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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

Also known as Moto200Alt.

In brief

Known for sentence-mixed YTPMVs and light flash poops. Active between 2007-2011, then made a few videos in 2015.


Like most poopers beginning their careers in the end of 2007, Moto200 didn't see the world besides CD-i.

He first started by creating a Sparta remix, then a flash poop with Mama Luigi and CD-i. Soon afterwards, inspired by Conrad Slater's war on AIDS, he went to create poops based on more original material.

{{#ev:youtube|eT7lL4e4p9k|320}}First YouTube Poop.

He and WowComics played the 2nd YTPMV match in the world, but nobody noticed.

His two milestone poops were: "Take King Out" and "The King Downloads Sony Vegas". Thus began his adventure with sentence-mixed YTPMVs and light flash poops, revolving mostly around The King and Link's shenanigans.

{{#ev:youtube|gxJV1b1m9jA|320}}His influencial sentence-mixed YTPMV (not the first one to exist, though! This honor likely belongs to WalrusGuy.
{{#ev:youtube|4bM2b5cfeZo|320}}Moto200's most popular flash poop, with the King's famous words: "This... is... EPIC!"

After a more experimental period in 2011, he disappeared to pursue higher education. He remained somewhat active on an alt account, Moto2h (created after a large DMCA takedown scare), where he uploaded a successful remix helping him begin a video editing career (an example how YTP can give you enough transferable skills to find a job!)

{{#ev:youtube|SB39i86Ve8M|320}}Late 2010 style.

In March 2015, he uploaded "Roman Overheats His Famicom" after more than three years of inactivity.

{{#ev:youtube|oKOVSJtZjbg|320}}Mid-2015 style.

First poop seen

Johnny's Bedtime Story (Part 1 of 2)

First poop made

How Spider-Link lost his Nintendo 64 (*wheeze*)

This video was reuploaded from Moto200's original account.


Sentence-Mixed YTPMV, Sentence Mixing, Flash Poop. In standard poops usually avoids heavy rape.

Preferred Sources

  • Cd-i (especially King Harkinian)
  • Everything else

Prefered Tech

Currently Vegas Pro 13 for video and audio, occasionally the PaulStretch audio tool. Previously: WMM, After FX, Audacity, Melodyne, FL Studio.


  • Inspiring a large amount of new Sentence-Mixed YTPMVs, with characters being sentence-mixed to match the lyrics of popular songs.
  • 10th place in the Perfect Poop collab (views), but when Conrad mysteriously vanished nobody cared anymore.
  • 5k+ subs, used to be one of the most subscribed poopers from Poland.



Early work of The Pope, as a definition of what YTP and YTPMV should look like. MrSimon's work as something to aspire to.


  • Currently creates a series of silly music video edits as a job. This can be attributed to his previous interest in YouTube Poop.