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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
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Chrisgendo is a former Café staff member for YouChew.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.
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The account(s) ChrisGendo has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

ChrisGendo is a former Tennis Café Employee and an incredibly lazy bastard.

In brief

ChrisGendo made his first youtube poop in early 2007 (and had been making silly satire videos since fall 2006). While he made YTPs from time to time, he didn't start making them actively until nearly two years later. He didn't frequent the forum for well over a year after initially signing up, too.

He's undoubtedly best known for his tennis stuff, which has been his main video editing focus for the last several years. Has alot of vocal interest in tennis theory and discussion.

Rakninja considers him to be his successor as a member of the tennis café staff; as a pseudo leader of a leaderless team.


ChrisGendo originally signed up to youtube around July 2006, under the account "flclrocks678". His first videos he posted on youtube were AMVs, several in which were done for comedy purposes (like unfitting songs and the like). Later he discovered the AMV Hell series, and got into more comical editing from there. He made several joke videos inspired by them, doing sarcastic image slide-shows and such.

Later into 2006, he discovered RetardedAnimeParody's account and soon after Kajetokun's videos, which sort of changed his perspective on editing. This lead up to ChrisGendo's three first poops, all in which were traps, including a fake Elfen Lied episode and two hentai traps. The first one he made had over 60,000 views in a single day; because of the overwhelming popularity hitting him all at once over an under-edited video (compared to his other two) and not wanting that level of attention so quickly, he decided to delete the account and start anew.

This then lead to the creation of the account "ChrisGendo". When starting this account, he decided to do some fandubs inspired by the works of LittleKuriboh, which didn't gain him a whole lot of popularity at all (they were rather godawful anyway). During the first few months with the account, he did make several poops, but his subscribers at the time weren't too fond of them, preferring the AMVs and dubs he did. He later randomly discovered all of the Zelda CD-i and Hotel Mario videos, liking them so much he made the account "Safooma91" to create 4 wonderfully horrible CD-i poops. He also did join a few short YTP fads (like "This Video is Better Then", etc), but over time started making videos strictly on his main account, ChrisGendo, not wanting to use alts.

Over time he discovered NS2's videos, and was inspired to make videos in that style, leading to the creation of more stutter-filled YTPs. Once again, these weren't very well received by his subscribers (and actually cared about that back then), but he was happy with what he made.

In the summer of 08, his account was suspended by the Tokyo Broadcast System (TBS), for videos using the anime "Clannad". Right afterwords he made the account "MrChrisGendo", which was only up for a month before he removed that account, for personal reasons. A few days after it was closed, he made the account "ChrisGendoAlt", which was his current account for a long while. Since almost his entire "fanbase" left him this time around, he decided to start making youtube poops more frequently, thus becoming a "full time" pooper, and is generally better received in that regard.

Not long after his focus went primarily on tennis, and on YouChew rarely ever posts outside the Tennis Cafe. He participated in the Tennis Season in Team Gilgamesh (with Moogle, MAZZ0Murder and theHappyFungus), shortly after becoming a frequent user on the said section of the said site. And still hasn't really posted much outside of it.

During the summer of 2010 ChrisGendo joined the Three-Way Tourney as both a player and judge, making it to the final match.

In December 2010, ChrisGendo joined the Tennis Café Staff.

In March 2011 ChrisGendo decided to switch to the youtube account ChrisGendou for very little good reasons aside from the screenname preference (since it resembles his original account more), along with considerable stylistic changes since his ChrisGendoAlt account was made.

During the fall of 2011, ChrisGendo begun hosting the 2nd Doubles Cup, planned together with RAKninja. The said tournament ended in March of 2012, with him and his partner AshcrementVII victorious. He also crafted the 4th Tennis Cup together with Trepmaws and AshcrementVII.

ChrisGendo retired from the cafe staff in August of 2012.

As of 2013 ChrisGendo has, aside partaking in the Triples Tennis Cup (partnered with Rak and Trepmaws), almost entirely put towards focus on music and other things instead of videos.

First poop seen

Anything You Desire by RetardedAnimeParody

First poop made


{{#ev:youtube|bDWtUXYUmhs|320}}A YTPMV by ChrisGendo
{{#ev:youtube|XvE1Lv5fyfs|320}}A tennis round
{{#ev:youtube|YHSwBopmJ38|320}}Doubles tennis with AshcrementVII

Has consistently undergone changes over the years, all depending on prefrences. He originally had a minimalistic style, and then became more effect-based and much crazier over time. Often able to adapt to most styles regardless. ChrisGendo's style is heavily influenced by MycroProcessor, RAKninja and Luioigi. More recent stuff has been influenced particularly by AshcrementVII, djninjalovemistake and TheRaz0rEdge. During 2011 his focused began to shift more musically and began focusing more on YTPMV, often throwing them into tennis rounds.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Tech

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11 (current primary)
    • Windows Movie Maker XP ('07-'08)
    • Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 ('08-'09)
    • Sony Vegas 5 ('09 to '12)
    • Wax 2.0 (plug-in with Vegas 5)
    • Adobe After Effects CS4 (almost never used anymore)


  • Originally composed YTPMV
  • Unique editing styles
  • Constructive tennis
  • Syncing videos to music (pretty much just amvs lol)


  • Pitch-shifty YTPMVs
  • YTPMV Soccer (for obvious reasons).
  • Some overused sourced (subject to personal taste though, so whatever).
  • Tennis rounds that don't use the previous round very well.
  • Extremely destructive editing in tennis, to the point that the previous round is unrecognizable.

all completely subjective, of course.


Seems to be well received. From his own observations, it seems like he's generally well liked among alot people who also play or are interested in tennis, and not very popular amongst most everyone else, due to visual and musical focus rather then much anything comical. Has been called a "master" at editing anime and visual novel footage. Probably not true. IS A PETITE CUTE TICKLISH DINNER! (blush) :icon_redface:


  • Sources used, namely anime.
  • Too much audio distortion.
  • Lack of actual humor in alot of his videos.
  • Has deleted a couple of his more popular videos, which made some people pretty upset.
  • TOO MUCH OF A PETITE CUTE TICKLISH DINNER! (blush) :icon_redface:


  • Becoming part of Tennis Café Staff
  • Won the 2nd Doubles Cup with his partner AshcrementVII
  • Created two tennis tournaments.
  • Personal achievements like playing alot of tennis (4th person to have 50 matches)
  • Got 7th place on RetardedAnimeParody's Top 10 Youtube Poops in January '09, with the video filler.
  • His doubles match with Moogle vs AjaxCubed and Piodx received both a review on the front page and was awarded the Tennis Fuck Choice Award by RAKninja
  • Got 3rd place in JakeSteel's Re-Poop contest, his entry being THEY JUST TRIED TO MAKE ME CURRY
  • One of his videos got on YouChew's top ten... i think.
  • BECAME A PETITE CUTE TICKLISH DINNER! (blush) :icon_redface:




Poop Listing

I can't be arsed to fill this out.

Other Information



  • Friends with Morfgworfmim and BillyMorshu IRL
  • Makes music under the name maedasalt
  • Completely obsessed with Bakemonogatari
  • Is an older weeaboo and is mostly familiar with older anime shows. Except Bakemonogatari.
  • Plays alot of visual novels and bishoujo / galge games, text-based adventure style games, and RPGs.
  • Really sucks at playing Touhou despite the previous obsession.
  • Pretty much everyone he knows IRL is aware of his internet antics and persona.
  • Actually isn't female, if that wasn't obvious enough.
  • Met Superkoffee IRL at Sakuracon 2011
  • Met BillyMorshu IRL at Sakuracon 2012
  • I'M A PETITE CUTE TICKLISH DINNER! (blush) :icon_redface:


alot of others. you'll have to find them on your own.


General Complaints About Life

Boku No Pico Doesn't Have Enough Fan Service. D^= OR PICKLES.... (belush)