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The logo for the CD-i.



The Philips Cd-i. was a crappy game system that brought us the Hotel Mario, and Cd-i Zelda games. Also lesser known hits such as Mutant Rampage: Body Slam, and CD-i golf. The games were known to be god-awful, with bizarre levels, bad controls, and weird storyline. However, the music in the game was actually pretty acceptable.

They were principally built as kiosk machines for shop displays etc. They pre-dated the Playstation and were released at the time of the 3DO as well as other failed consoles.

The cutscenes in the Link and Zelda games were drawn by a russian company who had never seen or heard of Nintendo or Dendy (the Russian NES clone). Hotel Mario's cutscenes were done by an amateur American. The cutscenes are enjoyed greatly by Youtube Poopers, an underground organization.

Basically, it's the animation of the CD-i in a nutshell.

Shortly after being fired by Philips, they were employed to produce a pilot for Krusty the Clown's TV show (See right).

Usage History[edit]

The beginning of CD-I in Youtube Poop can be traced to a single week in the Autumn of 2006, where the first three YTPs to use CD-I were all uploaded within days of each other. These included "The Best Zelda Game Ever: Part 1 of 3" by DukeOfFortuneMan (uploaded Oct. 30, 2006), "Phillips Phrightphest" by 1upclock (uploaded Nov. 2, 2006) and "Luigi's frightening new fetish" by Tetsuo9999 (uploaded Nov. 6, 2006). The first video was the first to use the Zelda CD-I games by themselves, the third video was the first to use Hotel Mario by itself, while the second video was both the second overall to use the Zelda CD-I games and the first video to use Hotel Mario period. SuperYoshi later jumped in on the action himself, creating "IF YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS" on Nov. 30, 2006, and a monster of internet culture was born.

CD-I served to be the bedrock of near every major development in YTP that subsequently took place, being the focal point of the "War on AIDS"; for years requiring usage in a very specific way if one wanted to gain community acceptance, and for being the source that aided in the development of Erosion through the fad of "AIDless AIDS", Flash Poop through the work of Link123456 and Titleinlarge, and a CD-I-centric core of sentence mixing YTPs spearheaded by SwishFilmsInc and QuibbyJibby. It's most visible and popular form remains what was often damned under the insensitive term of AIDS, now more commonly known under the name Spadinner, due to the uses of King Harkinian's "dinner" and Gay Luigi's "lotsa spaghetti" in an untold number of YTPs of all source uses.

In short, this category contains everything Youtube Poop related that has to do with CD-i.