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The Astronomer

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He can make lanterns out of ice... How does that work exactly?

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Name: The Astonomer
Appears In: Link: The Faces of Evil
Sex: Male
Age: 75
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation(s): Court Astronomer of Koradai

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The Astronomer's place of residence.

The Astronomer is character from the Phillips masterpiece, Link: The Faces of Evil, encountered after Harlequin is defeated by Link. His purpose in the game is to take the ice crystal and change it into a lantern. How he was elevated to the position of court astronomer is still a mystery, however, on an island where only one person can read, this isn’t surprising. It is suspected that he is a servant of Ganon or else smart enough not to play The Game, because Harlequin hasn’t turned him into a fat anthropomorphic pig yet. Some also suspect that he was the only one who volunteered for the role of astronomer, even if he doesn't know what he is talking about.


  • He is actually Ipo's cousin.
  • He has the mystical ability to make lanterns out of ice.
  • He dropped out of 5 different community colleges.
  • He claims to have discovered a new planet, however it turns out that it was actually just Mario Head who was caught in the sun's orbit after one of his many attacks triggered by his addiction to caffeine pills.


The Astronomer The Astronomer

"The stars are made of ice, thus the night is cold."

The Astronomer The Astronomer

"Bring the crystal from Serigon and I will prove the light of ice penetrates more than fire."

The Astronomer The Astronomer

"Now, if we make a simple vacuum and spin the ice just so. There!"