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Claude Frollo

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Frollo's usually like this all the time on a good day. Yes.

Name: Claude Frollo
Appears In: The Hunchback of Notre Dame/The Frollo Show
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Nationality: French
Occupation(s): Archdeacon, Judge
Played By: Tony Jay

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Frollo's now in his rare form called Frollo Joker. Also, here's a photo of him moments before his death.
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Here's a rare picture painting portrait of Frollo first adopting Quasimodo from a church.
{{#ev:youtube|gqGL9B_TPTI|320}}Basically, somewhere between 90% and 95% of YouTube Poops involving Frollo contains him singing this.
{{#ev:youtube|Rc3gjuAcanA|320}}He believes that Hell with you is Paradise.
{{#ev:youtube|WF8JfcJwupc|320}}One example of the many countless Frollo poops.

Basic Info[edit]

Claude Frollo is a character from Disney's animated movie "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame", which was originally based off of Victor Hugo's book "Notre-Dame de Paris". He is a 36-year-old preist who fears women. He's infamous for causing arson throughout Paris just so he can find some gypsy tramp. He lives in The Palace of Justice. His room has no bed, just a fireplace where he sings songs about HELLFIRE while he sees the gypsy girl dancing in the fire.

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Frollo is not amused by this page. Or by his guard interrupting his song.


Claude Frollo's death has been reported: While attempting to kill Quasimodo, Esmerelda, and Stone Luigi, Frollo fell off of a gargoyle directly into The Pit. Because of this unprecedented method of dying, in which both the body AND soul were sent to The Pit, Frollo has yet to return from The Pit, because he has no body to return to. At least for his sakes, we're glad that his fucking face was destroyed in the process.


  • He plays (alphabet) mindgames.
  • Is the leader of the pervert society.
  • Once attempted to burn down all of Paris, but his attempt ended in fail because Gay Luigi's cum doused the flames.
  • Likes dropping grapes all over the floor and watching people slip on them.
  • Some of the people of Paris think that he's a warlock, a spell meister, a war meister, a spell-lock, and/or a sorcerer.
  • He knows he is a righteous man. Of his virtue he is justly proud.
  • He knows he is much purer than the vulgar weak, licentious crowd.
  • He has a strange obsession with self-destruction, and is always begging for Maria or God to destroy him.
  • Once attempted to burn all of New York due to having diarrhea from eating a bagel.
  • Also, he thought that God made the Devil so much stronger than man.
  • He doesn't want the Devil to destroy his ass.
  • The surreal visuals in his song comes from the fact that he uses marijuana instead of firewood for his fireplace, filling his room with hallucinatory fumes. He faints at the end due to complete inebriation.
  • One time, Maria thought that he was God and later on, the son of God.
  • Also, he likes to talk and sing to Quasimodo about how the world is cruel and wicked, and how the only person Quasimodo should ever trust is Frollo, himself, and his Savior.
  • He once played Ed's game of "It's My Horse!" However, when he played that game with him, he ended up hating the game, much like the other Eds before him. Of course, it ended up having him calling Ed an idiot, which is right.
  • He's both a judge and an Archdeacon. Now how he became both of these things at the same time is a mystery, but that basically proves the point that he's the judge, jury, and executioner for Notre Dame.
  • He's also sometimes been known to sing about how he's a priest, but he loves this (gypsy) girl. You know, has Frollo ever considered a singing career in his lifetime? At least then it'd be less dangerous for him.
  • Like Wario, Frollo likes to command things to destroy something else. But since he isn't skilled in hypnosis, the command is usually ignored.
  • In the book, Frollo was a tragic anti-hero, but this Frollo isn't the one from the book.
  • There was this one time when he spontaneously combusted.
  • According to him, all Paris is burning because of YOU!
  • His prayer in the "Hellfire" scene is based on the prayer of the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14 in the Bible. In said verse, Jesus Christ tells a story of two men, who walk in to a temple to pray; one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee, like Frollo, exalts his own righteousness, while proclaiming the sins of others, while the tax collector confesses his own sinfulness and asks God for mercy. The moral of the story He told was that he who exalts them self will be humbled, while he who humbles himself will be exalted.
    • In fact, the whole movie is very similar to said parable, where Frollo is like the Pharisee; stricly adhering to Holy laws, and believing others to be below him, while rejecting his own weakness; while Quasimodo is more like the tax collector; humble and aware of his own weakness, and more accepting of others.
  • In 2010, he actually made an appearance on the YouChew forums, along with other characters, such as Billy Mays, Snivy, and others.
  • Was voiced by Tony Jay, who was, ironically, a Jewish Englishman.


  • Fire
  • Esmerelda
  • God, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary
  • The Nostalgia Critic (Especially because he placed his song about Hellfire at the top of "the best villian songs ever made" list.)
  • Captain Phoebus (That is, until he disobeyed the order of burning down a family's house.)
  • His brother Jehan, who acts like a son to Claude. (At least, until the climax of the book.)
  • Pierre Gringoire


  • Gays
  • Emos
  • Gypsies
  • Hell
  • Sinning (Even though he lusts for Esmerelda.)
  • Captain Phoebus (After he decidced to not burn down a family's house.)
  • Having sex sear his cock and balls.
  • That one guard who keeps on ruining his beautiful singing.
  • The red cloaked people that appear to counter his attempts to justify himself.
  • The Devil!
  • Women (Until he saw Esmerelda)

Frollo now commands you to get out of his page, you retard idiot!