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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.
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No matter what you do, .png images will feel like shit here.

What Is Shit?

What is this shit?

Shit (くそ, Kuso) is a comfort food invented by George Shit in 1934. Shit realized people called their feces shit, so he renamed it to Taco Bell. He sold it in stores until 5 minutes later, when he opened the first Taco Bell restraunt. People ate there everyday, and many complaints were sent in. The complaints were about e.coli, salmonella, and parasites. Shit never bothered shutting down Taco Bell, then Shit! Restaurants bought it in 1980. Shit! also owns KFC, A&W, and Long John Silvers.

Lawsuit, Youtubepoop's grandpa, sued Taco Bell for the 74% shit that their burritos came with. LiveVideo Shit, LiveVideo Poop's father, is an asshole!

How Can It Be Used?

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Kel shows Kenan how to say shit at school.
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Not this shit again.

Shit, as a word, can have several meanings.

  • Verb: The act of defecating. Sample: "I gotta shit."
  • Noun: Referring to feces itself. Sample: "Whoa! That's one big shit!" In addition, shit can also be a synonym for "Stuff". Sample: "Move your shit out of the way, before I fucking break that shit."
  • Adjective: "Shit" can be used as an extremely harsh form of "bad". Sample: "Twilight is shit." Inversely, "the shit", means "great". Sample: "Coca-Cola is the shit!"
  • Interjection: "Shit" can also be uttered as an interjection. Sample: "Oh shit! What the fuck are we going to do now!?"
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If you can take a shit, a kangaroo will give you a pair of underwear.

Other Ways To Say "Shit"


  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is obsessed with shit. The Nostalgia Critic is also obsessed with the substance, but not nearly to the same extent. The Irate Gamer as well, but that's because he can't come up with original jokes to save his life.
  • Shimajiro likes to take a shit, and show people how to take shits.
  • Some people like to get covered in shit and eat it. Those people, thankfully, are outcasts of society.
  • If you say shit three times in the mirror, Q will come out and throw Poop at you( yuck)!

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By the way, everyone's gotten AIDS and shit.