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Behold Nickelodeon's evolution over the years.

Channel for kids that was awesome when we were kids, but now it just sucks. Also happens to be the name of an early 20th century form of movie theaters and a coin operated player piano. Who would've figured, right? RIGHT?!

It is currently owned by Viacom and has only recently become available in Canada. Better late than never, I suppose...

Shows Made By Nickelodeon


  • The Nostalgia Critic once declared January 2009 to be Nickelodeon Month, in which he reviewed most of the NickToons, reality TV shows, Nick At Nite shows, and the game shows created by Nickelodeon. However, during the end of the third week, he didn't have any game shows to review thanks to the lack of full episodes for shows like GUTS, NICK Arcade, and the Legends of the Hidden Temple. (In fact, he only had Double Dare!! available, and he already reviewed it.) As a consequence of not having enough game shows to review, he was forced to watch the "horrors" beauty of Good Burger.