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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!
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A kitchen, capable of preparing Dinner.
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The King of Hyrule sure loves dinner.
Link, King Harkinian, Gwonam, and Zelda finally having their acclaimed dinner.
A great artists intepretation of the great dinner. Yes, this is a joke.

Dinner. This fascinating and rare ritual of consuming various foodstuffs is admired and coveted by many YouTube Poop denizens. Only a select few truly know what's for dinner. The Philosophy of Dinner dates back to 1234 BC.

King Harkinian has consumed so much dinner that he is capable of channeling its energy into a massive beam known as "Dinner Attack."

Not to be confused with a Steak Dinner.


The great argument of Dinner

As mentioned above, every since 00110001 00110100 00111000 00110101 BC, the philosophical question "I wonder what's for dinner," has been asked. In fact, the great philosopher King Harkinian invented the exact quote in his 1000 page paper "I'm really really hungry right now". Of course, when we're speaking philosophically, we are not talking about the dinner we have every night, we are speaking of the great Dinner that will happen at the end of time. It will be such a big meal that everyone will stuff themselves until they get a heart attack and die. The question is what the main course will be for that dinner? King Harkinian states it will be cheeseburgers. Gay Luigi claims that it will be lotsa spaghetti. Mama Luigi predicts that it will be the bagel. Yoshi of course thinks it will be worms, and do I even have to say what Fat Mario thinks? Anyway, the debate has not ended and it never will until the final dinner comes, which is Bad Medicine for me.

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Did you know that Youtube Poop will make you wonder what's for dinner?