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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  SeductiveBaz is a former moderator for the YouChew forums.
Tennisicon.png SeductiveBaz is a retired Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.

In brief

Probably the most grumpy and frustrated of all the Poopers, SeductiveBaz is a man determined to make just one good video so he can stop with this whole Youtube Poop nonsense for good. He won't do it, of course.


7YpU6KsRfWU|250}} SeductiveBaz's first Youtube Poop.

In the autumn of the year 2006, our enigmatic young hero SeductiveBaz went onto the wonderful world of Youtube and did a search for "Robotnik". I can't remember why he did that, but he did. After browsing through a number of pages, SeductiveBaz came across two things - a shitty American college band called The Robotniks who did a particulary terrible cover of Big Bottom by Spinal Tap, and a video entitled 'Robotnik on the Toilet', made by one SuperYoshi. Entrigued by it's exciting description (Watch as Robotnik does stuff), our hero feverishly clicked the link and watched. The following three minutes of Robotnik flavoured mayhem became an eye opener for SeductiveBaz, as he had no idea how funneh chopping up and editing random clips of AOSTH could be. Excited by what he had just witnessed, Seductive went on to find more videos by SuperYoshi, and some by RetroJape too, and he did laugh throughout the night at these silly videos. Then he forgot about them.

That is, until DECEMBER, when he remembered them again and found some more. Once again he laughed, and he decided he would MAKE ONE HIMSELF. And so, using clips from Aladdin and one episode of Kenan and Kel (the one with the screw in the tuna), SeductiveBaz made PRINCE ABOOBOO DANCES THE WALTZ OF A THOUSAND SCREWS. Thankfully though, he never submitted it to Youtube because it wasn't very good. FAST FORWARD TO THE END OF APRIL BECAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER THE DETAILS OF THE NEXT 4 MONTHS - SeductiveBaz made another video, and it got a lot of views and comments and things. He then made more and they got worse and worse until they started to get good. Then they got worse again. Then at some point Seductive became a mod at the YoutubePoop forums, and he now takes out his frustration of not being able to make good videos out on anyone attempting to start an interesting and intellectual discussion. GOOD END.

First poop seen

Robotnik on the Toilet


First poop made

The Great Boombastar Detective

Selected Poopography - A Completely Unbiased Look At Some of SeductiveBaz's Poops

The Great Boombastar Detective

Before uploading any poop to Youtube, SeductiveBaz had uploaded two clips from The Great Mouse Detective to his account. SeductiveBaz's first Youtube Poop was originally concieved as an attempt to annoy the Great Mouse Detective fans he had attracted, but of course it didn't really work and recieved many positive comments from Disney fans. It still stands as Seductive's most viewed video, at over 14,000 views.

Portrait of Living Greed As Shown by a Pig Being Fed Bananas

Now deleted, Portrait of Living Greed was Seductive's first proper attempt to annoy rather than entertain, showing a clip from an old Looney Tunes short with an early version of Porky Pig being forced fed bananas by a mad scientist, looped for about 5 minutes. Seductive tried to make it a response to the first Volvic ad, but the guy who uploaded the ad was all like "LOL NO".

Scrooge McDuck Defeats the AIDS with a Big Stick

SeductiveBaz's favourite of his 'early' poops. It's a bit of a mess, but some of the slow downs still make Seductive laugh.

Dr. Assterix Gives the Diagnosis

A pretty damn messy YTPMV, with some really lazy editing. Still, it's built on a catchy tune and it's got some nice ideas in it.

Pimple Chucks a Watermelon While 50 Songs Play At Once

Part of the 'Unfitting music' fad, and also partially a tribute to SuperYoshi's EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND LOVE IS GONE, it does what is says on the tin, it's Pimple from the Battletoads cartoon chucking a watermelon while 50 songs actually do yes play at once. Remains one of Seductive's favourites, because he likes stupid things like this.

The Whole of Wayne's World Condensed into 3:25

Originally not intended as a poop, just the best bits of Wayne's World in under 4 minutes, Seductive got bored and made into a poop instead. Considered by Seductive to be the first video he made that was actually quite funny. Was responsible for Seductive getting his first negative comment, though it seems to have vanished now (I DIDN'T DELETE IT), from somebody threatening to kill SeductiveBaz for tampering with the 'may I help you riff' segment.

Youtube Poop - The Movie A parody on all the shit YOUTUBE POOP MOVIE trailers that were floating about at the time. Originally meant to be purposefully shite, it actually turned out to be FUCKING EXCELLENT and is now considered one of mankind's greatest ever achievements. Watch it, you groovy fuckers.


srsly, I will.

Poop Tennis Matches

2nd Tennis Leauge

If you too would like to challenge SeductiveBaz to a game of Poop Tennis, why not let him know.


Preferred Methods




Other Information


  • Named after the 1998 Pulp song Seductive Barry
  • Winner of the 2007 X Factor
  • Hobbies include: computing, socialising and "good times"
  • Was a former moderator of the YouChewPoop forums.