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Name: Aypo
Appears In: Link: The Faces of Evil
Sex: Male
Age: 78
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation(s): Reader, Librarian

Reader for the library of Koridai. Once called Link a homophobic slur and demanded fellatio for help. For this crime, he was forced to 5000 hours community service writing the King's dinner plans and sensitivity training classes.

Cultural Heritage: Norway

Life an Career[edit]

Not much is known about Aypo's early life. He was supposedly raised by a colony of blind Octorocks until he was 26 years old, who abandoned him because he could read and they could not. Shortly after this, he was found by a local librarian who taught him English and made him work without pay at his library. However, when Meen found out Aypo was illiterate and could never learn to read, he made him leave. Without any experience, Aypo hitchhiked to Koridai and robbed 6 Stores to get the sufficient funds to open his library. There, despite his illiteracy, he wrote his book of utter bullshit which he now uses to kill people.

Legal Issues[edit]

  • Aypo The Reader has been convicted of multiple counts of libel. His next offense will result in execution.
  • Aypo continously talks about the sacred verse, knowing damn well it doesn't exist.
Aypo, just after spilling the blood of one hundred men.


  • When Aypo has sex with people, he likes to roleplay under the alias "The Secret Princess of Fruit".
  • His greatest fear is that the people of Koridai will discover that he is illiterate, and fire him from his job as reader.
  • He would like to work at I.M. Meen's library again because of possible benefits.