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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

History In Brief[edit]

Superchops has been a YTPer since the summer of '11, and has been a watcher since '08. So far he has 1,435 subs and is very pleased with that. He started out with a trial version of Vegas 10 Pro, but now fucks about with videos on a lovely vintage Vegas 7.

First Poop Seen[edit]

Youtube Poop: Dr Linoone (does anyone know what happened to that? Even though it was terrible I'd love to see it again)

First Poop Made[edit]

YTP: There's A Fuzzy Little Man-Peach In ggerG dlO's Waters (don't ask)



Medium paced, with a good few effects and stutters, and also jokes. I try and make my stuff at least halfway interesting. Also, recently I've been trying to work some more jokes into my shit, and you can be the judge of whether they're any good or not!

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Stutters
  • Short bursts of ear rape
  • TV Simulator (no presets though)
  • Wave (although I only like it when done well)
  • Masking here and there
  • Panning And Zooming
  • Shitch Pifting
  • That thing where you cut up the clips into tiny bits and then rearrange them
  • LOUUUDD MUUSSIIICC (a stupid-ass injoke of mine which usually appears directly before a heavily ear-raped electronica song)

Sources I Love Using[edit]

Very rarely uses the same source twice, but some favourites are

  • Michael Rosen (addictive)
  • Pocoyo
  • British Quizcoms such as Mock The Week and QI
  • Spongebob (yeah I know. I used to be like the show as a kid)


"Needs more subs in a serious way" - poblachtacha

"Getting better" - randomcontributor

"Needs more sentence mixing" - my brother

"FANTASTIC" - Silverstreak

"fuck u u fat piece of crap this is the shitest ytp iv seen in my life kiss my ass" - ryan fanstone

"thanks for um insulting me in a skype group and leaving nerd" - Doctor Caffeine





  • He is very fond of old-school electronic music, generally from 1991 onwards. He's particularly fond of electronic musicians like Leftfield, Underworld and Orbital; he's also interested in the ambient music of The Orb and Future Sound Of London, particularly the latter, who were really fucking far ahead of their time. He's also come to like Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, Hybrid, Aphex Twin and many others. Big beats is another area of interest, as well as the works of Fluke and The Grid. Recently he thinks the quality of electronica has deteriorated a bit, but still enjoys people like Justice, she, Digitalism and Monolake.
  • IRL he can go from being incredibly socially awkward to overenthusiastic to everywhere in between, all in the same day.
  • He's more insecure than he wants to admit.
  • Superchops IRL and Superchops on the internet are two different personalities altogether.
  • He's tired all the time. This is usually his fault.


  • Electronic Music (especially stuff like Leftfield and the Chemical Brothers)
  • British quizcoms
  • A good night's sleep

Things That Don't Bother Me But Seem To Bother Other People[edit]

  • Spadinner, because you never seem to see it anymore. I mean, I don't like it, but it's not really worth complaining about.
  • Some of Youchew's banned members. Obviously with exceptions.
  • Being hungry, unless it's to the point of pain.


  • People who hate most modern poopers, regardless of skill
  • Dubstep, with the exception of Zed's Dead
  • People who say that YTP died when WalrusGuy quit/that the last good YTPer is Waxinator

Good Lord[edit]

Who the fuck put that GIF of the owl from Achewood on this page? :O I don't even remember using an animated version as my avatar, just a stationary version, and holy fuck it's VERY scary up close nnfisfisifdvfdsnvdfvnv

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