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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

A picture of actor, singer, and comedian Wayne Brady, who has nothing to do with this article.

In brief[edit]

I'll brief you, bub.


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This is not India, but it kind of looks like it.

ButtonsTheDragon AKA Little "Twelve Fingers" Jimmy AKA Crazy Catfighting McGee AKA that one guy, was first born into a small village in India during the early 1200's. Roughly 90 seconds after he was born, he was sold as a slave to a group of giant forest troll wizards who rode on segways. A few of them had mustaches, but that fact and this sentence are irrelevant. This sentence is also irrelevant. This sentence is not. Working in the dreaded Hukaloawannagerataki Mines until his early teens, he somehow learned to speak English and developed an interest in video remixing despite never seeing a video or a computer or a television show or a television or a radio or a bottle of ketchup before. Because the forest troll wizards were also rich and hundreds of years ahead in technology somehow, they discarded things like laptops, MP3 players, PEE ESS TRIPLES, and jetpacks, as they viewed them as obsolete and ghey. Buttons was able to steal a laptop, illegally acquire video editing technology, and make a totally hip and cool video that he would later credited with saving his life and curing him of Type 2 diabetes. He showed his troll/wizard/billionaire masters his video, which caused them to chuckle slightly. And, due to giant forest troll code, "If someone is able to make a remix video that causes a troll to either chuckle or kill themselves in complete and total disgust, the maker of said video is then set free." And so, Buttons moved to America, where he lost all of his Indian heritage, became a generic lazy American teenager adopted by a generic lazy American family, and continued making said remix videos. Yay him.

First poop seen[edit]

He Touched Me Inappropriately

First poop made[edit]

The Guy Who Has a Weapon That is Heavy


Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Tech[edit]

Sony Vegas.





That one guy.

In Real Life[edit]

What's his face.


People who have the number 5 in their usernames. Alternatively, if you have a 7, you are now my greatest enemy. Lock your doors.





"ButtonsTheDragon" roughly translates to "Flying Drunken Rat" in Chinese.


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Your sword is not enough. Your sword is NEVER enough.