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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) BigMarioandTailsfan has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
User.jpg  This article is about some super cool awesome veteran guy named BMATF, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
COOL STORY, BRO.   BigMarioandTailsfan was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.
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A Chronicled History

There once was a man who lived on a forum with a bunch of people who liked Nintendo too much. There was one soul, Revoloution98, devoid of spelling education and common sense, trapped in an endless limbo of monotony. Who is to say who is the victim or who is the villain? By the end of the year 2006 A.D (after the death of Krispy Khrist, our lord), at the dawn of unfortunate anal blending, Revoloution98, the smartest person who could never spell the word "revolution", discovered Youtube Poop on a forum about Mario, which has little but maybe some association with video editing. Needless to say, this birthed a whole new man, who, after being banned because the moderators didn't like being spoiled the ending of Snakes on a Plane, became a new entity in a world of new possibilities. After venturing into the world of video editing and time consumption, this man found clips of a game nobody likes on a system nobody cares about, but was animated by Russian sweatshop peasants, so it made for a good mascot of mediocrity. At this point, the man joined the Youtube Poop forums.

Bematt, or the artist formerly known as BigMarioandTailsfan, BMATF, Be Matt Fernard, and sometimes Fred Durst came forth from the genesis seed in 2007, year of the prophet of maiden heavens. In this conception upon heavenly rays burst forth a being of immense confusion. Cast out beyond the shores of yonder forest, this fetal catastrophe grew into a complete being, wielding the power of a thousand Limp Bizkit solos. BigMarioandTailsfan was born from the passion of Italian cuisine and the rules of nature, the very memes of our existence, animals who roam the vast expanses of human compassion. Alas, who is to say how the journey was destined to proceed? Along the way, BigMarioandTailsfan had to climb up expanses of water, dance, and conduct colonoscopies upon bleached anuses. With a wide variety of muscular skills, BigMarioandTailsfan dropped into a world of conception, rebranding himself as the market friendly BMATF whom many still consider as the man who was once, or maybe the man who is still, but beyond it all is a solemn truth about fate.

When he ventured into the Jungles of Namamutuu, BMATF threw punches at all directions, and became a grizzled warrior, not afraid of conflict or suffering. With his powers harnessed into one enema, a bowel movement to pierce beyond the veil of distinction, BMATF became one with the YouChew forums, and also became one with Team Fortress 2, a game that was really good at one point but then was outworn and outgunned. In essence, YouTube Poop brought BMATF to enlightenment on an internet forum, which in turn, just allowed him to conduct activities because he felt like it. This could go into detail but at this point people who are still reading may want to know more about the previously stated "anal blending" techniques which I have promised to anyone who reads the complete documented history of the life and times of Bematt, formerly known as Smut Muffin in some clubs and also known as Anime Jesus in some countries.

(Anal Blending, also known as Butt Beating, Hole Smashing, Bleached Omelet, and Intestinal Waveboarding, is the act of using an egg beater to irritate the inner lining of the anus, causing an enema of intense proportions, in turn causing intense and fatal bowel movements. This technique was used, utilized, taught, lived, and breathed throughout Bematt's lifespan throughout the years, especially up to the this point! However this technique is easily abused and can cause anal time ruptures in the continuum.)

When BMATF became Bematt, it was because Nu-Metal God Fred Durst christened him as a holy spirit, sent him the DoubleSwee Demigod Emporium to learn of the ways of the world and then came home, four in the morning, and he was zoning. The importance of this all lies in the fulcrum of the events at play. Bematt was possessed by anime spirits who then helped him to realize the way beyond the simple truth. In the end, Bematt left a different man than before. This was necessary. Also, anal blending (see above). Now begins the intermission of a thousand suns.

Leaving YouChew

On September 4, 2012, BMATF announced his official leave from the YouChew fourms after 5 years. He stated that he may drop in from time to time or lurk a bit, but besides that, he's done. Heartfelt goodbyes were shared that day. He will be missed.

When Bematt left, worlds shifted into a whole new light. Bematt began to play video games faster than normal people would play them. He also started to love squids and anime and also put them together instead to bring both loves together simultaneously to create the ultimate being. Bematt had to leave because he has to cleanse beyond the boundaries of his being. In within himself, he found himself searching beyond troubled waters for the great Limp Bizkit in the sky.


Anime swag, I'm flying like Goku Anime swag when I pull up in that old school Anime, drop pants; anime, wrist and chains; anime, and everything; anime. Gucci skin; anime, my backpack; anime, That h-pop with glock cut that's anime, Oh my god anyway, I'm ballin' up that avenue, Anime swag, and I'm throwing money at the roof. Anime everything, anime Beiber chain, Harombom platinum dongs with the aramow, All that every day, anyway, I'm anime. May I ask what you niggas pay, Smokin' up a pound a day. Everything, everyday, everything; anime. Lookin' at a nigga fleshed up like anime, Lookin' like death note, chop it till your down throat, S.O.D. money get gang like lipo. All light white coat, anime dad dog. Yeah I'm anime, swagged up like: yeah dog. Saw four dogs in the rows when I rode through, Rolls Royce black, and I'm looking like Goku.

-Soulja Boy

My current life condensed into poetic justice.



Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods



  • CD-I, the console, panned by critics and gamers alike
  • Sonic X, written by monkeys
  • Anal blending abuse (see above)
  • MS PAINT JOB (the most painful sexual experience)
  • McChicken
  • Those who doubt the Durst
  • Stupid people. Examples include:
    • Greg Kinnear
      • Neo-Nazis
        • Genital Warts
          • /a/
            • The cops
              • Andy (from Woody's Got Wood)
                • Chris X
                  • Chris motherfucking Thorndyke X III




  • The Electric Cheese said something and I think it hurt my feelings
  • Poor people who accidentally found my videos and cried actual tears in real life
  • I criticize myself for not doing anything
  • Because of Buttercup and Cosmo people think I like to jizz in plants to water them and then I capture children and then put them into the plants and the plants put into shoes and the children in shoes thrown around at you and then the shoes come off at you and then I whoop your ass.


  • I've created many mini fads that eventually died out, but lived for a little bit.
  • Stegblob subscribed to me on 12/1/07.
  • Dr. Robotnik Teaches Sex Ed is one of the most popular, excluding most of Stegblob's poops, Robotnik poops. It's hit 50,000 views, wat.
  • I started the Chain Poop, a pretty popular collaboration on the YCP forums.
  • some stupid fad that started called "&" that I made one day when I was bored.
  • ANOTHER STUPID FAD that started called "Nooo..." consisting of the clip where Buttercup is being attacked by a red monster that's her size and doesn't think she can beat him without her blanket. The clip was awkwardly taken, making it seem like the monster was going to rape her. Deepercutt launched the whole thing when he responded, and now everyone is. Help me. So then I deleted it. Do I regret it? No.
  • Other fads I don't want to talk about
  • Geoff the Hero favorites "Randy Savage's Perfect Math Class". Never been prouder of myself in my entire life.
  • Hosted all three of the Robotnik Collabs



First Poop seen


First Poop made

I'M GOING TO GAMELON TO AID MY STUFF (only exists on my dailymotion account now)

List of Poops

BMATF often uses Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in his poops.

This is a list of poops I made AFTER the banning, I can't be bothered to re-list all that shit. Listed in order by date, only main poops listed, no trap vids, tennis, or filler shit.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Robotnik is Helpless 2-26-08 3:47
Sonic and his pizza keep running 3-29-08 3:06
Robotnik and Tails do faggotry (farggotry) 4-19-08 3:09
Mr. Fetch is the power of anonymous 6-6-08 2:02
Paper Robotnik 2: The Billion Year Mobium 7-19-08 3:25
Luigi refuses to do the mario. 8-17-08 3:35
Mr. Freeze doesn't think so. 8-21-08 2:34
Robotnik and the Wholigans 12-09-08 3:15
Buttercup and the Parent Teacher Conference Conspiracy 2-6-09 3:15
Tarotists in Russiasville 2-26-09 3:18
Kill the Spy 5-17-09 1:02
Luigi loses all touch with reality. 6-15-09 3:19
BigMarioandTailsfan 7-22-09 5:25
Space Ghost goes on vacation. 7-30-09 1:00
T1 or Stafy Accidentally Crashes Into a Piece of Seaweed 11-6-09 1:06
Robotnik wishes someone special a Merry Christmas 12-26-09 1:36
Robotnik finally bonds with his children 2-9-10 2:05
Flaky wishes Crazy a happy birthday! 5-24-10 2:15
Nick Cage watches Lucky Star 6-28-10 1:39
Aru's Wiggly Party (ft. Nick Cage) 8-22-10 1:09
Robotnik Invests In A Chili Bean Factory 8-24-10 2:17
Tails' BALLIN' Adventure 9-3-10 1:11
AC trolls Shaq 9-18-10 1:04
T2: The Fall of Captain Feathersword 10-26-10 1:47
An Angelic Tale 11-14-10 3:19
Robotnik's Fatal Kitty Litter Incident 2-24-11 2:16
Steve's Unhealthy Obsession 2-27-11 2:03
Kirino's Captain Birthday Bash 4-14-11 1:07
Soulja Boy: The Video Game 6-15-11 0:33
Sexual Surgery 8-6-11 1:17
Dave Grohl's Walking Lessons 9-18-11 1:14
Robotnik: The Hero, The Legend 10-23-11 2:26
Ground Zero: Nietzschejou 11-17-11 1:12
Lou Albano has some big problems 11-20-11 2:02


Part 1 Part 2

Part 1 Part 2


Wants to play:


Has Played:

Is playing:

Wants to try:

  • Free for all
  • Only SatAM cartoons
  • Only movies
  • Only video game clips
  • Only vlogs
  • Trap Tennis
  • YTPMV Tennis


  • Any time I'm not doing something.


In Real Life



Making Poop





  • I am obsessed with A LOT.
  • Doki the rabbit is the best.
  • Buttercup is my favorite PPG.
  • I own the sun which nobody has realized is really Robotnik on fire.
  • I am bizarro loco like Koko
  • My name is Erik and I have extremities
  • Is gay. (according to stegblob who is also gay)
    • This statement is proven false by his love of Buttercup.
      • But remains to be proven twice because BMATF and Buttercup seem to be having problems.
        • Let's hope he's not gay. Seriously.
          • Why are we still adding on to this!
            • I don't know. Seriously.
              • This is amazing!
                • Not as amazing as the fact that we're still adding stuff on to this here.
                  • What's happening?!
                    • HELP!
                        • AUGHGHGH
                          • This will never end
                            • What was this even about originally
  • Is an awesome person and better than you.
  • The above statement is true.
  • Ferns are plants meant to spice up your home office
  • & is sexy. (well drawn symbols)
  • I can't think of anything else to add to this list. (blatant lying)
  • Has a plush of Rosie. (this is true)
  • Knows how to lure hookers to his house.
  • And sluts. (See Panty)
  • Has super saiyan swagger
  • I wish Longmont Potion Castle would call me


Other Links


I'm weird. If I wasn't then I'd be boring. I have serious self-esteem issues and suffers from easy depression syndrome because I think I can't do anything of worth, when I probably do but I just don't notice it. If I was normal then I'd probably be dead because all normal people do is commit suicide. With sleeping pills.

Personal Info

Name: Erik

Age: Older than the Illuminati

Country: God Bless the USA

Interests: It's your property (end of story)

Job: Anime Priest


Hall of Avatars

This article on me deserves a ten. Again.