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Name: Doom
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Video Game
Created By: id Software
Year Created: 1993

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An example of what a BFG looks like (with Falco holding it).
Doom Guy doesn't use a rabbit's foot for luck. He uses a Rabbit's head (specifically his pet rabbit's).
Doom guy in marine suit.

DOOM is a great FPS created by id Software that (unfortunately) spawned a whole genre of shite. It was released in 1993. It is one of the first FPS games (The first released one is Wolfenstein 3-D, though several experimental ones existed as far as the '70s). It got two sequels, excluding Doom 64. In other things, they had a movie, comic, and action figures.

The story, although barely there, is pretty much "Demons show up. Kill them dead. Find the master. Kill him dead." The real story is (for Doom 1: Knee-deep in the dead) about an army Marine gets up one day to see everyone in his camp is dead. After killing all of the demons in the base, he thought it was all over, but it wasn't. (Shores of hell) He dug deeper into Hell's hideout until he fought a gigantic rocket-launching goat (Cyberdemon). Even after that hellish battle (no pun), it still wasn't over. The Spider Mastermind was behind all of this, so he went into the heart of hell to find this leader. (Inferno) Killing demons all the way to the Spider Mastermind. At the hideout, The Spider awaited him. Doom Guy, of course, killed it/him/her. Doom Guy waited. The demons still came. That means there are still roaming everywhere. One more trip to save humanity. (Thy flesh consumed) Blah, blah, demons, blah, cacodemon, blah. Down to the final place we go. And the final boss is... The Spider Mastermind. The demons revived it, creating more of a problem for the Doom Guy. FINALLY after killing it, Doom Guy was very happy. However, he didn't realize the demons where roaming Earth. Next stop: Hell on Earth!

(Doom 2) It's good to be back on Earth! Too bad demons are still roaming everywhere. And the new demons only add more problems. After killing a bunch, Doom guy awaited death to take him, until there was a signal from "The Master". Doom Guy still had a chance to stop them! The signal was coming from his home city. Now, [insert paragrapgh about killing demons]. Some where in the game, you can find the two secret levels (Wolfentein 3D levels). Also you get to see who is stronger: Cyberdemon or Spiderdemon. He went down to the boss's lair to see to Icon of Sin. After pumping its brain with rockets, Doom Guy starts his journey back home. He wonders where bad people will go now that he has destroyed hell. Maybe rebuilding Earth will be as fun as destroying it.

(N64) Same thing, but after defeating the mother, he stays in hell to make sure no demons ever rises again.

Not to be confused with Dr. Doom.

People Who Like DOOM[edit]

People Who Dislike DOOM[edit]


A custom DOOM wad featuring the Ghostbusters.
  • A lot of the tracks on the first two DooM games were supposedly stolen from other bands, most notably DooM's E1M1, which according to many is either a ripoff of Metallica's Master of Puppets, Metallica's No Remorse, or Judas Priest's Painkiller. Or maybe it's a mix of all three.
  • Created by id software.
  • The reason Doom Guy had no name was because id wanted Doom Guy to be the player.
  • Doom Guy had a pet rabbit named Daisy. She keeps him sane (probably).
  • Doom has an easter egg that includes Wolfenstein levels. The easter egg was banned from Germany. According to the German Strafgesetzbuch §86a, the usage of unconstitutional symbols is forbidden. Because the two secret maps Wolfenstein and Grosse use swastikas, the German version does not contain these maps to prevent the game from being the subject of search and seizure procedures (as Wolfenstein 3-D had been). This means that it is forbidden to sell, hire or otherwise give the game to anybody, although merely owning the game is legal.
  • Doom Guy often dyes his hair a lot. Brown to black, black to brown.
  • There was a Doom comic which involved RIPing AND TEARing of Cyberdemon guts. But who would be stupid enough to walk up to a Cyberdmon and RIP AND TEAR out its GUTS? Use a damn BFG!
  • Pom Pom was a Cacodemon for Halloween 2007.
If you meet an Arch-vile, fuck the shit out of it with your BFG. Or kill it with something else. Just as long as you kill it.
  • 90's Kid thinks it's the best video game ever made EVAR!!! For once, he's right about something. Unfortunetly, his credit started dropping when he told you that it makes you stop and think, especially about history, where the space marines in World War II fought against the demons of Mars.
  • DOOM was specifically designed for easy hacking, which is why all of the graphical, musical, and level data is crammed into a WAD.
    • Many different WADs exist across the internet, ranging from new levels, to WADs like Ghostbusters and Mario DOOM, where much is changed.
  • Homestar Runner makes two references to cacodemons. In a particular Strong Bad E-Mail, Strong Bad remarks that an interdimensional portal "looks like it could release some serious Cacodemons." In the Halloween 2007 cartoon, Pom Pom dresses as a Cacodemon.



  • Zombieman - A zombie clone of you except much more weak. There is no way you can lose to this thing.
lol gib death.
  • Shotgun guy - A zombieman with a shotgun. Eh, nothing to be too afraid of.
  • Imp - A humanoid lizard thing that throws fireballs by spitting in its hand... and throwing it. It also scratches you.
  • Demon - A pink pig thing that bites you.
  • Spectre - A slightly invisible pink pig thing that bites you.
  • Baron of hell - A pink goat that throws green fire balls at you and rips at you.
  • Cacodemon - It has a huge mouth. It launches lightning balls at you. If one of these things bite you, you are screwed.
A cacodemon: One of the monsters in Doom.
A mancubus: A fat monster in Doom.
Pom Pom as a Cacodemon.
  • Lost soul - A skull that charges at you fast when it sees you.
  • Cyberdemon - A rocket launching goat demon. 'Nuff said. It does not take splash damage (damage that spreads out from a rocket or BFG explosion). Only direct hits. RIP AND TEAR... RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS! YOU ARE HUGE! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!
  • Spiderdemon (or Spider Mastermind) - A Brain with tiny arms, a mouth and eyes in a spider machine. Its chain gun will wipe you out in seconds. It too does not take splash damage. If it helps, it only takes 28 direct rocket hits to kill it.

Doom II[edit]

  • Heavy weapons dude (actual name)- A chaingun zombie guy.
  • Hell knight - A baron of hell with less health. Also the color is brown.
  • Revenant - A skeleton with two different rocket shuolders: normal and homing. Its punches are strong.
  • Mancubus - An extremely fat guy (to the point that his fat melts) with a flame thrower.
  • Arachnotron - A small Spiderdemon. It has a plasma gun.
  • Pain elemental - A brown cacodemon with arms that spawns lost souls.
  • Arch vile - You can't think of anything to describe how much these things are a dick. They summon an undodgable flame on you, only dodgable if you stay out of its sight or make it feel pain in the middle of its spell. Also these assholes revive dead enemies! As if the flames were enough! But don't worry: they can't revive Cyberdemons, Spiderdemons, Pain elementals, and their own kind.
  • Wolfentein SS - An easter egg enemy. A blonde haired Nazi that only appears in the two secret levels. However, they (both monster and level) are not allowed in the German version, for WW2 stuff is banned from games there.
  • Commander Keen - Another easter egg enemy. A little kid from the game series from Commander Keen (ID software). He does nothing, since he is hung on a rope.
  • The final boss - The icon of sin. It spawns monsters. Pump its brain with rockets before the monsters kill you! However, If you use the idclip cheat on the level and go inside of the final boss, you will see John Romero's head on a stick!

Doom 64[edit]

  • Nightmare imp (N64) - Are slightly invisible and throw faster, slightly stronger purple fire balls at you.
  • The final boss - The mother of demons. It gave birth to all of the demons. But demons are born inside of evil people, so she was proven not. Doom guy killed her anyways. She summons flames in a diagonal path.


  • Small medkit - Restores under 20 of your health, so if you are fighting a Cyberdemon with 10% health with nothing but only two small medkits around, you're screwed.
  • Medkit - Restores over 25 of your health.
  • Berserk (Doom 2) - If your health is under 100, it restores it to 100 and your punches become stronger for a while. It's like drugs that don't end in a bad way.
  • Radiation suit - A suit that protects you from deadly radiation surfaces. It can also protect against Fat Mario's radiation, amazingly.
  • Soul charge - An ugly-looking orb that boosts your health up 100 points.
  • Mega sphere - Another orb that boosts your health up 200 points.
  • Clip/Box of bullets - Pistol/Machine Gun ammo (both types of bullets can be used by both guns).
  • Shotgun shells - Shotgun/Super Shotgun ammo. Super shotguns use two shells while shotguns use one.
  • Box of rockets - Rocket Launcher ammo.
  • Cell/Big cell - Plasma gun/BFG/Unmaker (N64 only) ammo (both types of cells can be used by all three guns).


Commander Keen.

(All three Dooms)

  • Fist - A weak weapon you should only use as your last resort or if you get the beserk health pack.
  • Chainsaw - Must we explain this?. Very useful against enemies with a high pain chance (pain chance = the chance an enemy will flinch/stop what its doing (for about 12 milliseconds) due to the damage done to it) such as a Cacodemon.
  • Pistol - Pistol. 'Nuff said.
  • Shotgun - A lot better then the pistol. It can kill the first three monsters on the list in one hit (you need to be up close to the enemy, though)!
  • Super shotgun (Doom 2 only) - Awesome. It can kill the first five monsters on the list in one hit. For some monsters, only two!
  • Chaingun - A rapid fire gun.
  • Rocket launcher - A rocket launcher. Don't stand too close when shooting.
  • Plasma gun - A very fast hot plasma shooting gun. Though it is weak, it is very useful against enemies with a high pain chance.
  • BFG 9000 (yes, it has 9000 in it) - This gun will fuck your bitchass up! Its wide spread explosion can kill everything in a few hits. It costs 40 cells though, so don't use it too much.
  • Unmaker (N64 only) - A (very) powerful laser gun. It is more powerful if you have all of the skeleton keys.
  • Soul cube (Doom 3 only) - Steals health from enemies. Rapes the final boss of Doom 3 horribly, and is infact needed.