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The Grey Tournament

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Grey Tennis Tourney was a YouTube Poop Tennis Tournament started in collaboration between TheChutley and vvaluigi that ran between June 2009 and April 2010, with Gamebop emerging as its eventual winner. It is retrospectively recognized as being a rare occurrance in which all the participants were almost entirely seasoned players. Due to it's organization mirroring that of the Tennis Cup, it has also been alternatively been referred to as the Tennis Cup III, with the Windows Movie Master previous being referred to as the Tennis Cup II in a similar vein.

Development & Players[edit]

During a year that was made up largely up competitive events that utilized much specialization in form, with the Windows Movie Master being WMM only and The Tennis Season being a team-based ability-boosted event with 6 different match types to be played, the time seemed right to organize something much more simple; a standard easy elimination tournament that largely emulated the first Tennis Cup. The rules were as quoted directly from the original thread: - 6 Rounds Per Match - 32 Players (We have decided to extend the amount due to popularity of the tournament). - 3 Day Turnover (72 hours)

Sources that can be added per round (excluding round 1):

- 0 Sources Minimum - 3 Sources Maximum

Anything visual is considered a source. Such examples of that are:

- Any video media source - Any visual picture

In contrast, audio-only sources (songs, sound clips, etc.) do not count as a source.

However, say, for example, you used two separate episodes of AoStH. It only counts as one source because it's common to a source already used.

Time Requirements:

- 0:30 - 3:00


- 3 Votes for going over the 72 hour limit (We will be moderately lenient to those who can provide a legitimate reason as to why their serve/volley went over the time, but do not push it). - 2 Votes for incorrect source usage (using over 3 sources). - 2 Votes for incorrect time length (under 30 seconds, over 3 minutes).

The host account created for this tournament would work under the name of Tails, under the primary behest of vvaluigi.

Interestingly the tournament is known for the fact that of the 32 players that joined, only 6 (magmalord, Rice3, MrMosto, ferretfreak411, Christoph3r, and LordofBLTS) were newcomer players, with just 2 of whom that managed to play beyond the first match. As a result much of this is known for having matches almost entirely dominated by seasoned tennisers, some of whom in which the recently-ended Season (wwefan3333, crazythesecond, piodx, metroid998, Combuskenisawesome, LieutenantMiles, eletricalmonkss and AmiralMachin) was their previous competition. The oldest competitive veteran in this tournament was SushieBoy, who had been one of the four players that had played in the very first league, the first site-hosted tennis competition. Gamebop, Cristoph and BMATF had first played in the 2nd League, Luioigi, RAKninja, MAZZ0Murder and Fiddlesticks411 had first played in the Tennis Cup I, ThaNuke, Rillion and vvaluigi had both participated in the 3rd League, and trepmaws, TheChutley, TangerineImpz, Moogle, McMANGOS, quax, AjaxCubed and MycroProcessor had all played in the Doubles Cup I. Chrisgendo, DaftPunkYoshi and Futures Passed also originally signed up, but because of outside commitments were unable to play in the Tournament and were respectively replaced by MrMosto, ferretfreak111 and RAKninja. DaftPunk would however sign up as a replacement along with Jacktron7000, mYZterbattyX, OHGODWHAT, Hulio, MASTERFURRYX, bnnnnnnnxz, and pakasa43, all of whom would not actually take part in the tournament aside from signing up.


As of this writing the rounds of magmalord, LordofBLTs, ferretfreak111, Cristoph, three rounds from Cristoph3r, one round by ThaNuke, 3 of AmiralMachin's Rounds and three rounds from vvaluigi remain lost, so the matches in which these missing videos correspond to will not have full analysis until possible discovery of the missing videos is clarified.

Set 1[edit]

While BMATF vs. magmalord is only half intact, it can be inferred from the thread that magmalord responded constructively/minimally to every round BMATF produced, although compared to BMATF didn't bring much of anything new to the table, with BMATF also responding to ideas with more effect. This would be one of the very few matches that he would win throughout his tennis career to date, beating magmalord 11 to 7.

TheChutley vs. Sushieboy would be the most recent match to be compiled into one video via TheChutley's "Yeltch" account, and therefore despite Sushie's original rounds being missing the match has stayed intact. The match would see the beginning of TheChutley playing at his most experimental, playing more at this time with composite effect combinations and newer audio effects, as well as sources like Kukori and Hulk Hogan which were better characterized by the work of other players. He would however also start the match with Tunak Tunak Tun, which at this time was very much a trademark source of his, all put together in a very curious serve. SushieBoy's Round 2 played with the serve in interesting ways using mostly minimalistic edits, by scrambling bits of the video around and reversing some of the more techincal parts of the serve, while also doings such as applying HSL adjust onto one of the dancing men in the Tunak Tunak Tun video and also using masking to isolate various characters onto other parts of the serve, like a wrestler from Rocky 3 on top of the BIG BLOW segment. Round 3 continued the effects/audio experimentation and also introduced a musical bit from a Pokemon Anime featuring Pichu. The masking concept was continued in the repetition of "NEXT" over the Hulk Hogan source, with the round ending in an unusual way, much of the video taken up by a smiley face (apparently TheChutley's old avatar) with rather gruesome dialogue from Bioshock playing in the background, with the edited round appearing upon every vocal emphasis. The entire video was then reversed upon composite layers of themselves to give a dynamic finish, which overall amped up the calibur of the match and gave SushieBoy now something more to work at. Round 4 on a technical aspect was weaker, but it was clever in starting a musical idea using the Pichu footage and hinting to a further development with a makeshift layered segment, as well as turning the smile of the smiley face upside down. The "NEXT" repetition was continued and "SHE WONT STAND STILL" was overdubbed onto added Ed Edd and Eddy footage, showing a great effort in responding to TheChutley's advanced style. Much of Round 5 was chroma-keyed inside of a TV screen from the game Obsidian, otherwise responding to every idea that SushieBoy presented with great fortitude and bring the match to a good close on his side. Round 6, with the exception of the duplication of the spinning cube, was edited very minimally with an abruptly different pace, closing off with Eddy remarking "THAT'S STUPID". The final score was TheChutley: 12 and SushieBoy: 3, although because Round 6 was delivered some hours late, adjusted his score to 0, giving TheChutley an essentially landslide victory.

Gamebop vs. Combuskenisawesome coincidentally occurred some months following a Season Wildcard match they had played each other in, and thusly this became both a rematch and something of a continuation from the original. Round 1 also used the Pichu source used in TheChutley vs. SushieBoy as well as Rounds from their previous match, edited in a way that had much potential in how it was to develop. Round 2 was edited considerably minimially(due in part to Combuskenisawesome being one of the few people to edit with an obscure program known as EditStudio) but touched off with Combusken's style of chroma keying the previous round through various ways into added footage to add humorous effect. Round 3 was edited much more intensely and was overall shorter ("...exactly half the length of round 2!...") but followed up well on things like the Pichu duplication and the 'cross' segment, almost deliberately dodging the humor presented in the previous round. Round 4 completely reversed the Pichu duplication to the point where it zoomed in all the way to the original frame, then proceeded to do many of the similar things done in Round 2, this time with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei amongst its added footage. Round 5 was edited almost entirely as a YTPMV using a majority of sounds from the previous round, ending with it sped up in reverse and dissolving into color curves and a visually spectacular WAX vortex effect applied with a WAX shatter effect. Round 6 mostly chroma-keyed "Face" from Nick Jr. onto the previous round, overall a struggle to be able to effectively edit Gamebop's turnout. Gamebop would ensure victory in this match with an 11 to 2 score.

Luioigi vs. LieutenantMiles is a good example of Luioigi's transitioning style. While he would later be known for an incredibly ambient, slow and effect laden way of making videos it was at this time that he displayed a much more basic approach. Both players in this match played pretty evenly, with the serve starting with cartoons as the majority of source with more of the same being added onto the Rounds that followed. Round 2 would feature the addition of the Dilbert cartoon with a segment of the Boss saying "M", that in round 3 would be countered with a clip from Seseme Street focusing on the letter M, Continuing the layer sections in unusual ways and showing a few more traces of technical ability. "M" would be continued throughout the match in additional ways like focusing on the "M" on Mario's hat, with the rounds themselves continuing in the established pattern but overall providing a solid progression of ideas throughout. LieutenantMiles' ultamite downfall however would be attributed to his less technical use of Vegas, as many times some sections would have bare-basic manipulation compared to Luioigi in addition to over-reliance on added source, although with this match that did not hurt it much. While each player gained a late penalty, Luioigi would end up advancing with a score of 7 to 1, 10 to 4 when unaltered.

{{#ev:youtube|QZQDtSap0F8|320}}vvaluigi vs. MycroProcessor, Round 2

vvaluigi vs. MycroProcessor is a match that today is still considered rather infamous for its course of events and its outcome. vvaluigi's Round 1 was incredibly basic in presentation, an almost entirely AoSTH YTP, which left almost no hint as to how Mycro would respond to it. Round 2, uploaded onto Mycro's alt (and the second tennis round overall at this time to do so) is considered today to be one of Mycro's classic videos, as it took the match in an entirely unpredicted and contrasting direction to that of the serve. It's notable in that previous round only appears for a total of about 9 seconds, with the first 19 seconds being supposedly repeated throughout the video 4 times. The proceeding three repetitions all contain a slight difference to that of the first, intended by Mycro to be a control set, with 2 differences being accidentally included in the second repetition as opposed to one. The differences are:

Second segment:

-The loud peice about 12 seconds into the first part is flipped and made slightly darker.

-The peice almost 18 seconds in is stretched to fill the screen.

Third segment:

-In the Grid, The pattern in which the Tails appears in the squares is completely mirrored.

Fourth segment:

-The audio at 1:13 is pitch shifted upward.

Round 3, which was delivered almost immediately, edited this round in a completely bare bones way, mostly repeating, stuttering and reversing many bits of the previous round while adding very little new sources, but having the stand out bits of chroma keying the grid segment onto the new footage, which Mycro commended. His Round 5 would be delivered just as fast and edited in much of the same way, this time adding footage from Sonic Heroes. Because of this rather polarizing approach Mycro for the rest of the match had great difficulty in finding ways to effectively respond to vvaluigi's style, becoming incredibly critical of his round 4 and round 6, which he claimed to have made both in less than 3 hours due to time constraints, and saying that the match was probably his worst in terms of his own rounds, due to them seeming like a "poorly done version of his usual style" as a result of continuous botched attempts to adapt to what vvaluigi presented. Some believed he was too harsh and still said overall he played well in the match despite his difficulties. RAKninja considered Round 6 to be reminiscent of his own videos, being that it was much slower and ambient than many of Mycro's other work. Many people were very surprised how less intense both players played in comparison to other matches they had done, and were especially surprised as to how well vvaluigi played under these circumstances, which became popular in opinion that he compensated best for the approach of it. As a result, vvaluigi by complete anomaly beat MycroProcessor 14 to 6, one of the few times in tennis history that basic editing won over more complex editing.

wwefan3333 vs. trepmaws was match in which just about every Round was rushed to some extent, something that would be replicated in their second meeting in the 3-Way Tournament in which NESfanboi would be the additional player. trepmaws's pace-driven style easily outdid that of wwefan's more humor-driven one, as much of the course of the match would dictated by whatever trep would do in his rounds, although the Kermit source remained prominant throughout. Despite delivering a Round 6 that was under the time limit and getting a 2 vote penalty, trepmaws would win by a longshot with a 9 to 1 score, 11 to 1 as a raw score.

quax vs. Piodx began with a serve made largely in WMM, featuring his signature material of Bill O'Reilly, in this video from an appearance he made on David Letterman. Piodx's Round 2 launched full-force into his highly energetic style although very much obscured much of the previous Round and added sources that took up the majority of most of the video, though much of the effects he used were commended. Round 3 saw quax reverting to his trademark style of heavy-editing in WMM by speeding up the entire previous round and then cutting and scrambling it throughout, which in this case worked better at editing the previous round in a way that the progression could easily be seen, but in technicality was behind piodx. Metroid998 commented though on its focus of editing the audio more than the video. Round 4 proceeded to once again tear the previous Round apart in a then-mindblowing sea of effects and ear-splitting audio, which piodx called the best 30 seconds he had ever made. Round 5 added a lot of sources but suffered from having a lossy frame rate during the sections that actually edited the previous round, so much of the videos potential ended up being lost. Round 6 ended the match rather definiteively and as expected from piodx, while also displaying the first bits of his trademark particle effects that would recieve much more use throughout his run in the tournament, as he would win this match with 7 votes to quax's 4.

Being that the serve for RAKninja vs. metroid998 currently remains blocked on Youtube, little is known about what happens in the video aside from it being one of the longest videos in the tournament at 2 and a half minutes long, and being prominantly made up of a source owned by FOX. RAKninja's Round 3 however, is a prime example of him at his creative best, working with Round 2, which was much shorter and buried much of the serve under effects, in ways that utilized much more of an atmosphere, reducing it to more of a background to things RAK added in. The reversed echo on the ninja dialogue was a particular highlight of this Round, in addition to its incredible contrast in pace. Round 4 continued to cover up much of the previous Round in effects, responding to old ideas only through the dupication of the ninja head, to the additional audio filter onto the audio, which otherwise was unedited. RAK continued to his advantage with a Round 5 that was a further extension of what he presented in Round 3, duplicating the ninja heads to a point where they took up almost the entire screen. The round also had a lot more reversed echoing which made the round's atmposphere intense, in addition to the addition of Macho Man over the previous round, which in these circumstances would benefit RAK incredibly well. TheChutley said that this was one his favorite responses that RAK has made. Round 6 ended the match much in the same way as Metroid had edited the other Rounds, leaving very little of the previous round seen or heard, which seemed to cement RAK's by-this-point obvious victory. He would win the match 8 to 5, in what would be his most recent competitive win as of currently.

Because of ferretfreak111's rounds being lost, the match of ferretfreak111 vs. MAZZOMurder(originally DaftPunkYoshi vs. MAZZ0Murder, another rematch) is difficult to determine exactly how the match progressed, although it can be inferred from the original thread that ferretfreak had difficulty responding to MAZZ's Rounds, comparing his style to that of SeargentBacon, but also considering the match, amongst a number of others to be evenly matched on both sides. MAZZ0Murder would win the match with 7 to 5 votes, or 7 to 2 when adjusted for ferretfreak's late penalty on Round 5.

Moogle vs. Fiddlesticks411 from the match's start progressed in an almost entirely humor-oriented way that mirrored very closely to the kind of matches that were very popular amongst the YTP community at the time. The Kingdom Hearts games were a source that were featured throughout every round and a running theme were musical segments that were created by both Moogle and even Fiddlesticks despite using WMM throughout the match. Moogle however proved to be more efficient at driving the course of the match because of this, as Fiddle's rounds for the most part utilized a lot of frame scrambling and what follow ups that it could with such an editor. The most memorable part of the match occurred in the last two rounds, with added in an incredibly silly "Live Action Hotel Mario" video as a featured source and a Jingle Bells YTPMV from both sides, since the match's end came in December. Even though Moogle won the match with 11 points to 3, both of them agreed that the match was still very fun and were good sports to each other.

Eletricalmonkss vs. McMANGOS would be one of the most watched matches of the first set due to the latters rather explosive popularity around this time, known more as a YTPMVer and a primary force in that field in addition to being a repetitive victim of copyright takedowns. Eletricalmonkss presented in his serve using Cave Christmas his trademark style of editing with vegas in a way that made it look like an entirely different editor, due to the basic-yet-complex-in-nature way in which he worked. McMANGOS's more musical style seemed to instantly capivate viewers, in addition to presenting humor by focusing on the "BROOOOOOKKKLLYYYNNNN" from the serve, to the point where it served as the theme for the video itself. AmiralMachin however was critical of this Round, saying while he enjoyed things like "ALL TOASTERS TOAST BROOKLYN" at the end, said that "75% is made by a lazy person with no really surprise. Too bad." Opinions toward it by others were mostly the opposite. Round 3 provided a very interesting volley including edits with such an off-kilter mirror keyframing that at one point the round was reduced to a very small square, with the audio sounding nothing like anything else being made during the tournament. Rounds 4 and 6 continued in the same direction as Round 2, with heavy musical segments and frequent utilization of WAX while continuing with a technical intensity that he was known for, with Round 5 also serving to continue in monkss' own direction, continuing in his own direction. MycroProcessor summarized this to be an overall close match, having positive things to say about every round. eletricalmonkss would end up with a penalty however with his last round, which would result in McMANGOS winning the match with a score of 10 to 4, or 10 to 1 when adjusted.

Rice3 vs. LordofBLTs remains only half complete as of currently although thread information shows the the match was apparently one that was very light on both effects and audio, with some comparing it to that of vvaluigi's style, although seemingly Rice3 was seen as the better player by a majority. This was echoes in the voting results as he would win his match 9 to 3.

originally Rillion vs. Chrisgendo, the latter eventually dropped out before the matches start after thinking it over and was replaced by MrMosto, unfortunately though Rillion vs. MrMosto only lasted for 2 Rounds. Rillion dropped out under the claim that he had been out of ideas since the Season and that Round 2 was edited much better than he ever could have done, choosing to take a break from tennis to work on other things for a time. As a result MrMosto automatically advanced to Set 2 without a vote taking place. AmiralMachin vs. Cristoph suffered a similar fate as Christoph retired from the tournament mid match having become very busy in addition to becoming sick.TangerineImpz vs. Crazythesecond and ThaNuke vs. AjaxCubed both ended with ThaNuke and Tang becoming disqualified, which automatically advanced both Ajax Cubed and Crazythesecond to the next Set.

vvaluigi vs. MycroProcessor

quax vs. piodx

Luioigi vs. LieutenantMiles

Ferretfreak111 vs. MAZZ0Murder

TheChutley vs. SushieBoy

wwefan3333 vs. trepmaws

Rice3 vs. LordofBLTs

eletricalmonkss vs. McMANGOS

ThaNuke vs. AjaxCubed

Moogle vs. Fiddlesticks411

Gamebop vs. Combuskenisawesome

TangerineImpz vs. Crazythesecond

MaRillion vs. MrMosto

BMATF vs. magmalord

RAKninja vs. metroid998

AmiralMachin vs. Cristoph

Set 2[edit]

The serve to Gamebop vs. AjaxCubed has in time become one of Gamebop's most infamous videos. Intended at the time to be a more experimental serve, the entirety of the video was set to theme music entitled "Feeling Good" from the game Threads of Fate. The used sources were then added at a rhythmatical pace, unique in that it fit well with the music's switches from a 3/8 to 6/8 time signature, but not done in the traditional style of either a pitch-shifted YTPMV or a "classic" YTPMV, but what can be considered as almost a complete hybrid of the two, in a completely original way that would serve to characterize Gamebop's musical style in future rounds. He himself mentioned originally that the serve was "one of the weirdest things I've made. But I like weird stuff like this. " MycroProcessor called it his favorite YTP ever made up to that point, which currently still has a high standing in that aspect.

{{#ev:youtube|742j5sgR-Og|320}} Gamebop vs. AjaxCubed, Round 1

The round has been referenced/used a number of times in later rounds including in Round 2 of Gamebop vs. Jolteon, Round 6 and 7 of Luioigi vs. Gamebop vs. MycroProcessor and in Round 2 of the 5th chain, and continues to be looked upon as an influence. In recent times it is jokingly thought to be that the coming of tenniser Sid1325 was "foretold" by the events in this serve, being that the title of the video is "Sid is NOT a BATTLE AXE" and many of the sources are French, like Sid1325 himself.

Round 2 continued the match in AjaxCubed's traditional crazy style adding in a lot of sources and giving many segments of the match extended layering, which provided many outlets for the match to build upon despite not following up on the musical concept. Round 3, uploaded right as the year 2010 began, followed up on these quite well and also continued the high energy for the videos first half, with a snippet of Homestuck interestingly added as a new source. The video's second half was much slower and featured a unique layering trick involving the use of Moomin, another additional source. According to youtube comments Gamebop apparently dealt with a computer malfunction in which much of the round within the project file was lost while this Round was being worked on, which resulted in almost three fifths of the video minus rendered pieces having to be recreated from scratch. Round 4 was incredibly loud and greatly furthered and intensified the layered segment while also finding/making plenty of new ones. Some effects only possible in Final Cut Pro were also displayed, which made this round visually very strong. It was at this point that TheChutley mentioned that the match was going to be very hard to choose a winner for.

Round 5 carried an incredibly simple yet highly well-executed concept. The length of the video was nothing more than the introduction sequence for Kukori Es Kotkoda, as well as the first few seconds of the episode that followed, but encased the entire edited previous round in the background, the floor, and the title cards held by the characters, which would change in time with the title cards also changing. One rather unique thing done on top of this was the rotation of text on one card so that it read upside down, as well as dissolving and moving upward via TV Simulator effect and applying the wave effect on other lines of text on other cards. The Round's title, "WITH SID-ZIPAN'S AXE WE GONNA WIN de COMPETITION" is a reference to Homestar Runner, rare in the fact that a majority of the titles of Gamebop's videos are known to mostly be reference-less to existing/well-known media. The Round has been retrospectively citied as one of Gamebop's creative best, getting positive acclaim from even outside contemporaries like Captpan6.

Round 6 closed of the match on a cataclysmic high-note with AjaxCubed's intro wailing "GIVE ME BACK MY SON" into the Red Zone and proceeding to absolutely rip the previous round to shreds through a sea of sped-up distorted audio and color curved visual ambrosia. The round is particularly notorious for a sequence of absolutely mind slamming visual effects in which video frames travel quick in a curvy line representing a snake, which is duplicated an estimated 20 times. Similar layered effects are also added to the "KUKORI ES KOTKODA" title words close to the beginning as well as to some frames of the round in which a unique distorting effect exclusive to Final Cut Pro is used in excess. The end of the previous round is also duplicated in another visually psychotic replication effect in which small frames explode from a center point to a state in which the whole screen is covered, then followed by a tornado like version of the same effect. At one point also, a zoom-up on one character from the serve during a point where his expression changed from happy to surprised is used to coincide with the replacement of the frame with "GIVE ME BACK MY SON" once again. A fast moving line of text scrolls at the bottom through this round and reads thusly:

"'I WILL STICK MY DICK IN THIS GOAT RIGHT NOW,' the smelly old gay farmer said. He then held onto the goat's ass, and then proceeded to violently thrust his cock in and out of the goat. Peter Griffin, stark naked, casually walked over to the goat-fucking and then said, 'HEY, THIS GOAT FUCKING REMINDS ME OF THE TIME WHEN I TOOK A HUGE SHIT ALL OVER THE FLOOR THAT ONE DAY, ALSO REPUBLICANS JOKE, NYEHEHEHE' While these things were happening, Joe Smith was sitting in his kitchen eating a delicious sandwich. Bob Smith asks Joe, "Hey, what's in that sandwich?" to which Joe replied 'HAM AND CHEESE' Bob, in a state of shock, retorted, 'WHAT THE FUCK THAT'S NOT KOSHER I'M GOING TO CHOP OFF YOUR FUCKING HEAD AND THEN TEAR YOUR NIPPLES OFF.' and so he did and they all lived happily ever after. daffd"

The round ended rather humorously with "Fuck You" imposed above the final title card in two places to make it say "Fuck You Magyar Televisio and Fuck You Pannonia FilmStudio".

MycroProcessor said this was one of his new top favorite matches and some said that it was the best tennis match they had watched in a long time. trepmaws, who ranked Rounds 5 and 6 as two of his favorite tennis-related videos at the time, evaluated the match in which Gamebop's main strength was "sheer creativity" while AjaxCubed's main strength was "sheer entertainment", adding that his vote could go either way. The final result was ultimately very close. Gamebop by raw score beat AjaxCobed by only a point, with 7 to 6, but because of a late penalty, Ajax's score was bumped down to 3. This would be the last tennis match he would play as of the present.

Originally RAKninja vs. Rice3, changed due to RAK being gone for an extended vacation with family for the Holidays, Much of Cristoph3r vs. Rice3 remains to this day currently lost. It can be attributed to general knowledge however that Cristoph3r, known on Youtube as CrisArririan10, posessed a sufficiently effect based style that would have very naturally contrasted well with the more basic style of Rice3, leading to an almost guaranteed win. His score would be 9 to 3, or 6 to 3 when adjusted for a late penalty he received for his Round 5.

Moogle vs. Luioigi would be a notable match in that it would be in some ways an embryonic version of the match the two players would find themselves in with The 3-Way Tournament, in terms of both players styles. While the serve was very humor oriented, Round 2 succeeded in taking the match up a notch, by introducing many new sources including a commercial involving CGI animated babies rollerskating and The Flintstones, a further juxtaposition to the already present Spyro footage. Round 3 followed up on Luioigi's style by adding in Scooby-Doo as the main new source, with "OKAY DUDE" still reappearing throughout in the voices of various characters. It also contained a bit of Moogle's signature humor style by adding in a suggestive anime image with "WILD BIKINI". Also unique is the fact that it uses elements of both Vegas and WMM (along with WAX) to respond to the previous round. Round 4 continued on with the addition of Nu Pagodi, and focusing primarily on the shrunken elephant by implementing an early instance of Luioigi's "masked duplication" with it as well as having it superimposed over much of the video. "OKAY DUDE" continued, along with noticeable traces of ambiance in his use of reverb in a number of places which made the round technically strong but conceptually derivative in some aspects, as he focused less on the humor side as opposed to Moogle throughout. Round 5, which featured a primitively animated CGI Vladimir Putin, continued in the experimentation of combining WMM and Vegas in single videos, and served to be overall successful as a follow up, working in both being comedic and technically cohesive. Round 6 would once again steer away from the humor side, focusing more on the technical, and more of the ambiance came to light as elements of the video came closer to his later style. It unfortunately was not enough to carry him through, as Moogle would emerge as the winner of the match, with 8 votes to Luioigi's 4, further worsened by 3 penalties Luiogi received for his Round 2, making the final score 8 to 1.

trepmaws vs. TheChutley would see itself as an excellent battle of wits between the two players that had collaborated toward the end of the Doubles Cup I in what was seen as probably one of the greatest tennis matches to ever happen in the form of them vs. Gamebop and MycroProcessor. Naturally, many elements of that match would see revisitation here in conjugation with the enthusiasm of the match-up. The serve would begin primarily made up of two Nine Inch Nails music videos and go at a fairly normal pace, while in the videos second half the pace would suddenly be amped up and also feature the addition of his Round 3 vs. TheChutley and vvaluigi in the Doubles Cup I (with Jacktron7000 on his team). Round 2 would follow this up by TheChutley adding in his own Round 2 of that match, as well as his Round 2 with 3inchhorse, the first tennis Round he ever made. The effect treatments given to this round showed TheChutley displaying a finesse in terms of effect combinations used, stylistically in an appealing way which matched well to the pace driven style of trepmaws. Round 3 would add in his Round 3 vs. Gamebop and MycroProcessor (with TheChutley on his team) in addition to the sources he added into said round, primarily Weird Al Yankovic's Dare to be Stupid video and the Chemistry Safety Film with "Take off ALL your clothes". The driving pace of the round was yet again another great follow up and the two players at this point seemed very evenly matched. Round 4 would add in his Round 1 from the afore mentioned doubles match, as well as His part of Round 3 of their Doubles match vs. quax and MrDrunkenFox (from the season) and trepmaws' Round vs. him and vvaluigi again. This would be a technical leap in that it would be very largely made up using VST audio plugins, which he had only been using for a number of months as of this time, and also feature towards the end a musical break with video in sync to the song "Darts" by System of a Down. Round 5 would add both of their Rounds vs. quax and MrDrunkenFox in addition to Higurashi, offering another very pace driven and technically competant round to close his side of the match rather nicely. The end of this round would be much quieter and moody as an unusual contrast to the rest of his product presented here. Round 6 would begin musically using a Touhou song called The Night of Flowering with experimentally-learing visuals before launching headlong into editing the last round, with the first clip being used were the anime eyes edited and repeated to look something akin to a swarm of bees coming at the viewer. Trep's Round 3 with Gamebop/Mycro and The serve to quax/MrDrunkenFox would be used one last time before ending the match on the repetition of "ALL" similarly to how it was done in their collaborative Round of the doubles match vs. Mycro/Bop. While both players played fantastically, the match win would ultimately go to TheChutley, winning with 8 votes to trepmaws's 5.

While MAZZ0Murder vs. vvaluigi only remains half intact, from information given in the thread it can be noted that this was a particularly even match considering the similarities in style that the two players showed, with vvaluigi's biggest advantage being that he was able to respond very quickly just as he had done in the previous match. MAZZ0 on a number of occasions had forgotten/misread the rules, and as a consequence ended up adding more sources than he was allowed in addition to being late with the Round he responded with them (a 5 vote penalty vote against Round 5!!!)Despite this though, the outcome of the match was not affected, as vvaluigi once again won by a large margin, being him in raw score with 9 points to MAZZ0's 2, adjsuted to -3 after penalties. piodx vs. BMATF also curiously has only one of piodx's original rounds up, being his serve, although it can be quite easy to deduct that here BMATF became easily unmatched to the very high energy style of his opponent, while he still put up a good fight nonetheless. An outlier in the match, however, was created with Round 5. The round started off in typical piodx fashion, when suddenly color bars interrupt. Then, Radiohead's "Fitter Happier" plays, while the color bars begin to slowly drift apart, and allow for more of piodx's traditional particle effects and Happy Tree Friends clips to be introduced. Much in the style of RAKninja to metroid, there were cases in this match which BMATF's more traditional approach to editing were considered much more well done than that of his opponent, who above all else was merely recycling the same strategy. These were matched in votes when, although piodx still won, the scores were his 7 votes to BMATF's 5, significantly closer in margin than previously. McMANGOS vs. Crazythesecond and AmiralMachin vs. MrMOSTO would both end after the serve due to the disappearance/loss of interest in both volleying players, resulting in byes for both McMANGOS and Amiral into Set 3.

Gamebop vs. AjaxCubed

Moogle vs. Luioigi

trepmaws vs. TheChutley

Cristoph3r vs. Rice3

piodx vs. BMATF

MAZZ0Murder vs. vvaluigi

McMANGOS vs. Crazythesecond

Set 3[edit]

Gamebop vs. vvaluigi, a third consecutive rematch, would be a tense playout in which Gamebop would subsequently explain that he was nervous he wouldn't make it through considering the large amounts of votes that vvaluigi had been getting in both of his other matches of the tournament, but at the same time this match would serve to be incredibly interesting for it's faction of it having an aura of extreme concentration embedded within it's rounds, almost as if the game was played out like a round of Chess. With the Pichu source making now it's third appearance, Round 1 began with vvaluigi's minimal editing using this along with a flash animation of Tails against a white background and a music video of a band called HIM performing a song called "Join Me in Death". Round 2 would greatly contrast from this style and proceed to seize the opportunity in chroma-keying the Tails in a few choice places in the match, adding in sources on an unusual cartoon called "krabat" featuring a very uniquely animated rooster, and a PC Game called Lighthouse, audio from which would be used on a particular edit of the Tails source featuring a submarine like "ping" sound that would come to be heard repetitively throughout the match. Gamebop here, curiously, would be the first person to actually use the Pichu source as the backing rhythm for a YTPMV segment, something which unusually wasn't done in this way before when it could have easily. Notable in this round is the use of krabat in various ways in combination of the previous round, being an easily chroma-keyable and thereby also easily-manipulative source, done particularly well at a segment with a WAX vortex tunnel background, with krabat dupicated on the 4 sides of the frame with the Tails source at the 4 corners. Another easily standout moment of this round is a point toward the end where upon the Lighthouse source, six edited frames of the previous round are seen trailing downward eventually spiraling into a simply insane and twisted mess of several swirl effect uses, which was heavily applauded for it's illusional effect.

Delivered after a mere 3 hours, Round 3 would hand pick various bits of the previous Round and build upon them minimally, repeating and changing the pitch of specific parts of the audio and changing color of the video in a few places, with small uses of difference composite to create something quite interesting, much in the same fashion as he had done against MycroProcessor. The Pichu YTPMV was altered signifigantly without much done to it, while the "ping" on the Tails clip recieved it's first repetition. The end bit of Round 2 with the Sonic and Knuckles CD music would also recieve an interesting bit of manipulation would would see more of the same use following this round.

The YTPMV that would characterize the bulk of Round 4 would considerably become another one of Gamebop's well known musical compositions, using the Pichu clips once again as the back beat, and using a low sound from a more edited peice and the "ping" as additional percussion, while providing the still eminant krabat clips and the tunnel peice of the previous couple of rounds as additional instruments. The beginning of the video would duplicate the S&KCD clip onto another WAX vortex although in the appearance more of a funneled cylinder, and featuring the added source of Kukuscka. The video after the YTPMV would feature a very clever chroma-key usage usage of the Reboot footage added in Round 3 and an interesting use of the "split" transition used recursively. Gamebop would later do a "recycling" of this project file using a different source (also Kukuscka, but a different episode) to create a radically different take on the YTPMV composition, which would be done using that same file by MycroProcessor using the initial recycle, which would be rendered and replaced again 9 times over and rendered all into one video, creating a highly interesting progression effect.

Round 5 worked in the basic pattern of editing the previous round for a few seconds then switching to a new source for a few seconds in moving succession, using spare bits of difference compositing/other effects and a large amount of more selective repetition, focusing once again on the previous video's most interesting sounds. The YTPMV segment in particular recieved interesting juxtaposition as it was changed in pitch, slowed down, reversed and repeated from unusual places, but otherwise visually unaltered. Amongst the added sources in this video was Gamebop's Secret Santa Gift to Silvyre, which gives off the appearance of there being several different sources inserted into the round rather than just 3.

Round 6 was vastly different from almost the entire match in that it had a video-length ambiance in dominant presence, with the near endless duplication of the manipulated "ping" sound treated with excessive reverberation, and the video background throughout being a mirrored vortex effect that would slowly replicate outward until the frames within the vortex itself could barely be seen. The video on top would be edited in Gamebop's trademark slower and more atmospheric style, with the only addition being a few clips of Kukori, specifically the scene of him cranking a Wheel, which would also be his avatar for the longest time (if it wasn't already by this point). With this the match drew to a close on a teetering note; no one knew who would come out on top with this one and anticipation for the results of this specific match were high.

By a sole additional vote Gamebop would end up advancing to set 4, beating vvaluigi 6 to 5.

Moogle vs. TheChutley would be a very cooperative and highly humor-oriented match that would highlight at this time TheChutley's fascination with the character of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, for in relation to his then current friendships with primarily JakeSteel and DualScreen77, who had at this time both become very well known through their use of the source, TheChutley had himself begun to use it as early as his own match vs. JakeSteel, using "Gaston Slays a Furry" in his Round 2. It would be here against Moogle that he would use the film itself for the first time, eventually culminating in "THE SECRET LIFE OF GASTON!!!" and a few other uses throughout early 2010.

Round 1 began with "Note: The Following video took 42 hours to make. Each Note in the song was recorded individually and then was put together, thus making this stop motion video." Proceeding it was a numerous amount of touhou source/images centered around cucumbers with a particular character by the name of Nitori, and what was described as "some vlogger's beatboxing clip", which featured said vlogger saying "we got us a comment right here telling us what your favorite Lady Gaga is", the increased manipulation of which would in the match would cause "us a comment" to be frequently heard as "us a-cummin". TheChutley's Round 2 heavily featured Gaston as it's added source and proceeded to make it a defining feature that would carry through the rest of the match, while giving noticable spikes in pace as to his edits to the previous round. Also added in would be a solitary "AAAHHHH" from Tunak Tunak Tun as well as about a second of the source itself, which would serve to be an ongoing joke in the match as well. "DON'T TALK ABOUT HER FATHER THAT WAY Belle, it's about time you TALK ABOUT HER FATHER THAT WAY" and "Hey Guys IT'S NOT RIGHT FOR A WOMAN TO READ" also provided material to be easily built off of in following rounds, with the end video taking the serve's wierd mouth noises and superimposing them onto a Nitori clip in a funny way. "Please Subscribe" also became "Please SuuS SuuS SuuS Su".

Round 3 now started the intro with "Note: The Following video took 42 YEARS to make" and also added in a Final Fantasy cutscene (???) as it's new source, with "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT" and "YOUR FACE" providing new material to build off with, also using the "AAHHH" over the female characters screaming. "Us a-cummin" became "Us a Cocks" as well as its use to make "Belle, it's about time you cummin' right here", with "AAHH" appearing in several places including a new suggestive touhou picture involving yet more Nitori with more cucumbers. The video ended with "Hey Guys so that whole video was MINE", after which TheChutley essentially posted in the thread that Moogle had basically won in his opinion. He would however continue to enjoy the match despiting that there was no way he felt he would ever top that volley.

Round 4 now had "Note: The Following video took 42 NANOSECONDS to make", which was suddenly changed to "42 MICROFORTNIGHTS" and then continued onward with "YOU CAN'T FIGHT FIRE WITH YOUR FACE". Overall the video was much stronger of a response than TheChutley assumed it would be, doing creating things such as "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO SAHHHHH", "Hey Guys so that whole video was cocks" and the continuation of the effect progression at the "us a-cummin'" bit. He would also addin here a new source of New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma!, which he had been known to use before. He would end the video on "Hey Guys so that whole video was my FACE" with further dupication of the "Please Subscribe Text" which had now experienced incredible deterioration.

Round 5 added in a large breasted female which at the time had been posted frequently by moderator NegroTed (presumably in the ever-famous Attractive Women thread), making "I HAD THIS SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD" a new phrase to be used for TheChutley's last round. The video now began with "Note: The Following video took OVAH 9000 SOMETHINGS XD to make" and was somewhat more minimalally edited than before, but still made good follow-ups to all the running concepts of the match, such as "YOU CAN'T FIGHT FIRE WITH Cocks" and putting "YOUR FACE" over closeups of both Gaston and Lefou and ending with "Hey Guys that whole video was YOUR Mom's Cock", putting a fitting close to Moogle's side of the match. Round 6 would continue with TheChutley's more effect-savvy way of doing things, now working in the ever more classic method of finishing off the match by including CDi Zelda into his last Round. With this he would create "YOU CAN'T FIGHT FIRE WITH THE TRIFORCE OF COURAGE" and use small snippets of the female with no other audible sound other than the King's "OAH" in both foward and reverse. He would also use trepmaws's Round 3 of a duel with AmiralMachin, using sparse amounts of additional "hidden" sources including The Rescuers Down Under and the Dare To Be Stupid video. Using the "AAAHH" sound he would also compose a small song towards the end of the video, also adding in Fresh Gaston footage to create "DON'T I DESERVE YOUR FACE" amongst other clips, ending the match on none other than Gaston's face. By his own surprise he would end up winning the match with 7 votes to Moogle's 3.

piodx vs. McMANGOS saw both players produce material that they were very unsatisfied with, and it currently remains another match that piodx's rounds for are missing. From the thread it can be dictated that with Round 4 and 6 McMANGOS opted for his more musical approach, mostly because he had become incredibly late for the former and for both because it was more akin to the style he was most comfortable with, which unfortunately didn't work well against the style he was competing with, especially with a Round 5 that he had supposedly become boggled as to how to effectively respond to it. He was able to finish with no penalties, but piodx would still end up winning the match with 9 votes versus his 2.

AmiralMachin vs. Cristoph3r would serve to notoriously represent the rare example of a match in which both players had run very clearly out of motivation, resulting in both sides being rather humorously out of shape in terms of the rounds delivered. While the match for rounds 1 and 2 started on a good note, with the serve using Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Alfred Kwak and Christoph3r (or CrisArriran10 on Youtube) responding in his trademark fast style in Round 2 adding in one of his own rounds, Round 3 would be little else than the Intro to Link" The Faces of Evil with the nouns replaced with clips from the previous round overlayed onto it, with Round 4 staying fixated to Christop3r's style, adding in no new sources. Round 5 would overlay a pixelated dancing skeleton over the entire round unedited while Round 6 would once again mechincally tear it apart in the same way, with another song making up most of the audio. By raw score Cristoph3r was the match's nominal winner with 7 votes versus 2, but both sides had famously garned excessive amounts of penalties, resulting in the final scores for both being Amiral with -1 and Christoph3r with -2, making what Gamebop has called "The most penalty-heavy match in tennis history". AmiralMachin would advance solely because his negative score was not as low.

vvaluigi vs. Gamebop

Moogle vs. TheChutley

piodx vs. McMANGOS

AmiralMachin vs. Cristoph3r

Set 4[edit]

In what was essentially a 4th consecutive rematch, Gamebop vs. AmiralMachin would, if the previous match was anything of a hint, only last for 3 rounds and AmiralMachin would never bother making a round 4 due to a complete loss of steam. By indication of his Round 2, which was already delivered late and edited in a lackluster manner, Gamebop would have very likely won the match anyway had it completed all 6 rounds.

{{#ev:youtube|Ufqed5LwwxE|320}}piodx vs. TheChutley, Round 2

piodx vs. TheChutley would see both players at a techincal and experimental peak, with things that niether player had done before being attempted. While Round 1 was an atypical piodx serve complete with Happy Tree Friends and Particle Effects, Round 2 would be one of TheChutley's most innovative rounds, introducing the mini-phenomenon of a technique called "window phasing": in which "windows" made out of the previous round are viewed inside, displaying a different section of the video in each one, making up the biggest part of the round. For this first instance, TheChutley would cookie-cut 3 circles out of the rotating layer in piodx's serve, and proceed to do 3 different edits in each window. After this, the circles were duplicated onto each other to form a circular chain, which was then proceessed into an unsharp outline, in which music and voice audio from Mass Effect 1 was heard, edited to puncuate in sync with the dialogue, which gave the match a unique and dark twist.

Round 3 built upon the spoken word audio from the Mass Effect in Round 2 by adding a video simply titled "Hypnotize Yourself" inn which the audio was heard throughout. The background music was "TreeFingers" by Radiohead while more Happy Tree Friends would be added into the mix. While considered to be one of his most visually impressive rounds, featuring extensive use of his particle effects in very inventive and complex ways, almost all of Round 2 would still be obscured, though at a much slower pace than what he had usually been doing. Round 4 would continue in unusual approaches as TheChutley would edit the entire round within a single rotating 3D layer, leaving blank space around the entire video otherwise. The Mass Effect dialogue would continue to be heard, continuing the atmosphere of his previous round.

Round 5 would be another intense visual presentation from piodx, using "Requiem Of The Sky" from the Mushihime-sama OST as the main backing music over what would be seen as an almost over-indulgence in editing, yet despite it's grandiose nature it once again suffered from having nowhere in it any distinct features of the previous round whatsoever, showing more of a round from another match that both he and TheChutley were involved in. "THE END IS NEAR" displayed at the end of this video, signifying the match's closing. Round 6 would feature one last instance of the Mass Effect dialogue, then finish off with a strong volley that did a much better job at showing the previous Round within it, which seemed to signify that TheChutley was going to be this match's clear winner. By raw score this was true, as TheChutley would have won with 5 votes to piodx's 3. Unfortunately he found himself garnered with a late penalty on his Round 4, which pushed his score down to 2. By this complete stroke of luck, piodx ended up becoming the player to advance to final match against Gamebop, the outcome which almost seemed to be expected from the previous outcomes.

Gamebop vs. AmiralMachin

piodx vs. TheChutley


piodx vs. Gamebop marked a record 5th consecutive rematch for Gamebop on the competitive front, a feat which, had TheChutley been the one to advance, would have not changed anyway. piodx by this point had been rather fortunate, winning by either his opponants not knowing how to effectively volley his particular style or by his opponant having penalties, of which it was speculated that there a number of players that could have easily defeated him had they been given the luck of the draw, specifically ones like RAKninja, who had defeated a player similar to piodx and also played piodx himself in the Season. All that had to be done now was to see just what would happen between the last 2 players standing.

piodx as he would always do started the match with another fast paced video made up of entirely Happy Tree Friends, unique only in the fact that his videos in each match he played would always be volleyed in a different way and this was to be no repeat of his earlier battles. Gamebop would actually make 2 Round 2s for this match, with one being a "fake" round that was an incredibly experimental response based of his really early 2008 videos in terms of how he edited. The other was the "real" response, which was edited very much in his current style and an overall much better use of the previous round, also serving to add Kukori into it's mix as well as an Ovide intro which he had added into both videos.

Round 3 would continue in its excesses, with all of the audio screaming out and the editing presenting an energy that showed piodx had clear motivation and enthusiasm for winning. One particular part would have several frames of the previous round trailing down creating several extensive lines of video frames which would see a lot of use in Round 4, quite possibly Gamebop's strongest video of the match bar none except his last round. The segment would be dupicated onto itself from the bottom as opposed to the top of the screen, and then 3 ways on top in the form of a triangle, followed by a layered duplication where several laters, each one rotated slightly more would all move simultaneously. The flanged audio here would become thunderously low seguing into the next segment, a rhythmatic YTPMV that visually had a stormy appearance and intensified the progression of the match. Kukori would be added in a second time and the frame line clip on its own would be buzzed and repeated rhythmatically once more, before ending on its last section, which featured four different edited instances of the previous round playing at once.

{{#ev:youtube|ilRc17cH-uI|320}}piodx vs. Gamebop, Round 6

Round 5 would be piodx's last hurrah of the tournament, it's most particular feature being a "smiley face" made out of the displacement distorting of a segment of the round and two circular particle effects. The round itself would only last for about 20 seconds, as the rest of the video became largely a sequence of unedited happy tree friends, which ended with an explosive THE END in which the entire screen became reswarmed with several waves of particles.

The last round, which added a round from their previous match, would feature an incredibly elaborate presentation and become the subject of Puzzle Peices #0, the first in Gamebop's own series of Puzzle Peices videos which progressed by negative numerals rather than positive. To create the background of this video, he would create and keyframe in movement and parameters a large instance of the WAX vortex effect, which panned from the inside to the outside in a random pattern, then duplicate and layer the entire thing onto itself inverse-sided, which created an absolutely kaleidoscopic visual that had not been previously attempted at that time. For the rest of the video, everything was edited on top within a seperate frame, with a second frame treated with Light Rays underneath it to make the frame stand out as if it was emanating itself. Reverb was also treated to this layer in contrast with the sound on the WAX background, with manipulated instances of the shadow and blur effects being used expertly, creating a powerful and unique response. The round would end in a complete mess of video, which by the end had completely withdrawn saturation, thus ending the video, and The Grey Tennis Tournament, in "grey". Gamebop would however be critical of this video's unusually low quality, which caused some sections to suffer from heavy pixelation.

Gamebop emerged victorious as the tournament winner, with 7 votes to piodx's 5, which was widely applauded throughout the community, especially considering he had also very nearly won before in the Doubles Cup I, and now had finally come to a redemption of sorts through this win. MycroProcessor would comment that he considered Gamebop to better at tennis than any other user he knew(in addition to his favorite) and expressed equal happiness in his win, wishing he would have seen more matches due to getting busier around this time. Moogle would point out that by this time Gamebop had beaten the winning streak of DaftPunkYoshi with 5 matches in a row to his 4, wondering if this would be a feat accomplished by anyone in the next tournament. By this time it was now late April of 2010, and the Three-Way Tournament would see it's beginning of organizing in only about a month from this time.

piodx vs. Gamebop


IceSumo in July 2011 would bump this thread along with a series of other threads in the tennis section posting nothing else than "This Would Have Been A Great Match For Me To Join", which would cause moderator Intermission in particular to seemingly lose himself in rage in what had by this time become repetitive ignorance by the user. The original thread would promply be locked under the increased annoyance by the both mods and Tennis Staff.

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