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Name: Goronu
Appears In: Link: The Faces of Evil
Sex: Male
Age: 835
Nationality: Martian
Occupation(s): Necromancer, Prince

Look and see: Goronu, bastard child of Andy Warhol.

Although hideous, after a year of being frozen, car salesman Si McClure guarantees you will beg to join him. AHUH HYUUUH! He is also in the middle of a heated controversial lawsuit. The lawsuit consists of Goronu raping Zelda in Koridai, then killing her for being a dirty kunt. He pleads non-guilty, saying that he was posessed by Ganon, and that she is still alive. Ganon was unavailable for quotation, and Judge Judy sets the trial date for November 26th. She first has to deal with Michael Vick. Goronu is currently being kept in holding in the Coney Island Disco Palace. This is not his first offense; In his younger days he was charged numerous times on charges including Car Theft, Child Pornography, and Necromancy. He was briefly treated for his anorexia, but it has since returned. He will likely die very soon. Goronu also used to be black, but as since changed. As seen below.

Cultural Heritage: Mars



  • He wields many weapons, such as
    • A Magic Wand
    • Spellcasting Abilities
    • Being Hideous
    • A 12-Inch Dildo
  • Being born in 1175, he is one of the oldest Youtube Poop Characters, with only a few being older.
  • He is actually a prince on Mars.


Goronu Goronu

Wake Up Sleepy Bones!

Goronu Goronu

Find the living, and cut their vile throats.

Goronu Goronu

I may be hideous, but after a year of being frozen, you'll beg to join me. HA HA!

Goronu Goronu

What? Link? You've saved me!

(Since Goronu was posing as Zelda at the time, this quote could be attributed to her as well.)

Goronu Goronu

After a year of f***ing, you'll beg to f*** me.

Goronu Goronu

I may be high.

Goronu Goronu

You can't kill me! NO! NO! NOOOOOO....


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