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Mutant Rampage: BodySlam

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Mutant Rampage is set in your typical futuristic apocalypse - events such as wars, plagues, radiation and the likes have decimated the human population, the radiation creating several variant strains of mutant. In addition, cybernetic technology has boosted the strength of those who choose to use it, and scientific techniques have created Animal-Human hybrids (furries, basically). A "fiber-optic communication network" on the future earth links everything - the game centers around what appears to be a television show on the network called Bodyslam, presented by Air Wolfjam.

Said show appears to revolve around the "sport" of brawling in the streets. A new team, "The Naturals", unusually comprised entirely of pure humans, is the new team on the block (the player-controlled characters). Hectro Genocide, known as Boss of the Cyber-Mutes, announces in Air Wolfjam's interview that humans are obsolete, and he vows to kill the new team to prove his point, setting the stage for the beginning of the game.

Media Infomation[edit]

Cd-i game with cut scenes made by familar animators. Presumably plays like a shitty version of Streets of Rage. 1994 (Animation Magic)


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Bikini Cat Woman
  • Unfortunate Doctor
  • Bird Baby
  • Air Wolfjam
  • Hectro Genocide
  • The Narrator

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Kfcnyancat - Ooh, wee! The natruals beat the I.M. Meen has been beaten in the dust!

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  • DoctorPoopnik - It's just not pooply enough. It's difficult to make it work properly, and only mildly chucklesome when it does.


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