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Second Person attribute added to the Hotel Mario CD-I Games.

You In Context[edit]

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Mah Boi! this is the face of YOU!


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In Soviet Russia, Gay Luigi gotta help YOU!
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Jafar whenever he sees YOU!


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God is ready to smite YOU for your sins.
What YOU might be like after seeing a few pages in this Chewiki.
  • Gay Luigi ordered You to help Fat Mario and him save the Princess from Bowser.
  • Kyo wants You to stop spamming, it ain't going to work in his games!
  • Mario wants You to "Get the hint".
  • Mario tells You to remind him to check for a switch.
  • Mario hints that if You need instructions getting through the hotels to check the enclosed Instruction Book.
  • The back of the Hotel Mario case states that only You can save the princess.
  • That's Mama Luigi to YOU!
  • YouTube has You within it's name.
  • The Engineer thinks you best hope his heavy caliber sentry is not pointed at You.
  • Broly has killed You in the past
  • According to 99.5% of M.U.G.E.N. fanatics, You are already dead.
  • YOOOOOU! Soulja Boy tell 'em!
  • You worthless pile of excrement! Bison said so.
  • YOU just collect my winnings". said ken.
  • You also happen to be the best player ever at Hotel Mario. Just don't mention that to anyone else who has beaten the game.
  • Tommy Turnbull misses YOU
  • Ganon asks if You dare bring light to his lair, then orders You to die.
  • An oil tanker for You
  • ...what are You doing, Sakaki?
  • You know what they say! All YOUr base are belong to us!
  • Mario tells You that him and Gay Luigi "ain't afraid of no koopas".
  • the back of the Hotel Mario case states that only You can save the princess...
  • Zelda knows that You got to be kidding!
  • Join me Link, and I will make Your face the GGRRRREATEST in KoriDIE; or else You will DIE
  • You no hungry for Octorock, You Hungry for Hot Pockets.
  • You are NINCOMBOTS
  • Wild mineral water grabs life by the conkers and hydrates YOU till YOU shout "CUM ON, WORLD, I'LL HAVE YOU FOR BREAKFAST!"
  • Tyrannosaurus Allan also wants YOU for breakfast
  • You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as YOU have enough rubies.
  • "I can't give it to YOU on credit. Why don't YOU come back when YOU're a little, MMMMMM, richer?"
  • YOU fail, YOUr highness.
  • YOU'VE KILLED ME! (Good!)
  • They didn't want YOU to know that YOU are really an adopted child!
  • Gordon disapproves of YOU.
  • YOU are in No position to bargain.
  • You are who YOU choose to be.
  • You don't know it, but Anime Mario secretly plays you on Nintendo.
  • You lie! You must have begged the Forest Spirit to spare his life, but you did not beg for Nago's, did you?!
  • And who are YOU supposed to be?
  • You! Heheheheh.
  • You DARE bring light to my lair?! YOU MUST DIE!!
  • YOU, Link, are the Hero of Koradi!
  • SchiavoneTheRichard will pwn You.
  • Who the fuck do YOU think You are?
  • Jonny's got his eye on you, wood-hater!
  • You are EVIL! You want to destroy the world. Don't dream it. BEEE IT! Religious subtext.
  • Fat Mario explains that You know that all toasters toast toast. This is incorrect, as BREAD goes in a toaster, not toast.
  • YOU are constantly pointed at by Gay Luigi.
  • Why won't YOU just fuck off and die?!
  • The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are YOU a bad enough dude to rescue The President?
  • Die, monster! YOU don't belong in this world!
  • YOU are really starting to annoy me!
  • NO YOU!
  • I.M. Meen hates YOU!!!
  • Wretched child! YOUve ruined MY BEAUTIFUL LABYRINTH!!! Now YOUre going to PAY!!!!!!!!!!
  • YOU are beginning to annoy me, you miserable little goody goody.
  • Some things in Chewiki may disturb YOUng children.
  • YOU are not permitted to see this.
  • Batman and Robin always want to teach YOU to go to Zellers.
  • Doc Louis wants YOU to become a champion.
  • YOU're still the champion in The Doc's book.
  • ChristianU2uber wants YOU to stop calling him a homo.
  • The giant floating Mario head wants to sing a song for YOU.
  • YOU like listening to any type of (good) music that YOU can find.
  • YOU definately are a chronic masturbator.
  • Arthur told YOU not to touch it!
  • Mike Tyson will fuck YOU until YOU love him, YOU.
  • The Joker doesn't want YOU to explain the joke to him.
  • YOU know that Rex sucks.
  • I am better than YOU
  • Woody exclaims to YOU that YOU are a toy.
  • In Pheasant's Quest YOU are Rather Dashing.
  • Some people might masturbate to or on YOU.
  • Super Macho Man always flexes his body for YOU.
  • Super Macho Man also constantly wonders WHY DON'T YOU LOVE HIM?!
  • YOU cannot escape the true form of the Giygas Attack!
  • Rick Astley knows the game and YOU're gonna lose it. He's never gonna give YOU up or let YOU down, either.
  • YOU have to turn all light red links into normal red links
  • YOU have to turn all red links into pink links
  • Michael Jackson knows that if YOU call his name, he'll be there.
  • Michael Jackson also asks YOU to change the man in the mirror's ways.
  • YOU are wondering when YOU're dinner will arrive.
  • YOU can play as the Joker on the Playstation 3's version of Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • Michael Jackson never heard a single word about YOU.
  • Frollo believes that Hell with YOU is Paradise.
  • In all my years of judging, I have never heard before, of someone more deserving of the full penalty of law! The way YOU made them suffer, your exquisite wife and mother, fills me with the urge to deficate!
  • Fuck YOU!
  • I rise. YOU fall.
  • YOU got the touch! YOU got the power! YEAH!
  • Colonel Stinkmeaner thinks YOU are a bitch ass NYYYUKKAH!!
  • God gave rock n roll to YOU.
  • You don't love Satan.
  • You love both God and Jesus Christ.
  • You are actually really stupid because you bothered to read any of these lists.
  • Pit from Kid Icarus & Super Smash Bros. Brawl is sorry to keep YOU waiting for his newest game on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Tairy Greene thinks "YOU need to do YOU".
  • Wes Weasley often offers to tell YOU what he's gonna do.
  • YOU have sold Dr. Robotnik Contraption after Cunt-Raption.
  • YOU're stupid and dumb and stimpy and Jesus Israel!
  • YOU got the job as trainee park manager.
  • YOU are my prisoner!
  • YOU are reading this.
  • YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature!

In Conclusion[edit]

YOU really are a Super God that is anything and everything he is (Penis). You are the internet and he is Chad Wardenn in summary. You is many many things. You could also be a God, yet at the same time, you might not be one. The only things that are true about you are that if you can believe in yourself, then you can be whatever you want to be and you are also looking at this shit and believing everything that I'm saying. YOU ARE JESUS CHRIST!

Gallery of You[edit]

What YOU might look like when having a revelation.