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Other Fisherman

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That's the last time I'm going fishing!

Name: Other Fisherman
Appears In: Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Nationality: French, Mexican
Occupation(s): Village idiot, Fisherman, Blacksmith

The other fisherman is a pale man who somehow got stuck in a pile of open bones he could easily get out of. As a result of this traumatizing event, he claims he is never going to go fishing again, though for some reason, he walks back into the fish bone. It is later proven that he is full of shit. He then gets a new job as a blacksmith and fixes Zelda's sword. Why Zelda even trusted a man who got himself stuck in a pile of fish bones with the only sword that can save Link and The King, we'll never know.

He is lesser known than the other Fisherman because he has a French-Mexican accent, is pale, and refuses to wear a shirt.

He looks like shit. He IS shit.

He'll see you in Chicago.