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Tennis Cup IV

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Tennis Cup IV was a Youtube Poop Tennis Tournament hosted by AshcrementVII and trepmaws that ran from March to October of 2012, with CorruptionSound as its winner. The Tournament marked a period of renaissance for tennis as it saw the return of many players that had been inactive for long periods of time, which helped to further signify the tournament being a return to a more classic style of competition.

Development and Players[edit]

Oddly enough the announcement of a fourth cup came to some expecting the official restart of the Triples Tournament as a surprise, both in itself and of the fact that the Cup was being listed as the fourth, when only one other tournament had been officially billed as a cup previously(later clarified that the grey and WMM tournaments were also cups in technicality).

According to the official thread it was unanimously decided between staff members ChrisGendo, AshcrementVII and trepmaws to further hold off the tournament until the fall, and the Tennis Cup IV would be established as a way to make up for the time gap.

Signups had a noticeably higher response than before, with all participant slots filling up after only a day. Many of the players who joined were names that hadn't seen light since at least the Three Way Tournament 2 years prior. The first of these was Rillion, who hadn't played competitively since the Grey Tournament, who was then followed by GreatBritishTurd, who hadn't played since the First Tennis Cup, which had happened nearly 4 years prior. TheChutley also signed up again, having not been present within tennis at all since early 2011, superkoffee while still fairly active in tennis albeit mostly through skype joined as well as lordbababa, who had made an appearance in the season and proceeded to remain nonexistant in tennis until then, and Combuskenisawesome, who also last played in the Grey Tournament. MycroProcessor and Luioigi would also later fill in as replacements and play their first complete matches since the Three-Way Tournament, the lingering completion of which was hinted toward around this time by Moogle's mentioning of progress on his long awaited Round 6.

Amongst the old were also a lot of new. The tournament would be the first for would-be moderator Smonge(having only previously played dewmann, in what was the first match for both), along with 2nnt, JacobketronCT, Bloodis, djninjalovemistake and ZACHTOMCAT, and would be the only tournament to date for Superchops, theFXexpert26, Silverstreak, Diosbabilonia, FullCap and smokutusofborg, the latter two having never played a match before or another since.


Set 1[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|j3ZC9XrF0oI|320}}lordbababa vs. metroid998, Round 1

Match 1 of the first draw created lordbababa vs. metroid998, and the first predictions of the outcome of the match were virtually unknown. The serve was delivered late and lordbababa claimed he "fell asleep before clicking the render button", and due to his very odd and seemingly misunderstandible style set an interesting tone, resembling more of a MLP AMV than an edited video that could built off of easily. metroid998 throughout this match played straight and responded how he knew with lordbababa continuing to respond late with more videos that seemed to avoid editing the previous round as much as it did presenting further MLP-oriented ideas that in nature almost seemed pretentious. At the match's conclusion the winner would eventually come out to be metroid998, a first for him after roughly 3 years of competitive tennis.

{{#ev:youtube|okwrNXL5uro|320}}CaptainStringCheese vs. superkoffee, Round 2

The next match was CaptainStringCheese vs. superkoffee, by the far the most humorous match of the first set which can be attributed almost entirely to the latter players completely unserious approach, a noticable change from his earlier work. It resurfaced a concept dating back to Superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley of a "secret chroma-keyable image" that koffee would insert somewhere into the round via an on-screen link that would redirect to an unlisted video with the image layed upon a green screen, with the comical proclaimation that the player had "managed to successfully manage to locate" it and that they now must used it in the next round. The hidden location was made obvious in Round 2 but in Round 4 it was actually hidden quite well, within the "Like +3" in the bottom of the tombstone proclaiming the death of Espeon(the running joke starting in round 2 was of Espeon being killed and then staying dead, he is killed hanging by ballons in which arrows puncture them causing espeon to fall into a giant spinning pocketknife, followed by a mustachioed Chowder proclaiming his demise. Espeon would reappear and then be 'killed' many times throughout the match). At one point koffee took notice that the chroma keyed image within Round 2 was not used, and after declaring he would "End this Rhonda with some color stuff" told Captain he had to use the image next time, which Captain did to follow the theme. Another highlight is a tribute to an odd video called "I love michael cera" in the form of "I love CaptainStringCheese" within Round 2 in which island chanting music assumably from a 1994 computer game called Fisher Price Pirate Ship (although its actual source while similar may be different) is synced with a humorously botched montage of individual photos of CaptainStringCheese and superkoffee mashed together in an absurd way as to idiosyncratically imply a kind of romance. Many fans of koffee's work consider this to be one of the greatest things he has ever created hands down. While the match was incredibly entertaining, tennis-wise some people believed that koffee had an unfair advantage over Captain seeing as how he seemed to produce better rounds almost effortlessly even though he had already lost interest in the match and deliberately ended on a low-par note, with a video consisting mostly of Fats Waller singing "Ain't Misbehavin'" overdubbed with him singing about how the video is the last round and that Espeon is dead and how everyone can now vote, with Espeon repetitively exploding on screen annunciated by Ganon's "DIE". Captain throughout this match considerably edited as his most technical up to that point, and people such as dewmann lobbied hard in support for him to advance onward. Despite this though koffee still emerged from this match as the winner by a landslide, which held up that he still had a very loyal following, advantaged more by the 3 penalties that Captain had accumulated even so.

{{#ev:youtube|cuM8__QdRAI|320}}dewmann vs. Diosbabilonia, Round 3

dewmann vs. Diosbabilonia, the players of which having recently played each other a SMBSS match that both still think very fondly of, were estatic at the chance to play each other again and promptly initiated an updated sequel of the first match, bringing about much more high-level editing than previous(the original match was for a revival effort in classic style matches). The match was the first in the tourney to both start and finish, with dewmann posting the serve the minute all the first rounds were officially due. The finished match was thought to be just as high of quality in both its consistancy and its energy, and special note was taken of Dios's highly original tricks done with simple editing. dewmann came out as the landslide victor of the match with 19 vs. 3 votes.

{{#ev:youtube|BCxpEIyM9f8|320}}trepmaws vs. 2nnt, Round 3

trepmaws vs. 2nnt would be the first 1v1 match that trepmaws would have played since the Tennis Season, and he entered into it with a highly humorous serve both in title and nature involving mostly a norwegian death metal music video by a band supposedly known as Dimmu Burger. 2nnt responded to every round competantly but was lacking confidence in his ability even before his match started. A short but definitely fun match to watch, trepmaws would eventually win despite gaining a penalty in another landslide.

{{#ev:youtube|N-A4TNcajTE|320}}djninjalovemistake vs. ChrisGendo, Round 5

The players of djninjalovemistake vs. ChrisGendo had previously played in other in an audio tennis dating back to early 2010 and for a time seemed to be seperated from each other on the tennis front, but at this time they got the opprotunity to play each other properly in what ChrisGendo has considered to be one of his favorite matches. The styles and the senses of humor and source of the two seemed to clash together flawlessly and each round seemed to spill into the next with great progression, with both making good use of their dreamcore influences in the creation of each of their musical segments. While both recieved an equal penalty, djninja was the eventual winner, to which ChrisGendo promptly congratulated him claiming that it was the first time he had ever been disqualified from a tournament, also revealing he too had voted for him.

{{#ev:youtube|hPT_GKdUvDU|320}}therazoredge vs. Gamebop, Round 4

Moogle famously commented that it was too early in the tournament for a match like TheRazorEdge vs. Gamebop to be listed in the first lineup, as this was made up considerably the two most respected players in tennis at the time going head to head, so naturally all critical attention was focused upon this match. TheRazorEdge's serve, with a title borrowed from an early Genesis lyric, was considered simultaneously by ChrisGendo and AshcrmentVII to be the best in the tournament so far. Gamebop responded to each round just as competantly and the match became a grand tour de force between the two of them that eventually resulted in an unexpectedly predictable tie of votes between the two. DaftPunkYoshi would make a cameo appearance as the holder of the tie-breaker vote, which won the match to Gamebop. The match would serve also to further cement TheRazorEdge's critical respect within the tennis field as being a player of both incredible youth and incredible sense of technicality and intensity of atmosphere in his videos.

Smonge's second ever full match would be played in Smonge vs. sanemurzu, the latter who responded to Smonge's rounds with great energy and definitely gave him something to work on. Smonge would respond in much of a similar fashion as to how he worked in his other match, but here it would be another classic case in which effects would win out, giving sanemurzu the win. Smonge's efforts were however greatly applauded as he was greatly liked and appreciated by much of the tennis community.

StickerboyTheNextGen vs. JacobketronCT was the most underwatched match in the first set of the tournament as both players were very little known and both seemed to have a very basic style that required one to enter into a completely different mindset of what to expect when sitting down to watch this match. Both players made it no secret of their enthusiasm for tennis as whole and it would be the match where Jacob would bring his sparse yet somehow competent style with obvious influences from AshcrementVII to a competitive stage. It would turn out that his way of editing was just slightly more solid than StickerBoy's, who by Round 5 seemed to cycle back to Round 1 in introducing much of the same sources unedited back again, which was a source of critical review in the aftermath of the first set. Jacobketron would naturally emerge as winner, which would be the start of a surprising winning streak that would last him through much of the tournament.

BMATF found him once again faced with a player at a technical level that had long passed by him in BMATF vs. Bloodis, but this match saw him once again experiment more in an effect heavy style much different than what he came into tennis knowing. Much support was garnered for him in respect but Bloodis would regardless emerge on top as the winner being more proficient and advanced at it than he was. This would be to date BMATF's last competitive attempt, under the claim that he always loses in the first round.

{{#ev:youtube|SbXWfU724fo|320}}uwilmod vs. GreatBritishTurd, Round 2

uwilmod vs. GreatBritishTurd was actually a rather fitting match-up as both the players in this match were known for their highly unusual styles. While uwilmod was known for a highly delinquint combination of unconventional editing and somewhat-forced humor, GreatBritishTurd was, at a technical level, highly seasoned, and this enabled him to respond to both of those aspects of uwil's style with as much grace as he had done in his golden years. The match was a particular highlight specifically due to his return and his updated way of editing, and would continue to be a subject of focus in later matches after having won this one.

ZACHTOMCAT vs. theFXexpert26 was a rather dysfunctional match of short rounds that took the longest to complete, holding the tournament back from moving on for at least a week due to theFXexpert having to request multiple extensions in order to be able to focus on school. ZACHTOMCAT initially made a serve that was too short that he later extended within his remaining time, and theFXexpert's last round became a brief subject of controversy when it was speculated that he accidentally used his own round 4 instead of ZACHTOMCAT's Round 5, a dispute that was never completely confirmed. Despite this theFXexpert ended up winning with the most votes recieved by a single player in the tournaments first set, beating ZACH 21 to 2.

{{#ev:youtube|QfxKtO3v2U8|320}}smokutusofborg vs, CorruptionSound, Round 2

In smokutusofborg vs. CorruptionSound, CorruptionSound was faced with the unique challenge of playing someone who not only hadn't tennised before, but seemed to have never made any videos period. His resulting rounds were an interesting excercise for both players; him for getting an idea of how tennis works by doing it hands-on, and for CorruptionSound in working in a more basic style than he was known for to respond to them, in some aspects considered to be the start of his love for making more humor-oriented rounds. His Round 2 was greatly noted for its creative presentation and originality, shown in a progressing set of 3x3 frames that all transitioned in various patterns and featured different instances of editing or an alternation of a larger editing sequence taking up multiple other frames, at a couple of points all coming together to feature the image of German Mr. Clean. The win for CorruptionSound was almost natural, but he would be tested greatly in his next matches.

{{#ev:youtube|bOZp-3UyrsU|320}}Superchops vs. TheChutley, Round 2

Many of the newer players were excited to see TheChutley play tennis again, with TheRazorEdge saying that his new match in the form of TheChutley vs. SuperChops "was going to be something very special". And to the many people that kept themselves updated on it, even Superchops himself, It very much was. TheChutley's trademark audio editing was in top form and his eccentricness in his humor was as great as it had ever been, with his Round 6 even hinting back to the legendary superkoffee vs. MycroProcessor vs. TheChutley match with his inclusion of the Monty Python theme song. This match echoed TheRazorEdge vs. Gamebop in that both players played very strongly and also ended in a surprise tie, with the tie breaker vote being given to TheChutley by MycroProcessor, given that TheChutley would have essentially still won without the penalties he earned.

{{#ev:youtube|J8vSldKdsUg|320}}AshcrementVII vs. FullCap, Round 6

FullCap claimed that he had a dream that he was tennising AshcrementVII in this tournament but was panicking at the idea of sufficiently making a good serve and having enough time to actually make it, and when revealed he would indeed be tennising him in AshcrementVII vs. FullCap, called it a complete case of Deja Vu, though was very thankful that he wasn't serving. More YTPMVer than tenniser though, he had very much his own idea of how he thought he was supposed to play, with much of his rounds consisting of added sources which contrasted greatly with the techincal aspects of Ashcrment's responses. It was noted during this match that Skrimpish, a here-today-gone-tomorrow tenniser considered to be a visual effects revolutionary in his brief time of making videos, was watching and liking Ashcrements rounds in particular. A bit of controversy developed over FullCap's last round, which did very little to actually edit the Ash's Round 5 rather than making a professional looking YTPMV using the same sources that Ashcrement used, relegating what he used of the actual round as just a backdrop. Ashcrement stated he felt "almost offended by it" which instigated critical analysis by trepmaws who provided a more liberal explanation of why the round got that kind of response, assuring him that since it was his first match it was okay if it didn't go perfectly the first time, since tennis is all a learning experience. This sentiment was backed by ChrisGendo, reflecting on his own harsh treatment when he was very new to tennis. Ashcrement subsequently went on to win the match, and FullCap, despite the reassurance, disappeared never to play a game of tennis again.

{{#ev:youtube|wveBg3FwbAU|320}}BSP666c vs. Combuskenisawesome, Round 2

BSP666c vs. Combuskenisawesome was a rather unique match in that it was one where Combusken's lower technical level of editing was actually incredibly compatible with BSP666c's style of highly-controlled chaos. Ashcrement commented on Combusken's rounds calling them "rather inspiring", and other positive comments were made on his efforts. Still, in the same fashion of the other "simple vs. complex style" matches that happened in the first set, it was the complex style that won here too under BSP's name.

The last match to be listed; Silverstreak vs. Rillion, never actually completed. After Silver's Round 3 Rillion seemed to disappear to parts unknown and it eventually came down to the choice of whether Silver would choose to redo his serve and play a replacement, or accept the win and move on to the next set. Silverstreak immediately accepted the win and thusly actually won his match long before anyone else was done, though he would soon have his historical falling out with the rest of the forum and get himself banned, never being seen within the tennis world again save for a couple of short lived re-encounters.

The First Set was notable for recieving the largest amount of votes a tennis tournament had recieved in a very long time for the winners of each match. The high reception was seen as the signal to the fact that tennis had once again ascended to a high point like those of its past.

dewmann vs. Diosbabilonia

uwilmod vs. GreatBritishTurd

BSP666c vs. Combuskenisawesome

StickerBoyTheNextGen vs. JacobketronCT

BMATF vs. Bloodis

Smonge vs. sanemurzu

TheRazorEdge vs. Gamebop

djninjalovemistake vs. ChrisGendo

lordbababa vs. metroid998

trepmaws vs. 2nnt

AshcrementVII vs. FullCap

Superchops vs. TheChutley

CaptainStringCheese vs. LeSuperKoffee

ZACHTOMCAT vs. theFXexpert26

Set 2[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|XbuKmvG58ac|320}}theFXexpert vs. dew, Round 2

theFXexpert26 vs. dewmann would mark the first time that dewmann would not be serving and the first time that FX would be, and eventually became known as a match of legend due to the near flawless continuity of ideas, with concepts stretching the entire match undisturbed. Ashcrement at the time considered dewmann's Round 2 to be one of his best rounds. Among what was continued were the various "REMEMBER THE STORY OF THE" ideas and the ending "WELL WHY CAN'T WE DO THE SAME damn THING" gag towards the end, along with continuing YTPMV segment and recursive repetition of a sign stemming from Round 1 which began at 3 frames and by Round 6 had climaxed at several hundered. dewmann during this match however would be criticized for editing too heavily and being a "showboat" in explanation for the support of FX's more reserved in presentation style used in his rounds, which some said worked better with the previous video without being visually impressive. Others claimed that dewmann helped the progression along better and thusly gave the match a more definite finish with Round 6, which was at the time the most intense round dewmann had ever made. FX continued to request extensions for school related matters due to it being the end of the school year with lots of projects needing finished, often making the match drag on. dewmann eventually did emerge as the matches winner, still gaining a majority of votes despite this, and the match is still looked upon both players fondly.

{{#ev:youtube|2iKZIj-S1e0|320}}djninjalovemistake vs. sanemurzu, Round 6

djninjalovemistake vs. sanemurzu was a retrospectively humorous match that made clear who still had the motivation to keep going and who didn't, as sanemurzu responded very sluggishly to each round that djninja put out, the serve of whom was greatly admired. At several points sane was gone from the site completely and seemed to forget that he was still involved. His Round 6, a 20 second video featuring a still of an old man lying on the floor with muted audio with the title of just "tennis". Clearly justified that he had no desire to continue playing anymore, essentially giving away the victory to djninja. sanemurzu satirically posted CDi Link in his "I WON!" pose in response to learning of his loss. TheChutley has retrosepctively found this last round to be hilarious, saying that "This is the greatest ending to any tennis match and nothing will beat it."

{{#ev:youtube|H5BJRu9MSXI|320}}JacobketronCT vs. TheChutley, Round 5

JacobketronCT found himself in a place he had always hoped of being in when paired up in JacobketronCT vs. theChutley, and went into the match with just as great enthusiasm as he had done the match before. TheChutley responded to his often lengthy rounds in a very comedic way, at one point even countering Jacobketron's rapping session recorded with his voice in Round 3 by recording his own in his Round 4, in addition to adding his voice into many other parts of the video, which has since become a classic amongst the tennis regulars. TheChutley later reportedly suffered an injury in which a beer keg was dropped onto his foot and shattered, which required his foot to be elevated for a period of time, the pain making it hard to concentrate on working on the last round. After a point he stopped requesting extensions and became very late, almost being the last match to finish. In vote count TheChutley won by a landslide, but because of extensive penalties the win ended up going to JacobketronCT, who couldn't have been more satisfied with it in addition to the revelation of his next opponent. It wasn't caught until later that Chutley's penalty count actually equaled disqualification, which meant in trepmaws' words that Jacob "had the match in the bag before voting even began".

Two players who had previously played together in the Doubles Cup II now played against each other in the match-up of trepmaws vs. Gamebop, practically an exact duplicate situation of trepmaws vs. TheChutley following their epic match played together in the Doubles Cup I, right down to the identical sets in which both couplets of matches happened and the fact that trepmaws was once again serving. Initially a very exciting match as many would have expected, Gamebop lost steam midway and intentionally uploaded a Round 4 that was only 8 seconds long, finishing out the match in conjunction with the declaration that he was no longer interested in playing and letting trepmaws have the win, which he accepted in respect. Thusly Gamebop for the first time received no votes after the end of the Set in order to honor the decision. Bloodis vs. metroid998, which put the two players in the tournament with the most similar styles at heads with each other, marked some of the earliest usage of Pumkin in a tennis match, which is considered by a few to be the match's most entertaining quality. It received among the smallest of votes being of the more underwatched matches, but the winner of this match would eventually become Bloodis.

{{#ev:youtube|IgaR0oW6PXc|320}}CorruptionSound vs. superkoffee, Round 2

CorruptionSound vs. superkoffee in the idea of itself was absolutely mindblowing, and many people anticipated the start of this match upon its announcement. CorruptionSound's serve used a large variety of sources, which superkoffee used to create a conceptual round based around a source roulette, that would switch and announce a different source with a brief cutscene in koffee's trademark 'microgame' fashion, employing different editing methods for each, some of which were unusually light. The Angry Video Game Nerd sequence in particular actually came with a "mini-game", using the bunny that bursts through the door in corruption's original video as a template for several different characters heads that would appear on it in the style of a comical beauty pageant that he dubbed "Cute Man Con 2012". They were as follows Patrick Stewart, Hulk Hogan, John Madden(estimated), Vegeta, and a character reminiscent in appearance to Filthy Frank. It then shows all 5 of them on one half of the screen with a window below reading "WHO WAS THE SEXIEST?", with AVGN on the other half in mid-spit take. In one instance the square with Patrick Stewart in it slides left and a 6th square appears in red, assumed to be "Chef Goldblum"(or Jeff Goldblum in a chefs hat), which is where one would find this rounds secret chroma-keyable image. Hulk Hogan wins the pretend contest which provides the natural segue into his part of the round. CorruptionSound responded to this with a highly musical round 3 that was impressively technical, at which point koffee became completely stumped on how to respond, and eventually dropped out and for a short time was hidden from view completely, privating every one of his videos. This prompted Corruption to request a replacement, at which point Luioigi made his official reappearance into tennis.

{{#ev:youtube|kZhCTwm0hCs|320}}CorruptionSound vs. Luioigi, Round 2

The match restarted with the original serve, now CorruptionSound vs. Luioigi. Round 2 was naturally a dramatically different interpretation, done in his trademark ophios-like slow and ambient style which had been very much a favorite of players like ChrisGendo and Gamebop. The two of them had played before through a Shuffle Lineup in 2011 so there were high expectations for this rematch. Unlike the match previous however Luioigi seemed to under-perform in the eyes of some, and the voting results ruled CorruptionSound as the match's winner. Luioigi would mysteriously retreat once more, only reappearing to post rounds for other matches he was involved in.

{{#ev:youtube|XlROEgA_R3E|320}}BSP666c vs. MycroProcessor, Round 4

Originally Set to be BSP666c vs. Silverstreak, the absence of the latter led to the reappearance of MycroProcessor to the competitive field, in a match that now would be much more anticipated. Mycro's rounds were at this point not to different from the style that he had come to following the diminished attention of the Three-Way Tournament, and in this match his rounds seemed to pick very curiously at everything that BSP's Rounds provided for him, resulting in highly experimental material. Round 4 was notable for starting with and being made up of very large amounts of black space accompanied only by serene music, an approach that BSP worked hard at emulating in his responses. Mycro was reportedly intimidated by BSP's Round 5, a techincally impressive buildup in atmosphere and progression that is often singled out as his best in the match, claiming at one point that he might very well win because of it. Mycro's last Round was a very slow and etherical round that Ashcrement described as having "lulled him into the eternal bliss of an intoxicating seizure". Popular Opinion would eventually rule in MycroProcessor being the winner of the match.

GreatBritishTurd historically responded almost immediately with his serve to start the match GreatBritishTurd vs. AshcrementVII days before the starting date which caught everyone by surprise and complete amazement, due to not only its stunning simplicity but also its complete brilliance.

{{#ev:youtube|NoXX7mRhfss|320}}"The Great Exterminous of Baker Street", aka GreatBritishTurd vs. AshcrementVII, Round 1

Ashcrement was instantly enraptured and the match went on to become one of the most well known in the tournament as well as an all time favorite of his, being as it was an almost entirely classically styled match. ChrisGendo called it his favorite match of the tournament so far. It heavily featured various sherlock holmes sources in addition to The Great Mouse Detective, Ash's signature one of choice, and was elaborate in its progression of wordplay and working off of language, making references to Steely Dan (Basil's quote of "I have NEVER met Napoleon!") amongst other various things. Everything eventually culminated in a grand climax that made viewing the match in full seem almost cinematic. No one knew at all who was going to win. It eventually came to be that because GreatBritishTurd's presence was so overtly enjoyed that he was the winner of the match, making it the first match that Ashcrement had ever lost, much like ChrisGendo's loss to djninja was. The coincidence was further unfolded when both GreatBritishTurd and djninjalovemistake faced each other in the next lineup of matches.

GreatBritishTurd vs. AshcrementVII

Bloodis vs. metroid998

CorruptionSound vs. superkoffee/Luioigi

BSP666c vs. MycroProcessor

trepmaws vs. Gamebop

theFXexpert26 vs. dewmann

JacobketronCT vs. TheChutley

djninjalovemistake vs. sanemurzu

Set 3[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|_vXInq1-5qo|320}}CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor, Round 1

CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor saw CorruptionSound finally realizing something of a dream in gaining the opportunity to finally play his new opponent, whom was the player that inspired him to enter into tennis to begin with and very much inspired his style throughout 2009-2011, and kicked off their match with a serve that Mycro was very impressed with. He continued in his experimental fashion of editing, introducing databending and computer glitch techniques for the first time in his round 2, which caught the attention of even people who previously dismissed his work. The two of them continued to play in an impressive battle of wits, both being incredibly skilled in their technicalness, at one point Corruption presenting a round done in a Wild West Film title-card fashion announcing the players of the match, the number of the match, set, and name of the Tournament and who they were hosted by. Recognition was given to the humor in the bit that read "I DO NOT OWN THE SOURCES---NIETHER DOES HE". The voting results for this match were incredibly close. CorruptionSound only ended up winning due to a sole penalty that Mycro accumulated for his late round 4, who otherwise beat him in votes.

{{#ev:youtube|maIBg0e3Jjg|320}}Bloodis vs. dewmann, Round 1

dewmann was greeted with a second rematch in Bloodis vs. dewmann, of whom the two of them at the time were very close and thus were very happy to play each other again. The resulting match featured almost exclusively sources of Hatsune Miku music videos, the serve of which gained bloodis a lot of new attention within the tennis community. dewmann changed up his pace from the previous two matches for this match, playing to something more akin to the ambience and techincality combination popularized by ChrisGendo and also being used to some influence by Bloodis as well. Every Round was done in a very AMV like fashion with background music being constantly present, being a non-Miku song on only one occasion in Round 2, when it was "With a Little Love" by Level 42. Votes for this match were also very close, dewmann only managed to advance by one vote.

{{#ev:youtube|qTkvjPKORfk|320}}djninjalovemistake vs. GreatBritishTurd, Round 3

djninjalovemistake vs. GreatBritishTurd was a match that was watched in earnest by many of the older tenniers and was positively noted for its complete hybrid of both effect and humor based techniques in a very fluid way. Starting with puns about being a "porpoise" and later becoming "tortoise" and featuring an abundance of NINJA CHALLENGE references and dreamcore-esque musical segments, it was equally challenging battle on both sides. GreatBritishTurd would eventually come out on top as the victor with his rounds having a bit more texture and energy than that of djninja's, and it was at this point that GreatBritishTurd seemed to be near unstoppable.

{{#ev:youtube|MJfGi6WrqsQ|320}}JacobketronCT vs. trepmaws, Round 4

jacobketron's unprecedented run would now take him to the match JacobkrtronCT vs. trepmaws, the last tournament host standing who had won more matches than any tournament he had played in before. And unbelievably, Jacobketron would come to win yet again because of trepmaws eventually coming to forfiet after not being able to respond with Round 6 on time, though he has still promised to eventually deliver the final round when time allows it. Because of this, The match thread sits alongside ChrisGendo vs. MycroProcessor vs. Moogle outside of the completed section, awaiting its conclusion that has subsequently become just as uncertain.

JacobketronCT vs. trepmaws

djninjalovemistake vs. GreatBritishTurd

Bloodis vs. dewmann

CorruptionSound vs. MycroProcessor

Set 4[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|oUng_QwXaHQ|320}}CorruptionSound vs. dewmann, Round 6

In yet a third rematch taking the form of CorruptionSound vs. dewmann (they had played him in a doubles match alongside TheRazorEdge), dewmann recalls being on vacation in San Francisco when they first recieved CorruptionSounds serve for Set 4 of the Tournament. Upon returning home they would enter into one of the most intense matches that they would ever play, describing it as "opening EVERYTHING" in order to respond back to CorruptionSounds rounds which had returned to something of the more technical calibur of his older work following the matches with Luioigi with MycroProcessor. The match would ultamitely serve to be a profound inspiration on players such as Sid1325 and HerpyWhooves. dewmann describes the match as a "real Emerson, Lake, and Palmer moment" for them in which they went considerably above and beyond the average presentation of a tennis round, making some of his most highly/advanced editing that he had done within his round 2 and 4, with CorruptionSound responding in somewhat of a lower-key, focusing more on source addition at some parts. dew's last round was a deliberate retraction from the pace of the two rounds before it, due to both a strain on time and general exhaustion from the effort put into the earlier rounds, and started for them a period of more basic editing practice within future matches. dew here would finally bow out from the tournament, reaching only one level before that of their previous one. Out of respect for his opponent, CorruptionSound would later state that he beat them by only one vote, disregarding the penalty that dew recieved.

{{#ev:youtube|MekRlPAaSJQ|320}}JacobketronCT vs. GreatBritishTurd, Round 6

JacobketronCT had had by this point one of the luckiest winning streaks of any new player, having managed to win over both Chutley and trepmaws, a first by just about any new player. Now being faced with the match of JacobketronCT vs. GreatBritishTurd, the Victor over a previous Tournament winner and over the other victor of a previous tournament winner, it seemed inevitable that his luck would stop here. Jacob still played a high effort match and kept in his positive spirit, which proved to create a very effective chemistry between both players, and TheRazorEdge remarked in reference to this componant compositively, saying that it helped the matches quality. Round 6 is considered to be one of GreatBritishTurd's most visually impressive videos, being very simple in form but very complex in presentation, as he mostly textured the previous round onto an arrangement of cubes created in Blender, a Final Cut Pro extension program, to which he proceeded to similate a complex series of motions with the cubes that would translate into three additional layers, overlayed onto each other through add-compositing and flipped for each additional layer horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, with additional filters added on. The ending result was a mesmerizing visual show that Ashrement described as "like being sucked through a kalaedascope worm hole". The extreme ambience of the audio also served to help the round presentation greatly. JacobketronCT would eventually become justifiably defeated here with no questions asked, thankful for the one-of-a-kind opprotunity he was able to experience. The final match could now be staged and tensions built greatly.

CorruptionSound vs. dewmann

JacobketronCT vs. GreatBritishTurd

FINAL MATCH: CorruptionSound vs. GreatBritishTurd[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|NA6keHf7IYI|320}}CorruptionSound vs. GreatBritishTurd, Round 5

GreatBritishTurd had by this point staged what was considered to be an incredible comeback to tennis especially in the competitive world, having never gotten this far in his entire 5 year career, and many started to believe that he would be the winner of the Tennis Cup IV due the amount of impressing he had done throughout his time within the tournament. CorruptionSound had a repetition for losing early in the past so at this point it just seemed like he was a player with another lucky streak, although his playing style had very much changed from then, and by now he was being looked at with almost equal respect. The match that followed between the remaining two players, was an incredible sight to behold, but it was at this time apparent now and just who was the strongest man. While the first four rounds were incredibly strong, some noticed that GreatBritishTurd's rounds seemed very similar to that of CorruptionSounds with the only big difference being the final cut filters used, with the one exception being Round 4 which used an incredible 3D effect during the musical portion of the round that was an instant stand out of the match. Round 5 saw CorruptionSound suddenly do something completely unexpected. Beginning with a classic Youtube Poop intro that had been famously used by none other than Tennis's inventor conradslater, CorruptionSound proceeded to do little more with the round than run it through an extensive VHS tape glitch effect, to give it the appearance of a bad tape, keeping everything about the round itself intact with it. This was his way of bringing his side of the tournament to a proper and gradual close, in contrast with the high energy explosion that the match could have ended with. GreatBritishTurd echoed this method in his Round 6; the last round of the Tournament, by filming CorruptionSounds Round 5 playing out of a TV screen in his own room, making miniscule filter edits to enhance the effect. With all the tennis playing now good and done, the final votes were sent in, and CorruptionSound was hence forth declared the winner of the Tennis Cup IV, which very pleasantly surprised him. GreatBritishTurd stated that it was an honor to have made it that far, let alone past the first match, declaring that he would return someday should there be another tournament to play in, although he has yet to make a reappearance on the forums in the same way as then.

CorruptionSound vs. GreatBritishTurd

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