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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Malkmusian was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

In brief

Malkmusian is one of those poopers who people think is one of the best, but merely turns out to be a guy with decent skills on Sony Vegas. Unlike most poopers, who'll spend countless hours and days on a video, he tends to make things in a stream-of-consciousness, whether he viewed the source beforehand or not. As he makes the poop, he formulates the jokes and while doing so, tries to make the poop as fresh as possible. However, because his style tends to be somewhere between traditional, tennis, and trap, he hasn't gotten much subscribers. Then again, never have many other poopers.


Malkmusian created an account on YouTube [1] back in early 2007 when he first began using the site a lot. Before then, he lurked around Sheezyart and deviantART as a guest. In that sense, he should have been exposed to the first and second waves of poop (SuperYoshi, JazzDance, Conrad Slater, The Electric Cheese, among others) - but he was too busy listening to music and gawking over Code: Lyoko AMVs.

However, in the summer of that same year, he discovered a video - "Hey Arnold! The BIG Adventure" - that brightened his day and soon, after gaining a YouTube video downloader and some preliminary source material (Final Destination 3, Um Jammer Lammy, some strange ad for Captain Beefheart's "Lick My Decals Off, Baby" LP, and a couple of idents), he began to formulate those seemingly unrelated ideas into videos. At first, he worked on them for hours in Windows Movie Maker, trying to work the thing, and he built up a steady, if small, fanbase.

Around March to April of 2008, his luck turned around. When he registered onto YouChewPoop as a typical member, he discovered a league of more complex poopers, thus inspiring him to find out what they used and how they did it. Also, something about not being able to reverse video in Windows Movie Maker contributed to his dilemma. After downloading Sony Vegas 8.0, his style began to improve dramatically, if still immature. He began to use more sources (while using the occasional "Pingas") as his style began to mold itself into something a little more fast-paced. However, in July of 2008, his account was hacked and all his videos were destroyed. He quickly regained control, uploaded the more important videos, and continued with his progress. His videos became shorter and shorter and incorporated more tennis techniques (if not to the level of complexity that Avojaifnot and Imaperson exhibit).

This evolution continued throughout 2009 to the point where Malk began to participate in more tennis matches (but not regularly). In order to keep up with the players, Malk began to implement more effects into his work, most notably moving frames and seizure-inducing shifts from inverted colors to not-inverted colors. They also said he made some RoboCop fried chicken poop that started a sort of minifad, but that's just guessing.

That same year, Malk also ran his first collab - "The Girugamesh Collab." Nine participants and his only success. Go him.

In 2010, Malk did not make poops as much due to school and a general disinterest in the art. However, as college started, he downloaded a newer copy of Sony Vegas (10.0 Movie Studio), a video ripper, and went back to making poops in his classical pace.

Oh, yeah. He's some editor/writer for the News Page, but who gives a damn about that? You're just here to read paragraphs devoted to a guy who has to write his own Chewiki page just because nobody wants to chip in. Yeah - you're a loser.

First poop seen

"Hey Arnold! The BIG Adventure"

First poop made


Imagine Avojaifnot if he wasn't so bombastic. Now imagine that with more ear rape and obscure music. Now imagine that with no consistency throughout.

You get Malkmusian.

Preferred Sources

He has no preferred source. He'll make a poop out of anything. However, he's had a bit of a fascination with Manwith10toes videos as of 2009.

Preferred Methods

  • Deja vu
  • Ear Rape
  • Extreme slo-mo
  • Stutter loop
  • Tech text
  • Pitch-shifting

Preferred Tech

Sony Vegas (any edition)


Sources Conrad Slater considered AIDS; spadinner poops


He doesn't get much reception. When he does from people who know the world of YouTube Poop, they consider his work good. When he does from people who don't know YouTube Poop, they consider him a troll.

Interpret that yourself.


Well, that Bill Engvall poop he made is his first reach 25,000 views. Then again, those are from people who vow never to watch his videos just because it...looks different.


In Real Life

[Have a grab at it





Poop Listing

Other Information


Youtube account