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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

(Don't let him look here. He doesn't know that CD-i is treated as bad now.)

In brief[edit]

Please, call him by his less formal name, Captain Richard. He is a captain, but not like Captain Jack. Richard can not get you high tonight. However, while we're on the subject of Billy Joel songs, he has seen the lights go out on broadway.

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

Bowser's Conversation with Jr.



  • The kind of style that poop junkies say isn't poop. WalrusGuy style, but with extremely less funny.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Super Mario World
  • CD-i
  • Whatever he can find

Preferred Methods[edit]

Prefered Tech[edit]

  • Windows Movie Maker





Did I spell that right???


In Real Life[edit]

  • Richard Schiavone
  • He is still awesome in real life, sorry.


  • He is a pervert.
  • He is better than you
  • He Has an old account from which he made some poops (can be viewed below)
  • He is awesome
  • He is not gay.
  • He didn't know that Whelt made the first Super Mario Sunshine Poop.
  • He might even control your brain and tell you to go kill yourself.

Some Poops he made[edit]

The Old Account[edit]

  • Dino-Balls-

He said it was a massive piece of shit. Watch if you want

  • Mr. Volcano's Evil Plot-

He said it was meh, but got some good reviews from others.

  • The Scrub Mama Luigi Saga-

he never corrceted the typo in the title. His second favorite poop.

  • The New Hotel Mario-

He was praying that it would be his best. After it was uploaded, he realized the audio was off and it wasn't that funny.

The New Account[edit]

  • Bowser's Conversation...-

His third best. He was so excited about being the first guy to poop Mario Sunshine, but then dicovered Whelt's poop. His anger against him is still strong.

  • Alan's Secret-

His best work so far. He is happy with the use of the Volvic Website and other crap to make a great poop.

  • The King vs. Breakfast-

Not too bad.


This is not all of his poops. he will also accept your opinion, bad or good. He will probably not make anything else. ENJOY WHAT I GOT!!