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Country of Origin: USA
Created By: Lego, Krisalis Software
Year Created: 1999

First Poop: Unknown

{{#ev:youtube|SkLxSJC1wd0|320}}The game's intro.
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Wikipedia also has an article about Legoland.

A game developed by Krisalis Software and published by LEGO.


You win the job as a trainee park manager. When you arrive, Professor Voltage is demonstrating has latest invention, a time machine. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and the time machine destroys the park. During the game, you rebuild the park to the picky standards of Mr. Bimble, the park inspector. Meanwhile, Professor Voltage is time travelling, and steals duplicates stuff from the past, and brings it back to the present to help you rebuild the park. When you beat the game, you are awarded with a wonderful certificate.



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The main characters from LEGOLAND. This image is designed to make no sense and look weird.

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  • Has lots of unused content, even dialogue.
    • There was originally going to be a character called Tilly in the game, but she was removed.
    • J.P. was also originally called Tracy.
  • This game is based off of the LEGOLAND parks.
  • Not to be confused with LEGO Island.
  • There are cutscenes that intentionally crossover with other Lego games like LEGO Rock Raiders and LEGO Chess.

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