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Luigi points to "ova dere", the place he was speaking of.


"Where's da princess?"


OVA DERE, or Over There, is a one-liner (Gay, or CD-i) Luigi yells after (Fat, or CD-i) Mario asks where the princess's location is. Luigi then points to "ova dere" so Mario can see what he was speaking of.

OVA DERE is also known as Wendy's Hotel. In Wendy's Hotel, there are a lot of pennies, and many real coins. If you pinch Wendy's pennies, they pinch back. Also, there's a giant piggy bank that Mario smashes open and bleeds coins.

Look, Wendy's Hotel!


OVA DERE is may not only be Wendy's hotel though. OVA DERE has also been rumored to be the tracking device Mario stuck up the Princess's arse to keep track of her, and that's the only reason they can actually find their way around.

  • It is also rumored that smoke is OVA DERE as well, but Wendy's Hotel has more back story to it.
  • OVA DERE may be the hometown of Princess Peach, but Luigi sent all the structures tumbling to the ground when he shouted his famous one-liner.


OVA DERE is one of many popular quotes from Hotel Mario. It is used as a common joke when someone asks where something is. OVA DERE is overshadowed though by the very popular quote "When you pinch Wendy's pennies, they pinch back."

It is still wondered if Luigi ever really knew what OVA DERE was.


Recently, it has been challenged by Fat Mario's UP DERE!!!