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This article is about the word everybody's talking about. You may have been looking for sex.
Real Luigi: And by the way, you have a piece of spaghetti on your overalls.
Real Mario: Aw, fuck you, Luigi.


Did you know that Fucking is also a place in Austria? (The sign with the children says "Please- Not too fast!")


"Fuck" is an interesting word in that there is no scientific verb that has it's definition, yet it is undoubtedly the most popular subject to 99% of the people in the world. While most simple words have scientific and formal translations (e.g.: eat-consume, write-enscribe), "Fuck" is among the only verbs in the English language that means "to have sex with", adding to its popularity since it is more simple than formally saying "to have sex with". Unfortunately, the word is greatly overused and gets just plain annoying when you have to hear it dozens of times every day.


Youtube Poopers Who Like To Use This Word

Youtube Poop Characters Who Like To Use This Word

Did you know that your hand can also say fuck too?