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Name: Glutko
Appears In: Link: The Faces of Evil
Sex: Male
Age: ??
Nationality: Greek
Occupation(s): Thing


Glutko is a glutton that symbolizes something, with the saliva and chin in particular. He enjoys eating Koridians for hours to come. He is also the lost brother of the Cyclops from Hercules. His favorite TV show is M*A*S*H*.


According to Glutko, they taste like diarrhea, or at least that's what it sounded like. Why he still likes it, is unknown but the satisfied moans and warm saliva dripping from his mouth means he certainly likes it. Whenever Glutko has sexual intercourse with them is unknown, but it's speculated he's into vore. He's also into Wetlook, and only eats Koridians with orange hair, yellow vests with blue shirts underneath them and wearing brown pants. Why Glutko has a odd fetish for this type of clothing is unknown. Glutko attempted to eat mashed Link for the main course, but he was fed Bombs instead.

Food and People He's Eaten[edit]