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The Tennis Season

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Tennis Season was a Youtube Poop Tennis Competition hosted primarily by RabbitSnore, that ran from June to November of 2009, concurrently with the Windows Movie Master and later with the beginning of The Grey Tournament. An entirely new calibur of competitive play, this event utilized a form of regular competitive play with randomized forms based on collaborative teams, with the players of each all working together to collectively garner match win points that by the end of the last week would emerge as victors. The winners of this event would be a team made up of Emperor Ing, Cristoph, quax94, RideTheCatfish and MrDrunkenFox, all of whom used WMM, and as such went by the team name of The Windows Movie Maker Miscrients. The host account used for this tournament went under the name of Keanu Reeves.


Much of what would become the layout for the Season was developed in its embryonic stages as early as the Summer of 2008 by RAKninja, intended to be for a Tennis League III before these plans fell through and Gallers would (attempt) to host what he believed was the true version of this competition, which was sadly ill-fated. These ideas would be held onto for some time though, until seeing eventual resurfacing the following year. While the original idea was simply a standard league that utilized the teams, this was expanded upon much further to a grander scale, now using more varients than just the standard league fare. The Tournament was designed to emulate and run like an actual Season, with the maximum duration being set to 15 weeks, or just under 4 months. For each week a certain kind of variant would be played amongst all competing out of a total of 6 different variants used, and they were thusly:

Week 1: 4 Round League-Style Matches

Week 2: 4 Round Single Source Matches

Week 3: 6 Round Matches (Limited)

Week 4: 4 Round Wildcard Matches

Week 5: 4 Round Doubles Matches

Week 6: 4 Round League-Style Matches

Week 7: 3 Round Poop Duels

Week 8: 4 Round Single Source Matches

Week 9: 4 Round League Style Matches

Week 10: 3 Round Poop Duels

Week 11: 4 Round Wildcard Matches

Week 12: 6 Round Matches (Limited)

Week 13: 6 Round Matches (Standard)

Week 14: 4 Round Single Source Matches

Week 15: 4 Round League Style Matches

Variant Styles[edit]

The rules for each variant went by the following, some borrowed directly from RabbitSnore's established Official Rules:

League Official

- Rounds: 4. - Video Length: 30 seconds to 3 minutes. - Required Usage: At least 20 seconds of the previous round. This rule is rarely an issue and is rarely enforced. - Materials: Up to three sources introduced per video. When a source is introduced in a League match, documentation is especially important. A source can refer to a video or series of videos, depending on how it is documented. For example, AoStH: Full Tilt Tails could be one source or AoStH could be one source. In the former case, if the volley includes clips from Full Tilt Tails, even if the clips were not used in any previous round, it does not count as introduction of a new source. In the latter case, any and all clips from AoStH could be used without counting as a new source added. - Turnover: 36 hours, unless a reason is given ahead of time for a delay.

Round Poop Duel

A Poop Duel is not a Tennis variant in strict terms, since it does not involve remixing prior rounds. Rather, each participant makes videos based on common source material.

A round of a Poop Duel comprises a video from each participant. A standard Duel, then, consists of three rounds for a total of six videos. Participants do not remix each other's videos.

Before each round, each participant adds a source video to a common pool of materials. When making videos, participants are limited to using the material introduced to this common pool. One more video per participant is added before each subsequent round, so the pool of material increases as rounds proceed. Players compete to see who can make the best video using only the material in the common pool.

-Rounds: 3. -Video Length: No restrictions. -Required Usage: Previous rounds not used. -Materials: Common pool. -Turnover: 36 hours.

Round Doubles

Each round, including the serve, is done as a collaborative effort between the two poopers of the respective team. One pooper should make a poop video with sequences of pooped footage and several areas of blank video, without sound or visual. In these areas of blank space, the second pooper of the team adds his or her own edited footage, as well as minimally editing the footage made by his or her partner. The emphasis should be on working with the partner instead of against him or her.

The video resulting from the collaboration is the serve. The volley of the serve is done in a similar fashion: one pooper from the opposed team remixes the previous round, just as in singles tennis, though leaves blank spaces in which his or her partner can add his or her own footage. The second editing pooper should also use material from the previous round, if so desired.

-Rounds: 4, collaborative. -Video Length: No restrictions. -Required Usage: No restrictions. -Materials: No restrictions. -Turnover: 60 hours.

6-Round Limited

- Rounds: 6. - Video Length: 30 seconds to 3 minutes. - Required Usage: At least 20 seconds of the previous round. This rule is rarely an issue and is rarely enforced. - Materials: Up to three sources introduced per video. When a source is introduced in a League match, documentation is especially important. A source can refer to a video or series of videos, depending on how it is documented. For example, AoStH: Full Tilt Tails could be one source or AoStH could be one source. In the former case, if the volley includes clips from Full Tilt Tails, even if the clips were not used in any previous round, it does not count as introduction of a new source. In the latter case, any and all clips from AoStH could be used without counting as a new source added. - Turnover: 48 hours.

6-Round Standard

- Rounds: 6. - Video Length: No restrictions. - Required Usage: No restrictions. - Materials: No restrictions. - Turnover: 48 hours.

4-Round Wildcard

Prior to each round, the player opposing the serving or volleying player creates a single restrictive rule that governs that round. The restriction can apply to material, length, technique, or nearly anything within reason. Restrictions are adjudicated by the judges of the tourney if contended to be unfair.

- Rounds: 4. - Video Length: No restrictions. - Required Usage: No restrictions. - Materials: No restrictions. - Turnover: 36 hours.

4-Round Single Source

- Rounds: 4. - Video Length: No restrictions. - Required Usage: No restrictions. - Materials: One source (as per League Official definition), as selected by the serving player. The source must be available to both players equally. - Turnover: 36 hours.


As another new addition, RabbitSnore introduced Abilities; a special sort of move that players could use when playing in a match as ways to gain a possible upper hand. The abilities were as follows:

Signature Material: A player with this ability selects a source material when choosing this ability. Before volleying a round or serving, regardless of the rules of the game, the player may invoke this ability and use his or her chosen source material in addition to whatever other material is permitted in the match, for that round.

Stifle Effects: Once per match, prior to the opponent volleying a round, a player with this ability may declare two techniques and/or effects which cannot be used in the following round.

Relax Rules: Once per match, before volleying a round or serving, a player with this ability may declare that he or she will ignore part of the rules of a match for next round, such as video length, required usage, or material restrictions. In a Wildcard match, this ability may be used to cancel a Wildcard effect. Note that this ability may not be used to relax turnover time, as those rules are in place to keep the Season on schedule.

Soloist: Once during a Doubles Match, before volleying a round or serving, a player with this ability may declare that he or she will make the next round on his or her own, without a collaborator.

Ace in the Hole: Once during a Poop Duel, before making a round, a player with this ability may declare that he or she will use up to two sources outside of the common pool of material for the next round.

Coerce Material: Once during a match, before an opponent volleys a round, a player with this ability may declare that the opponent must include at least 20 seconds of a specific source material in the next round. The player using this ability must provide access to the material if the opponent does not have ready access to it.

Wildcard Permanence: Prior to a Wildcard Match (before the serve), a player with this ability may declare that each of the restrictions declared in the match will apply to each of the subsequent rounds, not only the immediately following round.

Limit Material: Once during a match, before an opponent volleys a round, this ability may be invoked to preclude the usage of a source (as defined by the League Official rules) in the following round.

Single Source Switch: Once during a Single Source Match, before a round is made by either the owner of this ability or an opponent, this ability may be invoked to change the selected single source to another source for the remainder of the match. The new source must be equally available to both players.

Forever Wild: Before a match begins (before the serve), this ability may be invoked to add Wildcard rules to the match. If this ability is used in a Wildcard match, before each round, two restrictions are created.

Coerce Single Source: Before a match begins (before the serve), this ability may be invoked to add Single Source rules to the match. That is, the serving player chooses a single source that must be used exclusively through the whole match. This ability may not be used if the match is already a Single Source match.

Extended Performance: Once per match, before an opponent volleys a round, this ability may be invoked to override the match's Video Length rules and force the opponent to make his or her next round at least 4 minutes long.

Limited Engagement: Once per match, before an opponent volleys a round, this ability may be invoked to override the match's Video Length rules and force the opponent to make his or her next round no more than 40 seconds long.

Isolation: Once per match, before an opponent volleys a round, this ability may be invoked to prevent the opponent from adding any more sources to his or her next round.


This competition is well-known for being the largest single event to take place on the forum with the largest amount of newcomer players (many of them one-offs) as well as the only tournament in which a traditional team system was used. The team system was to allow players the benefit of players not having to play 5 straight months of tennis, as they could work around their personal schedules thusly. A total of 16 teams of players with a combined 82 total players took part and were the following by team with abilities used by each player:

27 Layer Marble Cake, who was made up of TheChutley using Coerce Single Source, trepmaws and SeargentBacon using Relax Rules, JackTron7000 using Ace in the Hole, and CommanderSky using Limited Engagement.

The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, which was made up of GasmaskAvenger, Malkmusian, eletricalmonkss, and ampithecat, all unanimously using Signature Material with "Atop the Fourth Wall".

THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS, which was made up of ThaNuke using Soloist, InsinerateHymn using Relax Rules, Architect1 using Stifle Effects, wwefan3333 and SpiralWierdo using Isolation, and Lightning Spike using Ace in the Hole.

The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror, which was made up of MycroProcessor using Isolation, Gamebop using Coerce Material, Aesaun using Relax Rules, AjaxCubed and piodx using Stifle Effects, and MorfGworfmim using Coerce Single Source.

The Elitests, which was made up of metroid998 using Limited Engagement, CrazytheSecond, Moto200 and LieutenantMiles using Relax Rules, Combuskenisawesome using Isolation, and zacheatscrackers using Signature Material with "Home Movies".

Incredible Laser Sword, an almost all Cafe Staff team with RabbitSnore and Crash2991 using Forever Wild, RAKninja using Wildcard Performance, strong414bad using Isolation, vvaluigi using Extended Performance, and DaftPunkYoshi using Stifle Effects.

The Pachinko Warriors, made up of SeductiveBaz, TangerineImpz, Maxinsc, JazzDanceForChildren, and TyrannosaurusReich, all unanimously using Signature Material with "'Rocky Just wants to Have Fun' from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

The Righteous Left, made up of Futures Passed/RobotComics using Extended Performance, Blueseraph using Coerce Single Source, JeffH01 using Stifle Effects, ButtonsTheDragon using Signature Material with "Whose Line is it Anyway", McMANGOS using Isolation, and SesakaGenX using Signature Material with "Samurai Pizza Cats".

Rumble Stumble Vanger Flanger Stranger Danger Power Rangers, made up of TheSuperUngieReport using Extended Performance, DoctorOktorok using Relax Rules, and TheRoboticRobot using Soloist.

Screamin' Eagles, made up of Bya using Isolation, FinalSquadalah using Signature Material with "Trauma Center: New Blood", and MetalKoopa using Coerce Material.

STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER, made up of Markie using Signature Material with "Powerpuff Girls", BMATF and TheSfarioBros with Relax Rules, Erarg with Extended Performance, lordbababa with Forever Wild, and PolyCement with Isolation.

Stone, made up of Luioigi using Isolation, AmiralMachin using Signature Material with "Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3", NEVERGONNAGETIT92000 using Signature Material with "Spongebob Squarepants", MVJ52197 using Signature Material with "Final Destination", and TheAirPump using Ace in the Hole.

Super Blitzkrieg Bros, a mostly/all German team of Rillion using Isolation, Olfi500, AshMadeOurEyes and Arkunos using Relax Rules, shroomhead1 using Signature Material with "Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog", and Marty using Signature Material with "himself".

Team Gilgamesh, made up of Chrisgendo using Signature Material with "Welcome to the NHK", MAZZ0Murder using Stifle Effects, Moogle using Forever Wild, RetardedAnimeParody and uncle69er using Relax Rules, and theHappyFungus using Extended Performance.

The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff, made up of JakeSteel using Extended Performance, RealGenericFilms using Stifle Effects, and KlausTheWizard using Signature Material with "IGSRJ's Super Mario 3 Review".

Windows Movie Maker Miscreants, made up of Emperor Ing using Extended Performance, Cristoph using Coerce Material, Quax using Signature Material with "The O'Reilly Factor", RideTheCatfish using Signature Material with "Donkey Kong Country TV Show", and MrDrunkenFox using Signature Material with "Looney Tunes".


Note: As of this writing(2/11/2015), a good half of the original videos of the season remain lost from youtube, including the rounds made by TheAirPump, lordbababa, SeargentBacon, InsinerateHymn, ThaNuke, RideTheCatfish, CrazytheSecond, vvaluigi, Jacktron7000, AmiralMachin, and Arkunos, with quax's videos and a number of MorfGworfmim's videos privated. However, thanks to tabull's efforts, much of the original data and statistics listed in the Season OP have been recovered.

The first week, which was standard league matches, began on July 12 and was slated to end July 18th. Things started out normally, although very quickly problems arose when of all the matches played there was one match that never took place, which was to be the Rumble Stumble Vanger Flanger Stranger Danger Power Rangers, set to serve against The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff. The latter team would end up with an automatic first win without any videos being made due to the other team becoming unresponsive. The other matches were able to complete as scheduled and all yeilded interesting results. Gamebop vs. Bya(representing The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror vs. Screamin' Eagles) would begin with an experimentally driven serve with loud white noise audio overtaking much of the normal volume audio throughout the video, which Bya had noticeable difficulty attempting to volley back as this was his first match he would use Sony Vegas in. His last round features a cutoff of several minutes of black space due to accidentally rendering his entire timeline rather than the video itself. The scoring of this match recieved the most amount of votes in the entire competition, with Gamebop winning by a landslide 19 votes to Bya's 2, of whom would actually end up as the only player on his team that would actually play any matches. shroomhead1 vs. TheHappyFungus(representing Super Blitzkrieg Bros. vs. Team Gilgamesh) would be famously called "The battle of the shrooms", with shroomhead winning for Blitzkrieg with 11 votes vs. Happy's 6. This would also be the source of an unintentionally hilarious moment that wouldn't be found until retrospective inspection of the thread, in which an character glitch (repeaired at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015) caused MycroProcessor's review of the match to be shortened to simply "Round 2 used the serve". This would occur in several other threads including the original Season thread itself. SergeantBacon would be the first player to use an ability in the competition in SergeantBacon vs. FuturedPassed(representing 27 Layer Marble Cake vs. The Righteous Left), using Relax Rules to add more than 3 sources in his second volley. FuturesPassed however would be the winner of this match, winning for The Righteous Left with 8 votes vs. Bacon's 2. eletricalmonkss vs. lordbababa(representing - The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus vs. STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER), the first competitive match for both players, would see monkss emerging as victor with 13 votes vs. 5, while metroid998 vs. TyrannosaurusReich(representing The Elitests vs. The Pachinko Warriors) would see metroid securing an Elitests win with 12 votes to 8 and architect1 vs. quax(representing THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS vs. Windows Movie Maker Miscrients) would see the first win of the Miscrients with quax recieving 12 votes vs. 6. Incredible Laser Sword would also see their first win in RabbitSnore vs. TheAirPump(representing Incredible Laser Sword vs. Stone) with RabbitSnore recieving 8 votes vs. 3.

The second week, which was single source matches, began on July 19 and was slated to end on the 25th. The Rumble Stumble Power Rangers Team were once again unresponsive, resulting in their opposing team, The Windows Movie Maker Miscrients, now being the ones to achieve an automatic win. It was at this point that various players started to dub them satirical and humorous names poking fun at their incompetance, including "The Fumbling Bumbling Forfeiter Defaulter Pansy Chansy Bye Rangers", "The intentionally long name in a horrible attempt to be funny Rangers" and "The Automatic Bye Rangers". This gameweek would also be the scene of a notorious situation in the match of MycroProcessor vs. NEVERGONNAGETIT92000(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. Stone), in which NEVERGONNAGETIT92000 pulled a loophole on the "single source" rule by activating his Signature Source ability to be able to add in footage from Spongebob ("BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET") in his Round 2. Mycro would then in turn activate Isolation to prevent him from adding any more of his source in, to keep the match within the boundaries of the variant. While this would clearly be a clearly one-sided match, MycroProcessor actually lost this match due to his opponent receiving a few "pity" votes putting his total count at 4 vs. his 3, an event that he and others look upon critically in the present day. RabbitSnore would later say that this was something that NEVERGONNAGETIT92000 should not have been able to execute. Similarly the match of ButtonsTheDragon vs. Malkmusian(representing The Righteous Left vs. The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus) progressed halfway through until it was pointed out by Aesaun that an apparent communication error had arose in which Buttons had used his Signature Source in his serve without announcing it along with the source he had chosen as the match's single source, with Malk believing that this meant each person had their own source they used in this type of match, resulting in more sources being added than what the match rules coupled with the Signature Source ability allowed. The Righteous Left would win this match with 6 votes vs. 1. Oddly enough, the same loophole would be used by both players in the match of Markie vs. zacheatscrackers(representing STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER vs. The Elitists) without any objections, with The Elitests winning 4 votes to 3. This gameweek would also see Chrisgendo's first ever competitive match with InsinerateHymn vs. ChrisGendo(representing THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS vs. Team Gilgamesh) with THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS winning 6 to 4, which along with KlausTheWizard vs. RAKninja(representing The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff vs. Incredible Laser Sword), with Incredible Laser Sword winning again with 5 to 4 votes, would be the only two matches that fully adhered within Single Source rules without using loopholes.

Week 3 (6 Round Limited matches) began on July 26th and lasted until August 8th. This would see the initially surprising shift in expectations with TheSuperUngieReport from the Power Rangers suddenly making an appearance in MAZZ0Murder vs. TheSuperUngieReport (representing Team Gilgamesh vs. Rumble Stumble Vanger Flanger Stranger Danger Power Rangers), which quickly fell again as the match failed after only the serve. Ironically it would be Screamin Eagles vs. The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus(FinalSquadalah vs. ampithecat) that would not see a match take any level of fruitition during this week, with ampithecat achieving the automatic win. Notable during this week was the match of Emperor Ing vs. DaftPunkYoshi (representing Windows Movie Maker Miscrients vs. Incredible Laser Sword) which was significantly all WMM, ironic in that both players were currently still active in the Windows Movie Master which was still ongoing. Some considered that this was a "warm-up" match between the two players for the eventual grand finale of that tournament. Incredible Laser Sword would win a third time with 7 votes to 6. JazzDanceForChildren due to busyness would be replaced for the match that would become Maxinsc vs. TheNuke(representing The Pachinko Warriors vs. THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS) with the STEAMERS winning 8 to 4.. In LieutenantMiles vs. SesakaGenX(representing The Elitests vs. The Righteous Left), Miles would use Relax Rules in order to be able to deliver a 20 second video without penalty, as that was all he would be able to produce at the current time. This would however result in The Righteous Left winning with a starking 11 votes vs. 2. In addition, JakeSteel vs. Morfgworfmim(representing The Wilkinsens Family Restraunt Managerial Staff vs. The Electrical Teal Jolteon of Terror) saw a new win for Jolteon with Morf winning 8 votes to 2, 27-Layer Marble Cake defeating Stone in Jacktron7000 vs. AmiralMachin with 7 votes to 3, and STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER defeating The Blitzkrieg Bros. in shroomhead1 vs. TheSfarioBros with 7 to 5.

When the results were posted for this match, Rabbit remarked that Incredible Laser Sword was kicking ass, as they remained undefeated along with the Windows Movie Miscrients(who had actually lost just one match to the currently winning team). RAKninja would react in surprise to the fact that they were beating The Pachinko Warriors 7 to 0, who were considered to be worthy adversaries. The Righteous Left however were doing just as well by this point, though this was not immediately noticed until future weeks.

Week 4 (Wildcard matches) began on August 9th and was slated to end on the 15th. It would see Screamin' Eagles forfeiting once again, this time to The Elitests(set to be moto200 vs. Bya), now putting them around the same tier as the Power Rangers Team, who would once again see representation here with The Robotic Robot vs. TangerineImpz (representing Rumble Stumble Vanger Flanger Stranger Danger Power Rangers vs. The Pachinko Warriors) with the Pachinko Warriors would see their first win with 5 to 2 here. As a further surprise, this would be the first match that the Power Rangers team would actually complete all the way through. Probably the most famous match of this set was Moogle vs. RabbitSnore(representing Team Gilgamesh vs. Incredible Laser Sword), in which both players activated their respective Forever Wild abilities, resulting in a match that now required 3 restrictions to each player after each round, as it was already a wildcard match to begin with. The match was both challenging yet an incredible battle of wits between the two players, leading many people to consider this one of the best matches hands down. The winner would eventually end up being Moogle, winning by just one point (5 to 4) Aesaun vs. RideTheCatfish(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. Windows Movie Maker Miscrients) sadly failed after only one round due to prolonged stalling by Aesaun, who would disappear mysteriously after this match, not having been seen online again since. His serve remains the last video he has uploaded as a result. In RealGenericFilms vs. TheChutley(representing The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff vs. 27-Layer Marble Cake) the former player would actually have his account terminated mid-match by a user claiming copyright, resulting in an unusual delay of the last two rounds of the match, which saw TheChutley working with the restriction of only one layer of video and audio, something he said was definitely not used to. He would however still win the match with 7 votes to 3. Stone would defeat Abnuceals in Luioigi vs. ampithecat with 5 to 2, The Righteous Left would win for a fourth time defeating The Blitzkrieg Bros. in Bluesraph vs. Arkunos with 8 to 5, and STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER would defeat THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS in wwefan3333 vs. Lordbababa(a coincidence in both the all-capitalized named teams faced off) with 5 to 3.

At the end of the week, it was announced some changes in the standings had taken place, with The Righteous Left now emerging with a substantial lead alongside Incredible Laser Sword.

{{#ev:youtube|Imuukfgdyks|320}}Jazz/Tang vs. RAK/Crash, Round 4

Week 5, starting on August 16th and ending on the 29th, would see the unfolding of the Doubles Round, and within it would take place the match of JazzDanceForChildren + TangerineImpz vs. Crash2991 + Crash2991(representing The Pachinko Warriors vs. Incredible Laser Sword), which has retrospectively been considered to be one of the greatest doubles matches of all time. Incredible Laser Sword would implement two abilities; one from both RAK and Crash into the match, being Forever Wild and Wildcard Performance, with the serve restriction stating: "No distortion of the source. You can distort the COLOR, but no mirror, deform, etc etc." and Round 3's restriction stating "Must use 'Rockey Just Wants To Have Fun'." Being almost entirely source driven, this would see every player indulging in sources that would give the match a very distinct sense of character, emphasized by the majority of the sources being rather obscure and a good handful of these sources made up of 70s-90s anime, including Voltes V, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, The King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Tenchi Muyo, Speed Racer, Golden Boy and Dragonball Z, with a brief appearance by Lupin III in Round 4 as well. Other sources that would make an appearance would be Ralph Bakishi's Coonskin(1975), as well as The Dukes of Hazzard and a japanese Spiderman. Permeated throughout the match would be the repetition of "BRAIN PALACE" and "A THOUSAND DOLLARS!" which would become it's signature features. The Pachinko Warriors would see a smashing and admirable victory in this match, defeating Incredible Laser Sword 9 to 3. Alongside it would also be the equally entertaining match of TheChutley + trepmaws vs. quax + MrDrunkenFox(representing 27-Layer Marble Cake vs. Windows Movie Maker Miscreants), where while TheChutley and trepmaws showed their usual collaboriatve strength, on the other side the work was divided between the two players with quax seeming to be the only one to actually edit the previous round while MrDrunkenFox very sarcastically did nothing but add sources, which were almost entirely black and white WWII cartoons. Their Round 4 would notoriously be composed with his contribution being nothing but a clip of a cartoon Adolf Hitler jumping up and down shouting "ROOTIN' TOOTIN AN' A-" repeatedly which would take up a good half of the video. They would afterwards joke about being a shoe-in for the match win even though it seemed very unlikely (they would in fact tie 7-7). TheChutley has in recent times been critical of his own performance in this match. This gameweek would also see the one and only usage of the Soloist ability, used by TheRoboticRobot to compensate for the otherwise complete inactivity of the rest of his team, in Erarg + PolyCement vs. The Robotic Robot(representing STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER vs. Rumble Stumble Vanger Flanger Stranger Danger Power Rangers). This sadly would not complete, resulting in yet another failed match although it would be the Power Rangers team that would automatically win this time, their first win in the competition thus far. Similar fates would be met in four other matches during this week, with Screamin' Eagles vs. Super Blitzkrieg Bros being the match that would never see a thread(with The Blitzkrieg Bros winning by default, having the team of shroomhead and Rillion while the Eagles couldn't come up with one), Stone automatically winning to The Elitests (AmiralMachin + The AirPump vs. metroid998 vs. Crazythesecond) with a Service Ace, The Righteous Left defeating the CLEVELAND STEAMERS(SesakaGenX + McMANGOS vs. SpiralWierdo + LightningSpike) also with a Service Ace, and the Abnuceals defeating the Wilkinsens Family Restraunt (RGF + KlausTheWizard vs. GasmaskAvenger vs. eletricalmonkss) after 2 rounds. The only other match seeing completion was the effect heavy AjaxCubed + piodx vs. Moogle + ChrisGendo(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. Team Gilgamesh) with Team Gilgamesh winning 9 to 4.

By the end of this week TheRoboticRobot, who was essentially Team Captain for the Power Rangers, had changed his team name to the Phoenix Fuckers.

{{#ev:youtube|Ta55or_0BqE|320}}SergeantBacon/TheChutley vs. TheHappyFungus, Round 3

Week 6, starting on August 30th until September 5th, would only ever see 4 match threads created; only half of the people in the tournament actually having participation this time around, while in the other half, a quarter of the teams would automatically advance over the other quarter who all failed to deliver a serve. Among the ones actually completed would be the eventful SergeantBacon vs. TheHappyFungus(representing 27-Layer Marble Cake vs. Team Gilgamesh), in which Happy would activate her Extended Performance ability upon Bacon, forcing him to now respond with a Round 3 that was at least 4 minutes long. Bacon would at this time become put out of service and the team would become very set back in trying to respond to Happy's round, eventually coming to the decision to have TheChutley fill in for Bacon for this one response. His resulting Round 3 would be a showstopping tour de force that very impressively volleyed the previous round while succeeding in filling in the 4 minute requirement, with "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses playing throughout for emphasis. Happy in turn would not be able to respond effectively to this round for his last video, and the match resulted in 27-Layer Marble Cake winning with 2 to 1. trepmaws would mention that the lack in quantity of completed matches for this week was easily made up in quality, as it was positively remarked by many people in correspondance to the Markie vs. strong414bad match as well (representing STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER vs. Incredible Laser Sword), in which both players tied. The Blitzkrieg Bros would defeat Stone in olfi500 vs. Luioigi with 4 to 2 and the Windows Movie Maker Miscrients would defeat the Abnuceals in Cristoph vs. Malkmusian in a landslide victory of 4 to 0. Jolteon recieved and auto-win after a serve failed to start TangerineImpz vs. MycroProcessor from the Pachinko Warriors, as did The Righteous Left when the Phoenix Fuckers failed to serve in kingplatypus vs. ButtonsTheDragon. Bya secured a default win for The Screamin Eagles after no one turned up to represent THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS and LieutenantMiles did the same for The Elitests when no one turned up to represent The Wilkinsens Family Restraunt Managerial Staff.

Week 7 (Poop Duels) started on Sept. 6 and slated to run until until Sept. 12 would only see 6 threads created, and of those 6 only 2 would fully complete, making this the most unsuccessful variant of the tournament so far. The matches that completed would be vvaluigi vs. FuturesPassed(representing Incredible Laser Sword vs. The Righteous Left) with Incredible Laser Sword winning due to FuturesPassed never finishing the rounds on his side, and Emperor Ing vs. Combuskenisawesome(representing Windows Movie Maker Miscrients vs. The Elitests), although much to the dismay of the former player in the second match as he found himself faced with sources that he absolutely despised(specifically Total Drama Island, to which RAKninja would humorously remark in the midst of his match with piodx "god i'd cut that so fast, and replace it with it's diametric opposite, a good cartoon"). Much of the failure of this gameweek was due to Duels being a rarely used method of play and therefore the exact rules as to how one was carried out were very unfamiliar to most players, for some near incomprehensible. By this time in the tournament Screamin' Eagles had been reduced to just Bya the Restraunt Managerial Staff to just RealGenericFilms, and The Phoenix Fuckers had dissolved completely, leaving a hole open now in terms of how the tournament would be able to now proceed. This would cause Bya to win automatically against the now nonexistant Phoenix Fuckers team in addition to Rillion winning automatically for Blitzkrieg against Wilkinsens who failed to have a player appear. Team Gilgamesh would also automatically win against Abnuceals who suffered the same fate, and Stone against THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS after ThaNuke failed to turn up to face AmiralMachin. 27-Layer Marble Cake would win after a single video against the Pachinko Warriors in trepmaws vs. JazzDanceForChildren(originally TheChutley was to play Jazz).

At the same time, due to none of the matches in Week 7 finishing on schedule, Week 8 was forced to start concurrently with it(on September 13th as planned,running until the 19th), though only 5 matches ever came out of this gameweek. In SesakaGenX vs. MorfGworfmim(representing The Righteous Left vs. The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror), Morf would very cleverly use his Coerce Single Source ability in what was already a single source match to change the selected source from Master Blaster to Wild Arms 2. Mycro would remark that this would be the one time he almost voted for the other team due to the performance of Sesaka in this match, which would end in a tie vote of 7-7. Popeye The Sailor Meets Sinbad The Sailor(1936) would be the source to characterize metroid998 vs. MAZZ0Murder(representing The Elitests vs. Team Gilgamesh, with Team Gilgamesh winning 7 to 5) while The Empire Strikes Back(1980) would be it for Bya vs. vvaluigi(representing Screamin' Eagles vs. 27-Layer Marble Cake, with Incredible Laser Sword winning 8 to 2) and Hulk Hogan would be it for quax vs. Rillion(representing Windows Movie Maker Miscrients vs. Super Blitzkrieg Bros). Though Rillion would forfeit in this match, somehow he would still originally win with a 3 to 1 score against quax, which was then subsequently corrected. STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER failed to deliver a serve in Erarg vs. CommanderSky, resulting in an automatic win for 27-Layer Marble Cake, and the Abnuceals automatically won against the Pachinko Warriors, who did not appear. Stone automatically defeated the Phoenix Fuckers similarly. THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS defeated The Wilkinsens in RGF vs. InsinerateHymn with 6 to 4, the only other complete match this gameweek.

When Week 8 matches completed, no further progress had been made by those in Week 7, so the decision was made to pass the remaining ones over since they had stalled for more than long enough. There was worry about what was to happen in Week 10 however, as Duels were set to place in that week also. The standings by this point were very close, as Moogle would point out that the Top 6 teams(Incredible Laser Sword, Windows Movie Maker Miscrients, Team Gilgamesh, 27-Layer Marble Cake, The Righteous Left and Stone) were all within a 6 point range of each other with a number of the other teams close behind.

Week 9 saw more or less a return to a more organized balance as now people were able to work more comfortably in terms of their own material, but as this was now late September(the week started on the 20th and ran until the 26th), people now had school to deal with which caused more delays/dropouts and only 5 match threads would be made, and no more than 5 would ever be made from this week through to Week 14. The was emphaseized by the rather problem-dogged lordbababa vs. ButtonsWithDragons which was supposed to originally be BMATF vs. Bluesraph(representing STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER vs. The Righteous Left), which only ever got to the serve before becoming failed with The Righteous Left gaining another default win. This did however see the rather acclaimed match of piodx vs. trepmaws(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. 27-Layer Marble Cake, with Marble Cake winning 3 to 0) and RealGenericFilms at last would see some additional recruitment on his team with the addition of smog133(using Signature Material with "Cory in the House") and TomServo200X, although only the former would actually play a match. RGF himself would play in RealGenericFilm vs. Cristoph this gameweek (representing Wilkinsens vs. Windows Movie Maker Miscreants, with the Miscreants winning 8 to 1). The Pachinko Warriors, the Phoenix Fuckers and THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS would both not be present, resulting in auto-wins for Team Gilgamesh, Incredible Laser Sword and The Blitzkrieg Bros. respectively.

Of the 5 matches for Week 10(Poop Duels once again, starting Sept. 27th and running to October 3rd), 3 of them actually managed to complete successfully, which was somewhat better in comparison to that of the previous Duel week, though there was still much misunderstanding to the exact playout of Duels still. While Screamin' Eagles never made a video against the Restaurant Managerial Staff team (RealGenericFilms vs. Bya) and Markie similarly to TheHappyFungus due to becoming too preoccupied with schoolwork(would have been Team Gilgamesh vs. STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER), there would be wonderance now as to what was happening with the Pachinko Warriors, as they had become noticeably absent from the last few gameweeks by this point, with their opponents The Righteous Left gaining another auto-win. The Phoenix Fuckers would also be completely nonexistent by this time(with Blitzkrieg Bros now getting an auto-win), and some discussion occurred as to whether it would be a better decision to bring the amount of teams down by doing away with the inactive ones, which wouldn't actually happen due to the set organization that was already in place. Moogle would also comment later that this gameweek had also set something of a record for lateness and penalties, hallmarked by vvaluigi vs. wwefan3333(representing Incredible Laser Sword vs. THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS) in which vvaluigi won simply by having a smaller negative score. The Wilkinsens gained an auto-win after Bya failed to deliver a serve

{{#ev:youtube|iTtheGPDRig|320}}The "split-copy-paste" Round 3 of Gamebop vs. Combuskenisawesome

Week 11 would see the return of Wildcard matches, and the debut of smog133 on the competitive field in smog133 vs. Luioigi(representing The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff vs. Stone). Famously in Gamebop vs. Combuskenisawesome(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. The Elitists), Combusken would give Gamebop the highly unusual restriction of only being allowed to use "split, copy, and paste" to edit his Round 3, which cut him off from almost every characteristic from his usual style. MycroProcessor commented that while he loved the restriction Combusken presented for Gamebop's serve("Video sources cannot be synced with the matching audio sources at all.") since he had thought of that as a restriction himself, he considered "only split, copy and paste" to be too extreme. Nevertheless, Gamebop was able to deliver Round 3 using these exact methods, which to many viewers familiar with his work was fascinating in its stark contrast. Emperor Ing would comment that this round would turn out to be one of the more interesting videos he had seen from him. This restriction would turn be reverted upon Combusken himself, who would finish out the match similarly, and the creative use of restrictions in this match would receive praise from a number of players. This match would also see a pseudo-continuation in the Grey Tournament, as the exact same match with the exact same positioning of both players was to take place. Incredible Laser Sword would slip a little bit in shroomhead1 vs. RAKninja(representing Super BlitzKrieg Bros. vs. Incredible Laser Sword) as RAK would become late with his last round due to actually serving jail time, and in Bya vs. Quax(representing Screamin' Eagles vs. Windows Movie Maker Miscrients), Bya made clear that he had virtually no motivation for tennis at that point, and that there was no point in it for him, despite being considered the hero of the Season for playing in near every match that he was able to take part in.

In Week 12 (6 Round Limited Matches) Bya would attempt to play one more match in Bya vs. SesakaGenX(representing Screamin' Eagles vs. The Righteous Left) but would only ever make the serve before making the decision to not continue, due to both loss of interest and the addition of new outside commitments("Come on Bya don't let something like extra-curricular commitments get in the way of tennis!"). There would be the mentioning at this point that rapskallionxyz/mYZterbattyX(using Signature Material with "Yngwie Malmsteen") had appeared expressing desire to play on Bya's team, and due to the general desire to have a player replace Bya and finish the match, she would volunteer to carry out this operation. Bya would however become very irritated at this as he was never told that a person would be put on his team, and was also intending to end the match where he had taken it. Despite this he would basically leave the tournament for good following this match, leaving what remained of the Screamin' Eagles in the hands of mYZterbattyX. Subsequently the Screamin' Eagles would be retired indefinitely as an empty team, and mYZ would play solo under the name of Wunderwaffe, effectively taking the place of the long-deceased "Fail Rangers" team.

{{#ev:youtube|ngA4ts6ftQk|320}}piodx vs. RAKninja, Round 4
{{#ev:youtube|blYq-7GgCQM|320}}Emperor Ing vs. Moogle, Round 5

Her style was naturally very well recieved and it was vastly more complex than that of Bya's, and this was a noticeable tide turner in terms of the outcome of the match. At one point early on however the forum went down for a short time and the match was prematurely declared forfieted on the side of The Righteous Left, who were unable to contact people via the forum in terms of registering for Week 12, though it was argued by RAK initially that they had all week to do so, in addition to having more than one means of confirming things. Emperor Ing mentioned that he had accidentally factored in results without the addition of penalties amongst other things resulting in many inaccuracies, which he apologized for, and eventually they were able to play as planned. Alongside this match would be the incredibly interesting matchup of piodx vs. RAKninja(representing The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror vs. Incredible Laser Sword), which MycroProcessor commented had the potential to be highly unusual since both players were considerable opposites in terms of editing and source tastes. This would prove to be yet another example of RAKninja at his creative best, as each of his rounds to piodx would feature very innovative ways of his "source cutting" technique in response to the sources piodx would add in, with Round 4 considered to be his best round of the match due to its trademark etherical feeling and use of merely the first few seconds of Round 3 as the template for everything else that would happen in the round. Emperor Ing vs. Moogle(representing Windows Movie Maker Miscreants vs. Team Gilgamesh) would also be very well recieved, particularly by the veteran members of the Cafe Staff, as it was almost completely dominated by Godfrey Ho's Ninja films and played out in a very "classic" manner, with Ing determined at this point that he would win for his team, as he hadn't won any previous matches throughout the Season(he would in fact win). TheAirPump would be discouraged by the fact that he lost 2-0 when playing MrDrunkenFox in Week 10 which had seemed to be a running trend in the outcome of his own matches, and become at that point adopted the attitude of a very sore loser, announcing he would essentially quit after completing TheAirPump vs. lordbababa(representing Stone vs. STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER), which ended up failing. RAKninja would make aware of the silliness of this decision as the Season had only a few weeks left, and many people were critical of his behavior. By the end of this gameweek, there was now a three-way tie for First place with 4 players following very close behind, a 7 point difference between them and the team in 7th place. The Season Champions at this point had the possibility to go either way between Incredible Laser Sword, 27-Layer Marble Cake, Team Gilgamesh, Stone, Windows Movie Maker Miscreants, The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror and The Righteous Left.

{{#ev:youtube|1Grs3vWlpS0|320}}TheChutley vs. Crash2991, Round 4

Week 13 would see the most anticipated matches of the Season as they would be the most common variety, standard 6 Round matches. Despite this, only 3 matches were ever created in the section. RealGenericFilms would continue to keep pushing in yet another match for his team in MAZZ0Murder vs. RealGenericFilms(representing Team Gilgamesh vs. The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff) which despite being fraught with struggling would see it's full completion. FuturesPassed vs. AmiralMachin(representing The Righteous Left vs. Stone) would be a match played so evenly that many people were split as towards who to vote for in it. TheChutley vs. Crash2991(representing 27-Layer Marble Cake vs. Incredible Laser Sword) would also see critical acclaim as it would see both players playing just as evenly, with TheChutley altering his usually complex style to match that of Crash, in what would be an intense dukeout. Crash would remark very positively in his opportunity in being able to play TheChutley. It would be noted at this time that The Pachinko Warriors had now forfeited as many games as The Phoenix Fuckers, and it was safe to say that they would not make another appearance in the competition. The results of this gameweek still held the possibility of one of 6 potential teams gaining the win, with Windows Movie Maker Miscreants still valiantly clinging onto second place due to another forfeit from their opposing team.

Week 14(single source) would see the Miscreants initially facing up against Stone, the current leaders of the Season, a match that would actually end in a forfeit, giving the Miscreants the new lead. Observed at this time would be the notion that many people had now gotten very tired of playing in the Season in general and very many people had left altogether, leaving only a handful of players intact for the last couple of weeks. This would be reflected in the abrupt forfeiting of Incredible Laser Sword in their match against Team Gilgamesh, which was as disappointing as it was unexpected. 27-Layer Marble Cake would observe themselves briefly holding first place before falling back down again for this week. The Restaurant Managerial Staff Team would also see activity from a player other than RealGenericFilms for this gameweek in JackTron7000 vs. smog133(representing 27-Layer Marble Cake vs. Wilkensons) and the match of wwefan3333 vs. MycroProcessor(representing THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS vs. The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror) giving the latter player his first match since Week 2 of the competition. Mycro would consider both of his rounds for this match to be incredibly rushed and below par of his usual quality, especially his Round 4 which took him roughly only an hour and 30 minutes to make. This would also be his first full tennis round that he would upload onto his Jolteon account, which would see much greater use in the coming years.

The Final Week would see an unexpected burst of more activity, with nearly all of the active teams playing in their last matches, and nearly all the matches being ones definitely worth the attention of those who had managed to stick around. RealGenericFilms' last contribution to the tournament would end in his opponants failure in RealGenericFilms vs. PolyCement(representing Wilkensons vs. STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER) and he would subsequently be applauded for his dedication to seeing his team all the way through the tournament even though the rest of it had practically crashed and burned behind him. Moogle vs. mYZterbattyX(representing Team Gilgamesh vs. Wunderwaffe) would be a match in which Moogle would say that he would gain a signifigant burst in inspiration from his opponants Rounds, which he considered fantastic despite mYZ thinking otherwise. Rillion vs. Gamebop(representing Super BlitzKrieg Bros. vs. The Electric Teal Jolteon of Terror) would be a very acclaimed match as Rillion would play very compentantly against his opponant, ending with a Round 4 from Gamebop that was considered innovative in his use of the ending bit of Rillion's Round 3 throughout the entire length of his video. quax vs. trepmaws(representing Windows Movie Maker Miscreants vs. 27-Layer Marble Cake) was essentially seen by some viewers as the epitomal deciding match of the competition winner, although it was pointed out by others that the Miscreants had by this stage already had the competition in the bag due to their last few successes (particularly that of Ing), which was proven when despite quax losing the match, their placement was left unchanged, though 27-Layer Marble Cake with this win was just barely able to tie for second place with Team Gilgamesh.

Final Results[edit]

After all had been said and done, the Windows Movie Maker Miscreants emerged as the winners of the Season after a long and hard fought battle for several ongoing months, with Stone tying for first with them also. The final team standings were thus:

Windows Movie Maker Miscreants: 48

Stone: 48

Team Gilgamesh: 47

27-Layer Marble Cake: 47

Incredible Laser Sword: 44

The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror: 37

Super Blitzkrieg Bros: 34

The Righteous Left: 33

The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus: 27

The Elitists: 25



The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff: 17

Screamin' Eagles: 16

The Pachinko Warriors: 9

Wunderwaffe: 5

Additional final stats included the following:

Most wins

7 - 27-Layer Marble Cake, Incredible Laser Sword

6 - The Elitists, Team Gilgamesh

5 - Windows Movie Maker Miscreants, The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror

4 - The Righteous Left, Stone, Super Blitzkrieg Bros


2 - The Pachinko Warriors, STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER

1 - The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Screamin' Eagles

0 - The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff, Wunderwaffe

Most votes

60 - The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror

55 - Team Gilgamesh

50 - Incredible Laser Sword, Windows Movie Maker Miscreants

46 - 27-Layer Marble Cake

44 - The Righteous Left

37 - The Elitists, Super Blitzkrieg Bros


31 - The Pachinko Warriors

25 - Stone


17 - The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

14 - The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff

10 - Screamin' Eagles

3 - Wunderwaffe

Best vote difference

18 - The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror

16 - Incredible Laser Sword

12 - Team Gilgamesh

11 - Windows Movie Maker Miscreants

10 - The Righteous Left

8 - 27-Layer Marble Cake

4 - Super Blitzkrieg Bros

0 - The Elitists


-1 - Stone


-7 - The Pachinko Warriors

-8 - The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

-12 - Wunderwaffe

-24 - Screamin' Eagles

-26 - The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff

Most representatives (the number of people who have finished at least one game for the week during the season)

6 - Incredible Laser Sword

5 - 27-Layer Marble Cake, The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror

4 - Windows Movie Maker Miscreants, Stone, The Righteous Left, Team Gilgamesh, Super Blitzkrieg Bros, The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, The Elitists, THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS, The Pachinko Warriors

3 - STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER, The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff

2 - Screamin' Eagles, Wunderwaffe

Most games finished

11 - 27-Layer Marble Cake

10 - Incredible Laser Sword, Team Gilgamesh, The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror

9 - The Righteous Left, The Elitists, Windows Movie Maker Miscreants

8 - Stone

7 - THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS, The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff, Super Blitzkrieg Bros

6 - The Pachinko Warriors

5 - The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Screamin' Eagles, STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER

3 - Wunderwaffe

Individual player stats

Most games finished

4 - Bya, Metroid998, Moogle, RealGenericFilms, TheChutley

3 - ChrisGendo, Emperor Ing, GameBop, mYZterbattyX, Piodx, quax, Rakninja, SesakaBlargh, Shroomhead1, trepmaws, wwefan3333

Most wins

3 - GameBop, Metroid998, Moogle

2 - ChrisGendo, Christoph, Insineratehymn, JackTron7000, MAZZ0Murder, Metroid998, NEVERGONNAGETIT92000, Rakninja, Shroomhead1, TangerineImpz, TheChutley, vvaluigi

Most votes received

34 - GameBop

26 - Moogle

24 - Metroid998

23 - Quax

20 - TheChutley, trepmaws

18 - ChrisGendo, SesakaBlargh

17 - Shroomhead1

15 - Morf Gworfmim

Best vote difference

25 - GameBop

13 - Christoph, Moogle

9 - TangerineImpz, trepmaws

8 - Electricalmonkss, MAZZ0Murder, Metroid998

Most points earned

13 - Moogle

11 - GameBop, Metroid998

10 - MAZZ0Murder, Rakninja, trepmaws

9 - ChrisGendo, JackTron7000, TangerineImpz, TheChutley

8 - Insineratehymn, NEVERGONNAGETIT92000, vvaluigi

Game stats

Most voted game

21 - GameBop vs Bya

20 - Metroid998 vs. TyrannosaurusReich,

18 - architect1 vs. quax

Biggest vote difference

17 - GameBop vs. Bya

Additionally, when it was pointed out that while the Miscreants won the tournament they had in fact not won the most matches, Gamebop did a recalculation of all the non-forfeit wins of each team, yeilding these results:

Windows Movie Maker Miscreants: 5

Stone: 4

Team Gilgamesh: 6

27-Layer Marble Cake: 7

Incredible Laser Sword: 7

The Electric Teal Joltoen of Terror: 5

Super Blitzkrieg Bros: 4

The Righteous Left: 4

The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Chorus: 1

The Elitists: 6



The Wilkinson's Family Restaurant Managerial Staff: 0

Screamin' Eagles: 1

The Pachinko Warriors: 2

Wunderwaffe: 0


This would prompt RAKninja with the motivation to include "forfeit adjusted" stats within the Statistics thread due to the interest contrast it presented.

The awards that the Miscreants would be presented for the championship gain were also beyond the usual Tourney Winner Trophy and were instead, like the Windows Movie Master before it, medals made exclusively for this competition. A Golden Wreath would be bestowed upon them for the win, while a regular wreath would be given to each of them (and every player who took some part in the competition) for contributing to it's progression through participating. A silver wreath would also be made around this time, becoming the medal gained after completing 10 tournament matches.

Enthusiasm for a second Season to happen again the next summer (and for some people every summer afterward if possible) was definitely abundant at the announcement of the win, although as of current another Season has yet to take place on the Youchew forums. It has however come up in recent competitive discussion occurring in September and October 2014 and plans to happen in the not-too-distant future. Following the final conclusion of this competition, The Grey Tournament could now officially start as the next competition.

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