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SNK's logo before their bankruptcy. Also, the logo their most recognized by.

SNK (Or as they're called now, SNK Playmore.) is a company that mostly made several action and fighting games, including Fatal Fury (with one of their games having the Japanese moniker "Garou"), Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown (Or as Japan calls it, Samurai Spirits.), The King of Fuckers Fighters, and Metal Slug. Their series' have many fans, and Samurai Shodown II is one of the few games to receive acclaim from everyone who's played it, but Capcom hates their guts for some strange reason. Maybe it's because one of their characters is a Street Fighter knockoff. Their also famous for many spelling errors/Engrish (It's most notable in the game Samurai Shodown II.).

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One special example of their famed Engrish in a Samurai Shodown game.

Also, they made the Neo Geo arcade system/home console and the portable Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color. They also closed down in 2001 and then reopened in 2003 as the aforementioned SNK Playmore. They're also releasing collections of their old games on the Playstation 2, PSP, and the Nintendo Wii for some strange reason, and a few installments of their most well-known series are on the Wii's Virtual Console, as well as the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade. Their games are notable for featuring smooth, low high-quality animations. Most recently, they're going to release The King of Fighters XII for the Arcades (Surprisingly), Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. This means that once again, the Nintendo Wii gets screwed over.

M. Bison after getting a "The King of Fighters"-style makeover. Notice how his left hand looks like he's jerking off when he's not doing anything.

Games That They Made

  • Ozma Wars (Their first ever video game.)
  • Vanguard
  • Ikari Warriors (Series)
  • P.O.W.: Prisoners of War
  • Athena
  • Psycho Soldier
  • Guerrilla War
SNK as they're known now. Is also the logo of SNK Playmore.
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  • Baseball Stars (Series)
  • Crystalis
  • Magician Lord
  • King of the Monsters (Series)
  • NAM-1975
  • Fatal Fury (Series) (Also has a Real Bout spinoff.)
  • Art of Fighting (Series)
  • World Heroes (Series)
  • Samurai Shodown (Called Samurai Spirits for some strange reason in Japan.) (Series)
  • The King of Fighters (Series) (Used to be a yearly series, but stopped being yearly in 2004.)
  • Metal Slug (Series)
  • The Last Blade (Series)
  • Blue's Journey (Called Raguy for some strange reason in Japan.)
  • Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
  • Sengoku (Series)
  • Shock Troopers (Series)
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Which is a ten year jump in the Fatal Fury series.)
  • SNK Vs. Capcom (SVC Chaos and Match of the Millenium, with assistance from Capcom on the latter)
  • Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
  • Doki Doki Majo Shinpan
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Snoop Dogg when first hearing about SNK closing (This was before SNK merged with Playmore to become SNK Playmore.).

Capcom Vs. SNK

The supposed origin behind this series was an issue of Arcadia magazine in which there were articles covering both The King of Fighters '98 and Street Fighter Alpha 3, both of which were released at around the same time. Readers had misread the cover, which said KOF vs. SF, to mean that there was a fighting game that would pit characters from the Street Fighter series and The King of Fighters series. Because of this uproar, Capcom and SNK supposedly signed a deal that would allow them to produce only two fighting games concerning both franchises in 1999. Thus, the series started, resulting in four games; two by SNK, and two more by Capcom. Although the other three were well-received, SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom received some criticism for the odd and somewhat scary-looking sprites, and how apparently, Earthquake is more important than Haohmaru and Nakoruru. Yeah, that's indeed odd (The game was actually rushed out due to contractual obligations and that was when SNK was still bankrupt and Playmore, who didn't merge with SNK at the time, held all of SNK's properties.). Also, SNK secretly made three different card battling games of both their companies' properties (Though, Capcom didn't mind that.) that's sort of similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering, only played differently and was SNK's supposed answer to Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. (Which, of course, like all others, failed.) With recent news, there is a rumor from a Capcom employee that there is a possibility that there could be a third Capcom Vs. SNK game. However, both Capcom and SNK have said to be having of no interest of having a new Capcom Vs. SNK or a new SNK Vs. Capcom game at all.

Vs. Games

  • SNK Vs. Capcom: The Match of The Millenium (Neo Geo Pocket Color)
  • SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom (Neo Geo/Arcade, Xbox, Playstation 2 {Japan & Europe Only})
  • Capcom Vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 (Arcade, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation)
  • Capcom Vs. SNK 2: The Mark of the Millenium 2001 (Arcade, Sega Dreamcast {Japan Only}, Playstation 2, Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube) {The Xbox and the Nintendo Gamecube's versions were called Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO. The EO stands for "Easy Operation".}

Card Battling Vs. Games

Another example of Engrish by SNK, only this is just an example of Engrish in their most popular game, Samurai Shodown/Spirits II.
  • SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash (Neo Geo Pocket Color) (Had a Capcom Edition and an SNK Edition.)
  • SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition (Neo Geo Pocket Color) {Japan & Asia Only}
  • SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (Nintendo DS)

Notable SNK Characters

  • Ralf Jones (Ikari Warriors/The King of Fighters/Metal Slug)
  • Clark Still (Ikari Warriors/The King of Fighters/Metal Slug)
  • Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Rock Howard (Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Kyo Kusanagi (The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Iori Yagami (The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Rugal Bernstein (The King of Fighters)
  • Goenitz (The King of Fighters)
  • Mr. Big (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • King (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters)
  • Takuma Sakazaki/Mr. Karate (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters)
  • Ryo Sakazaki/Mr. Karate II (Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters)
  • Robert Garcia (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters)
  • Athena Asamiya (Athena/Psycho Soldier/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark of the Wolves/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Billy Kane (Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters)
  • Geese Howard (Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting/The King of Fighters/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
SNK's logo during the year of 1982.
  • Blue Mary/Nude Mary (Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters)
  • Genjuro Kibagami (Samurai Shodown/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Marco Rossi (Metal Slug/Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
  • Tarma Roving (Metal Slug)
  • Fio (Metal Slug)
  • Eri (Metal Slug)
The logo for SNK's Neo Geo arcade/system.

Liked By

  • Ninja Coach Z (Especially Samurai Shodown/Spirits 2, KOF XI and '98, and Metal Slug.)
  • King D Supersepiroth (Notable for blaming Capcom for SNK's bankruptcy)
  • Nobuhiro Watsuki (The creator of Rurouni Kenshin.)
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Lots of people/poopers, including SonNeoKaku. After all, he shortens his name SNK.
  • Me (Loves the Metal Slug series specifically, though doesn't mind everything else made by them.)
  • Dan Hibiki (He does want to be the King of Fighters though.)
  • May
  • Hentai Lovers (They especially like SNK for their game, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan.)
  • GameSpot
  • EGM

Disliked By

  • Dan Hibiki (He hates the Art of Fighting.)
  • Capcom (For allegedly ripping them off.)
  • Street Fighter Fans (though it's more of a joking rivalry; many Street Fighter fans also enjoy KOF and vice versa)
  • Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin fans
  • People with no taste in video games.


  • SNK stands for "Shit Shin Nihon Kikaku," which means "New Japan Project" when translated into English.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Nintendo 64 technically wasn't the last system to use cartridges as their main use for playing on systems. The real last system was SNK's Neo Geo (though it was around ever since 1990), which their cartridge-based system lasted all the way until 2004, which was two-three years longer than the Nintendo 64.
  • They also released a Neo Geo CD system, but it failed due to really long load times.
  • They would also try to go into the realm of 3-D by making the Hyper Neo Geo 64, but that was an even huger failure than the Neo Geo CD.


  • Their Neo Geo Arcades/system lasted longer then popular systems such as the NES (which lasted until 1995), the Sega Master System (which lasted until 1996 [Europe]/1998 [Brazil]), the TurboGrafx-16 (which lasted until 1993/1999), the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (which lasted until 1998 [Europe]/2002[Brazil]), the SNES (which lasted until 1999/2003), the Sega Saturn (which lasted until 1998), the Nintendo 64 (which lasted until 2002), and even the Sega Dreamcast and the Playstation before it bit the dust in 2004. Oh, and I almost forgot about the Philips CD-i and the Game Boy/Game Boy Color as well.
    • But it neither outlasted the Nintendo Famicom, which sold from 1983 to 2003, nor the Atari 2600, which sold from 1977 to 1992 (with independent games still selling for the system to this day).
  • In fact, the Neo Geo (1990-2004) was the second longest-lasting system ever (The longest-lasting system ever was the Atari 2600. (1977-1992, though with new games in production today.)).
  • Sometimes, people confuse SNK as the "Neo Geo Company". Considering that they mostly known for the Neo Geo brand and they're games were on that type of system brand, it's really no wonder why some people confuse them for the "Neo Geo Company".
  • It took like 16-17 months to draw all the sprite frames for a single character in King of Fighters XII. Now that takes some true dedication. Too bad the game sucks. Thankfully, XIII is a huge improvement.
  • They're probably the only company to say shit in a video game and still end up with a T rating.
  • A rumored handheld that's officially licensed by SNK is called the "Neo Geo Portable Device". It's unknown if it's just legal emulation for a handheld or it's actually going to compete with the Nintendo 3DS & PS Vita, but it looks like it'll be awesome!
  • The Neo Geo X are all sold out :(, but luckily they managed to rise up by selling gaming apps, KoF 2012 sold more than any other import as well as Metal Slug Defense which is like Starcraft+PvZ but WAAAYY AWSOME.
  • And No, this article is not about Attack on Titan (AKA Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan.) This company had the SNK acronym long before that trashy dollar store flavour-of-the-month anime anyway.
Here's an example of what the Neo Geo could do.
It's true, you know.
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*Gasp....Could this be?!?