasize the continued fostering of a central online community to those who were invested in YouTube Poop.