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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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In brief[edit]

Blueseraph is the pooper's name of Turner, sometimes known as Turnerzero/Turner0, an artist in many fields. His interest in pooping started much earlier, but his poop making began only about a year ago. He enjoys using live-action sources and his primary tool is Sony Vegas. He sees pooping as a way to make himself, and others if possible, laugh. If one style of poop doesn't make him laugh, perhaps it does so for someone else, and that's what matters to him in a poop.

Besides pooping, he also enjoys making video game-like music, as well as drawing characters to go along with these songs, or other times just to draw them. He's a fan of video games, anime, cartoons and music.


Upon discovering Youtube, Turner set up an account title Turnerzero. On it, he posted several AMVs (good ones) as well as a rant or two. It was soon removed for violating some sort of copyright bullshit with a Deathnote AMV. During his initial stay on youtube, he was introduced to MrSimonAlt's poops, later known as theElectricCheese, the first one being Ganon Hates Grating Cheese, which he immediately loved. He had been aware of the disturbing cutscenes within the CD-I Zelda games, but he was not aware that such a subculture existed for them. After making a few poops of his own in Windows Movie Maker, it became apparent that he enjoyed making them. He created a new account, this time named Blueseraph89, and uploaded his newest poops, this time made in Vegas. He had known about Youchew for sometime, yet saw the community to be a bit intimidating, and held off on joining for some time. In mid-2008, he finally decided to join, and to his surprise found the community very welcoming.

He first began his exploits by inviting a member in for a tennis match. His opponent was Amazing Cucumber. It was then that he realized that was not going to get anywhere challenging those below his skill level, and soon began to grow in pooping prowess, challenging such fabled members as thedeadonesrise, flashmaker, and the ever-so-ultimate Futurespassed and MycroProcessor. He's been a regular member of the forum and a pooper ever since.

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

His first poop does not exist to this day, due to some computer problems.


Mostly fast, loud, and spontaneous. For tennis rounds it's usually about how fucking insane he can get the video to look.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Dane Cook
  • Stupid Commercials
  • Anything Live-action

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Ear-rape
  • Pitch-shift
  • Reversing
  • Awkward Muting
  • Experimental Muting

Prefered Tech[edit]

Sony Vegas 7.0


Not much.


Generally favorable. He has at least 100 subscribers, and his Dane Cook poop has garnered 10000+ views, but this is mainly because of its source material.


Slow-producer of new poops.


Just the 10000 views on the Dane Cook poop.


  • Flashmaker
  • Imaperson
  • JeffH01
  • TantricNferno
  • Homepike
  • FuturesPassed
  • AjaxCubed
  • Crazythesecond

In Real Life[edit]

  • Rockesper (Brother)
  • Oak


  • MrSimon
  • Homepike
  • Imaperson
  • UncleSamEagle
  • MasterGwo
  • AjaxCubed
  • MycroProcessor


  • Erazor521
  • CoolerThanYou68

Poop Listing[edit]


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