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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png Ravinrabbid123 is a frequent Poop Tennis player.
Adminicon.jpg  Ravinrabbid123 is a former administrator for the YouChew forums.

In Brief[edit]

ravinrabbid123 (or Ravin, as she's commonly known) is a pooper from Britain who started her 'career' on April 30th, 2013, but has had her YT channel since April 2010. She specialises in humour-based poops using various techniques such as sentence mixing, visual gags/masking, slight ear-raping, and general crudeness (sex jokes are funny™).


Ravin first started watching Youtube Poop in '07/'08 with her younger brother, where her father's decision to get limited bandwidth caused all hell when the internet was being used to watch spadinners and having the limit run out far before the month was up. At the time, she didn't pay attention to who pooped what, nor the exact titles of them, and so has no idea what the first ever poop she watched actually is, though one of the earliest ones she can think of is Youtube Poop - What is Spaghetti?'.

Her love for spadinnery nonsense ensured her sense of humour stayed... young, which is reflected in her first poop 'Jizz suffers from Insomnia'. Her second poop, 'Roley goes on a murderous rampage in his sleep', has proven to be her most popular despite her early editing skills with Sony Vegas, which is pretty much the only option she has to use to this day. She does not upload poops too often, but tries to keep her channel active with a variety of things, as her channel isn't just for Youtube Poop; you may find a few (pony) music videos, events she has filmed (under the influence of a night out or otherwise) or the odd internet meme.

Ravin joined Youchew in February 2014 in order to join BradDLC's Welsh Fireman collab, but wasn't really active on the site until 3 months later. She has only tried to host one collab, which she made her own entry for, but the collab ultimately failed due to lack of interest. Most of her time on the forum is spent browsing a few image spams, the Artist Lounge in which she posts her own artwork from time to time, Poop talk, and the ever eventful General Chat Lounge. She served as a moderator for approx. 2 and a half years before being promoted to the administrator staff division in late 2016.

By the end of 2014, Ravin was introduced to the concept of YTP Tennis, and was asked by InLivingTuna to join Youchew's Tennis League IV, an event which she thoroughly enjoyed and believes some of her best work was created during the tourney, including her first ever tennis serve vs Peskeh - 'Gayson Naruto can't find his dictionary' (which earned her a spot in the Top Ten Overall Poop Showroom), and her rounds for the match between her and LaVie CestLol, which was "one of the most intense things she's ever experienced". Ravin would also later participate and ultimately win the Match-Voting Tournament in a tie with GameBop in 2016.

Influences/favourite poopers[edit]






Dark Fox











King Harkinian

LaVie CestLol

Lulu Luvscats







theadventuretimefan (taf)







LaVie CestLol DUH DOI


taffo-chan LOS EPICAS

Dark Fox

BeanosOnToast The Feeble

Leah (。・//ε//・。)

white spirits



¯\_(ツ)_/¯ put yourselves here. you know. if you want.

Interests/misc information[edit]

Likes to draw in her spare time, and her dA can be found here

Tends to enjoy video games but plays them less often these days due to being busy IRL, but when she does have time, her games of choice are Pokemon, Animal Crossing, The Sims2, Splatoon, Smash Bros, Harvest Moon and The Legend of Zelda, to name the main ones.

She rides a MOTORCYCLE

Has managed to hold a job for more than a year

She has studied languages for about 2/3s of her life and has a degree in French and German. She can speak neither language. Seems to even struggle with English these days. She tries to keep them up regardless.

Enjoys coming up with stories and used to write a lot when she was younger, she even wrote a script for and had to direct a pantomime for a school assignment, and it was very well received by all who attended.

Dreams of becoming a 1950's style housewife and mother, setting women's rights back 60+ years.

Likes to travel. Well, likes getting to her exotic new destination. The actual 'travel' part can go fu*****************