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YouTube Poop Soccer

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
{{#ev:youtube|KKSkUAFetyg|320}}An example of a soccer match - in this case, round one of CommanderGwonam vs. MexicanSunflower.
Not an example of YouTube Poop Soccer.

YouTube Poop Soccer (often abbreviated as YTP Soccer or just soccer) is basically a YTPMV version of YouTube Poop Tennis.

One person uses one type of source (e.g. Nostalgia Critic or the Heavy Weapons Guy) and edits it to sync up with one song from a specific series (e.g. Kirby or Megaman). That person then challenges his/her opponent to do one of two things:

1. Use the same source, but sync it up with a different song from a different series
2. Use the same song, but use a different type of source

Then, the challenger basically does the same thing, and it continues like this until it's officially done. It sounds easy, but it is considered to be much harder than it sounds, especially if one uses a program with limited audio-editing capabilities such as Windows Movie Maker.


List of Constant Soccer Players[edit]


Some frequent YTP Tennis players, such as those in the Poop Tennis Café, have criticized YTP Soccer for the fact that the rounds don't remix the previous rounds compared to typical Tennis matches. Some even criticize the name choice as being arbitrary, as the game bears little to no resemblance to the actual sport of soccer, which requires teams and 22 players.