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Squadallah Burger

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Squadallah BurgerWas a short lived fast food restaurant Gwonam opened that only sold burgers, which he clearly stated on a sign. Being that burgers were not in high demand, he lost buisness to Duke Onkled's Diner which seemed to have everything Gwonam's restaurant did not. The restaurant makes it appearance in the video, Link Gets a Job at Gwonam's Restaurant So He Can Earn Enough Money to Buy a Playstation 3, by WalrusGuy.


  • There is a rumor that Gwonam infact worked at Duke Onkled's Diner, and used Squadallah Burger's lack of food as way to divert more customers for Duke Onkled.
  • Hired Link to help him run the place, but was unable to pay him due to lack of income.
  • The building is now Gwonam's Pizzaria.
  • Nearby is the Soldier's farm, which was the site of Morshu's Dinner Palace.
  • The burgers were actually made of illegal Kangaroo meat, which was one of many health code violations against the place.
    • The cheese was also made from the milk of afox, which was another violation (the FDA hadn't approved fox cheese for human consumption).
    • The special sauce was actually Gwonam's cum combined with hot sauce, yet another health violation.
    • The burgers were also fried in hedgehog lard, again a violation.
    • Plus many more violations.
    • After the inspection, the health inspector failed the place for the record high amount of health code violations. When the Governor of Pennsylvania heard of these, he ordered the place to be shut-down, and the building be demolished, and the debris burnt.
      • The building was saved by Phoenix Wright, who had objected, stating that the building could house another business, which would later become "Gwonam's Pizzeria".
        • The business itself, though, wasn't saved, and was shut down.