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Wes Weasley

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Look palsy, I can offer you a Tiertex branded poop.

Wes Weasley is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog who is the most known con artist in the universe.



High Dandy Super Villians Appliances Distribution Ltd. is located in Manchester, Mobius. Wes worked there as a salesman for various devices (including a bean machine), however the company closed down due to Robotnik's cheque bounced and a faulty batch of Tea.


The prototype name for HDSVADL but changed due to the similarity of the Spanish extremist terrorist group ETA. Stands for Foolproof Trapping Appliances. Rumored that Luigi's voice actor Tony Rosato worked there. Also slipped in the flashback of The Magic Hassle.

FW Inc.

Wes' next company that stands for Failsafe Wizardry Incorporated. Closed down due to the Bad-Luckinator backed fired on them.

Unknown Company

Wes worked with this company offering booby traps to fortresses. Went bankrupt within the 1st week due to Wes revealing a way into the "impenetrable door" of Pinball Fortress (it has "a tiny rusting problem").


See more at Tiertex

After failing at every other company, Wes founded Tiertex which his purpose was to stop bothering Robotnik so he made cartoons, games and Youtube Poops.


  • Used by Stegblob, BMATF, UncleChuck and Wikiwow.
  • Calls everyone Palsys and goes WHAT? ever so often.
  • Seen on AoSTH episodes; "Birth of a Salesman", "The Magic Hassle", "Attack on Pinball Fortress", "Hero of the Year" and "Sonic is Running".
  • His suit is magic, and the plaid pattern doesn't move with him.
  • He created Sailor Moon along with Naoko Takeuchi.
  • Might be related to Phil Silvers.
  • He once attacked Dr. Robotnik's base while naked and smoking a gigantic cigar.

Possible Connection With Colgate?

It is rumored by various sources, including Homeland Security, that Wes Weasley informed Colgate of the copyright abuse or Dr. Rabbit, which is why they (Colgate) suddenly cared about it (the copyright). It is possible that he made this traitorous alliance out of bitterness for his lack of appearance in YouTube Poops. Perhaps he blamed Dr. Rabbit or WalrusGuy for this.