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Pennsylvania is the second state of the United States of America. It is the sixth most populated state in the U.S. after California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. It also contains two very important cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania is also the birthplace of Youtube Poop, and home to the "Pennsylvania Masturbators".

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The flag of Pennsylvania.

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  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the capital of the United States before Washington was built, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Technically, it is actually called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as opposed to "state", though both are used officially.
  • Michael Rosen calls Youtube Poopers "Pennsylvania Masturbators" (as seen to the right). In response, poops of Michael Rosen are called "Pennsylvania Masturbation", and poopers of Michael Rosen call themselves the Pennsylvania Masturbators.
  • It is home of the pencil vampires and Count Burns.
  • M. Bison once won Pennsylvania's lottery.
  • Pennsylvania has one of 2 Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States that uses Sucrose instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. The other is in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • It is the capital of the Furry Fandom, primarily in the western part of the state, around Pittsburgh. In fact, the world's largest furry convention is held in Pittsburgh, and it is so large that European and Japanese furries fly all the way to Pittsburgh to attend this one convention.
  • Is the home of the Hershey Company. Their headquarters and main factory are in the appropriately-named Hershey, PA.
The Seal of the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Billy Mays was buried in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, presumably in his signature blue Oxi-Clean shirt.
  • The largest mall in shopping space in the United States is King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, PA, which is in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
  • Pennsylvania is the largest producer of Mushrooms; the 3rd largest producer of Christmas trees; the 4th largest producer of sod, milk, feed corn, grapes, and horses; 7th largest producer of cheese; 8th largest producer of wine; and 18th largest general agricultural producer in the United States.
    • In fact, about 65% of American mushrooms come from PA.
  • Various films were either set in or filmed in Pennsylvania, such as the '90s movie Groundhog Day, set in Punxsutawney (albeit filmed mostly in Illinois and the Borough of Indiana, PA); the '80s movie Flashdance, set and filmed in Pittsburgh; Rocky, set in and filmed in Philadelphia; Dawn of the Dead, filmed in Monroeville and set in Philadelphia and other places; Slap Shot, filmed in Johnstown and set in the fictitious "Charlestown"; amongst others.
  • Has its own dialect of West Central German, called "Pennsylvania German" or also "Pennsylvania Dutch". It is primarily spoken among the Pennsylvania Dutch (obviously), though in recent years, its usage has fallen.
    • In addition, German ancestry is the largest ancestral group in PA.
  • The small town of Shanksville, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania was one of the sites of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, alongside the attacks on the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, and the World Trade Center in New York City. However, unlike the other two sites, this site was the result of the hijacked aircraft crashing, as passengers, informed of the previous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, actually fought the terrorist hijackers and prevented a 3rd attack. God bless you heroic people, whoever you are.

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