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This article is about the creatures from Final Fantasy, kupo. You may have been looking for the pooper.

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Name: Moogle
Appears In: Final Fantasy
Occupation(s): Any job under the sun

Who They Are[edit]

Moogles are a race of tiny, fluffy creatures with bat wings and a big red ball coming out of their heads. First appearing in Final Fantasy III, they have been in every single other Final Fantasy game with the exception of IV, as well as the Kingdom Hearts series. They are known to be great sorcerers, but can do pretty much anything. Though generally not used in poops themselves, their weird way of saying KUPO every other word is sometimes used.

They are sometimes (incorrectly) called "Mogs".


  • Though usually looking small and fat, in the MMO games and Ivalice games, they look like midgets with rabbit eats.
  • They are a running joke in Square Enix games, hidden in other titles.
  • You can get Moogle pancakes in the Square Enix buildings cafe.
  • You can find Moogles hidden throughout Wreck-it-Ralph.
  • The only moogle anyone cares about is Mog from Final Fantasy VI, who is not to be confused with Mog from Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  • They also function as save points.
  • They have their own letter delivery system called "Mognet". Of course, Mognet has a bad habit of not working, which forces monkey-tailed thieves to deliver letters for them.
  • A Moogle is a playable character in some of the Mario sports games developed by Square Enix, which is basically the closest you'll ever get to a Mario/Final Fantasy crossover.
  • Not to be confused with Google.

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