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Match Voting Tournament

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.
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The Match Voting Tournament was a Youtube Poop Tennis tournament that began January 8th, 2016 and ended in March 2017, hosted by GameBop with the help of the active Café Staff at that time. The tournament was the most populated tennis related event since the Tennis Season and eventually resulted in both ravinrabbid123 and Gamebop being its champions. This gave Gamebop a truely unprecedented third tournament win and made ravin the first active site admin to win a tennis tournament. The competition has since been praised for helping further to rekindle and reinspire the original spirit of tennis in the community, with its focus on the quality of matches rather than individual players, a past approach which usually resulted in skewed directions across tennis matches.


The particular idea of voting the performances of each match instead of each players came from GameBop before the beginning of the Multi-Way Tournament. After some adjustments and the outcome of the Tennis League IV, the concept was ready to be tested. The event has been announced December 17th and had back only 36 available spots. However since they all were filled in almost 24 hours, GameBop eventually decided to extend the tournament slot to 44 players, according to the following settings :

The tournament applies an entire 1v1 tournament format, except for the gestion of people leaving the event. If there is an odd number of remaining participants, the next set will be composed of one 3-way and only 1v1s.

Each match is made of 6 rounds, even for the eventual 3-ways.

No minimum or maximum round length.

The vote system will be the same than for the last event (the olympic method consisting in voting a minimum of 1.0 to a maximum of 10.0 to each match, and not to each player individually). Matches with the lowest scores are eliminated.

As for the replacements, some could be needed in case someone doesn't make a single round during the first Set. If anyone leaves the tournament from the 2nd set; his person would be instantly kicked out, and the opponent would automatically move to the next Set.

The penalties will have similar settings that the previous event, each player will have 3 days to make their rounds, and each 3 days without a round delivered would conclude in a subtraction of 0.25, excepted if a round wasn't delivered after 3 penalties. That would mean this time that the missing player will be disqualified.

Then the following setting has been published :

Set 1: 22 matches (44 players), 6 matches eliminated

Set 2: 16 matches (32 players), 5 matches eliminated

Set 3: 11 matches (22 players), 4 matches eliminated

Set 4: 7 matches (14 players), 3 matches eliminated

Set 5: 4 matches (8 players), 2 matches eliminated

Set 6: 2 matches (4 players), 1 match eliminated

At the end, the players that were playing in the match with the highest score are the winners.


Set 1[edit]

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MVT Set 1 results

The matches were drawn December 29th, 2015 and announced to start at 8th of January, 2016. They were shuffled and drawn as follows:

Ninero vs. MycroProcessor

MrAsir17 vs. Username 99

PCB vs. darthanader

ThirtyTwelve vs. thatco

fiv95 vs. VidTens443 (who replaced ReakMayhem)

MatthewtheKlaskyMenX3 vs. Razerek

trepmaws vs. cyclejunkie

djninjalovemistake vs. AshcrementVII

Sid vs. LaVie CestLol

Peskeh vs. Wreath Rappo (who replaced Doom)

gabrielpika vs. Dew✿

ReaderGamerSinger vs. Cyggie

GameBop vs. Foghorn Scorpio

KnorruptionSound vs. saper

SonicGLMytp vs. NataliaHTTPS

Another Brick in The Wall vs. NITROCONCRETE1

Cyberplayer1337 vs. BeanosOnToast

Theadventuretimefan (who replaced Captain) vs. Metroid998

Soucisse Verte vs. Corns

DTN7758 vs. Ravinrabbid123

Sploltoen vs. Fujoshi

DiscoGlacier vs. Luislima12

The general opinion after the lineups announcement was that some rematch would happen. One of these was Sid vs LaVie CestLol which just finished hours before the announcement. After this set, 6 matches (12 players) should be disqualified if nobody leaves.

The first Set ended on March 19th, 2016, and the voting period started at the same time. People could then vote until March 27th, 2016, at 12:01 AM (Eastern Standard Time). Only 3 matches were eliminated since MatthewtheKlaskyMenX3 vs. Razerek didn't finish in time (Razerek win, MatthewtheKlaskyMenX3 was disqualified), trepmaws vs cyclejunkie and Another Brick in The Wall vs. NITROCONCRETE1 didn't even get a conclusion ; Another Brick in The Wall deleted his channel without giving his match a round 3, and trepmaws also never responded to cyclejunkie's Round 2, resulting in NITROCONCRETE1 and cyclejunkie automatically advancing to Set 2.

The results have been posted at March 27th, 2016. Unfortunately for the following matches : KnorruptionSound vs. saper, Cyberplayer1337 vs. BeanosOnToast, DiscoGlacier vs. luislima12 and MrAsir17 vs. Username 99; their tournament adventure ended there.

Set 2[edit]

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MVT Set 2 results

The matches were drawn March 27th, 2016 and announced to start at 1st of April, 2016. They were shuffled, drawn and updated as follows:

Sid vs. Metroid998 vs djninjalovemistake (playing the 3-way since Wreath Rappo dropped out)

cyclejunkie (dropped out) vs. gabrielpika (replacing SonicGLMytp spot)

Foghorn Scorpio vs. theadventuretimefan

VidTens443 vs. thatcomputerperson

ReaderGamerSinger vs. AshcrementVII

NITROCONCRETE1 (dropped out) vs. fiv95

Peskeh vs. ravinrabbid123

NataliaHTTPS vs. Cyggie (dropped out)

Sploltoen vs. Corns

Ekrem3012 vs. Fujoshi

Razerek vs. MycroProcessor

dew vs. Soucisse Verte

PCB vs. DTN7758 (disqualified)

LaVie CestLol vs. Ninero

darthanader (dropped out) vs. GameBop

After this set, 5 matches (10 players) should be disqualified if nobody leaves.

During the beginning of the set, SonicGLMytp announced that he'd drop out, which led the tourney to some little change : the darthanader vs GameBop vs gabrielpika match couldn't happen since the 3rd player wouldn't have enough time to make his round. In result, the match became a 1v1 between darthanader and GameBop while gabrielpika took SonicGLMytp spot, against cyclejunkie, however the match has also been abandoned by cyclejunkie after few rounds, which led gabrielpika to Set 3.

Another player dropped out around the start of the Set : Wreath Rappo. It has been decides that djninjalovemistake joined the Sid vs Metroid998 match as a 3rd player since Wreath Rappo abandoned before being able to serve.

As for the NITROCONCRETE1 vs Fiv95 match, the first player decided to drop out after 4 rounds because of the deadlines' stress. Following the rules, Fiv95 transferred to Set 3.

Meanwhile, after 3 consecutive late penalties, DTN7758 is disqualified, and since PCB did a serve, he was sent to Set 3.

Unfortunately for Cyggie, he had to drop out due to real life stuff taking him too much time, NataliaHTTPS went to the next Set.

Later on darthanader decided to drop for having personal problems and lost interest to the match which GameBop is automatically sent to Set 3.

At Set 2 conclusion, only 2 matches were going to be disqualified.

And the conclusion arrived with the votes period that went between June 1st & June 8th, 2016. After a week of votes the following matches has been sadly eliminated : Sploltoen vs Corns & VidTens443 vs. thatcomputerperson.

Set 3[edit]

During Set 2, few players were already sure to play at this stage of the competition due to their opponents dropping out : gabrielpika, PCB, Fiv95, GameBop & NataliaHTTPS.

The matches were drawn June 8th, 2016 and announced to start at June 13th, 2016. They were shuffled, drawn and updated as follows:

Ninero vs. Foghorn Scorpio

Razerek vs. Metroid998

AshcrementVII vs. dew✿

ReaderGamerSinger vs. PCB

MycroProcessor vs. Soucisse Verte

Ekrem3012 vs. djninjalovemistake

gabrielpika vs. LaVie CestLol

theadventuretimefan vs. fiv95

Sid vs. NataliaHTTPS

Peskeh vs. GameBop

ravinrabbid123 vs. Fujoshi

After this set, 4 matches (8 players) should be disqualified if nobody leaves.

Set 4[edit]

GameBop vs. Ninero

Metroid998 vs. ReaderGamerSinger

ravinrabbid123 vs. Razerek

PCB vs. Sid

theadventuretimefan vs. AshcrementVII

NataliaHTTPS vs. Soucisse Verte

MycroProcessor vs. Peskeh vs. Ekrem3012

Set 5 (final)[edit]

MycroProcessor vs. GameBop

ravinrabbid123 vs. ThirtyTwelve

Razerek vs. PCB

Soucisse Verte vs. Peskeh

During this set, ThirtyTwelve and MycroProcessor dropped out, remaining ravinrabbid123 and GameBop to play each other for this set. The dropouts result this matchup as follows:

ravinrabbid123 vs. GameBop

Razerek vs. PCB

Soucisse Verte vs. Peskeh


Voting for the final results opened March 16, 2017, and the results have peen posted at March 23 after 1 week. No penalties were added into the scores of this set.

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MVT Set 5 (final set) results

Taking the title of the MVT with 8.87 points, GameBop and ravinrabbid123 were proclaimed winners of the tournament, with Soucisse Verte, Peskeh, Razerek, and PCB being runner-ups having 7.28 and 8.34 points respectively..