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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.


Name of Object: Money
Use(s): Legal Tender
Country of Origin: All

Money is the true, and most widely accepted, unit of happiness. It is what everyone loves other than Magic Drugs and Uctions. It is written, all true warriors strive for money, and it is further written the more the merrier, which is especially true for money. In addition to being the standard unit of happiness, it can also buy more happiness, whether it be food, drugs, cars, whatever. Lickboot, Wario, Scrooge McDuck, Kaiba, and other people are especially fond of money. Grab that cash and with your hands make a stash.


{{#ev:youtube|8_anbEJsr6s|320}}A song about money.
{{#ev:youtube|JwL8itFeiuc|320}}A song about making lots of money.

Money became a fad after Ophios made a short video featuring Lickboot from the first Tom and Jerry movie , cutting out the audio where he says "money", and replacing it with the line "Money" from a Pink Floyd song, unsurprisingly named "Money."

Types of Money

People Who Love Money


  • The basic idea of currency is actually as old as civilization itself, and the basic idea of bartering as old as man itself.
  • If you have a lot of money, then you are one of these characters.
    • If you bought Apple stock in the '70s, Google stock in the '90s, or just owned personal computer stock in general in the '80s (especially IBM or Apple), then you should be one of these people.
  • In many studies in many different countries (most notably in the United States and United Kingdom), trace amounts of cocaine have been found on paper money. But before you sniff your cash, be aware that there really isn't enough on there to get you high.
  • The action of throwing money in the air at a strip club is called making it rain. Throwing change in the air is called making it hail, while throwing diamonds in the air would be making it snow.
  • Show me the money!

Gallery of Wealth