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Tennis League V

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Tennis League V (stylized as TENNIS LEAGUE fiVₑ) is a tennis tournament that ran from September 2019 - present. It is the 5th installment of the tennis leagues that have run on YouChew: the first three from 2007 - 2008, and the fourth in 2015. It is also the first official tennis tournament on YTPMania itself.

The tournament was started originally as unsanctioned by VidTens443 and mrdoognoog before eventually becoming sanctioned as new staff were finally chosen. The final cohosts were VidTens443, mrdoognoog, Nubman41, Dew, and Morshe.



Since the closure of YouChew and end of the Doubles Cup 3, the tennis community went relatively silent, with much of the community going completely dormant leaving a new generation on YTPMania to start anew. 2018 came and went with no new tournament. The dormancy also affected the tennis staff, with all five of them going nearly radio silent on almost all fronts. Eventually, enough was enough. People began getting antsy waiting for a new one to begin. A rare message at the time by Metroid promised one to begin in early March… however, this tourney, whatever its concept was, never happened. At this point, the café had a new message every other week at best.

Behind the scenes mrdoognoog repeatedly DMed Smonge about the situation and talked with others about getting something started. Eventually, Smonge gave in around August and promised to DM the staff to hopefully get some more active people in for a new generation of tennis. Two months of staff members quitting later, there was still no word of things to come. Around late September GSgiraffes asked in the café if a tournament could happen outside the official staff, as clearly they weren’t gonna make one soon. Everyone agreed it was finally time.

Over the period of about three days doog and VidTens, later joined by Nubman and Morshe built the layout for what would become the tennis league five. Original outlines contained aspects of many prior tournaments including past leagues, cups and the Tennis Season. It was decided as there were so many new members at the moment that things should be made as simple as possible, and thus many more complicated aspects were removed. This included the tennis season abilities and the potential for doubles matches. Dew also helped during this time but wasn’t an official cohost until right before the tournament began.

Around this time word spread and people began anticipating and preparing. On Sunday the 21st of September the signup page was released. Almost Immediately the spots filled up, and by one hour in there were enough replacements to create another division, bringing it up to a suitable five. The tournament started the next day.


The veterans from previous tournaments that originally joined were the main host VidTens443 followed by co-host dew with other older players mafar, CamHead, GSgiraffes, Brick, BoomDaCorgi1337, LopunnyBoy, lonrefne, CheeChee, Razerek, mapo, and Sploltoen. Players new of the tournament joined co-hosts of mrdoognoog, Nubman41, and Morshe and other newer players Extrenor, BananaMannafoot, Ian O'Keefe, system128, Gabiwoda, DatCorrupterGuy, pacboy, MemeKirisame, sull0, CRJ1, poprox101, Wodienfor, Instert Name Here, and ZeroLittleWords. Replacements who were able to join and participate featuring the veterans' afterbirth, ClassicBirch, GameBop, Metroid998 with the newcomers Zevio, KaiPixelleap7800, PoopTV, Milk Gaming Channel, Ivan187, hackerytp, SuperPoopBros, and TyrannousAsh20.

Set 1[edit]

Divsion A[edit]

Type: Single Source

MemeKirisame vs. CRJ1

CamHead vs. mafar_

Morshe vs. Glaci

Divsion B[edit]

Type: Multiplied Time

AwesomeGuy117 vs. Extrenor

GSgiraffes vs. VidTens443

Nubman41 vs. dew

Divsion C[edit]

Type: Wildcard

pacboy/Zevio vs. LopunnyBoy

BoomDaCorgi1337 vs. Ghostland811 (Gabiwoda)

Brick vs. DatCorrupterGuy

Divsion D[edit]

Type: Regular

mrdoognoog vs. Ian O’Keefe

sull0 vs. CheeChee

poprox101 vs. lonrefne

Divsion E[edit]

Type : Noplug

Sploltoen vs. ZeroLittleWords

mapo vs. Razerek

Wodienfor vs. Instert Name Here

pacboy was the first to dropout in the tourney as he never understood and complained about TL5, he also predicted whose gonna win in each tourney match. Zevio steps in and replaced pacboy to finish the wildcard against LopunnyBoy.

Set 2[edit]

Divsion A[edit]

Type: Wildcard

MemeKirisame/afterbirth vs. CamHead

mafar_ vs. Morshe

Glaci vs. CRJ1

Divsion B[edit]

Type: NoPlug

Nubman41 vs. VidTens443

dew vs. Extrenor/KaiPixelleap7800

GSgiraffes vs. AwesomeGuy117

Divsion C[edit]

Type: Regular

DatCorrupterGuy vs. BoomDaCorgi1337

Ghostland811 (Gabiwoda) vs. LopunnyBoy

Zevio vs. Brick

Divsion D[edit]

Type: Single Source

CheeChee vs. poprox101

mrdoognoog vs. sull0

lonrefne vs. Ian O’Keefe/ClassicBirch

Divsion E[edit]

Type: Multiplied Time

mapo vs. Instert Name Here

Razerek vs. ZeroLittleWords

Wodienfor vs. Sploltoen

At the beginning of the set, MemeKirisame dropped out for classified reasons with afterbirth taking his place making him to tennis CamHead. Extrenor dropped out right near dew's serve was made, with the loss of dew's opponent she encouraged Extrenor to come back but was too late, thus KaiPixelleap7800 took the slot. Ian O’Keefe dropped out for not getting his round 2 on time, ClassicBirch took his slot and made round 2.

Set 3[edit]

Divsion A[edit]

Type: Regular

system128 vs. mafar

afterbirth vs. Morshe

CamHead vs. CRJ1

Divsion B[edit]

Type: Wildcard

AwesomeGuy117 vs. Nubman41

Vidtens443 vs. dew

PoopTV vs. KaiPixelleap7800

Divsion C[edit]

Type: Multiplied Time

Brick vs LopunnyBoy

Zevio vs BoomDaCorgi1337/MGC

Gabiwoda vs DCG

Divsion D[edit]

Type: NoPlug

mrdoognog vs. poprox101

sull0 vs. lonrefne

ClassicBirch vs. CheeChee

Divsion E[edit]

Type: Single Source

Sploltoen vs. Razerek

mapo vs. Wodienfor

ZeroLittleWords vs. Insert Name Here

BoomDaCorgi1337 dropped out after Zevio's round 3 for the loss of motivation and stress with Milk Gaming Channel being a replacement and was set to make round 4. After mapo and AwesomeGuy117 made their round 3, they decided to dropped out due to stress and lack of motivation. mapo was replaced by GameBop. AwesomeGuy never liked to be a competitive player but rather a casual player.

Set 4[edit]

Divsion A[edit]

afterbirth! vs. mafar

system128 vs. CamHead

CRJ1 vs. Morshe

Divsion B[edit]

dew vs. PoopTV/TyrannousAsh20

Ivan187 vs. VidTens443

hackerytp vs. Nubman41

Divsion C[edit]

DatComputerGuy vs. Zevio

Brick vs. Gabiwoda

LopunnyBoy vs Milk Gaming Channel/SuperPoopBros

Divsion D[edit]

CheeChee vs. mrdoognoog

poprox101 vs. ClassicBirch/Metroid998

Divsion E[edit]

GameBop vs. Splolteon

Wodienfor vs. ZeroLittleWords

Razerek vs. Insert Name Here

Before Set 4 began, there was an issue onto division D where some players haven't played each other an example being mrdoognoog played neither CheeChee or Ionrefne. So they only have 2 matches to run on in each set and an extra set for them (5.5) before the finale can start. In Set 4, Ionrefne and sull0 are absent due to the split.

Ivan187 replaced AwesomeGuy117 and set to play VidTens443. KaiPixelleap7800 dropped out, was replaced by hackerytp and was set to play Nubman41. 2 matches from LopunnyBoy and dew had their opponents dropped out for procrastinating and stress from irl problems, SuperPoopBros took over Milk's slot to make round 4 vs LopunnyBoy with TyrannousAsh20 taking PoopTV's slot for round 4. ClassicBirch dropped out shortly after poprox made his serve. Birch was then been replaced by a veteran, Metroid998, later on, poprox vs Mertroid went on a halt as poprox had lack motivation to do round 3 with Metroid getting the free pass. CRJ1 vs Morshe was getting to near completion but unfortunately, the only co-host Morshe dropping out with no replacements to take up the slot in time giving CRJ1 a pass.

Set 5[edit]

Divsion A[edit]

mafar_ vs. CRJ1

afterbirth! vs. system128

Morshe/AngryLuigi23 vs. CamHead

Divsion B[edit]

The Bronze Cat vs. dew

Nubman41 vs. TyrannousAsh20/MAZZ0Murder

VidTens vs. hyk/Zekii

Divsion C[edit]

SuperPoopBros vs. Brick

LopunnyBoy vs. DatCorrupterGuy

Gabiwoda vs. Zevio

Divsion D[edit]

lonrefne vs. CheeChee

sull0 vs. Metroid998

mrdoognoog and poprox101 are absent on Set 5 due to the split.

Divsion E[edit]

ZeroLittleWords vs. GameBop

Sploltoen vs. Insert Name Here

Razerek vs. Wodienfor

Before they can all make their rounds for this set, Morshe, hackerytp (known as hyk), and TyrannousAsh20 dropped out, with AngryLuigi23, Zekii, and MAZZ0Murder respectively replacing their spots.

Set 5.5[edit]

Divsion D[edit]