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Tennis League IV

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.
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Tennis League IV official artwork created by dew. One can see when looking closely the silhouette of RabbitSnore's icon in the background, who was a prime instigator of the first two Leagues

The Tennis League IV was a Youtube Poop Tennis Tournament hosted jointly by dew, GameBop, TheChutley and trepmaws, which began on December 19th, 2014 and ended on November 13, 2015, with Peskeh as it's eventual winner, marking the second time in a row after LaVieCestLol that a relatively new player had won. Like the Tennis Cup IV and the Doubles Cup II before it, it is a reprisal/continuation of an older tournament, with this in particular being of the oldest form of competitive tennis to have historically occurred on the site. The Tennis League I dates back as far as 2007, while the Tennis League II and Tennis League III both date back to 2008. It is also the longest gap of time to occur between two of the same form of competition.


Discussions for what would contribute towards the next tournament began occurring frequently in late October 2014, in the closing weeks of dew's Multi-Way Tournament. There was heavy interest among the present staff members in addition to many of the present regulars, old and new, of revisiting many old ideas of the course of the next few competitions, in addition to individual ideas that had existed for some time. Initially, talks of a second Tennis Season were the first to emerge out of this discussion, primarily between trepmaws, GameBop and dew, in which many suggestions for ways to update on the first one were presented and discussed, including new variants, abilities, and a proposed entirely new layout of teams/matches. Around this time also, TheChutley became aware of the reduction of size that the tennis community had experienced between his previous departure and recent full-fledged return, and began to question as to why this was. A thread was created in Poop Talk inquiring to the regulars there why more of them weren't tennising like back in earlier days or for those there that did have a history of tennis, why they weren't tennising anymore. Out of all of the collected general answers, many of them seem to hold the common misconception of tennis being nothing but "colors and rape" and thus beyond their own individual elements, a notion which the staff and most of the regulars staunchly opposed and clarification/explanation of this became a semi-regular occurrence for a few weeks. This was further emphasized in the Multi-Way Tournaments closing with Ashcrement's unexpected revelation that he felt that this final match was considerably the most boring match he had ever participated in, due to a lacking in creativity from his opponents which more or less to him seemed to further serve the trope of tennis being "colors and rape". The desire to disprove people of these inherited beliefs and to introduce more to the emphasized fun of the game became a key point of focus, and would greatly influence the decision making to happen subsequently.

On October 17, dew would as a complete experiment make a serve and challenge "the ENTIRE Poop Talk section" to individual games of tennis, for the primary goal of getting something stirring among those in the section and in the tennis section itself. She got up to about 15 total responses, including some from tennis regulars themselves, making the experiment to her seem like a success. To follow this up, dew would lobby in future discussions for the possibility of there being actually a Tennis League IV to capitalize on the ongoing "campaign for revival" as it would be the perfect competition to introduce players into the game this way, as well as competition itself. In a Skype call between a number of staff and dew herself, the layout for presumably the next three tournaments to occur in the future was set, with the League IV going first, then a proposed Cup V, and very possibly a Season II to occur way later. Tournament ideas from both GameBop and Sploltoen would also be suggested, with the idea that these would be hosted within the Interim between these tournaments. An idea for a "rare video editor" Tournament would also be thrown into the pool of ideas around this time, also by dew, who volunteered to be the League IV's host on the basis that she would be able to stick around for the full run this time as well as be it's main advertiser to Poop Talk, of which it in part was aimed toward. Discussion would take a rest for the next month, as the tennis section took a well deserved break from competition, resuming once again in December 2014.

Now in a separate place, the main planning for what would become the Tennis League IV in its finished form went into full swing. Several changes were made and updated to the previous versions to make them more manageable to present standards, including the removal of source limitation (which MycroProcessor is credited to have started in The Three-Way Tournament), and the doubling of the turnover time from 36 hours to 72. The voting system was also adjusted to supply the Olympic system as used in the previous tournament so that players would be judged once again by an overall added score, which match points left unaltered along with this. Penalties would be adjusted from vote weight to a total average percent weight, with 10% put toward every breach of offense of the rules, with repetitive extension being a new penalty worthy offense added in order discourage players in taking too long with each round, since this was a style of match that notably had to keep within a balanced schedule of sorts. There would be changes made during the course of the competition itself, a critical one being the invention of the "pseudo-tie" outcome devised by GameBop, which involved in the event of two scores coming close to being the same within 0.5 point margin (since it would be near impossible for players to tie exactly) that the player with the higher score receive 2 of the 3 possible "match points" earned while the losing player would earn the third point as a consolation prize.

Also for the first time in over 3 years the tournament would see the creation of a new Host account to be used for the voting, under the name of "Comrade Ebola" with a humorously Nazi-centric avatar of George Harrison. TheChutley's main role in this tournament would be the management of this account.

On December 19th, 2014, Dew officially open the signups thread, at 4:15 PST. The rules given left two weeks for signups, but in an unprecedented move 12 players were already signed up within the first hour. This led to some discussion as to whether or not the maximum number of players should be expanded, and while the idea was decided against the signups still continued to grow at an entirely unexpected rate. At the speed they filled, all 36 slots managed to be filled within 26 hours, the final player to sign up being ImmaCornflakes.

While there was some uncertainty at the beginning as to whether or not the tournament would actually attract people from Poop Talk as intended, that uncertainty was crushed in the end as an unprecedented half of all players were first-time competitors, including notable poopers such as ThemOldaBoys, Peskeh, and NationOfOranges696. Many people were invited to the tournament by their friends, an example being Soucisse Verte and NataliaHTTPS, European poopers invited to play by LaVie CestLol. A sizable handful of these people persuaded to join were done so also by InLivingTuna, who himself was a newcomer to the competitive tennis scene. On December 29th, dew published a blog article advertising the new League and its players, which would mark the first time in 5 years that a tournament received attention that could be seen by the whole forum.


Week 1[edit]

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Gameweek 1 results

The matches drawn for Set 1 began on January 9th and consisted of:

Division A:

CorruptionSound vs. Ninero

fiv95 vs. Dew

Razerek vs. theregularmaster

Division B:

Cornflakes vs. Iamoutofideas1

Sploltoen vs. TugCoat

poppop17 vs. OldFashionedLizard

Divison C:

JammeKamme vs. LaVie CestLol

ravinrabbid123 vs. Peskeh

ZACHTOMCAT vs. InLivingTuna

Division D:

NataliaHTTPS vs. PCB

ThemOldaBoys vs. GameBop


Division E:

Alfonzopancakes vs. Theadventuretimefan / Treckasec (serving as temp. replacement)

Metroid998 vs. Ekrem3012

Soucisse Verte vs. Trepmaws

Division F:

JowlHog4 vs. TheChutley


Luiginati512 vs. Valkiriforce

All except one of the 18 matches to happen in this set received a serve, with Alfonzopancakes vs. Treckasec never actually happening, and Treck winning without doing a single thing. Soucisse Verte vs. trepmaws and poppop17 vs. OldFashionedLizard unfortunately never went any farther than their serves, and the serving players both won by default. Sploltoen vs. TugCoat on the other hand, would stop at round 3 with TugCoat's dropout.

Division A[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|XgyLyYxxmEI|320}}fiv95 vs. dew, Round 2

The first match to both start and complete would be Fiv95 vs. dew, having their whole match done before the first rounds of each match were even due. With the serve being a musical trip featuring many 3D visuals and background music by the group Can, dew would take this into a direction she had not previously attempted. In her Round 2 she constructed a "pseudo plot" using an animated rabbit from Fiv's serve and a masked cutout of Peter Gabriel from The Barry Williams Show music video and have them get into an "argument", with speech text provided by pixelated words created by dew on a site called Minifesto. She would then proceed to have the rabbit "become angry" and glow red, and chase Peter Gabriel throughout other scenes of the round with "Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With" by King Crimson serving as the backing music for this segment. Notable throughout this piece are the stairs that are formed out of sped-up-and-repeated section of the previous round and the physically unaltered state of many of the more visual parts, which was a very daring and contrasting move on dew's part, who was worried about what it would do to the round's overall strength at first. Following this the music changes to the quieter "The Power to Believe II" also by King Crimson, in which the Rabbit becomes sucked into a void accentuated by one of the more unique sounds from the serve, and is whisked away to a psychedelic aura of different panning sounds and the echoing ambiance of Marvin Gaye's song "Whats Happening Brother" playing in the distance. Also distinct about the video is the use of the Talking Heads' "Once in a LifeTime" music video which dew described as "the most chroma keyable thing I had ever found and wanted to use in my life" over other visual sections of the round, done so frequently in recursive ways that she found most appealing.

Fiv was very self-depreciating of his round 3 which he considered to be overly destructive and felt that it destroyed the flow of the match, though in Round 4 dew responded with an encouraging and silly tribute to her opponent spelling out in text "GabrielCol595 or cola or fiv should know that he's REALLY GREAT AND AWESOME at Tennis!" in which the previous round was masked into. This along with the rest of round following was all done in time to the Parliament song "Flash Light", which was a shining example of dew's fascination with funk music at the time and emulated her speckling the Tennis community with it's influence for fun, calling the Skype version of the cafe the "tennis FUNK chat" and the staff members "the tennis FUNKS". The whole video was intentionally rushed not only to put herself more even with her opponent but to also beat the clock as in a matter of time the deadline for all serves was to come and that seemed like a good goal to shoot for to her, an idea suggested ad libitum by Gamebop. The finished round was as a result completed in only a few hours.

The final results were pretty high, with dew winning with 8.57 against fiv's 8.04, just 3 cents of a point short of winning a pseudo-tie point. The quickness of this round would then become a challenge for dew, as she will try to always be in the first match of the gameweek that finishes (which she would on the two following gameweeks).

Razerek vs. theregularmaster began with a serve using the Renai Circulation Intro, "Let's Glitch Pokemon Yellow Part 21" and the Bubblegum Bass Song by FrankJavCee in a considerably heavy style, with Raz mentioning that he "Tried to go a little easier on TRM but this should be interesting; it's also kind of short, sorry, I'll try and make it a bit longer next time. I'm not good with serves ;-;" Round 2 by contrast was edited with great minimalization with a lot of sources added towards the end, being a tad shorter than the serve in addition. Round 3 was similarly short and rushed and edited much in the same way as the serve while Round 4 followed suit, dedicating about a third of the video's length to added sources once again. Razerek would take the win for this match winning with a score of 7.01 versus his opponant's 5.26.

CorruptionSound vs. Ninero had among the longest rounds of the first set matches, with the serve using a large multitude of sources already bringing the match to a heavy start. Ninero only served to increase the amount of added sources signifigantly in his round 2, which notably featured a YTPMV in 7/8 (a variety of which hadn't been done for some time) that MycroProcessor compared to the likes of Venetian Snares and positively noted, which was also inspired by a discussion about odd time signatures that he was involved in("it's like the only thing I've talked about every single day for the past 4-5 years basically > because I'm a > computer > > > > "). TheChutley called this round "bloody perfect" and also proposed that he and Ninero should tennis sometime.

Round 3 added signifigantly less sources and was also shorter, tackling the previous round competantly but seemingly scaling back on the evolution of earlier elements, opting for more basic progression than that of his opponant who was in comparison firing on all pistons. Round 4 was also shorter but spared nothing in continuing the large source additions and intensity that Round 2 served, bringing about an energetic finish to what valkiriforce called his "favorite match of the league so far!". CorruptionSound also commented "Excellent" upon the match's completion. Altogether the total round times for both sides only differ in quantity by 5 seconds, with CorruptionSound contributing the higher amount with his serve being the maximum time. As such, it would be Ninero that took the win for this match winning with a score of 9.11 versus Corruption's 8.15.

fiv95 vs. dew

CorruptionSound vs. Ninero

Razerek vs. theregularmaster

Division B[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|ltyvxCNwAW8|320}}Cornflakes vs. imoutofideas1, Round 2

Cornflakes vs. iamoutofideas1 is probably the most experimental match of the Gameweek, with both going for a very performance-driven way of doing their rounds. Cornflakes’ serve had an emphasis on atmosphere, with footage of roads and some of his trademark sources (notably Street Fighter), set to a piano-driven remix of Boards of Canada's Olson. iamoutofideas’ response was heavily revolving on footage from him playing the serve on a television, using a tape recorder to create a high pitched sound, and playing another source on another TV. Cornflakes would then embrace this idea by doing the same with his own elements, while still including more straightforward elements as well. Ideas’ last round has no editing whatsoever, as it’s a 6-minute cut-less take of him doing a live video performance in a very slow, eerie pace, using the same tape recorder as before, as well as some more added media shown on a different screen. The raw score showed a preference for Cornflakes (7.50 against 6.9 for iamoutofideas’), and the three penalties ideas got for lateness and length dropped his score at 4.84, while Cornflakes got one for length, downgrading at 6.75. This would be the only match of this Division to fully complete.

Cornflakes vs. imoutofideas1

Splolteon vs. TugCoat

poppop17 vs. OldFashionedLizard

Division C[edit]

JammeKamme vs. LaVie CestLol would have a cinematic and musical theme, with JamKam's serve using the (fake?) trailer of 'Machete', by Robert Rodriguez, with an extensive emphasive on stutters and earrape, used in a comedic manner. LaVie would respond by embracing this style, while adding to the pool of sources the music video of 'Flat Beat' by Mr. Oizo. His round would mainly sentence mix the trademark lines from the Machete trailer in different ways ("They called him Machete" becomes "They called him God", and "They called him father", or also "God has mercy, i has mercy, ChihC has mercy, *explosion* has mercy"), uses JamKam's earrapes in a rythmic manner (especially a car blowing up, that is used extensively) and even pays a sort of homage to AmiralMachin by luma-keying the previous round in Flat Eric's phone (A reminder of Machin's round 4 in his match against vvaluigi and DaftPunkYoshi in the Three-Way Tournament).

JammeKamme's round 3 would add two sources : the Planet Terror trailer (staying in the Grindhouse Theme) and the music video of Stick Em by Fat Boys. His round would continue the very rythmic/earrape/technical style the match was going with, creating new gags with the added sources and showing equal passion in his work. LaVie's final round would then use the first sequence of Ingmar Bergman's Persona as a structure. He would use a recording of him playing "The Tennis League Theme" on an acoustic guitar, with a grid of chords that he would reuse in different ways throughout his matches. He would also do a mini-YTPMV with MF DOOM's One Beer, using snippets of the previous round, and finishing in his trademark, effect-heavy musical montages, using Mats & Morgan's En Schizofrens Dagbok, his round and the match ending with an obviously cinematic "THE END - A JammeKamme and LaVie CestLol production". This match was very well received, and the raw scores saw LaVie CestLol winning with 8.44 against 7.65 for JammeKamme, who downgraded at 6.89 due to a lateness penalty.

The idea of ZACHTOMCAT vs. InLivingTuna sounded better on paper than it ended up working out. ZACHTOMCAT, who had been around since 2011, recently emerged with a very destructive and atmospheric style inspired mainly by therazoredge which had pushed his videos to artistic heights that left even people who knew him stunned, and at the same time newcomer InLivingTuna had began making a name for himself due to his superkoffee and Butcher inspired style of sloppy editing and harsh use of puppet pin and color curves. While ZACHTOMCAT played very impressively, making a serve that used many destructive effects and imaginative color manipulations, InLivingTuna found himself at a personal and creative low, eventually uploading a volley made in only an hour. ZACH responded with full force, making a round 3 that featured extensive audio editing and inventive uses of geometric shapes. It was at this point, however, that things fell apart harder in InLivingTuna's life. Faced with the constant homophobia of his town and receiving physical abuse at his school because of it, he attempted suicide by jumping in front of a van partially through making his final round, prompting a rather notable and unfortunate moment in which he had to ask for an extension from inside the emergency room. His finished product would wind up becoming not particularly noteworthy, being a mostly humorous response that only minimally edited the previous round. The final score for this match would end up inevitably in favor of ZACHTOMCAT, who received a score of 6.23 while InLivingTuna walked away with a staggeringly small 4.23, the lowest score of the first gameweek.

{{#ev:youtube|nT8PWQWtUJ4|320}}ravinrabbid vs. Peskeh, Round 2

ravinrabbid vs. Peskeh saw the volleying player's official tournament debut and being an already known figure for their unique visual style brought about a great air of anticipation for the match that was to go underway. The serve began the match with Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty, Wand of Gamelon("HHHHHHH, TWO CHAIIINSSS"), Poison - Talk Dirty to Me, the Charlie Brown Christmas Dance, Skull Trumpet and Heavy Rain footage, with JaconketronCT positively noting the Poison usage and commenting that Peskeh would have plenty to work with. LaVieCestLol commented "That's a serve. That's a sexy serve."

Round 2 was recieved with widespread acclaim on the forums but on youtube it achieved signifigantly less attention, making it an oddity in terms of competitive tennis. It added in Sports' Most Shocking Moments #1: Jim Vs. Jim/Chris!!, Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle, Nostalgia Critic, Jaws, Community, Mega64: Heavy Rain, nigahiga, JonTronShow, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Boyz N Da Hood - Dem Boyz and a WMM video titled "Deepercutt Sucks", with the text "here is his profile pic" followed by an image of a member of Guns n' Roses. As would be expected it was a visual tour de force and volleyed the previous round more than competantly, with thatcomputerperson making an appearance giving a lengthy statement about his thoughts on Peskeh's volley. Round 3 featured a lot of added footage but had a good share of visual gags responding to those in the previous round, adding in Todd's Kitchen: How to make SPOTTED DICK, Evanescence - Bring Me to Life, Hotel Mario, Deporitaz - I know Your Name, Scott from the Terrence and Phillip show, Excision - Brutal (Original Mix) and Anchorman into the mix of footage, with Round 4 being considerably more visual once again and adding in Christ. - Holobenthic Grex Venalium / Vernor Vinge, Shizuo - Sweat, M. Bison and Werster as its added sources. fiv95 positively noted the smoothness of the video when playing it at 60fps and ZACHTOMCAT and ravin both positively noting the video in addition. Razerek called the match his favorite so far. Votes for this match were considerably close, with Peskeh winning at 8.03 against ravinrabbid123 with 7.56.

JammeKamme vs. LaVieCestLol

ravinrabbid123 vs. Peskeh

ZACHTOMCAT vs. InLivingTuna

Division D[edit]

NataliaHTTPS vs. ProfessorCheeseBall revolved right off the bat by an odd choice of source by Swiss newcomer NataliaHTTPS, footage of trains edited in a humorous, frantic way. While being stylistically very straightforward, revolving on earrape and very fast paced editing, it’s still recognized as a very entertaining match, with both contestants responding with equal passion and technicity. The scores were in favour of PCB (8.03 against 7.56 for Natalia, who got a point for tying in) but both contestants have been equally praised for their work.

{{#ev:youtube|DQBBlgT3gHE|320}}ThemOldaBoys vs. Gamebop, Round 3

The mere announcement of ThemOldaBoys vs. GameBop caused much uproar among the tennis community. ThemOldaBoys had become well known for his humorous SantaWithTeeth/MTB710 inspired style, but despite expressing an interest in tennis, he had played very little before the tournament. Few people, however, expected such an unlikely opponent as seasoned tennis veteran and two-time tournament winner GameBop to be his very first challenger in the league. The match itself began with a very absurd and comedic serve by ThemOldaBoys, using a sketch as the source. GameBop's round 2 was the focus of much speculation, but he blew most people's perceptions when he, rather then use his routine style, opted to play off Olda's jokes as much as possible, including the addition of a "Sonic Skateboard" source to play off a skateboarding joke make in the serve. This style of playing off each other's jokes would be seen again in round 3 by ThemOldaBoys which impressively took the match in a much more technical style than the previous rounds. GameBop would pick up on this, and round 4 would ultimately be a culmination of every thematic element being built up in the match, featuring not only all of the jokes used in previous rounds, but also playing off some of Olda's effects resulting in some interesting uses of color changing and even a brief YTPMV that played off the main character laughing in round 3. This match was very well received and widely regarded as the best match of the first gameweek, and the voting reflects that. Despite the win going to GameBop with a score of 8.73, Olda also walked off with a similarly high score of 7.62.

theFXexpert vs. NITROCONCRETE1 payed homage to the '08-'09 Robotnik centered tennis matches by started with a serve using this source edited much in the same fashion, concluding with the unedited AosTH credits with a different song replacing the original. Metroid998 took positive notice of the older style while MycroProcessor commented on the "Beautiful empty space." Round 2 was much more visual and implemented more sight gags including "Rhyming with Robotnik" introduced and concluded in the style of old-time film, with Fly by Sugar Ray serving as the new ending music on the credits sequence. Round 3 followed this up with a similarly visual style that also incorporated experimental elements like video without sound, sound without video and niether at all, and also directly followed up sections such as "Rhyming with Robotnik"(adding in a new "rhyme") and the credits segment using ESPN sports highlight music as the new backing track, with more credits overlayed onto those overplayed in round 2. Round 4 was additionally more visual and followed up "Rhyming with Robotnik" with two more "rhymes", bringing the total to 10 but mistakenly identifying this total as 11 via IRL footage of NITROCONCRETE with a Guiness World Records book. The end footage of an IRL friend of theFXexpert's pretending to get run over with a car was also edited to look like they were launched into the sun and back in a unique twist for the conclusion of the video and match. The credits segment was not continued however. Due to this round also being very late, the match would end up easily going to theFXexpert, with a total of his 8 points versus NITRO's 5.53.

ThemOldaBoys vs. Gamebop

theFXexpert vs. NITROCONRETE1

NataliaHTTPS vs. PCB

Division E[edit]

Metroid998 vs. Ekrem3012 was largely built around the usage of The Eric Andre Show which was used prominantly in metroid's serve, featuring a cameo by BigBowsa who contributed the spoken "youtube poop tennis" bit of dialogue in the beginning ("that is me cussing"). Round 2 was made swiftly and had much more destructive editing and otherwise didn't add much more than a song, with Metroid responding to it in Round 3 introducing an Eric Andre clip announcing the "halfway point of the show"(which reflected on the progress of the match itself) and adding later on footage of a censored naked man on a tennis court with the previous round chroma keyed inside of it at one point. Round 4 added in Lucky Star and "Pursuing Paradise - The First Time I Fell in Love" and was once again edited in a visual style, bearing some similarities to the style of ChrisGendo in both it's musical presentation and its liberal use of delay/reverb. NITROCONCRETE1 gave an overall assessment of the match and each round giving out a score of 15/20 for metroid and 16.5/20 for Ekrem, and the actual scores for the match were 6.79 for Metroid and 6.25 for Ekrem, giving the win to the former player. This would be the only match of this Division to finish all the way through.

Metroid998 vs. Ekrem3012

Soucisse Verte vs. trepmaws

(Alfonzo vs. Treckasec was never made)

Division F[edit]

As TheChutley's last tournament was the Tennis Cup IV back in 2012, anticipation for the start of JowlHog4 vs. TheChutley was naturally very high especially considering the dramatic transformation that his style had undergone in the preceding years. Jowlhog had also been relatively absent from the video making scene for some time, echoing this in that he described his serve as his "first yyoutubbe pop in 7 years :O". The serve itself took among the longest of any other serve in the first week to be delivered, emphasized by TheChutley's humorous impatience in the time leading up to it's posting, and was a curiously unique video, featuring a large visual musical segment taking up a large portion of the video and a heavily reverbed ending featuring with robotnik, with a couple of unedited images thrown in as well that would see TheChutley making great usage of. Round 2 added several images including one made by dew herself of Donald Fagen (though he didn't know who it was amongst other characters in his images) along with his Round 5 with LaVieCestLol, "Secks" by McMANGOS, three ".wmv" videos, the ever-familiar "Safety Dance" and "Dare to be Stupid" music videos and a snapshot from a steam chat along with a large variety of songs by artists such as Elton John, Jethro Tull, Harry Nilsson, Collective Soul, Rush and Elvis Presley as well as self-generated speakonia text, all coming together in a ridiculous cataclysm that perfectly reflected upon TheChutley's new more absurdist editing methods, and was very positively recieved by spectators. valkiriforce called it "both new and classic Chutley" while TehShadzify said it was one of the most interesting matches they've seen so far, with dew expressing excitement over the use of her gifs in TheChutley's videos.

{{#ev:youtube|EgN5xfrcwX8|320}}JowlHog4 vs. TheChutley, Round 4

Round 3 was introduced by Jowl with "hey felas herre i am with ruond 3 of this tenis macth. I wass late Bcause i had schoolwork and chiptunes to do and teh video refussed to render but it's OKnow because i wa abile to split the video into 4 parts and so heer is" and was overall a less-heavily edited video but served to follow-up signifigant bits including a text generation speech clip talking about magmalord's banning from the Youchew forums via being an "annoying memelord twat" and "being hammered by Kermit the Frog in an act of cold-blooded murder". TheChutley called this response "Excellent" and a couple of days later delivered his final round that added in "A lot of shit that I'm not gonna list. You're welcome to try and spot 'em all though! 0w0". Among the added material was Pulp Fiction, several miscellaneous images and sources possibly contributed as suggestions from friends (as was a sporadic practice in how he went about choosing sources around this time) and a text generation speech this time talking about himself and how it is important to have fingers, for without them one is a Nazi and that if one is a Nazi one must become a balloon, and so on. The video's title of "Anime was a Fucking Mistake" was declared by Captain Stewpid in the comments to be true, with a "what the fuck is this" comment getting the highest amount of upvotes. CaptainStringCheese mentioned he "fucking loved this match" due to it's creativity and ravinrabbid called it "amazing". TheChutley in turn became the obvious winner with a score of 8.63 versus Jowl's 7.15.

Luiginati512 vs. valkiriforce began with a serve using a music video of ChrisHatfield's cover of "Space Oddity" along with Irate Gamer footage which was positively noted by TheChutley as making him an "honorary canadian", and was positively recieved additionally by ZACHTOMCAT, ravinrabbid123 and JacobketronCT in addition. It was then responded to by valkiriforce in Round 2 with his much heavier style, oft-compared to that of MTB710, adding in many different sources including various David Bowie videos/images and other sources relevant to the content of the serve, calling it essentially "me out of ideas".TehShadezify called it "excellent" while TheChutley mentioned it was "fucking amazing" and dew commented positively on the "D Bowie" usage(another current interest at the time). Luiginati felt that he added in so much material that he would be unable to make another response, but valkiriforce encouraged him to just do whatever he wanted and not try to impress. Round 3 was half the length of the round it volleyed and added in a number of added footage, which was a seeming detractor to the match as Luiginati additionally suffered from lack of ideas, and valk finished off the match with his Round 4 working to similar strength as his Round 2, with dew pointing out a bit 28 seconds in as her favorite part of the video. valkiriforce naturally ended up taking the win for this match, with a score of 8.42 against Luiginati's 7.28.

NationOfOranges696 vs. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE recieved a lot of outside attention due to the former players expansive popularity and was also one of the most heavily edited matches in general of the first set, with both players making extensive visual destructiveness in their rounds with the latter player seeming to substantially outdo his opponant on this front. INTER's last round served to also offer a change of pace and was slower for it's second half, which in effect made it seem that additionally stronger. He would as result be voted as the clear winner with a score of 7.49 against NoO's 6.05.

Luiginati512 vs. valkiriforce

JowlHog4 vs. TheChutley


Before this gameweek ended the critical decision to add in the Pseudo Tie system was made with only two matches scores ending up with this outcome. At the week's end Division A saw dew, Ninero and Razerek all starting out in the lead with 3 points each, leaving Fiv95, CorruptionSound and theregularmaster with none. Division B saw Sploltoen and poppop17 automatically in the lead with 3 points along with Cornflakes who was the only player who won his match fairly, with iamoutofideas left with 0 points while OldFashionedLizard and TugCoat ending up getting replaced with newcomers thewoof and Another Brick in the Wall. Division C saw LaVieCestLol and ZACHTOMCAT taking the initial lead with 3 points each, with Peskeh winning out in a pseudo tie against ravinrabbid123 putting them in second and third with 2 and 1 points respectively. InLivingTuna and JammeKamme would still be left at 0. In Division D GameBop and theFXexpert would tie for first with 3 points leaving NTIROCONCRETE1 and ThemOldaBoys with 0, while PCB would win in a pseudo tie against NataliaHTTPS with 2 and 1 points respectively, putting them in second and third. In Division E Soucisse Verte, metroid998 and Treckasec (becoming theadventuretimefan after this gameweek) would all tie for first with 3 points, leaving Ekrem3012 with 0 and Alfonzopancakes and trepmaws being replaced by TehShadzify and, ironically, Treckasec again. Division F saw TheChutley, valkiriforce and INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE all tie with 3 points leaving NationOfOranges696, Luiginati512 and JowlHog4 with none. This caused NationOfOranges696 to leave the tournament in frustration over the notion that all the more heavy editors were winning and that it didn't seem fair, and he was replaced by JacobketronCT. Luiginati would also leave come the next set and be replaced by Sid.

Week 2[edit]

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Gameweek 2 results

The matches drawn for Set 2 began on February 9th and consisted of:

Division A:

Fiv95 vs. CorruptionSound

Dew vs. Razerek

Ninero vs. theregularmaster

Division B:

Sploltoen vs. Cornflakes

Another Brick in The Wall (who replaced TugCoat) vs. laromande (who replaced poppop17)

Iamoutofideas1 vs. thewoof (who replaced OldFashionedLizard)

Divison C:

ravinrabbid123 vs. JammeKamme


LaVie CestLol vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine (who replaced InLivingTuna)

Division D:

ThemOldaBoys vs. NataliaHTTPS

GameBop vs. TheFXexpert


Division E:

Metroid998 vs. TehShadzify (who officially replaced Alfonzopancakes)

Ekrem3012 vs. Soucisse Verte

Theadventuretimefan vs. Treckasec (who replaced trepmaws)

Division F:

JacobketronCT (who replaced NationOfOranges696) vs. JowlHog4

INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE vs. Sid (who replaced Luiginati512)

TheChutley vs. Valkiriforce

Division A[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|8Q1hxaVy0ZU|320}}fiv95 vs. CorruptionSound, Round 3

fiv95 vs. CorruptionSound kicked off with a serve that fiv apologized for being "too technical", a video very reliant on heavy visuals but otherwise unrelated and humorous audio accompaniment, ending with a photo of Conrad Slater with a color filter. CorruptionSound took this as a hint to "get less lazy in editing" and responded with a Round 2 that by contrast was heavily reliant on added sources, with much of the previous round being edited in the beginning and the end, but responding to the style of humor by adding in a random picture of a "thumbs up kid" that TheChutley gave positive mention to towards the beginning. Round 3 responded in a similar fashion to Round 1 with CorruptionSound noting the thumbnail which perfectly captured a moment in which the "thumbs up kid" image had the thumb turned downwards and his face replaced with a frowning Mr. Clean from Round 2. The former image was also used more extensively throughout this video with much databending used to transition between sources. LaVieCestLol called this round "fucking incredible". Round 4 manage to have a thumbnail respond to the previous one by having the entire head replaced with "Mr. Quaker Oats", and overall editing the previous round much more strongly, making rather unique use of databending effects to make the artifacts flow into each other which was another aspect that TheChutley made positive note of. The video ended with the text of "Sod off to your fistfucked tennis lounch, you twats. The match's over!" and Razerek did their own review of the match, reaching the consensus that "Honestly, I think Gab did better that CorruptionSound here. CorruptionSound made some really cool effects and things in his rounds, but round 2 kind of let me down. As for Gab, well, for someone who said "Can't wait to do terrible on this match", you actually did pretty damn good."

dew vs. Razerek began with an experimental serve that used only one visual source but several different audio sources, all acoustic progressive rock songs by various artists, and used a total of only one video effect and one audio effect in the entire video. Razerek responded in Round 2 with equally heavy usage of music and much more advanced editing, adding a couple of other tennis rounds into the mix to enhance the visuals. Round 3 was edited in a starkly different style from the previous round on dew's side, making extensive use of black & white visuals and editing in a frenetic style accompanying the song "Jargon King" by Peter Hammill with audio from the previous round panned out of center, and featuring a rather avant-guarde style ending. Round 4 attempted to follow this up but didn't succeed too well in breaking away from what was set up in Round 3, but nevertheless provided some enjoyable moments such as a YTPMV towards the end that was considered exceptional. The match once again took only a day to finish which amazed a number of viewers, with dew joking about how they were managing to play within the time constraints of the old Tennis Leagues. TheChutley called the serve a "cool concept" while metroid998 considered the match "pretty amazing."

Ninero vs. theregularmaster unfortunately only ever made it to Round 3, but the amount of effort put into Ninero's rounds along with the amount of sources was considered so exceptional that some viewers were left speechless, with Razerek saying "how can ninero not win the tourney at this point". At the end of this Gameweek Division A saw Ninero win another 3 points, putting him in first place, while dew slid down to second winning in a pseudo tie and gaining two points totaling 5, one less than Ninero. Razerek who won the complimentary point against dew was in third with 4 points. Meanwhile Fiv95 beat out CorruptionSound in a pseudo tie giving him 2 points, putting him in fourth and CorruptionSound in fifth with his complimentary point. theregularmaster still sat at 0 and would be replaced by MycroProcessor for the next set.

dew vs. Razerek

fiv95 vs. CorruptionSound

Ninero vs. theregularmaster

Division B[edit]

Sploltoen would get another 3 points by default and his opponant Cornflakes get replaced by Doom for the next set, having dropped out on round 3 after a match revolving on Quakecon footage, while Another Brick in The Wall would also receive 3 by default and thewoof would receive 3 fairly, resulting in a 4 way tie for second (between Another Brick, thewoof, poppop17 and Doom) with Sploltoen in the lead with 6 points.

A very long dispute over the correct scoring of the one competed match, iamoutofideas1 vs. thewoof, went on between the staff with the score of both players being continuously altered between a 3 to 0 and a pseudo tie before finally resting on an unusual 3 to 1, with a grace point given to ideas as compensation for the amount of mistakes made. In reality both players were accidentally given one more penalty than they actually recieved(due to a combination of late rounds that also extended over the time limit, in one instance twice over which was mistakenly thought to equal two penalties) which resulted in much confusion. iamoutofideas still remained in last place and this would be the only point that he and his replacement would have throughout the tournament.

This Gameweek, however, would come back into play as laromande, who replaced poppop17, would play Another Brick in the Wall during the timespan of GameWeek 5, both of them being done with their match, as the match that was supposed to be on Gameweek 2, reputting the 3 points ABITW won. In Another Brick in the Wall vs. laromande, ABITW re-used his serve, which would leave to a very dense, colorful match, dedicated to glitch effects and VHS quality especially. laromande would win that match (8.3 for laromande, 7.68 for Another Brick in the Wall), which would be part of her qualification for the final of the League, winning over Sploltoen by only one point.

iamoutofideas1 vs. thewoof

Splolteon vs. Cornflakes

Another Brick in the Wall vs. poppop17

Division C[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|84vGZu4hdns|320}}LaVieCestLol vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine, Round 2

InLivingTuna had by this point dropped out of the tournament and his replacement created the match of LaVieCestLol vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine. No one had ever heard or seen this particular player before and a few players thought it was an obscure alt of someone, as the style that they displayed in this first match was highly unusual. While LaVie's Serve would feature a blend of sources that are reminiscent of Tuna's tastes (notably VSauce and Game Grumps), HMFM would add Mama Luigi as well as fetish videos of people humping inflatable objects, and proceed in a oddly-paced, almost-underedited vibe which was in 2:35 video format. LaVie would respond in an experimental manner, using the Scope format to put two videos back to back, one of himself recording a monologue about his own feelings who at the time were not great, on the left, and the actual tennis round on the right, completed with very rough, minimalistic cuts and a visual final using a track from the Band "L'Effondras". HMFM would respond as oddly as before, calling it "french person is not as sad as everyone else" (sort of summing up LaVie's monologue), with the same blend of odd sources and pacing.

Peskeh vs. ZACHTOMCAT began with a surprisingly simple serve largely using Better Call Saul as its main source with System Of A Down - Chop Suey, "most epic movie ever also my 100th video (wtfradio1000)", RUN-D.M.C. - Hit It Run and Madeon - For You also appearing in the mix, with ZACHTOMCAT immediately opting to go a much more visual route in his Round 2, visually distorting the serve to the point of miniscule recognition amongst several layer formations. The only thing added in this Round was the Ice Cap Zone theme from Sonic 3 and was much shorter than its predecessor. Peskeh made the best of this in his Round 3 by following up on both the visual side and also adding in a number of sources in the background and around Round 2, ultimately providing entertainment in addition to significant progression of the match. ZACH finished off with a Round 4 that was surprisingly much longer but still opted for the same kind of visual approach, obscuring much of the previous rounds' audio in place of music while also utilzing bits of Visualjockey generated visuals amongst other things, while continuing to make the previous round largely recognizeable.Peskeh ended up winning the match by large margin, with a score of 7.09 versus ZACH's 5.9.

ravinrabbid123 vs. JammeKamme was a largely humor oriented match, with ravin's serve containing Neckline Slimmer Infomercialism by Mike Jeavons, "the actual" Neckline Slimmer infomercial, AoStH, Winter Wrap Up song, a Churchill ad, "and various other images and sfx" edited in an introductory way, with JammeKamme applying a similar approach with a more visual side in his Round 2 adding in Thom Yorke - A Brain In A Bottle, Washed Out - Feel It All Around, Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia, a Big Hot Dog Informercial, Human Giant: Escalating Interview and Peskeh's icon(Robotnik's "PESKY" line) Ravin's Round 3 poked at the fact that she missed an obvious PESKEH joke and continued the humorous approach while keeping the visual approach restrained, adding Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Hexagon Brothers theme, the Super Mario World cartoon, Katy Perry's Superbowl Half Time dance("the one with the shark"), M. Bison's [sexy-ass YYESSS], David Bowie - Let's Dance, Parks and Recreation - DJ Roomba clip and Haddaway - What is Love. The match was then finished off with a Round 4 with another more visual approach that added in Boards of Canada - Rue The Whirl, IM Meen("ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND, AND 95 THOUSAND YEARS)", LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls, The Office, Saturday Night Fever and the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme song that was short like the round before it but in all cases sweet, with both sides ultimately playing very even. ravinrabbid123 managed to win this time around with a 7.28 score against Kamme's 6.39.

The end of the gameweek saw LaVieCestLol secure his lead by gaining another three points totaling 6, while Peskeh and Ravinrabbid each held their respective spots of second and third by gaining three points for their matches. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine remained in last along with JammeKamme, while ZACHTOMCAT fell to 4th place.


ravinrabbid123 vs. JammeKamme

LaVieCestLol vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine

Division D[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|qOP6dSaOKgw|320}}Gamebop vs. theFXexpert, Round 1

Quite possibly one of the most different matches ever played in the history of competitive tennis took place in the matchup of Gamebop vs. theFXexpert, beginning with a serve that was a dramatic departure from all expectations and predictions of the match's unfolding in addition to Gamebop's usual style. Titled "Monacle of the Swan" featuring text of the title and "Starring The Swan", Gamebop has mentioned to have had this video already made at an earlier time to save for a particular future match, and it was at this point that it came to be used and seen for the first time. It largely featured nothing more than an image of a swan with a top hat and monacle (oddly reminiscent of superkoffee) a picture of a horse("the green....with ENVY"), a short bit of a 2006 Hyundai Sonata car commercial accompanied by sports car sound effects and a 2007 promo for new episodes of The Office and My Name is Earl accompanied by stock classical music that lasted for the video's length. The entire round was put together like something akin to a bizarre powerpoint presentation, reflective of how immensely stripped down it was in comparison otherwise, coming as a humorous shock to almost everyone who watched it.

theFXexpert responded accordingly with a volley that worked to a similar treatment, featuring the on-screen text of "Phantom of the Osprey [Starring: The Swan] Special Appearance: The Osprey" and now featuring images of Osprey that he took himself. Other additions include self-taken pictures of drawbridges, a Weather Channel clip from 2003, the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Rebel Rabbit"(the same cartoon used in his Tennis Cup IV match vs. dew) and the film Spy Kids 3D accompanied by the Phantom of the Opera theme in addition to "New York Blues" by George Winston, introducing a jazz sensibility in the backing music to contrast with the classical of Gamebop's side. It worked with the serve itself to practically a tee to the style of it, with Ninero mentioning that it "couldn't be more perfectly done".

Gamebop now shifted to different elements in his Round 3, with the on screen text of "Egg of the Chicken [Starring: The Swan[The Osprey]] And, introducing...The Chicken" and now featuring filmed video of one of his own chickens and his dogs in his yard, with the previous round appearing in both edited and unedited form with added sources intact in a small TV set on a patio table with no special effects being used to create this. The other additions that appeared within it were Kukori and Two "WeatherSTAR 4000" Weather channel simulator videos with "J Flavor" and "L Flavor" accompanied by a Park Place MIDI from an old Windows Monopoly game and numerous sound effects from Torin's Passage(notably the infamous "ding" noise heard in a number of Gamebop's other videos) It can be noticed that the previous round within the TV set is now edited with a noticeably more visual element than previously but overall the feel established in Round 1 is still preserved quite well, being recieved with great positivity. theFXexpert closed the match off with the text of "Migration of the Geese Starring [The Swan[The Osprey[The Chicken]]] Also Featuring - The Geese", and the entire video following being practically a regular film composite of various filmed bits of footage of Geese, a Tennis Court in which FX is holding a phone in which the previous round can be seen, a TV screen playing at various points AoStH - Blank Headed Eagle, You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(specifically the Goose/Golden Egg scene) and TheChairman45's Q&A, along with video of him hand-drawing a recreation of the web-page showing Gamebop's posting of Round 3. Following the video's initial completion FX commented "Thank you for the entertaining match. It has been a great pleasure to play you." ThemOldaBoys' overall reaction to the match was a humorous "What the hell is this? Did you guys just go out and film birds?" while Razerek called the match "really something". TehShadzify mentioned that he was "confused, yet somewhat fascinated" at the unique approach the match took, and it was variously praised by other players including LaVieCestLol, IAMSAPER and fiv95. The scores were incredibly close; theFXexpert managed to sneak the win of this match with a mere 3 hundredeths of an extra point, 7.35 versus Gamebop's 7.32.

PCB vs. NITROCONCRETE1 started off with a serve using Stanley Kubrick's The Shining in a humor-oriented way with visual elements that would be advanced on over the course of the match, reaching a considerable climax with PCB's Round 3, which utilized the best of both. NITRO was initially playing strong but balked on the last round which they apologized for being terrible, being the shortest round of the match and failing to properly match up of that which it was volleying. Due to the last round also being quite late and acruing NITRO about 4 penalties PCB would win the match by a landslide score of 7.2 vs. NITRO's 3.52. ThemOldaBoys vs. NataliaHTTPS mostly went about like Olda's previous match with two opposing styles against each other working their best with each other's output, Olda on the more humorous side with his serve featuring Billy Mays in a sentance-mix fashion and Natalia on the more visual side, using many masking and layering tricks in Round 2 without adding any new sources. This repeated itself for Rounds 3 and 4 with both sides working to considerable and even strength, LaVieCestLol calling it "This match is really tasty. Like a well made Cookie. That explodes"(referencing the contect of the match). valkiriforce in response said "Exploding cookies have always been my favorite dish" and fiv95 mentioned that they were loving the match so far around the Round 3 point. Scores as a result were once again very close, with NataliaHTTPS winning 7.93 versus Olda's 7.65.

The final results saw theFXexpert successfully win in a pseudo tie against GameBop gaining 2 points and tied for first with PCB who had won with 3 points against NITROCONCRETE1, with both now at 5 points total. GameBop's gaining of one point dropped him to second with 4 points with NataliaHTTPS in third with 3, after winning 2 points in a pseudo tie against ThemOldaBoys who was now in fourth with 1. NITROCONCRETE1 remained at 0.

ThemOldaBoys vs. NataliaHTTPS

Gamebop vs. theFXexpert


Division E[edit]

Ekrem3012 vs. Soucisse Verte would be the occasion for Soucisse to finally show how he does tennis to the community with a very straightforward effect-spam-driven match, kicked off by Ekrem's usual, very to-the point editing, using 60fps, to which Soucisse would respond with energy and a sense of fast pace that may be what won the votes to him. Among the highlights are the use by Soucisse of his own voice to send Ekrem off to do the next round, to which Ekrem would respond with his own.

In a funny twist, theadventuretimefan vs. Treckasec would be kicked off with the former using a source he asked Treckasec to do a casual tennis with, Battle for Dream Island (one of the many "Object Shows" some poopers and tennissers are fans of), which he filled with the classic YTP CDI memes in a Tongue-In-Cheek way, forcing Treckasec to work with it. He would respond by heavily distorting and destroying everything. That source rivalry would give the match an interesting spin, as TAF would give into the destructiveness as well, leading to one of the most abstractly structured matches of the Gameweek.

{{#ev:youtube|W8F13Xjfq50|320}}Metroid998 vs. TehShadzify, Round 1

Metroid998 vs. TehShadzify would revolve on the Skeleton theme (even getting the attention of the Bonelord Ricesnot himself). Metroid998 would bring his low-key style with, well, style, as TehShadzify would rely on more hard-hitting effects and colorful visuals for his Tournament Debut, blending in his own share of sources into the mix, notably Five Nights at Freddy's.

Soucisse Verte ended up securing his lead by winning 3 and maintaining first with 6 points, while TehShadzify and (even though he had technically, was now in a player spot who hadn't) Treckasec, who had not won the previous match won their match fully in this set, creating a four way tie between them, Metroid998 and theadventuretimefan for second. Ekrem3012 remained the only player with no points.

Ekrem3012 vs. Soucisse Verte

theadventuretimefan vs. Treckasec

Metroid998 vs. TehShadzify

Division F[edit]

TheChutley vs. valkiriforce would be a big cocktail of sillyness and insanity. TheChutley's serve, revolving, amongst many sources and previous rounds he worked with/on, a video of Bono talking about africans (added with a poll on "Bono really?"). valkiriforce would up the ante big time, adding even more sources that would shape the match in a monstrous orgy of ear-rape, animated gifs and U2 singers. The match was fondly followed and remembered, notably by LaVie CestLol, fiv95, as well as the two players, who really appreciated each other's work.

As Luiginati512 would step down at Gameweek 2, INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE would face a returning Sid who was decided to have a big change of pace since the time he was in the Multi-Way Tennis Tournament. And the serve of INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE vs. Sid would be specially low-key for him that would bring the match to a different direction for one that would only know the two tennissers for their highly-technic activities. The drunken interview of James Brown used in the Serve would be the starting point of many reccuring gags in both players' rounds, giving it a very unique tone for which both players were praised, CorruptionSound especially compairing it to punk music, which was a very fitting analogy.

TheChutley would win out in a pseudo tie vs. valkiriforce and Sid won out in a pseudo tie vs. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE, which kept TheChutley in first with 5 points and valkiriforce and INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE tied for second with 4. JacobketronCT would get a full 3 points after JowlHog4 left the tournament and subsequently would be replaced by cyclejunkie, putting Jacob in 3rd and Sid in 4th.

TheChutley vs. valkiriforce


JacobketronCT vs. ?????

Week 3[edit]

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Gameweek 3 results

The matches drawn for Set 3 began on March 5th and consisted of:

Division A:

Dew vs. CorruptionSound

Razerek vs. Ninero

MycroProcessor (who replaced theregularmaster) vs. Fiv95

Division B:

Another Brick in The Wall vs. Doom (who replaced Cornflakes)

laromande vs. Hornet (who replaced iamoutofideas1)

thewoof vs. Sploltoen

Divison C:

Peskeh vs. JammeKamme

ZACHTOMCAT vs. LaVie CestLol

HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. ravinrabbid123

Division D:

GameBop vs. NataliaHTTPS

TheFXexpert vs. PCB

NITROCONCRETE1 vs. MrDjThompson (who replaced ThemOldaBoys)

Division E:

Ekrem3012 vs. TehShadzify

Soucisse Verte vs. Theadventuretimefan

Treckasec vs. Metroid998

Division F:

INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE vs. cyclejunkie (who replaced JowlHog4)

Sid vs. TheChutley

Valkiriforce vs. JacobketronCT

Division A[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|ucty7mbvYrQ|320}}dew vs. CorruptionSound, Round 1

dew vs. CorruptionSound began experimentally once again with dew's simplist in construction yet complicated in execution serves. It used only one image for video (of a flareon) and one song for audio, "A New Machine - Part 1" by Pink Floyd, with black-restore color curved light rays elaborately keyframed and animated to move with the lyrics of the song, to give off the impression that it was talking. The remaining three rounds all featured extensive usage of added sources on top of this, with CorruptionSound now coming to appear as the stronger player of the match as much of these advances within it were of his credit. dew's Round 3 has an accident in the audio in which half the audio is hard panned left while a keyboard track she overdubbed onto the song was panned hard left when they were supposed to cohesively blend as one, which dew attributes to having been using a pair of monophonic headphones at the time, which served to make a lot of sound appear quite unusual.

{{#ev:youtube|wVrcN-KAxYA|320}}MycroProcessor vs. fiv95, Round 1

MycroProcessor now made an appearance replacing theregularmaster in MycroProcessor vs. Fiv95, which knocked fiv sideways upon the news being revealed to him, with the resulting match being a pretty even duel between the two players. Mycro's serve would be a big blend of the things he's known to like, mainly MIDI oddly-structured music, Sonic the Hedgehog, Serial Experiment Lain and Myst games, leading to an almost disturbing tone that fiv would bring as well in his volley, extending the use of Serial Experiments Lain. Mycro's round 3, "done in a few hours just before the deadline" as he noted, had a repetitive structure using a voice over telling the viewer to take a look with all of your eyes, using more effects in a very distinctive way. Round 4 would use certain snippets to creat a YTPMV out of the more abstract elements of the previous round, giving it a more surreal tone that would close the match off with the repeated word "Different ... different ... different ...".

Razerek vs. Ninero was the last match of the third set to complete largely due to the lateness of the volleying player. With that said, the match that came from it because one of the most looked up to matches of the league, due to the sheer virtuosity in which both players played off each other. Razerek would kick off with a dynamic video using the Pokemon anime, that Ninero would then proceed to explode with a volley structured on two parts, the first being an all-over-the-place neurasthenic reappropriation of the previous round, and the second being the adventures of pokeman man by hulk hogan, the story of hulk hogan eating Ash Ketchum then going to space, and dying there in a title that Ninero proceeds to rip apart litterally. Round 3 would begin with a masterful animation of the previous round put to the music of Venetian Snares, in a YTPMV-esque manner. Razerek also continues the Hogan show with the poker man EPISode 2 !!!, with more Ash Ketchum murdering, as well as the image of a salad TheChutley asked Razerek to put in his round that would come into great play in the final round. Round 4 would begin with an eerie and beautiful visual piece set to the Pyramid Song by Radiohead, only to have it cut off by a Sitcom, YTPMV in the Family, created by Ash Ketchum, in which the first segment of Round 3 proposes a traumatized Hulk Hogan a Nice Salad, not knowing that a Salad killed his family. The story concludes as Hogan falls into the abyss, only to be surrounded by Ketchum, the YTPMV, and two people seen in the previous round to make him eat the nice salad until he turned into a tennis, in the form of a Jolteon. The match was widely praised, notably by ravinrabbid123, Doom and Peskeh, the latter saying : "It's like if Ricesnot made a tennis.".

Division A saw CorruptionSound beat dew by a close margin resulting in a pseudo tie, which saw him tie for fourth with MycroProcessor who had fully won against Fiv95 with a full 3 points. dew remained at 2nd with 6 points while Ninero's lead became more commanding with a 3rd consecutive full win putting hum at 9 points. Razerek remained in 3rd with 4 points while fiv now sat in last with just 2.

dew vs. CorruptionSound

MycroProcessor vs. fiv95

Razerek vs. Ninero

Division B[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|TAi9Yd_CApk|320}}laromande vs. mYZterbattyX/hornet, Round 2

Originally planned as laromande vs. iamoutofideas1, the tournament debut of Swiss tennisser laromande would be also a weird homage to the latter, making it sort of a divinity in a glitched environment, who could grant wishes. However, because of lateness and just being out of steam, ideas would not respond to laromande's eulogy. Instead, it's then-dormant MYZterbattyX, now under the pseudonym Hornet, who would take over and making the match what it is. Round 2 of laromande vs. Hornet would be the occasion for Hornet to make the very personalized serve his own, putting insects into the mix, particularly a very disturbing fox decomposition video, which would be rather low-key given his notoriously heavy-effect videos, though continuing the "Ideas as a prophet" arc in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. laromande's round 3 would be structured on an original electronic track on which laro scattered audio clips from the previous round, as well as multiplying iterations of ideas himself, in motivational posters, on a newspaper headline after finishing a war (a newspaper she puts on the screen paying hommage to LaVie CestLol's spinning trick), and beginning her flag manipulation which would be proeminent afterwards. Hornet's final round would be a very distorted, more effect-heavy and quite impressive sight, in glitched areas which would be very well recieved, as they are more reminiscent of his earlier works.

Sploltoen vs. thewoof would be a clash of styles that would turn some heads, as thewoof's first impression was enjoyed by the viewers for it's sense of humor and pacing. And thewoof's serve would not disappoint in that it featured prominently one of Sploltoen's signature kind of sources : Football (Soccer for Americans), Matches and things involving the sport, used by the serve in a very humorous way, evocating the firing of New York player Petke and french footballer Thierry Henry's retirement in a willingly botched AMV-like homage. Sploltoen's volley would be just as humorous, including using blue patterns (reminiscent of his favourite team, Chelsea F.C.), using footage from angered supporters after Thierry Henry's hand scandal in a France-Ireland match, and flying Petke Heads. thewoof would poke fun at some Chelsea F.C.'s antics while still using Sploltoen's cheers from the previous round, as well as sentence mixed gags involving Thierry Henry's ass touching the football and Star Trek : The New Generation discussing European football. Sploltoen's last round for the match would reuse extensively the gag of putting a Lenny Face on an either cheering or ashamed footballer, keeping the humor of the match going for a hilarious finish with someone mocking Chelsea's opponent team in a Penalty shootout, making them "calling the WHAAAAmbulance" as Patrick Stewart (now with Thierry Henry's sad face on him) would react to accordingly. thewoof would be greatly satisfied by the match, saying it was "everything [he] hoped it would be."

After winning by default, Another Brick in the Wall vs. Doom would be time for the former to finally show what he can do in a tournament setting. His serve would be an experiment using copious amounts of the damatomshing glitch which ABITW would use to create weird artifacts (notably the mouths of the person in the source opening to infinity). Round 2 would be more classical in structure, adding Dragonball as a source, but efficient in aspect, and making liberal use of Doom's favourite poopism: loud noises. The more simple approach Doom brought led ABITW to broaden a bit and use more to-the-point effects to construct his round, creating repeating patterns and notably assimilating some of them to Macintosh Plus' Vaporwave music, who would also be structured on repeating patterns, making it a neat link between audio and video. Doom's final round would reuse the previous round as more of a background for sources to be added (Sonic X and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog especially), finishing it in a more soothing fashion, just cut short by a final volume spike.

Sploltoen, laromande and Another Brick won out fully against their opponants keeping Sploltoen in the lead with 9 points and laromande and Another Brick tied for second with 6. thewoof and Doom remained tied for third with 3 points while Hornet was left without a single point. Hornet, having finished one match, would then proceed to disappear once more and deleting his rounds, making the spot available again.

laromande vs. mYZterbattyX

Another Brick in the Wall vs. DoomZappo

thewoof vs. Splolteon

Division C[edit]

ZACHTOMCAT vs. LaVie CestLol actually had the coincidence of beginning even before the Gameweek began, due to ZachTomCat forgetting to wait and uploading his video in advance, 11 hours before the actual beginning of the Gameweek. The match between these two competitors, at ease with abstract styles, would be very atmospheric, LaVie CestLol using Zach's textures around more figurative sources (IRL footage, or even the image of a carrot TheChutley posted on the topic of the match), while Zach would rely more on effects and low-key-yet-effective techniques, which made the match a really pleasant experience for both competitors.

Given the musical knowledge of both contestants, Peskeh vs. JammeKamme was a fantastic journey into the music world, as Peskeh's serve would use a great variety of music videos, from Smash Mouth to Gary Numan, through Björk, and Thumbthumping. JammeKamme would respond sort of in the same way as versus LaVie CestLol, recreating musics from others (the standpoint being reusing the Björk It's Oh so Quiet music video to recreate Big Dipper by Death Grips which features Björk as a featured artist), along with a blend of fast-paced YTPing and more slowly paced, ambient segments. Peskeh would respond cleverly, using amongst his sources himself playing the cinema mod of the game Garry's Mod which allows him to watch youtube videos ingame. Also, he used his YTPMV background to great use, continuing the flow of the match, albeit in a lower tone. JammeKamme would then finish off with a two sided musical mashup using new sources and reusing the previous round as a musical instrument.

The matchup of HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. ravinrabbid123 was in and of itself an enigma, as the former was perfectly unknown and his match with LaVie CestLol would continue to puzzle everyone. His 3 minute serve would continue to prove HMFM to be a unique player, editing randomly pieces of Weird Al Yankovic music, baby leopards eating raw meat, more Mama Luigi, The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, more inflatable humping, amogst the many elements of that cluster of a source poop HMFM used, eventually misspelling ravin's pseudonym in both the video and the description before cutting abruptly. Ravin would embrace the randomness and gave it her special spin, reusing the most recognisable elements to create visual gags. HMFM's round 3 would be 3 minutes as well, still going for that hardcore randomness, while now giving signs of more technical skill in terms of effects, finishing off in a dizzying minute of scrambled random images of the previous round. Ravin would close the madness, taking on more abstract segments while keeping the sillyness and the humor as the main core of the round, and finding ways to make jokes out of HMFM's hermetic weirdness.

Division C saw LaVieCestLol, Peskeh and ravinrabbid all win their matches again, keeping them repsectively in first, second and third with virtually no change in any player standings.


HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. ravinrabbid123

Peskeh vs. JammeKamme

Division D[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|chFqWIfRAxc|320}}Gamebop vs. NataliaHTTPS, Round 1

Gamebop vs. NataliaHTTPS had an interesting turn of events as Gamebop chose to go with an unusual serve to give to Natalia who was relatively unknown in the International Tourney scene. Said serve would be an unsettling scramble of game footage edited in a way that resembles Analog Pooping, while having in the corner (and on the right channel of the stereo sound), a divided frame of Gamebop's signature source, Kukori ès Kotkoda. Natalia's round 2 would be a musical response to Gamebop's open ended serve, completed with heavy doses of databending and 3D animations that were even more shapes that Gamebop would work with on his next round, coming back to what he's more known for, eventually using a frame of his round as his Youtube Avatar. Natalia's final round, while still revolving on music as a soundtrack (this time, The Deadfaced Dimension by Angerfist), would be a dynamic reuse of Gamebop's round with the inclusion of Natalia's own drawings of herself manipulating through the video elements of the round.

{{#ev:youtube|3_fGbBPSk8c|320}}theFXexpert vs. PCB, Round 1

To see theFXexpert's Stegblobian sense of editing wit go toe to toe against ProfessorCheeseBall's colorful madness was a thing to behold and theFXexpert vs. PCB did everything but disappoint in that aspect. Using the trailer of Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2 as the main source (and conserving it all the way through), this match would be 2008-esque repetition-driven YTP style going amok. Whether on the titles of the videos (Hotel Kevin, Hotel James, Hotel Paul, Hotel Blart) or the structure and pace of the rounds themselves, this match can be watched as a cohesive YTP that slowly but surely descends into Paul Blart Madness. The match was praised by valkiriforce and fiv95 especially, LaVie CestLol calling it GOD DAMN GUYS WONDERFUL YES VERY MUCH SO YES.

NITROCONCRETE1 vs. MrDjThompson, the latter being the replacement for an overbooked ThemOldaBoys, began with NITROCONCRETE1 structuring his serve on two levels, first a very dynamic effect-heavy start, then Michael Rosen asking Nitro (as Yellow Michael Rosen) to stop the destructiveness, giving shout outs to some of his past matches. MrDjTHompson would respond in a very minimalistic manner, just adding a few more effects as well as an explosion footage he uses often in his videos. Nitro's round 3 would continue in the same vein, though it is clear Nitro has the upper hand on more heavy stuff, and DJThompson's final round would be even more explosions and stutters, as well as a short rhytmic YTPMVesque segment.

In Division D GameBop now ascended back to tie with PCB for first with 7 points, theFXexpert with 6, NataliaHTTPS still with 3 and MrDjThompson and NITROCONCRETE1 tied for last with 2.


Gamebop vs. NataliaHTTPS

theFXexpert vs. PCB

Division E[edit]

Giving that he would face a more joke-based contestant in Soucisse Verte vs. theadventuretimefan, Soucisse would begin with a less frantic YTP to offer to his opponent. However, even with Soucisse's effort to make it more joke-centered while still being very "Soucisse", theadventuretimefan would at this point feel out of touch with the tournament, thinking that joke-based styles were sort of forbidden or at least not advantaged in the competitive field, which would make him lose some motivation for round 2, using the previous round in a very roundabout way and making his rounds a mere 11 seconds long due to technical difficulties that would kill his motivation. Soucisse would use the previous round in a few YTPMVesque segments, as well as an opening skit using a Gmod sketch with taf slapping soucisse as he watched the previous round, trying to lighten up the mood and ease the frustration the match was going for. Round 4 would feature a more effect-based taf, using stutters through the opening segment, which made for a more cohesive round to finish off his part of the match.

Ekrem would begin the match of Ekrem3012 vs. TehShadzify in a very colorful manner, using some of the esthetics of the vaporwave genre, as well as using a Stephen Hawking image as sort of an homage to TheChutley's more recent style. TehShadzify's round 2 would be described by its author as something "he went all out with", featuring his most silky visuals yet. Ekrem would add more of his vaporwaving into the mix, adding also buzzing earrape in the sound department, and continuing the Stephen Hawking joke with a 3D animation of the image in question. TehShadzify's final round would give more energy to the match, with colorful visuals, Filthy Frank sources additions and a pretty catchy YTPMV segment, concluding with the observations that "something smells awfully like shit". He had "no words for this one".

{{#ev:youtube|NfRX0gW7v5Q|320}}Treckasec vs. Metroid998, Round 1

Treckasec vs. metroid998 was regarded in retrospect as one of the darkest and eeriest matches of the league, almost being entirely in black and white. Although Treck's serve had an humorous edge using Eraserhead and The Silence of the Lambs as main sources (which Razerek noted as one of his favourite aspects in the thread), putting the CD-I SPAGHETTI in place of "heaven" in the In Heaven Everything is Fine song from the David Lynch movie. From then metroid998 would create a round much more atmosphere focused round, using the Lady in the Radiator from the previous round to sing an excerpt from the NieR Soundtrack, with some very recognizable visuals for those that know metroid's tennissing style. Treck's round 3 would continue in a glitchier way to add to the more introspective tone the match now had, with powerful layering and sound glitching. metroid's final round would use SMT IV's Cafe Florida to finish it with some slow moving, contemplative visuals that he's known for, and which LaVie CestLol called "a beautiful closer" to this match.

In Division E Soucisse Verte scored a third consecutive full win putting him at 9 points and still in first, while TehShadzify and Treckasec pulled ahead each gaining another 3 and tying for second with 6. Metroid and theadventuretimefan fell to third with still 3 points and Ekrem3012 remained at 0.

Soucisse Verte vs. theadventuretimefan

Ekrem3012 vs. TehShadzify

Treckasec vs. Metroid998

Division F[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|jOzEUmn8tRg|320}}Sid vs. TheChutley, Round 3

Since Sid came back from hiatus, he showed a pretty surprising change of style, using more absurd humor and visual gags rather than the hardcore, masterfully layered visuals he was know for before. So to see him go against TheChutley, who had one of the most significants shifts in style, was especially hyped for as the two of them already had some interaction that crafted many injokes around them. Sid vs. TheChutley did not disappoint in that serve, as Sid's serve would be a YTP of himself doing a Let's Play of Dark Souls II (In English), using different elements to create humor through absurdity (sudden demultiplication of the player's HUD, freezing of some objects in the game as Sid moves forward, etc ...). TheChutley's volley would respond with equally humorous manners, although in a far more in your face fashion, using MLG montage parody tropes (Snoop Dog Dancing, Dubstep Music), while also spamming cats, adding to the order Sid gave him to "be a cat :3". One of the highlights was a YTPMV of Sid's voice on Night of Flowering, Sakuya's theme from the Touhou franchise, just to "PROVE TO YOU IDIOTS THAT LITTERALY ANYONE CAN DO THIS SHIT". Peskeh commented on that segment, saying that "the ytpmv sUCKED WHERE WhERE THE SCREEN FLIPs". Sid's third round (hidden as a trap video for an announcement of Half-Life 3) seems to do the same thing as the first, but eventually Sid refuses to play Dark Souls again and spams cat gifs with the extatic music of Pryapisme, called Petit traité de futurologie sur l'Homo cretinus trampolinis (et son annexe sur les nageoires caudales) in a really spastic way. And although Sid would use more technical aspects, the feel of the round would go on and be even more absurd, using the video of a Cat hugging a cat plush in repeating patterns, with more feline tropes attached into these patterns. After finding out that "FRENCH IS A LANGUAAAAAAAAAGE", TheChutley's final round would go for a very psychedelic ride in terms of music choices, but also visually. He'd use Sid's wheel of cats with a gif of a cat running in it, replacing the cat's head with an old picture of Sid himself. The editing is cut short by a slowly revealing cat video set to Jefferson's Airplane White Rabbit.

Jowlhog4 would then dropout as well, leading him to be replaced by cyclejunkie (or Kitchen Disease), making his return since The Triples Cup. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE vs. cyclejunkie would be a game of hardcore editing, as the matchup would suggest. IDR's serve had his by then notorious take on heavy editing, in a really radical, almost disturbing in a sense, blending abstract animations and glitch art to create some awe-inspiring textures. cyclejunkie's return would be incarnated as a round that, although using the serve in a destructive, paint-like way, would open more sources (bananas put into water, warioware and weird obscure VHS tapes), as cycle would give his own twist to the match, distorting and animating the sources with as much warping as possible. IDR's volley to that would continue in that aspect, using more 3D elements, notably creating a sea of stroboscopic colors combined with a good emphasizing on creating noise soundscapes that cyclejunkie would continue to use in his final round, combined with photoshop warping and animated artifacts.

Compared to the two other matches of the division, valkiriforce vs. jacobketronCT would be a more straightforward match, given that the two were already doing a casual match on their own, but it did not disappoint and was even regarded as one of the more solid matches of the gameweek. valkiriforce would serve with his energetic, spastic humor, making references to poppop17's Adam Savage interest and some of jacob's staple sources, and overall using a different blend of sources from Evolution of Dance to old children's cartoons, to Super Smash Bros footage and commercials. jacobketron's round 2 continued in the tone of the match, albeit in a calmer, easygoing tone, adding some of his favourite sources and making more space for valk to work with, and that he did on round 3, emphasizing especially the gaming theme of the sources, and packing it in between two GAME! announcements from Super Smash Bros Brawl. Jacob's finishing round bear a resemblance to some of Neoprene Junebug's rounds, finishing off with a musical segment of his own brand, with some extensive use of lumakeying and trailing. The match was appreciated by many, and in the aftermath, the last round led to a conversation of sources between jacob and MycroProcessor on the thread, around the use of Laputa : Castle in the Sky in the former's last round.

Division F would see TheChutley and valkiriforce score full wins and secure their spots at first with 8 points and second with 7 points respectively. While INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE would pseudo tie with cyclejunkie and gain 2 points, putting him in 3rd with 6. JacobketronCT, Sid and Cyclejunkie remained respectively in 4th, 5th and last place.

Sid vs. TheChutley


valkiriforce vs. JacobketronCT

Week 4[edit]

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Gameweek 4 results

The matches drawn for Set 4 began on April 4th and consisted of:

Division A:

CorruptionSound vs. Razerek / Gabrielpika (who wanted to replace Razerek but was too late to post his round)

InLivingTuna (who exceptionally replaced Fiv95) vs. Ninero

MycroProcessor vs. Dew

Division B:

Doom vs. laromande

Sploltoen vs. ITzNQQB (who replaced Hornet)

thewoof vs. Another Brick in The Wall

Divison C:

Pop (who replaced JammeKamme) vs. ZACHTOMCAT / Fiv95 (who exceptionally replaced ZACHTOMCAT during the match)

ravinrabbid123 vs. LaVie CestLol

HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. Peskeh

Division D:

NataliaHTTPS vs. TheFXexpert

MrDjThompson vs. PCB


Division E:

TehShadzify vs. Soucisse Verte

Metroid998 vs. Theadventuretimefan

Treckasec / Fujoshi (who replaced Treckasec during the match) vs. Ekrem3012

Division F:

cyclejunkie vs. Sid

JacobketronCT vs. TheChutley


Division A[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|A6QQFhQ-Mk4|320}}MycroProcessor vs. dew, Round 1

MycroProcessor vs. dew saw the latter player securing a longtime goal of playing against a player she had taken a considerable amount of influence from and additionally saw the match as an opprotunity to break away from the more experimental nature of her other matches during this tournement and opt to edit more traditionally, as this was likely to be a case where her abilities would be greatly tested. MycroProcessor started the match off with a serve unusual even by his other output around this time, largely compromised of a "Let's Play" of the Alan Parsons "On Air" Interactive CD-ROM featuring his vocal commentary run through excessive feedback(with the exception of "ALAN PARSONS EYEBROWS", an injoke shared in between the two players who shared a common interest in Alan Parsons, with both of them listening to The Sicilean Defence for the first time together neither having ever heard the album before), with the only real edits of the video appearing towards the end with a single WAX shape and "Pyramid" by The Alan Parsons Project appearing slowed down. He summarized his own opinion towards the video with "happy birthday dew here is round 1 with you for the tournament (this is the worst video I have ever made enjoy)".

dew took full advantage of this opportunity and her Round 2 was the most technically edited video she had created in some time, creating several different and extensive leadoffs from images present within the previous round, including using the listed albums from the in-game quiz to construct a visual accompanied by a song from each album, with the exception of Last Train to Hicksville....the home of the happy feet by Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks("I DON'T HAVE THIS ALBUM LOL"). As was traditional by dew around this time the round featured the addition of several songs, most of them by The Alan Parsons Project including the songs "Vulture Culture", "Children of the Moon", "Upper Me", "Urbania", "Days are Numbers" and "The Naked Vulture" from Vulture Cultures reissue bonus content. Other songs added in were "Angels at my Gate" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band(the genesis of the idea for the "58-56-54" sequences), "Panoramania" by Soft Machine, a single note of "I Love You Too Much" by Stevie Wonder and "Abbadon's Bolero" by Emerson Lake and Palmer, with Shadow The Hedgehog PS2 appearing throughout via live edited footage as a prominent added source. Two pictures of Alan Parsons were added throughout the round also, with one of him from an alternate cover for Tales of Mystery and Imagination and the other a newer photo of him with the eye from the cover of Eye in the Sky being duplicated over each of his eyes at the end.

Mycro's Round 3 was yet another video titled "5", not touching the previous round for its first 50 seconds using a music video for The Alan Parson Project's "Pipeline" and a few oblique images. Two instances of edited previous round would subsequently appear as the background of the video edited with databending effects and basic transitions while a smaller window on top edited the previous round with a frame scrambling technique, at one point stopping to show a screen capture of a google search of "alan parsons eyebrows" which featured Mycro's avatar as the second result(a bondage photo of Jolteon can also be seen in the back). The audio at this point was a chaotic combination of several different songs being played at once through live recording with the previous round also being edited and watched live underneath the reappearance of the Genesis powerpoint that Mycro had used in The Multi-Way Tournament, later featuring the reappearance of a Jolteon being turned to stone from his own Three-Way Tournament and ending with a musical segment using a picture of Silver the Hedgehog(as Mycro and dew respectively identified with Jolteon and Flareon, they also did so with Shadow and Silver) and "EYEBROWS" loudly appearing over brief visual bits inserted in between. The "5" in the 58-56-54 segment was also closely focused on in connecting with the video's title. Squirrelous, who had not been seen in years, appeared making a blank comment on this video.

dew titled her Round 4 "5/4" as she had done when volleying a Chain round of Gamebop's titled "5" and once again went all-out in her volley, scaling back considerably on her additions adding in only a bit of a Megaman 7 Let's Play by a friend of hers and a Flareon video by RhombusDice, both of these being used to directly reference MycroProcessor's Round 1 with ChrisGendo and JakeSteel in the Three-Way Tournament. The "5" bits from the previous round were also used to directly reference his Round 5 with ChrisGendo and Moogle of the same tournament, essentially referencing both the first and last rounds he created for it. The first part composed for the video was the backing music, a mixed-meter techno-funk composition made in FL studio and treated with live recorded varispeeding that was for a little while the only piece of the video that was made, as dew became briefly sick and requested a one-day extension to finish, marking one of very few times dew asked for extra time in a tournament. Much of the video was built around extensive usage of the Stone Jolteon, introducing it about a minute in and keeping it there for the remaining two minutes with edits built around, over and under it. Several audio and visual effects were created using several exterior plugins and software that dew hadn't touched in a considerable amount of time and a few new visual tricks were tried in this round, with the joke text at the end of "the actual length minute 5" referencing the Stone Jolteon footage was actually 13 seconds that endlessly repeated itself, in connection to the round from which it originated. The video's tail end features "EYEBROWS" fading back in right as the music fades out, and dew expressed thanks for the opportunity to be able to play Mycro for the 4th Gameweek(noting that this was also the 4th round, of the 4th match of the 4th league uploaded in the 4th month of the year). Every round except for Round 2 reached the maximum time limit.

CorruptionSound mentioned at the beginning of CorruptionSound vs. Razerek that he had been working on the serve for this match and his forthcoming match for quite some time, and as such the video was incredibly elaborate and well recieved by other players and spectators. Introduced and concluded as the video's title, "Goethe's Mighty Morphin Theory of Colors", the main chunk of the video edited exclusively using bare solid colors, creating intense visual displays created through various keyframing and databending techniques and utilzing many bits of backing audio listed as "Samples from two shovelware CDs: "10,000 Sounds and Songs" Volume 0 of the Digital Data Archives (1993) and 999+ .WAV Files for Windows (1993) along with the songs Patareni - Dio Mase (from split w/ Buka) and Mantovani - Piccolo Bolero. The video ended with "This was...Goethe's Mighty Morphin Theory of Colors; This Motion Color was Brought to You by: Hot red motherfucker, Sir Charms on Steroids, Blue Power Ranger Group Man, Yellow Bastard, Andrew Grey, bubble gum roxette, Dreckshure von der Telekom, Orange Revolution, White trash and of course, Batman(he's back, man!)" using Batman & Robin and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce, Power Rangers SPD and Power Rangers Super Samurai to createtis segment. The beginning of the video used Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids along with a german stop-motion film titled Klub odlozenych( or Club of the discarded).

Round 2 attempted to largely follow up on the visual side of the round, and while doing a fairly competent job of doing so was criticised by its maker, Razerek, who originally deleted his round then begrudgingly reuploading it, apologizing for making a "bad" round. The named characters from the serve were changed here to "Siracha Man", "Blueberry...Man", "Banana Boy", "The Gay One", "Who's This Bitch?" and "super man". CorruptionSound's Round 3 followed this up by changing the names of the characters to "RANGER IN GREY"(featuring desaturation of the Power Rangers source),"[WEBDINGS TEXT]", "PUNICA"(a brand of fruit juice),"The Man with a Plan", "[sped up gif of 'some bears(???)' as he described it]" and further editing in a very corrupted databendy style, adding additionally "ARD Programmansage Jakob Poiesz", Mensch Markus(featuring the "Er Und Sie" from his Tennis Cup IV match with MycroProcessor), The Last Trick (Poslední trik pana Schwarcewalldea a pana Edgara),Round 1 by ravinrabbid123 vs. LaVie CestLol and Stefan Raab - Wadde hadde dudde da (Eurovision Songcontest 2000) into his mix. Razerek ended up dropping out around this time citing a loss of motivation and interest, which was looked upon somewhat unfavorably due to the large amount of other dropouts that were occurring around this time, and gabrielpika stepped in as a replacement player but went over their turnover time in responding, essentially marking the match as failed.

{{#ev:youtube|L9oszI-LfwQ|320}}InLivingTuna vs. Ninero, Round 1

InLivingTuna, who had been banned just a week prior, now returned as a replacement for fiv95 in the tournament uploading a serve that used PBG and the Nostalgia Critic, attempting to shoot for a visually innovative and humorous round but falling below their personal expectations, resulting in a still interesting response but perhaps not what the creator was hoping for. Round 2 was naturally another very high-energy technical video that went miles beyond the predictions of what could be done with the round, adding in several images and songs and featuring incredibly innovative usage of 3D effects, ending with a series of texts saying "We Have a Situation". InLivingTuna's reaction was the rather concerning "I'm Going to kill myself" and virtually nothing more, and their Round 3 was similarly ambitious but similarly falling flat in terms of its intended presentation, adding in a lot of added sources but not continuing the ideas of the previous round in effective ways. Ninero's Round 4 was delivered several days late and was a lot different than the round before it due to Ninero struggling with ideas and turning out something that he didn't consider as good, though in essence the video succeeded as an experimental round tremendously, allowing another side of his style to appear in a very interesting way and still coming off as a strong response. Notable in the video is its greatly toned down pace and pseudo lo-fi approach to some segments, as well as ending the video on the last three notes of Also Sprach Zarathrustra with a zoomed in photo of Nostalgia Critics face, but not before featuring "ABSOLUTELY SHITE" in bright 3D lettering and a "Here is My Mr. Clean Joke" segment.

Even with his lateness and detraction of energy, Ninero secured his definite win of his division with a fourth consecutive 3 point win scoring 6.88 against 6.08, keeping him at first with 12 and 4 points ahead of dew, who was still in second now with 8 points after winning via pseudo tie against MycroProcessor, with a close 7.08 vs. 6.81. CorruptionSound would also automatically win his match allowing CorruptionSound to rise to 3rd place with 6 points. MycroProcessor was tied for 4th with the spot now left empty by gabrielpika's disqualification, while InLivingTuna was in last with just 2 points.

MycroProcessor vs. dew

CorruptionSound vs. Razerek

InLivingTuna vs. Ninero

Division B[edit]

The first notable aspect of Doom vs. laromande is that the 4 videos share the same title, They used to make good videos..., though the match isn't just that trope. Doom's serve was a very loud YTPMV using an "unusual approach" in his own words, finishing off with a sentence-mixed Gwonam saying "this is shit for the birds!". laromande's next round was also making place for a YTPMV, though much more conventional in sound, with fractal-esque visuals she's known for, as well as a play with the video's format. Doom's round 3 was one of his most distorted yet, with a copious amount of volume raising into the mix, but laro's final round would have a nice final twist, using a drawing of Joethebluedragon that was introduced in round 3 to get into a house (het oude huisje, the old cottage in Dutch, referencing Doom's Dutch nationality) to "letta music play" in the form of a very cleverly put YTPMV that sadly bugs out and fades into an abstract shape that announce the Fine of the match.

{{#ev:youtube|izIrBtiEHyU|320}}Splolteon vs. iTzNQQB, Round 1

With hornet disappearing, Sploltoen would face Polish YTP Tennisser iTzNQQB, kicking off the match with one of the most clever serves of the Tournament. Sploltoen vs. iTzNQQB would begin with a poop-assisted speedrun which consists of excepts from videogame speedrun put through the grinder of Sploltoen's antics, though the virtuosity would come more from the structure of the round than the serve itself, which was praised notably by AshcrementVII, Sid or LaVie CestLol. iTzNQQB's round 2 would not be low-key in comparaison, but would suffer from rendering issues that the author could not fix before the deadline. It would however respond effctively to Sploltoen's antics, the latter then going into the abstract in a chirurgical precision, making for some high-end editing. iTzNQQB, still struggling with rendering, would finish off as expected in a big rundown of animations that were saluted by the community.

thewoof vs. Another Brick in the Wall, a very two-sided match, would begin with what's now to expect from thewoof, a serve filled with humor in a minimalistic-yet-effective way, using Goof Troop and an AIDS PSA extensively. However, ABITW's response would be far from humor-oriented, making the whole video almost entirely black and white with a disturbing soundtrack as he decomposed the previous round with his trademark animations. thewoof would distance himself similarly on the other side of the spectrum, adding a Disney commercial edited in a silly manner while using the previous round more in the background of the actual action. ABITW's last round would be almost silent, using databendings to make the previous round appear in sparse bursts, similar to analog editing techniques.

Division B saw Sploltoen also win a fourth consecutive 3 points keeping him at first with 12 but with laromande hot on his tail with now 9 points after another 3 point win, making the winner of this division still a toss up possibity. Another Brick in The Wall fell to third gaining one less point, putting him now at 8. thewoof gained a single point which brought him up to fourth with 4, dropping Doom to fifth with 3 and keeping iTzNQQB in last with 1.

thewoof vs. Another Brick in the Wall

Splolteon vs. iTzNQQB

DoomZappo vs. laromande

Division C[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|y_mMDrMN61Q|320}}ravinrabbid123 vs. LaVieCestLol, Round 3

When ravinrabbid123 and LaVie CestLol saw they were going to face each other, there was a hidden rule to use the titles "LAVIE :)", "RAVIN :)", "CESTLOL :)" and "RABBID123 :)" for their rounds. When the time came, ravinrabbid123 vs. LaVie CestLol was followed actively, being regarded in retrospect by many as one of the best matches the league offered, and one that proved that YTP Tennis could far well work with more joke-centered techniques. Ravin's serve already gave it an epic-yet-silly tone with various jokes involving footage of LaVie playing the drums, Dragon Ball Z, use of a french film starring famous actor Bourvil, an english game show called Pointless, and footage of Ravin editing the video whilst having her phone ringing. LaVie would construct and continue the jokes, making a YTPMV out of Ravin's ringtone (using Goldenrod City Theme as a BGM), putting up a cameo by Dew (by putting a lily flower on a Flareon Ravin used as a visual gag, Dew's music making an appearance as well) and making Ravin herself a Super Sayan. The ante was up as Ravin would then create a back-and-forth set of jokes and stories involving LaVie fighting a Pokemon character, as well as Ravin unwillingly shooting off Dew's lily flower, leading the flareon to eat Ravin, grow the size of a planet and threaten to destroy the world. LaVie's final round would settle the fate of the story, as Dew would proceed in crushing every joke element that was worked into the match by the two contestants, only to have the day saved by LaVie teaming up with Ravin and shooting her own tennis videos at Dew to calm her down and save the world. Only to have it destroyed "lewdly" by TheChutley (as a Glaceon). The match was widely acclaimed, notably on the thread by Metroid998, Sid, AshcrementVII and TehShadzify, and is one of the best and most fun memories the two contestants have regarding tennis or even Youtube Poop in general.

With pop, belgian YTPer and a friend of laromande, taking over JammeKamme's spot, the match of pop vs. ZACHTOMCAT/fiv95 would be the start of some more unusual matches, with pop serving with a very sloppily edited round, mixing YTP tropes with actually well crafted effects, as well as a text segment saying this is shit / wasting my time (with a part of the word missing) wasting yours / lo-fi ytp. That would be pop's trademark "clusterfuck" way of making YTPs that will be noticed during the last weeks of the Tournament. ZACHTOMCAT's volley would be more conventional, using the elements to create more abstract and colorful shapes. pop's third round would only use the previous round for 30 seconds before becoming a video only featuring a slowed down music, that of Bun B, before being overlapped by a Neutral Milk Hotel song, with only Bun B's cover art on the video. ZACHTOMCAT, with many penalties due to lateness, would be then replaced by fiv95 (who dropped out of Division A) exceptionally, who would finish the match in a very destructive way, with the cover art being put on a 3D wavey object that he animated.

HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. Peskeh would begin with a surprisingly heavily edited video from the former, using CD-I amongst other sources, using sentence-mixing more prominently as well, while still having the stream-of-consciousness structure, along with more involvement from the mysterious tennisser himself, making references to Peskeh's Australian Nationality and evoking his lack of ideas but will to win that would be more pieces to the puzzle of understanding where this player comes from. Peskeh's response would feature a gread deal of glitch art, adding more Australian Sources and also responding to HMFM's 4th-wall breaking message with even more 4th-wall breaking, complete with an involvement of his penguin avatar and Absols. Clocking at another 3:00 mark (and HMFM will then never do less), HMFM's round 3 would be extremely colorful (almost Herpywhooves-like) in the beginning before continuing in a more low-key way, using part of his own serve and especially guro fanart of absol, as well as a 3D animation of an Absol farting on a Lucario. Peskeh's finishing round would revolve on many interesting ideas, the first of which being subtitling the whole round in english (with a Japanese segment). Amongst many YTPMV and visual moments, the stand out was a Sentence Mix of an MF DOOM song, making it a serenade for an Eevee.

Division C would see LaVieCestLol's full winning streak broken by winning a Pseudo tie against ravinrabbid gaining him one less point, while Peskeh won his match fully and tied both players for first at 11 points, with ravinrabbid trailing behind with 8 points. pop fantasticly won the first match for his player slot and tied himself with Fiv95 without making any effort (very poorly edited rounds) and won thanks to the late penalties partially caused why pop's opponent remplacement during the match, now playing in this division, at third with both 3 points while HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine remained without a single point.

ravinrabbid123 vs. LaVieCestLol

HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine vs. Peskeh

pop vs. ZACHTOMCAT/fiv95

Division D[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|gKpCq1F_HuY|320}}NataliaHTTPS vs. theFXexpert, Round 1

The main source choice NataliaHTTPS went with to begin the match of NataliaHTTPS vs. theFXexpert would be unusual to say the least, as it would be a Polish dub of Ed, Edd + Eddy. The editing would be very minimal, while still taking advantage of a few glitch effects and stutters. FX's round 2 would continue to use the certain elements recognizable and added sources like the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or Spongebob Squarepants to use as an added comical bonus, the most prevalent of all being the use of Hammers. Natalia's round 3 would be short in time, and would only reuse the previous round without adding any sources except for a music segment in the end, which, in the opposite, fx's final round would be 2 minutes long and go through different, slowly paced segments, adding some sources in the process, and making the round a trippy black-and-white, stream-of-consciousness video, finishing off with one of his usual segments, coming soon on sesame street, a segment Stegblob used to put in their videos as well

Another minimalistic match would be MrDJThompson vs. ProfessorCheeseBall, the serve being a YTP of Tacos (Tune to Narwhal), a video where a young boy would sing a song dedicated to tacos. The poop in itself would be reliant on stutters, random cuts and the explosion segment MrDJThompson is used to put in his videos, making it sort of low-key. PCB's volley would smash that low-key-ness in half, upping the ante with more quickly paced and vivid use of effects, adding Aaron Fink's Taco Bell Dorito Taco Shell Review in the process, with a "sexy" taco segment accompanied by music from Lovage and an image of a "Sexy Taco" (from the Google Search PCB made). MrDJThompson's response would expand on the stutters but especially the explosion that was led by the biting of the Doritos Taco Shell, now a Nuclear Explosion that led "everyone [to] die", what MrDJThompson said using the Ugly Barnacle segment from Spongebob, concluding with a text saying PCB would then draw "some burrito hentai". PCB's last round would go even further, finishing off with a YTPMV segment (amorced on round 3) which is taken over by the explosions, with a finishing text explaining the demise of his opponent in their research for Mexican-food-oriented Porn.

NITROCONCRETE1 vs. Gamebop would not be finished, as NITRO would abandon the match after round 2, but the two rounds showed promise, as NITRO's serve was his most adventurous yet, with rhythmically synchronized animations of videos, amongst them FIlthy Frank and Gamebop's Youchew Avatar, and Gamebop's round 2 to be impressively edited as well, creating a whole new depth into the animations of the serve, and using the humor to his advantage.

Division D saw GameBop narrowly taking the lead with a 3 point win putting him at 10 points while both PCB and theFXexpert trailed close behind him with both at 9 points, theFXexpert having gained a full 3 and PCB gaining 2 in a pseudo tie against MrDjThompson. NataliaHTTPS and MrDjThompson were now tied for third with 3 points while NITROCONCRETE1 remained in last with still just 2 points.

NataliaHTTPS vs. theFXexpert


MrDjThompson vs. PCB

Division E[edit]

TehShadzify vs. Soucisse Verte would be looked forward to as a colorful fest, and even though Shad's serve woule be sort of dismissed by his author, saying that he's "horrible at serving", the different game excerpts and musical interludes would lead Soucisse in familiar territory, giving in a beautiful show on round 2, in a destructive yet esthetic manner, synchronizing different elements of the round with breakcore music from the French artist Igorrr. The beginning of round 3 would poke fun at the destructiveness of the round, and would then be the occasion for Shadzify to be "practicing with more YTPMV's". Soucisse's last round would be, as usual, filled with energy, although his last statement would be that round 4 sux, admitting he had an inspiration block

Metroid998 vs. theadventuretimefan would, for the former, be that point in [his] Tennis Career when [he tries] to make jokes. His serve would be a short yet funny Jontron YTP, using stutters and repetitions, as well as simple visual gags. taf's round 2 would be thrice as long as the serve, especially crafting a running gag out of a distorted soundclip from South Park's Le Petit Tourette, as well as more Jontron shenanigans, while having a song playing in the background during the whole round, looping silently the "OH MY GOOOOOD" Jontron skit for 40 seconds or so during the end. Metroid's round 3 would be more visual in aspect, using taf's round and different jokes in a visual montage, to which taf would respond with some more hard-hitting editing skits, finishing with repeating endlessly the South Park soundclip from earlier.

Treckasec vs. Ekrem3012 would be focused on visuals primarly, with Treck's serve being a music-driven colorful blend of sources, with a lean on glitch art and databending especially. Ekrem would then continue in a more sparse and scrambled way to use this round, finishing it with a djninjalovemistakesque remix of the song used by Treckasec, using as a rhythmic source a vinyl record playing breakbeats. At this point, Trecksac would stop responding (and later removing his videos), and would be replaced by french newcomer Fujoshi, who would change the match tone by adding a kid's singing cover of the Frozen song Let it Go, and remixing in a more direct way Ekrem's remix of the previous round. Therefore, Ekrem's last round would use that change of pace, adding ABBA's SOS and making the kid seem like he said "I came in my eyes!", globally using very short excerpts of the round and reverberating them both visually and sonically.

In the end, Soucisse Verte had his full winning streak broken in a pseudo tie win against TehShadzify while Fujoshi scored a third consecutive win for his player slot, putting him at 9 and in second place, close behind Soucisse Verte, still in the lead with 11 points, who could by this point be possibly overtaken. TehShadzify fell to 3rd with 7 points, while Metroid998 finally won again in a pseudo tie vs. theadventuretimefan and rose to fourth with 5 points. theadventuretimefan sat in 5th with 4 while Ekrem3012 remained without a single point.

Treckasec vs. Ekrem3012

Metroid998 vs. theadventuretimefan

TehShadzify vs. Soucisse Verte

Division F[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|H_ORr7xE0tg|320}}cyclejunkie vs. Sid, Round 1

After two matches making the statement of his style change, Sid would meet a more effect-heavy contestant in the form of cyclejunkie, whom he already had the chance to face in a 3-way panic tennis match with Gamebop. cyclejunkie vs. Sid would begin with a very slow-moving animation, blending abstract, software-generated shapes with actual footage, with a very driving distorted soundtrack transforming itslef into a harsh noise track. Sid's response would be a fractal, beautifully done animation using various elements from round 1, making it more colorful and fast-paced. Meanwhile, cyclejunkie's response would be far less quick in its pace, reusing different elements from Sid's round as background and adding a black and white PSA as a source, in a very distorted manner, as well as a video and a picture of a cat. Sid's final round would begin by breaking the fourth wall before chromakeying the round to a Final Fantasy speedrun, also using Skype smileys and MLG tropes, sort of calling back to his previous match with TheChutley, and reusing different elements of the speedrun and the previous round to create glitchy, layered animations.

{{#ev:youtube|L15NT4mr2T8|320}}JacobketronCT vs. TheChutley, Round 2

In "a rematch no one waited for", jacobketronCT vs. TheChutley was promised to be more low-key than its predecessor due to TheChutley's blatant style change. Jacob's serve would rely on various sources, especially Ninja Turtles, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and various cartoons. TheChutley's round would especially contain the video of John Cleese nodding his head in disapproval, tuned to crescending music, as well as a montage of random images set to Hotel Mario music. Another joke that would be kept on during the match would be John Oliver dancing while saying "Thank you for being a [thing]". All of these peculiar jokes would be reused to a great extent by jacob in round 3. TheChutley's sillyness will then finish things off in round 4, though later on, TheChutley would admit he wasn't really happy with his own rounds, and so was jacobketronCT, although this match still has its silliness going for it, Dew saying on the comments of round 2 "why is this match still the funniest shit".

Notoriously known for their masterful ways of fast-paced editing, valkiriforce vs. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE was a match that was sure to be frantic, and valkiriforce's serve, being a sort of sequel to his solo poop REVERSING IN REVERSE, would lead to much insanity using one of his sources of choice : Goofy Cartoons. IDR's response would be a awesome clusterfuck of sources, while having the wonderful trait of keeping the humor to the forefront of the video in a madly distorted manner, with which valkiriforce had a lot to play with on round 3. At this point the intensity was just all over the place, and valk's volley was just as intense as IDR's, while still relying on more basic effects but with as much power and excitement as the more elaborate ones IDR pulled off, finishing with a very small vanilla except of a commercial that IDR, in a fantastically abstract finisher ("awesome" in the words of valkiriforce himself), would reuse in a spinning cylinder more prominently, inside a neurasthenic montage of glitchy excerpts from the previous round, complete with 60fps stroboscopes, 3D distorted elements and just all around madness without limits, making this match one of the most intense the Tourney had to offer, leading valkiriforce to even continue the match off-tournament with an unofficial round 5, just because he "had to".

Division F saw TheChutley score a full win keeping him in first with 11 while valkiriforce scored a pseudo win putting him at 9 and still in second, representing more close competition. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE remained in third with 7 after gaining his one point from valkiriforce and Sid rose to 4th with 4 after pseudo winning over cyclejunkie. JacobketronCT gained no points but remained out of last place by one point.

JacobketronCT vs. TheChutley


cyclejunkie vs. Sid

Week 5[edit]

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Gameweek 5 results

The matches drawn for Set 5 began on May 14th and consisted of:

Division A:

CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor

Ninero vs. Dew

Division B:

Doom vs. thewoof

ITzNQQB vs. Another Brick in The Wall

laromande vs. Sploltoen

Divison C:

Pop vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine

LaVie CestLol vs. Peskeh

Fiv95 vs. ravinrabbid123

Division D:

PCB vs. GameBop

TheFXexpert vs. MrDjThompson

Division E:

TehShadzify vs. Fujoshi

Theadventuretimefan vs. Ekrem3012

Soucisse Verte vs. Metroid998

Division F:

cyclejunkie vs. Valkiriforce


Sid vs. JacobketronCT


NataliaHTTPS vs. InLivingTuna

(This match is due to the endless lack of replacements, since 2 players were needed again. Instead of waiting for replacements, the "League Staff" preferred to move on. This cross-division match idea has been approved after some discussions.)

Division A[edit]

Only one of three matches of this gameweek fully completed in Division A. Ninero vs. Dew would be left at three rounds with Dew departing from the tournament staff, the tournament itself, and the site for a time due to personal issues that were self-confessed in her Round 2, featuring several lines of disturbing, scathing text directed at herself that she described as "the voices that have been in [her] head for the last few years", leading to a crumbling of pressure in addition to conflicts occurring on skype around the same time. TheChutley priased the beginning of this video, which did in fact begin life as a more humorous video, as the greatest intro to any YTP he had ever seen, which was practically nothing more than a Demoman gif positioned in the frame at an odd angle for 42 silent seconds, before audio abruptly blasting in afterward. Greatly unsettled by the startlingly negative content of Round 2 which was also over 18 minutes long, Ninero would make a response round in the form of "message", editing the previous round in the background with a variety of images and proceeding to act as a letter of encouragement to dew, with written text specifically directed to her throughout.

Following the uploading of this round and leaving behind the tournament, dew took a 2 and a half month hiatus from the forum as during this time she encountered several hardships, including escaping abuse and narrowly evading homelessness before returning to the forum again in July. By this time the final match of the League had started, and throughout this time dew was minimally active in tennis, spending much of her time uploading solo videos in complete solitude from everyone else, a practice which she took to realizing she preferred. This continued throughout a period in which she did become homeless for a couple of months, having private conversations with Ninero and LaVieCestLol during this time in order to give her some kind of communication, discussions which greatly helped and supported to keep her grounded forum-wise. She mentioned around this time that she did intend to make a Round 4, originally with the goal of making it the new longest tennis round which was a title she once held for a very brief time. Due to the comparatively weak processing power of her laptop though she made the commitment to hold off on the rounds creation until being reunited with her older more powerful desktop computer again.

{{#ev:youtube|nVhrwy9-Qq8|320}}Ninero vs. dew, Round 4

On October 31st dew escaped homelessness and was soon reunited with her old computer, and after readjusting her setup began to finally work on Round 4, tentatively titled "response". It had been roughly 6 months since the match's beginning by this point. While no longer attempting to make the new longest tennis round, dew did successfully manage to include all of the main components that she had wanted to include in the video overall. The video's beginning featured elaborate visuals set to "The Power to Believe II" by King Crimson, considered to be some of dew's most intense visuals ever, introducing the onscreen text signifying the length of time that had passed since Round 3 and the amount that dew had been through in the interfering time.

The next three sections harked back to dew's earlier matches in the tournament, which were all distinctively different from each other mood wise and concept wise. The first was a direct connection to her serve to CorruptionSound; while the serve used "A New Machine - Part 1, this section now featured the second half, "A New Machine, Part 2", using the same keyframe edits and image to create the same effect. The section following it was an intense B&W monochrome strobed peice lasting several minutes with "The Wipe" and "Jargon King" by Peter Hammill acting as backing music, as a callback to dew's Round 3 with Razerek and also calling back to her Round 4 with MycroProcessor in using the same video peices she had used to make that round. The section following this was an eerie ambient section with sudden loud cuts to a veg replace of dew's Round 4 with fiv95, with the 3D frames replaced with Ninero's Round 3 and the music replaced with a song by dew herself called "Spinfeather". After which dew delivered her official "response" to Ninero's "message" against a blue visual background, while making the comment that this could end up being the last round of the League since theFXexpert at this time was no where to be seen. The response was seen as a confirmation of reformation in dew's character and outlook, now being much more positive and calm and friendly, even encouraging Ninero that he could very well end up winning the League due to the amazing output he had had. To date, this round is the last round of the League, and one of the few tournament matches to actually complete after having been failed in competition.

{{#ev:youtube|HpVqHzSSp3Q|320}}CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor, Round 1

Much like the rematch with dew two matches before, CorruptionSound now got another rematch in the form of CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor, a precise duplicate of the match with the same order in the Tennis Cup IV minus two rounds, and coincidentally in another tournament that was a 4th installment of its original. Here the second long-labored serve would be deployed and be a large return to the faster and more complicated style that he used in 2011, which won a lot of praise from viewers. Source wise it reused a lot of the same material as the previous serve but also added in what TheChutley called "a fucking primordial soup of sources" on top of it, using in total for the serve:

-"media generator bullshits, Action 52 games via AVGN, vhs tape excerpts, Ritter 1/2 w/ Arkunos, ATV Ident 1969 - 1981, TV total, Central Ident (1982), Channel 4 Ident (1982), Er & Sie (Mensch Markus), DOSBox, Crazy keyboard guy (he's from Singapor in case you didn't know), Hotte & Lusches veg recycle stuff, rip of a documentation that's completely corrupted, der ökonomischte presslufthammer der welt, Tex Avery Show, Genesis - Land Of Confusion, Ric Flair and his famous GOTOBED!!, Harald Schmidt show (SAT. 1), HOLZSCHLEIFMASCHINE GEBOGENE TEILE TYP LPC160, WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania, Kolibri (Sega 32x), Malcom in the Middle intro (spanish version), Mario Kart DS japanese commercial, Mario Lemieux Hockey (sega genesis), Sonc & Knuckles (sega genesis), Micro Machines 1 (sega genesis), Mutant Chronicles Doomtroopers (sega genesis), Old B/W BNT Ident, POLITICAL NECROSHEMALEBOB 'RANDOM POLITICAL ACTIVISM', Bubsy In Claws Encounters of the furred kind (sega genesis), vhs static, TF1 pub leader 1976 - 1980 and Löwenzahn" for video.

-"shitloads of audio files made by importing *.sfk files produced out of several projects, Nasum - And You Were Blind and Intro of Ohlo Seco - Nada on the Beating The Meat LP compilation" for audio.

-"Markus Maria Profitlich, AVGN - Doublevision Part 2 – Colecovision, Honey-Nut Cheerios commercial w/ Hulk Hogan (1984), Hulk Hogan's ultimate grill infomercial, Erkan & Stefan (movie?), Leerdamer commercial, James and Mike Mondays - Bomberman 2 (w/ Jontron), Gerhardt Schröder, dead Gaddafi, fat beer madness, molten cat, Löwenzahn - some episode, Daniel Radcliffe flamboyant boy, Peter Lustig hasst euch alle, ER & SIE (from Mensch Markus), SIE & ER (same show if you couldn't tell), Das Studiop oder so, Gaddafi propaganda w/ Gaddafi, Flamboyant boy, Paschke schmilzt, Another Paschulke- errr, I mean Gabe Newell, That guy from Toy Story 2 who tried to sell Buzz Lightyear, compressed yoshi from Super Mario World, Weird pic that contains Jihadism and Stefan Raab, That's it, Robert Terwilliger was behind the WTC incidence!!!!, Picture with a nun and other two grannys and WHY THE FUCK IS BERT'S HEAD PASTED ON THE WINDOW?!?!, panorama picture madness, content aware scale politician, Holger Kremeier, Pier Vogel, Reggie's body is so ready it's getting bigger like Tetsuo's body in Akira, Kanal Telemedial, Hornauer from Kanal Telemedial, Hornauer from Kanal Telemedial, again, Urknallhorni, Benjamin Blümchen, Benjamin Blümchen und OTTO, worse pic of ER & SIE, Mrekus aus der Dusche, le Markus Gesicht, Markus resembling Mr. Bean-, Markus bedrückt wien kleinkind, Menesch Merkur, Mrektum alter Mann, 8-Mund-Gesicht von dem großen Markus, Marktus, Brother Bear artwork, Ghostbusters Ending (NES), myself as an easter egg, but it looks really shitty (the person, I mean), Stuff I've made with paint & Libreoffice DRAW, & KNUCKLES, glitchty pic, myself from 2007, KNORR, Metroid 1 display, pics from my laptop that came with the system I guess, Hotte & Lusches, Chris Chan as Benjamin Franklin, Bears going apeshit, ERNACKEN, Der kleine Hogler, Grandia "A" (what's the font called that is used for the Grandia logo?!), Gandalf (not really), Thomas Gottschalk Lakritzenbrillenschlange, two nice tennis rackets, headbang.gif, tiles to feast your eyes on, erschreckter Markus, Harald Helmut Krause Schmidt, newer Knorr, my signature, Jolteon sprite, CD-man version 2.0 TAS as a gif (, Punica logo, Schröhard Gerder bekommt die Wurst, Thomas Holmes, YoutubeKacke logo, Beetejuice cartoon, Gregor Gysi and etc......................................" for images, specifying "not always going to state the source but rather what they are (CONTAINS OBSCURE INJOKE REFERENCES)".

Sid called it "one of my favorite kind of rounds" and LaVieCestLol called it "mind-fucking-bending", with the round also being praised by valkiriforce, HerpyWhooves, Peskeh, laromande and others.

After roughly 17 days of extensions during which time a player attempted to replace MycroProcessor, Round 2 was finally delivered. For the first 50 seconds it edited in a similar intensity to the serve and much in the same manner as his Round 2 from their previous match before switching to a much more ambient style, featuring text in an obscure wingding format and lots of footage with a dark blue color alteration, specifically that of added Power Drive 2000 gameplay footage during this section. After a minute and a half it switched back to a more lively style adding in MegaMan NT Warrior, Alida, a Sylveon Type Theory video and a live performance of Thinking Plague at an RIO festival with Bob Drake in a fursuit, among its other sources before switching back to another ambient bit at the ending, featuring the beginning title cards from the serve being edited in 3D motion in a similar dark blue coloring. The other sources added in the this round(noting that it wasn't as long as Round 1!) were:

- "MEDIA GENERATOR STUFF DOESNT COUNT, "ELEMENTS" Room Escape Game, Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time, Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, Shnabubula playing the piano and You Are Umasuo" for video.

- "3 (aka Emerson, Berry and Palmer) - Desde La Vida, Boing Boing and Roger - MA02.WAV, Ace Combat Zero - Hangar, Alida - mBedC.aif, Atelier Ayesha - 誘いの花 ~ 春, Einhander - Ruins, Elebits - Me and My Little War, Evergrace - Buying Goods at Palmria, Fighting Layer - Cappricio, Gordon Stout and Nick Merillat - 4 Episodes for Marimba and Tape, Gungriffon: The Eurasian Conflict Arranged OST - AFTER CONFLICT, Riven - Atrus's Theme, Senko No Ronde DUO - Plague Ghost, Shnabubula - Billy Mitchell's Stage, Shnabubula - V Starbound, Thinking Plague - Malthusian Dances and Yuzo Koshiro - 4operators" for audio.

- "(!?) A Picture of Aesaun playing some mallet percussion and (?!) A Picture of Cos Russo in Alida" for images.

Captain Stewpid made the humorous comment of "Mycro finally makes a video in 16:9!?" while TheChutley left the comment of "Whipped cream, often sweetened and aromatised, was popular in the 16th century,[9] with recipes in the writings of Cristoforo di Messisbugo (Ferrara, 1549),[10] Bartolomeo Scappi (Rome, 1570),[9] and Lancelot de Casteau (Liège, 1604).[11] It was called milk snow (neve di latte, neige de lait).[12] A 1545 English recipe, "A Dyschefull of Snow", includes whipped egg whites as well, and is flavored with rosewater and sugar.[13] In these recipes, and until the end of the 19th century, naturally separated cream is whipped, typically with willow or rush branches, and the resulting foam on the surface would from time to time be skimmed off and drained, a process taking an hour or more.[1] By the end of the 19th century, centrifuge-separated, high-fat cream made it much faster and easier to make whipped cream. The French name crème fouettée 'whipped cream' is attested in 1629,[14] and the English name "whipped cream" in 1673.[15] The name "snow cream" continued to be used in the 17th century.[16][17]"

CorruptionSound mentioned in the post for his Round 3 that part of the video included experimentations with media generated solid colors that he had been working on before there was an announcement of his match against Mycro, and featured the following list of added sources:

- "Mensch Markus - Er & Sie Segment, Blood splatter green screen, Crank: High Voltage, Der Gründer trailer, Fairy Ultra commercial (1993), Fernsehkritik.TV, ??? (What's the source of the boy yelling FIVE THIRDY?), Haribo Tropifrutti commercial, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, John Madden Football '93 (SNES), Kingdom Hearts, Mario Party 1 & 2, Tumbleweed footage, Wodka Gorbatschow commercial, Cfcf sign off 1985 and Quackshot Starring Donald Duck" for video.

-"audio samples from MrTennek's sound packs and Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar" for audio.

-simply "use your imagination" for images.

The round seemed to completely embody the ambient sections of Round 2 resulting in a response in which the volume of the audio was greatly subdued and a large portion of it was edited in a seemingly lo-fi fashion and certainly a lot less crazier than the serve. The visuals continued to their usual intensity featuring as CorruptionSound had noted a variety of interesting visual experiments using media generator colors as well as in one instance a segment that depicted he and MycroProcessor as giants fighting in an electrical plant, with Mycro using a powerline structure to strike a blow against CorruptionSound supposedly defeating him. The loudest bit of audio came towards the end with a suddenly loud bit of music appearing and suddenly being muted over the characteristic test patterns that often bookended Corruption's videos.

Round 4 did not list the sources added but it appeared to be that among the only source added was a livestream of Shnabubula (not MycroProcessor, apparently a lot of people thought it was him) playing various keyboard compositions for a selection of viewers(largely Pokemon themes) that was heavily corrupted and mixed into the edited previous round, which was a combination of both the lighter style of the serve and the ambience of Round 3, making use of many technical edits and a few 3D bits. Two signifigant peices of the video were largely the piano footage and previous round appearing in very brief frame cuts with short blank space put in between each at the beginning and about 2/3rd of the way through the Round, with another section taking a frozen frame of a green on black pattern from Round 3 and chroma-keying different peices of the previous round inside of it, while other sections focused again on a Jolteon close-up from the previous round adding in new background music and "GAMEWEEK 5", using a "5" that had been created in Round 2 managing to survive the rest of the match. A segment of green background visuals featured the onscreen text of "thank for you of this match corrupt song". This Round also meant that every single round of this match was the maximum time limit, making it the longest match of the Tennis League IV. LaVieCestLol commented positively on the song choice while TheChutley noted the segment focusing on the Jolteon with backing music as his favorite.

NataliaHTTPS vs. InLivingTuna would not go past the serve as InLivingTuna said he was unable to do a Tournament Match because of IRL issues, making NataliaHTTPS the default winner. Therefore, Division A would only have one match to vote, with CorruptionSound winning over Mycroprocessor and getting the division's second place in the last stretch with 9 points, with dew staying at 8 and Mycroprocessor staying at 4. The two remaining players, gabrielpika and InLivingTuna, closed the match with respectively 4 and 2 points. Ninero already clinched the division, and his de facto win would secure his perfect score of 15 points.

Ninero vs. dew

CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor

NataliaHTTPS vs. InLivingTuna

Division B[edit]

The serve Doom made for Doom vs. thewoof would be a very musical use of CD-I sources, with a kick for visual randomness and sonic synchronization, while still making room for the loud noises that remained Doom's favourite tricks. However, this match would be one of the longest to unfold itself, as round 2 would come two weeks after the serve. thewoof's response, also very musical (whereas more on the hip-hop edge, with an extensive use of Snoop Dogg), would rely on visual gags, with Cosmo (Doom's avatar and favourite character) having the woof written in her eyes like one of the girls of the Music Video he uses, and having a running gag around a skit of the Daria cartoon. Doom's final round of the league would feature a YTPMV continuing thewoof's Snoop Dogg centered ideas, but made room to add more CD-I absurd sentence mixing. Finally, thewoof's final round, the last to be released in the Divisions Segment of the Tournament, would be more of an artculation of the previous jokes around a video performance from Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London, in a short yet witty finish to this match.

{{#ev:youtube|Nh-B-LN3QR4|320}}laromande vs. Splolteon, Round 3

When stepping up for a replacement for Division B, laromande admitted what she hoped for was to face Sploltoen, something she really was hoping to happen someday, which is why, when the time came to begin laromande vs. Sploltoen, the swiss brain-rape-ytp-glitch-art "goddess" (cf her website) would give in her A-game, with a heavy-yet-subtly-crafted cyberpunk trip with glitches, colors and 3D objects (especially a 4 dimension cube), also paying homage to her opponent by using his avatar and also football footage and soundclips, making it a very complex, yet eye-catching video that Sploltoen would have to resolve in order to respond to it effectively. And that he did on round 2, adding more football footage (as well as laromande's own avatar) and more complex editing into the mix, with copious amounts of datamoshing that make the round roll more seamlessly from one segment to another, finishing off with a Chelsea Goal, with the Football player spitting Umbreon's out in a cutoff prevention title screen. laromande's round 3 would be nothing short of a splendor of complexity, with VHS segments, English Football Club Logos, psychedelic tunnels, trailing effects, even augmented reality in the form of a sheet of paper (in which the next part of the round was keyed) she put on the ground and filmed saying "By the name of Ideas, what's happening?" (A callback to her match with Hornet/mYzterbattyX, who featured iamoutofideas1 as a prophet figure) like she was lost in her own video, as well as 3D Chelsea Logos floating in her own room. In the conclusion of clearly the most complexly edited match of the whole tournament, Sploltoen would give his all. A nice touch would be his usage of Swiss Football Club logos (especially from Basel and Zürich), as well as more 4-th wall destruction with the VHS segment and himself starting his computer and datamoshing his hand pressing on the button over and over again as a conclusion (and a final cutoff prevention). The match was praised for its take on the heavy-effect genre, especially by Sid and theraz0redge, with laromande posting a picture of Chelsea winning the English cup, with the word VICTORY below it.

iTzNQQB vs. Another Brick in the Wall would revolve on a nice thematic : TV Broadcasting, as the title of the former's serve would suggest : Oh look, NBC is broadcasting a Tennis Match!. However, iTzNQQB would meet rendering problems that would bring his serve to lag, though he would be helped by fiv95 as to resolve that issue for later on. ABITW's second round would be of a slower pace, as you would come to expect from him, though would continue on the train of thought the serve went with, in a very clever manner. Round 3 would be the occasion for iTzNQQB to show all the skill he now had since he began tenissing, with some really thought out animations and really creative ways of using the previous round, now blessed to not have these render and lag issues again, which would be quite helpful. The last broadcast from ABITW would close the match in his typical fashion, in an almost entirely silent finisher, having sound only in the last part, with some colorful and a final smearing effect due to datamoshing.

Division B had a surprising turn of events with laromande, winning her Week 2 match with ABITW, would win in a stretch against Sploltoen (with a remarkably high score and a 0.14 difference), putting her in first place at 14 points, whereas Sploltoen would only be one point behind. ABITW would easily win his third place against iTzNQQB, getting 8 points, while Doom would win against thewoof, putting himself at 6 points. thewoof would stay at 4 points and iTzNQQB would close the ranking with a single point.

DoomZappo vs. thewoof

iTzNQQB vs. Another Brick in the Wall

laromande vs. Splolteon

Division C[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|ia9JtX1LppY|320}}LaVieCestLol vs. Peskeh, Round 4

There was quite an amount of hype to see who would be the victor of Division C, as the two contestants Peskeh and LaVie CestLol were tied at 11 points before the fifth gameweek. LaVie CestLol vs. Peskeh would be the finals of the Division C, and another match fondly remembered by the Community, as both brought their A game to the table. LaVie's serve was a retrospect and homage to many rounds from the league (as well as some from the current Gameweek) and people from the community, edited in what felt like an homage to ChrisGendo's videos, and had the particular fact to be posted on May the 18th, which is both Peskeh's and LaVie's birthday. Peskeh would seize the occasion to make what is still considered by LaVie to be one of the (if not the) best responses he ever recieved in a match, creating flawlessly animated game sections, extensive use of French Touch music, a vocal cameo by ThatComputerPerson, and made LaVie's shoutout speech a hip-hop skit using Mr. Oizo's "Textes". LaVie would respond by actually rapping (in English, so not his main language) to a YTPMV of Death Grips' "5D", making even more shoutouts, then continuing Peskeh's madness, creating a "FIND THE JOLTOEN" game that consists in finding Jolteons in various tennis matches (Ninero's round 4 vs. Razerek, TheChutley's round 6 vs. SuperKoffee and MycroProcessor and "YOU'RE ARE JOLTOEN YOU ARE SHARP!", finishing off with a recap of all his rounds, accompanied by the final version of his "Tennis League Theme", a guitar riff he used in every match of the League he partake in. Peskeh's final round would be the occasion to show his YTPMV skills as well as visual cleverness, shooting the match into oblivion with very ambient-esque segments. He would then proclaim the anticipated winner of Division C to be John Cena in an ending VHS segment.

With fiv95 being now in Division C, the match-up of fiv95 vs. ravinrabbid123 would be interesting to see unfold, as ravin has already been proved to be a tennisser with her own take on the genre, and fiv to be at ease with humor while still being his effect-driven self. And the serve would be a very stutter-driven YTP of JonTron's Takeshi's Challenge video, using a various share of effects in a humoristic manner. Ravin's response would first be a small YTPMV on A-Ha's Take on me, as well as various visual gags involving the cartridge held by JonTron in the video. This gag would be continued by fiv extensively in his last round of both the match and the tourney, added with a continuation of the YTPMV ravin started, along with more visual fun, using the 60fps framerate to his full potential. Ravin's last round would close things off effectively, with another A-Ha YTPMV segment, a final visual gag involving Lisa Simpson, and a full-on Animated Gif Dance Party, set to The Prodigy's Spitfire.

{{#ev:youtube|-il1qQ5lSUM|320}}pop vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine, Round 3

Finally, the match-up of pop vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine is nothing short of unimaginable, the two having been recognized for their unusual, non-sensical, outsider styles. And it would not disappoint, with pop's serve being nothing but a still image of Filthy Frank's Pink Guy with a inflation effect, named RIP BB KING and being completely silent for the whole 43 seconds of the round. From then on, anything could go and anything went, with HMFM's round 2 featuring a complex 3D construction around the Image of Round 2, as well as more balloon popping videos and very abstract and unsettling elements. pop would then add Metal Gear Solid footage during the first part of his round before just putting a sped-up version of the previous round with a yellow tint on it that becomes progressively proeminent, finishing his participation with the final words kutof lecg mes kouy. And then, HMFM did the unthinkable, finishing the match more than a month after it began with a titanic 36-minutes-long video, technically stealing the longest tennis round record to djninjalovemistake, a video who would be impossible to recap with words, given how just all over the place and unwatchable it got, featuring an array of sources that's almost unlistable, going from the very disturbing extinguisher scene from Gaspar Noe's Irréversible, to a The Animals Performance, to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, with also many black screen segments that continue to distract from the structure of the round, finishing things off with a huge zoom on Pink Guy's eye with an earrape so long it could just be buried in your head, forever, and ever ...

Peskeh would win in a pseudo-tie against LaVie and secure his place in the final match with 13 points (against 12 for LaVie CestLol). On the other hand, fiv95 won against ravinrabbid123, who finishes the league in third place of her division. Meanwhile, in a very unique match, pop would win against HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine (who, because of the many penalties he accumulated, will be left with the unusual score of 0), getting on fourth place, tied-in with fiv at 6 points. HMFM would finish off the league without any points.

LaVieCestLol vs. Peskeh

fiv95 vs. ravinrabbid123

pop vs. HardcoreMormonFuckingMachine

Division D[edit]

Division D was also a show of hands with 3 people being potential finalists (Gamebop, ProfessorCheeseBall and theFXexpert) who were all competing in standard matches.

{{#ev:youtube|FAYnYIIj0R8|320}}PCB vs. Gamebop, Round 2

Being the two most technically proeminent players of the Division, ProfessorCheeseBall vs. Gamebop was leading to be a pretty exciting match, and PCB's serve would live on to the dream, being a 3-minute long adventurous video, using various psychedelic gifs, stock images (with watermark) and audio clips, musical elements, that he crafted meticulously in what he considers "Probably the most experimental video I've ever made hi", and precising that that round "should be watched while wearing headphones for the full viewing experience", given the extensive use of stereo panning. Gamebop's response would be a very peculiar one, one of his notorious "rhythmic" rounds, like he did on various occasions such as on the Multi-Way Tennis Tournament on Set 2, finishing off with an animated circular puzzle for a "YTP Miniature Game". PCB's round 3 would begin in a hilarious way, paying homage to the notorious video YTP Tennis Round 3.wmv, singing badly into his microphone over a WMM intro of the round. However, PCB would forget the lyrics, "ruining" the "epic intro" and that he'd "lose", before snapping and making MS Paint abstract shapes and writing wildly I'M DA YTPPPOP TENUZ PROOOOO!!!. The round would proceed into various multi-rendering and YTPMV segments reusing the rhythmic patterns of Gamebop's previous round in a faster-paced way. Gamebop's final round would be a fully-fledged YTPMV in his own sonic manner, featuring proeminent visuals, before inciting the viewers to think of a number between 1-100. and then now consider all the reasons on why exactly [they] thought of that number and think (self-puzzle).

{{#ev:youtube|YmY-3G7Ywno|320}}theFXexpert vs. MrDjThompson, Round 1

theFXexpert vs. MrDJThompson would be revolving on the Pirate theme, a callback to Dew's use of Pirates of the Carabeean images to express her hype for the tournament. FX's "pitch" would be a very simple YTP revolving various sources around the theme, especially The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Pirates of the Carrabean and the You are a Pirate song. MrDJThompson's "second pitch" would be a more stutterific repoop of the previous round, keeping the match in a simple pace, also using his known explosion footage yet again. FX's "swing" would be even more edited, albeit in a more absurd and silly tone, mixing up the sources (for example, making Captain Jack Sparrow say "YOU FOOLS, SINK SONIC NOT OUR SHIP!") to a humorous degree, as well as adding some ninja challenge into the mix. MrDJThompson's final round would be over the time limit at 3:20, but would continue much of the same in a heavier dose, making Pirates turn into Pies amongst other things.

Gamebop would win in the final stretch against PCB, putting him at 12 points against 10 for PCB. But theFXexpert would also finish with 12 points due to his win against MrDJThompson. The tie is broken by the fact that FX won against Gamebop in Gameweek 2, therefore awarding him a place in the final match. Being the de facto winner of her match, NataliaHTTPS finishes in fourth with 6 points, MrDjThompson follows with 3 points and NITROCONCRETE1 closes with 2 points.

PCB vs. Gamebop

theFXexpert vs. MrDjThompson

Division E[edit]

TehShadzify would be struck with bad luck as he would have to do something he's not a fan of doing for TehShadzify vs. Fujoshi, serving, saying after releasing round 1 that he hated how it turned out. Said serve would feature a great amount of Team Fortress 2 videos and GMod animations (as TehShadzify is also known for doing on his main Channel, TheInvertedShadow), as well as Far Cry 3 cinematics and Michael Rosen, in a very sentence-mixing heavy video. Fujoshi's response, albeit short in length, would make a good use of the previous round, building jokes around it using more sources, especially a video from Gabe Newell or a video from LaVie CestLol's main channel LesVideocritiquesDeJ for a visual cameo. TehShadzify's third round would continue on the joke-heavy structure while giving it a sexier edge, also adding footage from the Five Night at Freddy's Games, Bugs Bunny and more GMod videos, one especially featuring Gabe Newell. Fujoshi's final round would have a bigger emphasis on visuals, especially during the middle part finishing with a musical segment of the Soldier from TF2 playing a Guitar Solo, finishing things off with a blend of GMod sketches, Black Metal music and CD-I memes.

Theadventuretimefan vs. Ekrem3012 (THE MOVIE HAHAHA) would be an unusual, stream-of-consciousness blend of images, random audiocuts, done in a willingly sloppy way. TAF would say that round "is proof I'm getting bored of YouTube Poop", though would manage to give to Ekrem plenty to work with with his effect-centered style. And that he did on round 2, albeit being very short compared to the previous round, but the use of a kid dancing named Oskar, tuned to Placebo's Teenage Angst would be one of the most notorious elements, with Soucisse Verte saying "Oskar \o/". Round 3 would be even shorter, but would display taf in the more heavy-effect side of his spectrum, with many abstract sights as a result. Ekrem's last round would use the audio of the notorious video PCB called back to on his match of the gameweek, YTP Tennis Round 3.wmv, and would then proceed on a far longer recap of his previous rounds, as well as finishing responding to TAF's previous round in a very hard-hitting way, finishing off with the words Good Game.

{{#ev:youtube|FMdW4clcyB4|320}}Soucisse Verte vs. Metroid998, Round 1

The serve of Soucisse Verte vs. metroid998 would be worked on since the beginning of the Tournament by Soucisse and would be a nice surprise as it would lead the match to be Metroid themed, in honor to Soucisse's opponent. The serve went with a very slow and ambient pace, only bursting in explosions in precise moments, and abstracting the sources to create a whole texture of Metroid related material. Metroid (the tennisser) would embrace the theme and give it his own spin on it, with a good amount of layering of different games from the Franchise, as well as recreating an Animation Soucisse made on his previous round, using the previous round's segment where this animation was made as a source, leading to a nice inception. Soucisse's round 3 would up the ante, with more energetic and loud elements, using Metroid Prime Hunters on DS as an added source, finishing off with a slow revealing musical animation, reusing the previous one. Finally, Metroid would end the Metroid mania with more Metroid Prime related material, making things even more intense, finishing with a musical interlude of his own, set to the Metroid Prime 3 Sountrack. The match was fondly remembered by both players, Soucisse calling the match "very fun", and Metroid thanking Soucisse for breaking his six and a half year streak of not using as a source the game that makes his pseudonym.

Division E would be straightforwardly won by Soucisse Verte, despite conceding the last match to Metroid998 with a pseudo-tie, like Fujoshi lost in a pseudo-tie against TehShadzify. Meanwhile, theadventuretimefan would easily win against ThirtyTwelve. The final ranking is : Soucisse Verte - 12 points, Fujoshi - 10 points, TehShadzify - 9 points, Metroid998 - 7 points, theadventuretimefan - 7 points, ThirtyTwelve - 0 points.

theadventuretimefan vs. Ekrem3012

TehShadzify vs. Fujoshi

Soucisse Verte vs. Metroid998

Division F[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|nJNWOBGOGCM|320}}cyclejunkie vs. valkiriforce, Round 4

Being almost polar opposites in terms of pace, cyclejunkie vs. valkiriforce promised to be an interesting experience. Cyclejunkie's serve would be one of his most ambient yet, considered by LaVie CestLol to be one of his best works and the best round he offered to the League, using Luis Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou and noise performances by Japanese Artist MASONNA, with slow moving After Effects animations, to which valkiriforce would surprisingly respond with his own take on a slow-paced style, to finally break out in his own brand of madness on the second part, with a huge amount of new sources put into the mix, finishing off with a disclaimer thanking the viewers, the organizers of the league, and precizing every copyrighted element is owned by their owners. Cyclejunkie's round 3 would be in 60fps and would be using valkiriforce's fast-paced scenes in more slow moving ways, sparsely, accompanied with slightly distorted electronic music. valk's round 4, "a test of sanity" in his own words, would not so much reuse the previous round as much as just blatantly making everything explode in a hysterical way, one of the most peculiar moments being him reputting random bits of his own previous rounds into the mix in a completely spastic ways, like if he was himself lost in a world of distorted destructive tennis styles.

While TheChutley's style would still be as silly as ever in TheChutley vs. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE, his serve would also be a memorial to his cat Checkers, who passed away just recently before the serve was due. His serve would use Conrad Slater IRL videos extensively, but the silly humor would also have a sort of sentimentality jacobketronCT pointed out, bringing "a unique touch to the tone of the match". In respect for TheChutley's pet, IDR would not use the last part of the round, but the rest of it wouldn't meet the mercy of the radically hardcore tennis player that he is, making the silliness coming from TheChutley's round feel like downright insanity, making the last words of chutley's previous round (SORRY ABOUT MY SAD) become NOT SORRY ABOUT MY SADISM, as well as having a spastic attack seeing numerous Dave Grohls on Google Images. TheChutley's last round would be the closest he would ever get from his older days given the colorful visuals he made, but still stays very true to himself, also using extensively the Monty Python's Segment Terry Giliam's Dancing Teeth, with almost no editing. Amongst other sources are excerpts from his past rounds, a burning of Conrad Slater's face (done by InLivingTuna) and Conrad Slater shellshocked at an intense destructive tennis segment. IDR's final round ("made in 6 hours") would use more Monty Python (the sketch How not to be seen in its explosive glory) as well as putting an end to the Dave Grohl arc. By killing him. As well as a tremendous amount of glitches and earrape to kill things off. TheChutley would be responding to that last round saying : "I don't believe it. You KILLED Dave Grohl! YOU KILLED DAVE GROHL!!!!!!!!!!! Good. good match :3"

{{#ev:youtube|ZWeArS0LnT4|320}}Sid vs. JacobketronCT, Round 2

Sid vs. JacobKetronCT would have an amusing twist to it, thanks to both players fondingly responding to each other's "letters" written through text and video form, in one of the most direct displays of communication in the whole tournament. Sid's serve would use Grand Illusions as a main source (A choice particularly appreciated by CorruptionSound), in his new, more laid-back and sparsely edited style, inciting jacob to, for example, replace the face he added on top of the Grand Illusions Host with a Scott Pilgrim Character (knowing that jacob often uses Scott Pilgrim in his tennis rounds), as well as using absurd french inside jokes and finally writing a letter apologizing for the short length of the round and blending in stories of Vietnam War and asking Jacob to "take care of Jimmy", while Sid's leaving for the war. Jacob's response would be more than understanding, being the way for Jacob to no longer hold up what he has got for the league as he felt he did for the previous gameweeks, which would lead to more adventurous editing, as well as adding sources of his own, in particular the Scott Pilgrim character Sid asked for. Round 3 would begin with IRL footage of Sid rewatching Round 2 of djninjalovemistake vs. jacobketronCT vs. MycroProcessor vs. Sid, from the Multi-Way Tournament, in which Jacob was confirming the fact djninja told that Sid and him were related by blood. Sid then asks directly to Jacob if he found more details to this unlikely brotherhood, while chromakeying vastly edited (sort of like in his old ways) pieces of round, as well as putting his own face on Jacob's head. He then proceeds to put on a CD of the French Artist KG, and jumps wildly on his bed only to be interrupted by more heavy editing, that Jacob compared to fireworks. Instead of more fireworks, Jacob thought more appropriate to respond to Sid's questions himself, in front of the camera, revealing they're soul brothers from Asgard, reincarnated over and over, and asking Sid to join him in his fight against "the corporate oligarchy". His final segments would contain Mickey Mouse waving his arms in front of the previous round, as well as various chromakeying, finally thanking Sid for "being badass".

Division F also ended in a tie, as TheChutley would lose against INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE and valkiriforce would only win with a pseudo-tie against cyclejunkie. Therefore, with 11 points each, it's the winner of the match they had with each other that is the finalist, which means TheChutley wins his division. INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE would closely follow with 10 points. JacobketronCT would tie-in with Sid after winning their match with a pseudo-tie, while cyclejunkie would close the ranks with 3 points.

cyclejunkie vs. valkiriforce


Sid vs. JacobketronCT

Final match[edit]

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Tournament's all gameweeks results
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Overall tournament statistics compiled together by Sid

The final match consists in a 6-way featuring the winners of all divisions among the 5 gameweeks.


Ninero (standing for division A)

laromande (standing for division B)

Peskeh (standing for division C)

TheFXexpert (standing for division D)

Soucisse Verte (standing for division E)

TheChutley (standing for division F)

After shuffling the order, the Grand finale was presented as TheChutley vs. Soucisse Verte vs. laromande vs. Ninero vs. Peskeh vs. theFXexpert, an interesting line-up as nobody has been ever been a finalist before, and four participants were doing their Tournament Debut, whereas the two veteran players, TheChutley and theFXexpert, were both representing the Tennis Café Staff.

TheChutley's serve, titled simply "Estrogen", featured in his own words "a shitload of stuff" though it primarily consisted of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (to tie in with the tournament's ongoing theme) and Shia Lebouf's green screen video, along with a large amount of other elements such as Hotel Mario, various images including ones of the Queen of England, Vladimir Putin and a grapefuit, and was recieved with enthusiasm from those watching. He them proclaimed upon posting "let us do you is fucking" to which Soucisse Verte, the volleying player, responded with "LET'S FUCKIN GO!! \o/" and launched into Round 2, while LaVieCestLol proclaimed that this was "the end of civilization. Thank you Cyggie."

Round 2, titled "Testosterone(Predictable title. A lot of imagination)" featured fast and intense editing and very little source addition but did include a humorous section that said "To Begin the Round 3 you have to Solve the Following Equation: 2=3" before switching to footage from an unidentifiable game showing this very image. TheChutley commented positively on his use of "the validmir queen green screen machine" while Ekrem2012 simply commented "beast". Laromande's Round 3 featured an intro in which her and Sid's voice can be heard announcing players of the final match and showing their according country/state flawith each melting into the next start starting with theFXexpert(the Florida state flag) to Ninero (the UK flag) to Peskeh (the Australian flag) to Soucisse Verte (the flag of France) to laro herself (the Switzerland flag) to TheChutley (the Canada Flag). From a loudly proclaimed "FACHE" the rest of the round proceeded displaying incredibly advanced visuals which lasted for an unusually short time. Ninero delivered the next round somewhat late due to render problems but it proved to be a considerable standout due to large amount of effort put into its parts, including a large usage of After Effects and effective usage of the figures provided in the previous round, as well incorporations of earlier peices from the rounds before it. Peskeh was able to match up to this in his responding round quite well which introduced the first bit of the soon-to-be-well-known series of "record shop" sequences involving Peskeh's penguin icon, and also featured some bits of atmosphere and pacing juxtoposition in its middle section. TheFXexpert wasn't able to as easily follow up the visual aspect of the match in his forthcoming round and instead substituted it for a humor tinged approached akin to what TheChutley was responding with, adding in baseball footage and earlier rounds of both the match and the league itself (Fiv95's serve to dew being one) in response to the "starting over" clip from the previous round, as well as also including HOT ON OUR TAIL and a few other Robotnik videos. The round is also notable for the rare inclusion of FX's voice, heard only sporadically on other occasions, to continue the record shop sequences.

TheChutley's second response added in several avatars of youchew forum members in its mix of large image additions in addition to more Hotel Mario as well as also his speaking and singing voice ("CONRAD SLATER IS MY *BDSM MASTAAARRR-*") which furthered the record shop sequence even further and intensified the humor aspects of the previous round tremendously. LaVie made mention of the "wen jean see the giantess" joke saying "I guess you find that funny right Cyggie?" in french; Cyggie actually had no idea what he said despite them exchanging a "yea" to which La Vie responded "I know". dew returned around this point expressing satisfaction in how the final match was progressing after a good amount of time away from the league altogether due to a number of reasons.

In Soucisse's Round 8 much of the same approach as his Round 2 was taken, although at this point the record shop sequence began to take more of a central role as it appeared in more parts of the video now besides the end, though Soucisse provided only a very small clip of his voice. Laromande's health became low around this time and was given a lengthy extension to the 4th of September to finish her round which was uploaded on the precise day, and here the record shop sequence now took definitive control of the match. Introduced as The Peskeh show it was used and played out much like a sitcom, with players of the match characterized as their icons who make visits to the shop for various reasons; clever edits and scenarios playing out through the video. What else was edited of the previous round was done in sparse but visually intense bits once again, including an elaborate 3D maze segment at the very end. LaVie commented on this with just "DAMN".

{{#ev:youtube|QHHicFC0-9E|320}}Tennis League IV Final, Round 10

Ninero's Round 10 took things in "a sombre direction" and titled the video simply "the record shop". Indeed the video was almost all entirely slow and quiet, yet the edited featured within was so phenominally executed it could almost be considered professional, with some aspects of the editing done to resemble being present within a real 3D space, that including the record shop from the previous several rounds. The concept of the video was played out like the penguin character (intended to represent Peskeh) had long since passed and the record store he had once worked in was now ghostly and abandoned, with only faint memories of those who visited there (cleverly using bits of previous rounds) would disappear in flashes of colors in a 2001: A Space Odyssey sort of fashion, leaving him in a white hallway with black doors towards the end of the round. Laro commented that "peskeh's gonna poop himself" While Soucisse commented saying that this was the best match of the league.

{{#ev:youtube|S49SsRkvJPo|320}}Tennis League IV Final, Round 11

Peskeh's next round (Round YEA!!!) largely featured footage taken in his own room with audio from TheChutley's old 2010 Q+A and previous round footage playing in the background while the previous round is playing on several different screens and some screenshots are pasted on the walls in addition. At the beginning the camera pans down to Peskeh's hands,cutting briefly to the beginning of the previous round in which the camera under the first person guise of the penguin looks down at his flippers and then back again. After a time Peskeh is shown to pick up a VHS tape with Tennis League IV banner taped on the front and is about to insert it when suddenly what appears to be LaVie calls him on his cell phone, which he promplt turns it over and extends his middle finger towards it (good-naturedly of course; "ey man the bird is a sign of respect down under") and then proceeds to insert the tape. The rest of the round is proceeded to be volleyed largely under the filter of VHS tape wear in similar visual fashion to what came before it, ending with Peskeh throwing it on the bed and covering it with a pillow, with a brief tail end segment showing a close up of a captain barbossa picture and a repeated clip from FX's first round of the Awful Alvin segment. Several people responded to this round with variations of "YEA".

TheFXexpert announced his plan around this time to have the final round finished before a deadline of September 21st at 11:59 PM EST due to schoolwork and an event + a trip that he would be going on which he was granted. However FX ended up being inexplicably gone entirely for the better part of over 6 weeks, still having not returned as of this writing. As such, the League has yet to see its final concluding round, and there is speculation as to when it will actually be delivered. The staff decided in November to go ahead and start the final voting with the idea that FX would finish his last round at a later time, with the actual final round within the tournament being dew's last round in his match with Ninero, making it the first failed tournament match to complete as a regular match.

On November 13th, the winner was revealed to be Peskeh, making it the second time that a newcomer emerged as the victor of a site-sanctioned competition. dew commemorated this by saying "An Apple is You" and TheChutley, who ran the host account announcing the winner, jokingly "strike-banned" the host account due to not winning (this was the farthest he had played after roughly 7 years of competitive tennis, beating the semifinal position he reached back in The Grey Tournament). Metroid998 commented on the idea that "a penguin could win a tennis tournament" as "Blasphemy I say, BLASPHEMY!" and much celebrations were to be had. Around this time it was also announced that the next new competition was already being planned and organized, and as of this writing it is still unknown as to what it might be.

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