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The Pit

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"It's tough trying to make it out of The Pit. Many have never returned from The Pit." - Kirk Fogg (host of Legends of The Hidden Temple) on the evils of The Pit.

The Pit serves as the Youtube Poop equivalent of Hell. The Pit has two noteable differences from its Biblical counterpart: You can leave The Pit, and there is no "good" counterpart of The Pit. Regardless of whether a character is a hero or a villain, they go to The Pit when they DIE. There is no Poop version of Heaven. The physical location of The Pit seems to be Sparta. Leonidas seems to kick anyone who pisses him off into here. The first person to ever return from a trip to The Pit was, in fact, Ganon, whom is arguably the Pit's second most frequent visitor. When asked what the pit feels like, Ganon responded by simply stating that it "burns".

Though most residents of the Pit must fight a evil monster to leave the pit, some are doomed to spend the eternity there....

It has been revealed that Lavalisms can survive falling into The Pit. By comparison, Gaston, who was not a Lavalism, did not survive being thrown into The Pit. Despite that, however, he has since made a triumphant return to the tavern.

Pit is also the name of a kid from the video game Kid Icarus who has wings and a bow with which to shoot things.

This is not Pit. This is that annoying little bastard Kid Icarus from that stupid Captain N cartoon-icus.
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Someone about to be kicked into the Pit by King Leonidas.
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Inside of the Pit.

Don't confuse this with The Pitt (Pittsburgh) from Fallout 3. Though both are eerily similar...

Also don't confuse this with hell (in Doom).

The closest thing to a Hell on Earth is Big Bill Hell's.

Before you enter the Pit, you must cross the River Styx.

Characters who have died, and risen from The Pit.

{{#ev:youtube|Rj_8tWaxoHU|320}}This is what you'll most likely hear when you enter The Pit. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
  • Mr. Krabs - Died of food poisoning; was given a second chance by the Flying Dutchman.
  • Nikki Sixx (Died of a drug overdose in 1987, but was revived.)
  • Chris Bores
  • Clippy - Died when he was deleted by an evil gang of agents in 2010. Revived a few months later by Microsoft so he could be hired for Ribbon Hero 2.
  • Kenny McCormick (200+ times!)
  • Derpy Hooves - Assassinated by soccermoms. Revived by the brony community a few months later for a My Little Pony: Equestria Girls cameo.
{{#ev:youtube|-8AZyAtP2eo|320}}Typical music played in Hell.

Characters who have died, and have yet to return from The Pit.