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Emperor Ing

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Adminicon.jpg  Emperor Ing is a former administrator for the YouChew forums.


In brief

Emperor Ing (EmperorIng360 on YouTube) is the greatest pooper who ever lived, or not. He is also an administrator on the forum.

Contrary to the preceding statement, he sees himself as the be-all end-all to youtube poop. Older poopers, upon seeing his stuff, are said to go mad with jealousy, and newer poopers look upon his mighty works and despair.

He constantly challenges those around him to do better than the mediocre crap they create, and is all in all a genuinely cool dude.


Seeing this youtube poop whilst searching with his brother for Resident Evil clips (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA), the two became intrigued immediately. After avidly watching the Directory grow, flourish, explode, then fizzle, then flourish again, the two decided it was time they make their mark on the world of Youtube poop.

First poop seen

The first poops seen were firstly TheMarioManiac's HOTEL MARIO IN A NUTSHELL


And the much more influential poop by Greenalink Hotel Mario: Uncut Edition


Quoting these the entire summer of '07, his fate was sealed.

First poop made

Was a poor WMM hack that had a certain flair of brilliance about it. It was raw and uncut passion and excellence, and quite possible boring. It used a source never pooped before, instantly earning him the respect and admiration of all 50 of its viewers.

Watch the majesty of Emperor Ing's first youtube poop:

Youtube Poop: Spiral Soldiers Operate on your Brain:



He enjoys using the limiting WMM to show his prowess, as Vegas holds no appeal to him. Using this blunt edge, he carves marbeline sculptures of Florentine beauty. His style is compared that to every famously good and/or underrated pooper you've heard of.

So much effort goes forth into these, that he only manages to create a masterpiece twice a month at best.

Preferred Sources

  • Crappy cartoons
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Sectaurs
  • History Channel Alaska Documentary: It's TUFFER in ALAAAAAASKA
  • Hotel Mario
  • The Lord of the Rings cartoon

Preferred Methods

His main tactic to achieve this goal is to stutter, stutter-reverse, and use effects on WMM sparingly, lest they become overdone. He rarely uses anything outside of Stuttering, Mirror Horizontal/Vertical, and Speed Up/Slow Down.

Preferred Tech

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • His own supreme genious
  • A weapon that's really powerful especially against living things.



It's on North Avenue at the catering place on the postcard. Please BYOP (Bring your own PINGAS).


  • Confronted by thegreattesm early on, Emperor Ing was told that his early poops were much too similar, relying on trite effects like "Slow-down + Pixelate" and "Hue Cycle Spectrum" Taking this to heart, he has always strived to do something different in each video, no matter how poor the reception (which, honestly, is really poor).
  • Stop using WMM
  • Do you want the links to Vegas, man? It's awesoem!
  • Dude, WMM sucks
  • Seriously, nothing good can come out of WMM
  • General Urko has sued Emperor Ing for slander after negatively portraying him in two successive installments of his "Planet of the Poop" series, the second of which features Urko calling everything a "CUNT". Unfortunately for Urko, he would not trust a STEEEOPID HUMINOID lawyer to take his case, leaving his charges in a state of judicial limbo.
  • As of late, people just complain that he literally doesn't do ANYTHING in terms of editing anymore. He admits this, saying he is both too lazy to put in gay visual rape (which he derisively calls "Homokey"), and thinks it's just funnier to have cartoon clips repeat themselves. Probably not true, but hey.
  • The most famous of all criticisms he has recieved are the lauded "greattesm critiques" Using high mind-bending rhetoric and skill, thegreattesm was able to leave scything indictments of both Emperor Ing's poops, but aslo the sentiments of the poop community in general. Emperor Ing has never forgot these criticisms, and their shadow and influence can be seen throughout all his later works:

    • "this is gay. and by gay, I mean extremely gay."
    • "WTF was THAT? IT LIKE TOOK NO TImE TO mAKE< and it is possibly boring."
    • "Wow, this took like zero talent seconds to make."


  • Making WMM the preferred tech of choice for all youtube poopers except for the gay ones
  • Becoming a moderator
  • being related to the biggest deal in youchew history
  • Getting over 1000 views on one of his poops due to the abuse of "XXX" tags
  • Failing to get his collaboration "The Unknown Poopers Contest" off the ground, causing him shame to this day
  • Befriending the populace, only to laugh at them behind their backs


  • The Order of the ROGA'S, an enigmatic group of ten people dedicated to serving lord ROGA'S

The identites of these 10 Knights are kept secret to all except those who wish to know.

In Real Life

  • the biggest deal and most complimentable person on all of Youtube Poop, thegreattesm




Other Information


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