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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
MAZZ0Murder's common avatar


In brief

MAZZ0Murder has been an active member of the Youchew community since January 18th 2008, and has been created Youtube Poops since December 9th 2007. He has his favorite poop sources but are not limited to what he'll use in the way of material. It can commonly be sources that he really likes, such as the Legend of Zelda. Occasionally he'll get annoyed by a particular video or commercial and make a Youtube Poop out of it in response.

He likes to occasionally challenge himself by making videos from more difficult sources and this will sometimes mean trying to use less advanced video editors as well.

In spar time he likes to do regular video editing, watch movies, play games, hike, spend time with his animal, and hang out with friends when he is not working.

MAZZ0Murder likes Gilgamesh. He watches anything that has a character named Gilgamesh in it. He attempts to make a Youtube Poop of any source featuring a character by this name. He most commonly uses Gilgamesh from FFXII.




MAZZ0Murder's first Youtube Video was uploaded on November 7, 2007. Final Fantasy Overpowered! A simple idea where he used an a emulator to record boss battles in Final Fantasy I & II Advanced where he powered up the characters in an attempt to defeat an enemy (usually a boss) in one hit.

Following Final Fantasy Overpowered, he started making Tourettes Guy dubbed work with the anime series Final Fantasy: Unlimited, which came to be known as FF:TU. It was during this time he came across a youtube poop, which also used the Tourettes Guy. He also discovered the Zelda CD-I Cutscenes, which fulfilled the age old question about what the CD-I games were. At first he thought it was ridiculous. Given enough viewing of different videos he started understanding the humor better. After subscribing to OkamiMaster he decided to make his first youtube poop.

After creating three Poops with the CD-i Zelda footage MAZZ0Murder joined the Youchew Forums (known at the time as Youchew Poop). It was at this time that all but one of his FF:TU videos were removed due to copyright infringement. His resolve was that he'd make Youtube Poops more often and hoped that he could sneak in FF:U footage every now and again. He later did a Youtube Poop which used his Final Fantasy: Overpowered videos, and occasionally makes Youtube Poop of his regular films since he was a film major in college.

After a scuffle on the forum regarding the War on AIDS, MAZZ0Murder started using other sources for his videos. An opportunity to expand his skills came up when fellow forum user RetardedAnimeParody asked if anyone would like to do a youtube poop tennis match with him. This lead to the discovery of several mainstay sources such as Gosei Sentai Dairangers, Gilgamesh, Kamen Rider, and more.

MAZZ0Murder has been doing Youtube Poop for almost 9 years. He has used many difference sources. His favorites are Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, and RunemanisBack. He hosted the Atari 2600 collab, and has participated in other collabs as well. In his spare time he likes to participate in Youtube Poop Tennis, and has participated in the Tennis Cup (summer of '08), the WMM Tournament, and the 2nd Doubles Tournament where he partnered with TheNeopreneJunebug.

More recently he and Combuskenisawesome are currently locked in a Poop Duel which will span the entirety of the Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megafroce series. Due to MAZZ0murder's youtube poop of the promotional video and dubbing it "Power Rangers MEGAMEAT" due to sentence mixing, this is the name he and Combuskenisawesome settled with for their "episodes".

First poop seen

MamaLuigi has Tourettes (Deleted)

First poop made

Youtube Poop: Link vs. Dark Link



  • Classic
  • Tennis Style
  • Story-like
  • Trap or Tongue-in-cheek titles

Preferred Sources

  • Gilgamesh (usually, but not limited to, Final Fantasy XII)
  • Super Sentai. (usually, but not limited to Gosei Sentai Dairangers)
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited
  • Use of a Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda soundtrack
  • RunemanIsBack's videos
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy (English or Japanese)
  • Kamen Rider
  • Power Rangers (Mostly RPM and Megaforce, but not limited to these)
  • Sakuracon 2009 commercial (GIRUGAMESH!!!)

Preferred Methods


  • Stuttering
  • Reversing
  • Mirroring
  • Layering, Masking, and Chroma-keying
  • Solarizing/Negative filter
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Flipping

Prefered Tech

  • Premiere Pro CS6
  • After Effects CS6
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Windows Movie Maker
Occasionally uses:
  • iMovie
  • Youtube Editor
  • AVID


Master Kaku as seen in Gosei Sentai Dairanger
  • Repetitiveness
  • Solarization/Negative image
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Layering and Masking effects


  • Noun replacement.
  • Lengthy Poops: Usually ones that exceed 4 minutes due to poorly edited material and do not flow well. In other words, not Combuskenisawesome-like videos.

Poop Listings

Listed in chronological order, and not including Poop Tennis, Poop Duels, or Birthday Videos. I consider some filler, fad responses, and collab entries Youtube Poop work.

Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Link Vs. Dark Link 12-9 1:06 THE FIRST
Youtube Poop: A Minute With the King 12-9 1:03
Youtube Poop: The King Has Gone Mad 12-10 1:09
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Youtube Poop: I Bought The Toothpaste of Your Colgate 1-22 1:03 Fad entry, but I considered it a Poop.
Youtube Poop: Blue Boy and Company 2-6 3:20
Youtube Poop: Runeman2006 is Bored 2-7 1:17 First time messing with my friend's videos.
Youtube Poop: Why It's a Good Idea to Please Haruhi 2-26 1:40 First attempt at masking. Icky!
Youtube Poop: A Message From the Power Rangers 2-27 1:28
Youtube Poop: A Digital Rape 2-28 2:48
Youtube Poop: Captain N Joins Forces with PTSD Link 2-29 3:44
Youtube Poop: Mario Is an Air-Head 2-29 1:19 Considered by viewers a trap...
Youtube Poop: Know When to Laugh and Drink 3-10 5:28
Youtube Poop: Captain Bulldookey 3-11 1:02 One of the most viewed...
Youtube Poop: The Other Big Brother 3-11 1:08
Youtube Poop: Special Effects Gone Random 3-12 2:01
Youtube Poop: A Day in the Life of Bub the Zombie 3-13 3:30
Youtube Poop: The Puppy Magnet 3-14 0:28
Youtube Poop: Green Dairanger Likes Balls 3-25 1:02 The finding of Gosei Sentai Dairangers
Youtube Poop: Kaku's Acid Trip 3-27 1:34 The age of Master Kaku...begins!
Youtube Poop: Everyone Has Genital Herpes 3:27 1:19
YTP: Alexanderzero Stands Up For A Friend Then Pwns Noobs 3-27 1:30 Ruining a different friend's videos.
Youtube Poop: Danny Tells Souja Boy Off 3-29 0:32
More Original Than WalrusGuy 4-1 0:40
Youtube Poop: Brought to You by Philips 4-1 0:38
Youtube Poop: The Return of CD-I 4-2 1:26
Youtube Poop: The Return of CD-I Part 2 4-3 2:10
Youtube Poop Zelda of Legend The 4-3 2:12 EmperorIng didn't like this one!
Youtube Poop: Eloi Tells Us A Quick Story 4-3 0:55 Was inspired after my first return to CD-I poop.
Youtube Poop: The Return of CD-I Part 3 4-4 1:53
Youtube Poop: You Suck at Myst 4-8 3:09 First use of Myst game footage.
The TMNT Advise us to speak to Drug Dealers 4-9 0:43
Youtube Poop: Hulk Hogan Orgy 4-17 1:29 MMMBRO
Norm the Magician 4-22 0:57
The Internet Truly Sucks 4-25 0:32
Century 21's Dick the Dick Contest 4-29 0:39 When I started binge pooping featured ads.
Driven by Boredom 4-30 0:29
Dogs Become Fashion Accessories 5-1 0:35
THE GUYVER IN ACTION 5-1 0:07 Moo moo!
The Cadburry Bunny Kicks Some Ass 5-2 0:18
Gilgamesh Is Not Epic 5-5 1:30 The start of something truly EPIC!
Heavy Shares a Tune With You 5-7 0:19 The first Team Fortress 2 video I did.
Gilgamesh Is Pissed 5-8 1:32 The continuation of something truly EPIC!
Kaze vs Makenshi: High Quality 5-11 2:08 First intentional trap video.
Robotnik Teases You 5-12 0:55 First attempt with AoStH.
69 and 70 Seconds Long Video 5-17 0:?? Title changed after endless annoyance.
Ganondorf's Ultimate Penis Grill 6-4 0:02 AHHHHHT!
EGG MONGER 6-4 0:22
BATMAN BECOMES NUTHEAD 6-5 1:03 YTP of a "normal" Nuthead video.
Enkidu Wants Some Attention 6-5 0:54 Because Gilgamesh wasn't enough!
Youtube Poop: IT'S A MAC! 6-6 0:19 Controversial, and first time using Premiere Pro 2.0
Gilgamesh Learns to Fly 6-6 1:11
Kaze Has a Bad Day 6-7 0:32
Someone Else's Final Fantasy 6-20 1:22
Meet Doug 7-2 0:55 If Doug from Pure Pwnage was the TF2 Sniper.
GEORGE WASHINGTON 7-4 0:17 Got a few responses.
Metal Gear Sex 7-25 0:33 Oops! Nuthead already made a poop with this name!
Moogle Looses It 7-26 1:20
Link's Screaming Frenzy 8-5 0:50
TUCSONIAN ROAD RAGE 8-13 1:18 The return of Runeman.
The Return of CD-I Part 4 8-18 0:41 First use of Burn: Cycle.
Cutter's Mind Gets Recycled Into A Woman's Body 8-19 1:46
Master Kaku Abuses His Students 8-21 1:11 Master Kaku returns!
Takua Doesn't Know How to Play with Balls 8-22 0:49
Gilgamesh Returns to Fight Again 8-23 0:48
Bomberman's Remote Causes Distortion in Space and Time 8-25 1:35
Mario Is A Sore Loser 8-26 0:56
The EXTREME 90 Seconds Video 8-27 1:31 Controversial due to the time/title discrepancy.
MANCAKE PINES 8-28 1:13 Self challenge with WMM
Saavedro Cannot Count to Three 8-30 1:00 Met Mycroprocessor through this one.
The Maltese Pimpsahoy 9-3 1:19
ytmndfan BECOMES omgloldragonforce 9-4 0:43
LAUGH 9-9 0:28
Seaworld misses Walrusguy 9-11 0:15 Never Forget? Please do...
What's the Medicine for Skateboarders? 9-14 0:29
Real Life Ness Abuses Little Animals 9-18 0:40 Made for 1downpoison apparently.
KCIL KCIL 9-25 0:35 Challenge from xWhiteStripe1x.
Starkiller Saw A Massive...What? 5-14 0:44
GEORGE FUCKOFF 10-16 1:06 Made because I disliked a video I had to watch with this guy.
The FAIL Dynasty 10-17 1:01 Was made for Tetsuo9999.
CHOBI UNLIMITED 11-5 0:51 Focuses on Chobi from FF:U.
Altaïr Wont Share the Ketchup 11-13 0:53
Games You Can't Play With Your Gluteus Maximus 11-23 0:48 Before the Minions were annoying.
MASHED POTATOES 11-25 0:40 Self challenge with WMM.
Final Fantasy Underpowered and Out the Window 12-4 0:52 A YTP of my first uploaded video.
KING vs DARK KING 12=7 0:42 1st Poopiversary.
Link Fails a Side Quest 12-30 0:55
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Kaze Confirmed for Dissidia 1-6 1:30 First normal YTP of 2009.
Why is He Called Onion Knight? 1-9 2:34
Everyone Hates Kazamatsuri 1-15 0:33 Anime Collab entry.
Rinvin's Birthday Bash YTP Contest: MAZZ0Murder 1-16 0:22 My friends and I ruin a video.
The Video Sucks 1-26 1:06
Citizen Kaze 2-13 1:27 Features the voice of Misselaineous10.
Master Kaku's WICKED Acid Trip 2-21 1:01 YTP Movie entry and re-poop.
The Newest Epic of Gilgamesh 3-6 1:17
Re: MAZZ0Murder 3-8 0:42 A fad about me?! Also GIRUGAMESH rises...
What the Fluck is a Power Ranger? 3-10 1:17 RPM (Real Poop Material) Hits the scene!
RetardedAnimeParody 3-11 1:00 Gilgamesh and GIRUGAMESH collide.
Gan Ning Dissidias His Way Through Tales... 3-12 2:52 Tried using lots of sources.
Lisa Fails at Summoning 3-26 1:34 Focuses on Lisa from FF:U (Chewfag Girls Collab Entry).
Gilgacon 4-17 1:05
I.M. Jumping on the Bandwagon 4-24 0:59 When I.M. Meen Was Discovered.
Dillian's Affirmative Action Stimulates Dr. K 4-26 1:51
A Naked Invisible Man Appears in This Video 5-4 1:00
Power Poop: The Movie 5-11 1:19 Gorangers!
The Raving Beedrill 5-14 1:00
That Spy is a Sephiroth 5-26 0:41
Four Fingered Discount on McMaNGOS 5-27 1:04
A Valuable Lesson About Smoking 5-30 0:53 Humans don't have a heart :(
WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT 6-8 1:09 Seedot
THIRTEEN 6-15 1:17 It uses the 14th episode of RPM...
Gem and Gemma Appear to 401 Subscribers 7-9 0:55 400 subscriber special...I guess! Master Kaku Becomes a Super Saiyan Part 1] 7-21 0:55
Master Kaku Becomes a Super Saiyan Part 2 7-23 1:04
Gem and Gemma tear up the Script 8-21 1:01
NATASS 8-25 0:34
Tsuyoshi Kaijou Senslessly Beats Up People 9-1 2:03 A personal favorite of mine. WMM fun too!
The Newest Epic of Gilgamesh: Tablet 2 9-2 0:52 How I spent my birthday. With Gilgamesh!
Cloud Almost Becomes as Much of a Jackass... 9-8 1:11
Memiors of a Sat-Bot 9-12 1:46
Never Grop a Certian Fox While It's... 9-21 1:01
RPM the Musical 9-28 1:26
Shooting While Asking Questions is... 10-3 1:10
Zombies Learn to Fly Internationally 10-6 1:02 Collab entry.
I'm a Rambo Soldier Knight of Hero... 10-14 1:10 When Godfrey Ho was discovered.
Gilgamesh Party 10:28 1:01 Fad response.
Link Trick-or-Treats at the Wrong... 10-31 1:02
The Gorma Try Using iMovie 11-12 1:06 iMovie...WMM is better!
Shifter Creates the Suicide Remote 11-16 1:19 More WMM fun. WHO KNEW?
The Poop that Took a DECADE to Make 11-18 1:30 First use of Kamen Rider?
WHERE'S THE TENNIS?! 11-30 0:09 Used that hidden Hotel Mario cutscene...
Ricard the Coward Fears 12-11 0:39 Used Tales of Graces as a source.
If Dillon Were Scrooge 12-25 1:41 Last regular YTP of 2009!
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
500 Subs Video Special is 7 subs... 1-18 3:00 Youchewversary & 500 subscriber special.
WHERE'S THE KEY?! 2-2 1:45 Messing with my friend's videos again.
Planet of the Poop: Mystery of the... 2-5 1:00 For a collab Emperor Ing hosted.
If GIRUGAMESH won 2-9 1:02 for the 2007 collab.
POWER RANGERS STAR FORCE 2-16 2:19 Where MEGAMEAT comes from...long before MEGAMEAT.
The Skull Kid Teaches Link How to... 3-2 1:04
The Reason Youtube Poop is STILL Alive 3-5 1:04 When MeiAids was trolling us for the lulz.
Majora Explores His Sexual Life 3-10 1:02
Green in the Gills 3-30 0:33
Exclusive New Evil Kamen Rider: KAY-MIN... 4-19 1:10 Messing with my friend's videos again!
A Reason People Don't Make 555 sub Specials 5-27 2:07 555/Phi/Faiz subscriber special.
GOTCHA! 6-14 1:21 Robo-Jordan-Knight? Nope, that's GoseiKnight's debut!
The New Youtube Video Editor? 6-18 0:06 First foray into Youtube's Video Editor.
Kaze Destroys Pisto With His Mind 6-29 1:10
Happy 4th of GIRUGAMESH 7-4 0:05
Hotel Mario: Worst Line Reading Ever 7-6 0:31 Deliberately bad YTP.
SCREW THE iSTICK VIDEO 7-8 0:18 Youtube Editor video...used a flagged video. Became restricted!
The Youchew Poop Forum is MOVING? 7-23 0:12 Cat?
Oberon Rapes a Skyscrapper 7-31 0:45
A Typical Ninja Road Trip 8-9 1:13
Windows Live Movie Maker Test 8-12 0:45 Featuring the then new Pokémon Black game footage!
Star Wars Episode WTF: Ganondorf Strikes Back 8-31 0:10 Another Youtube Editor video.
Holy Double Ludicrous Kill! 9-6 0:50 Collab entry.
An Overly Repetative Mess 8-7 0:08 Again? Youtube Editor again?!
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer 10-14 1:04 Hey! That was during my internship!
[ The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer... 11-4 1:04
The Well From Hell Really Smells Like Bells...wait what? 11-10 1:07
Of Exploding Mice, Publicly Retared Apes and Other... 12-5 0:18 Youtube Editor was getting better.
Ahnk Eats Bird Meat.wmv 12-16 1:29 WMM goodies!
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Gilgamesh and Zoura Cast A a Vote 1-5 1:03 Shameless call for votes for a friend.
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer Disciplines Himself 1-11 0:37
Gilgamesh 's Comments About Being in Dissidia Duodecim 1-20 0:35
Master Kaku Sends Three Rangers to Their Death and Zordon Gets an iPod 2-4 2:35
ARE YOU OKAY? 2-9 1:27
THE LEGEND OF WTF's 25th BIRTHDAY! 2-21 1:34 Celebrating 25 years of my favorite game series.
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer Gets Fired 4-1 0:25 Used EDIUS? huh...News video editor!
Mr. Shine 4-2 1:30 More ruining my friend's satirical anti-MAZZ0Murder videos.
BAM Gets Caught Up in a Greasy Situation 4-3 2:32
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer Gets Bored 4-15 1:02
The Man Who Killed Osama 5-1 0:24 Osama: You killed me! Zelda: Good!
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer IIIIIIIIN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-6 0:54 My internship place upgraded to HD at this time.
The Always Unexpected Expected Movie Reviewer Sets Up 5-20 1:54
It's Even Happening to Gilgamesh 5-21 0:17 Fad response. No effort!
Just a Mesh of Old Videos using Youtube's Turd Bucket 5-26 0:39 Another Youtube Editor video.
The Newest Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet 3 6-1 1:36
Link's Graphically Enhanced ASS 6-8 0:50 Skyward Sw-ASS!
Meet the Obstetrician 6-29 1:05
Rydia's Explosive Anger (15 second collab entry) 7-25 0:15
The Worst Students of a Wizard School 8-15 0:53 Collab entry for one of Combusken's projects.
Common Rider 4Z 9-20 1:07
DO THE 3D MARIO 11-2 1:00
A MEXICAN STAND OFF?!: Robin Goofs 11-15 2:17
Youtube Poop: Christmas 2011 12-25 0:23
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
The Reason Disco Was Banned in the Shire 1-4 1:02
What does Robotnik Drive? 1-11 3:41 No effort "music video."
HANAKO HANAKO REVOLUTION 1-19 0:54 Hanako: Took over my Youchew signature forever.
Mashed Potatoes Day: Entry for the Tourettes Guy Collab 1-22 0:45
NEOPRENE SEES THE JAVELINAS 2-7 0:56 Video Response...and I used Breaking Bad?!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2-14 0:21 Used a friend's song track with Kamen Rider OOO!
This is Also Deck Aids Fault! 2-19 1:14 Collab entry for one of Combusken's projects.
P0WER R@NGERS: BLACK OPS EPISODE 1: LET'S MORPHINE 3-18 0:45 When Gobusters hit the scene.
LAZY NO GOOD UNISPIRING WMM YOUTUBE POOP: SUPA... 3-23 0:28 I compared this to Zelda of Legend The? Damn... 4-1 1:03 Fad response.
Typical Politics 4-2 0:38
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 5-13 0:11 Another Youtube Editor so soon?!
Non-Specific Action Figure 6-3 1:16 NSAF...Not spammed enough!
UNOFFICIAL PRODUCTION VALUE 6-11 0:50 When Akibarangers hit the scene.
Pyro This Video After Watching 6-29 0:37
Fish Tremble at the Sound of That Name 7-30 0:26 Best fad ever. Also used GARO: Makai Knight.
Chick-Fil-A-Ghey-Spaghetti 8-5 1:17 Got #1 video award on youchew for this month.
IT'S TIME FOR BUTT BUSTER! 8-8 1:21 Entry for Combuskenisawesome's "What's Inside the Box?" collab.
Finalized Fabrication 8-11 0:44 Entry for Girla PurpleHeart's RPG Collab.
Psyduck Takes Over the Internet 8-23 0:52 Used Pokemon Black/White 2's anime trailer.
The New Team Fortress 2 Youtube Poop Maker 8-26 0:58 Attempted to use TF2's Replay feature to make a YTP.
Omega Gets Put Off By Kaze's Unlimited "No's" 9-6 1:33
Wizards Are Terrible Riders 9-9 2:16 The title of this irony reflected my feelings about the series.
DON'T LOOK HIM IN THE EYE 9-13 0:23 More Chobi from FF:U.
ULTRASAAAAAANTA 10-5 1:31 Used Foxbox's Ultraman Tiga dub.
Mr. Fabulous Died as He Lived- FABULOUS 10-6 1:26 Used the 80's Dynaman dub parody.
PLAY IT AGAIN 10-24 0:45
The Only Game That Will Be Worth My Time During The Wii U Launch 11-14 1:34 JOHN MADDEN!
Genta Reacts to Ziggy's Prank (RE-UPLOADED) 11-27 1:18 Uploaded due to being taken down by Youtube on my alt...MY ALT!
The Way the World Ends With YOU 12-21 0:36
MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM A YOUTUBE POOPER 12-25 0:37 Used the same video from the previous year!
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Gilgamesh's Take on the NRA 1-11 2:05 Using DLC Gilgamesh from FFXIII-2.
1 Second Collab Entry 1-15 0:01 Master Kaku and RunemanisBack.
MAZZ0Murder's 5th Youchew Anniverary YOUTUBE POOP REEL 1-18 5:42 Seven poops wrapped into one! Used my favorite sources at the time!
PIZZA SAMURAI RANGERS 2: MEGA MEAT 1-19 1:00 This is what sparked the MEGAMEAT Poop Duel with Combuskenisawesome.
Shamless Advertising with Emblems of Fire 1-21 0:53
Gilgamesh's Most Epic Adventure Yet! 4-1 0:46
I THINK This is an Editing Project For Class, But... 4-5 1:14 First project at a new college. Someone noted a similarity to YTP...
Ian is AVID With His Gun 4-17 0:25 First use of AVID Symphony 6.
Gilgamesh Lands on a Bridge... 5-20 0:18 Upgraded to Premiere Pro CS5.5 (before CS6 was my common one).
Trii Fit 6-11 0:38
America Was Invented TF2 Unboxing 7-27 0:58 Unbox THIS!
MEGA: EVIL VERSION 8-8 0:27 Apparently ripped off Combuskenisawesome!
MEGAMEAT GAIDEN 01: What Became of the Bus Driver? 10-13 0:24 Outside the poop duel, so this is a regular MEGAMEAT.
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 1-1 0:17
Moogle Rant 2-19 0:26
Toe-Qonfused-Ger 2-19 1:19 It had to be done.
Gridon Not-So-Freeman Dislikes Peaches and Oranges 3-13 0:56 Taim for Gaim!
Vegetables 3-25 1:12
Puttys HATE Tables! 4-13 0:18 First foray into Premiere Pro CS6. A lasting relationship!
日本語のタイトル!!! 6-9 0:22 Started the "Japanese Title" Fad..or whatever it was dubbed!
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
POWER RANGERS NINJA STAR FORCE 3-15 1:31 Wow...what a time skip between ANY videos!
Zordon, What's Going On? 8-27 1:00
Bill Donut the Carried Away Guy 11-12 1:15
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Towering Fire 4-25 1:07 First YTP of the year? I missed that bagel!
The Legend of Zelda: Breath Mint Edition! 6-14 Uses Breath of the Wild's E3 2016 Trailer
Nintendo Switch Squad 10-22 1:43
OLD BEAN 12-28 0:44 Collab Entry for the Three Stooges Collab
We Are Number One But the Word One is... 11-30 3:30 A fad response to the We Are Number One meme.
GWONAM VS DARK GWONAM 12-9 0:44 9th year poopiversary video and re-poop of my first ytp and it's first repoop!
Gilgamesh's Year End Clearance Sale - Not... 12-31 1:03
Time's End: 2016 DIES Edition 12-31 1:47 Final YTP of 2016, uploaded minutes before the midnight of 2017.
Video Title Date Time Author's Note
Never Interrupt Kaze's Sleep 1-1 0:48 First Youtube Poop of 2017. Kaze makes it to 2017!
Gilgamesh Argues with Gilgamesh 1-3 1:45 Gilgamesh makes it to 2017!
GIRUGAMESH Meets 2017 1-7 0:37 GIRUGAMESH makes it to 2017!
You Don't Lose One to Die Until You LOSE One to DIE! 1-21 0:20 A quick video.
Master Kaku Trips, Dies, and Haunts His Students Anyway 1-30 1:18 Master Kaku makes it to 2017!
NINNINGER STEEL 2-4 2:06 First use of Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Switch A Roo Will Kill YOU part 1 2-28 0:31 Collab Entry
Waltz of the Amazons 3-27 0:44
The Coroner Needs a Coroner 5-4 1:39 Uses Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
POWER RANGERS NINE STAR TASK FORCE 5-15 1:11 Uses Uuchi Sentai Kyuuranger
EBOY GAMAMAG 5-17 0:16 Collab entry
Donald Trump Kills King Harkinian 6-7 0:32 Collab Entry
Ziggy Got $500 Worth of Howie 6-16 0:52 Collab Entry
*10 Year Poopiversary extravaganza!* 12-9 Iunno, think BIG! Oh yes, there will be Gilgarugakakushine!
Alt Account Listing
Video Title Date Year Time Author's Note
IT'S A MAC! 6-6 2008 0:19 Originally a Veoh Turd. Then reuploaded here FIRST. Than to MAZZ0Murder!
The mini-Youtube Poops used in the George Fuckoff Video 8-20 2008 0:53 Collection of mini-ytps used in a main ytp!
CRIME OF THE CENTURY 11-6 2008 0:31
Inside the Mind of Adrian Monk 12-11 2008 0:36 Semi-poop, semi-editing project final!
My atari 2600 collab entry 12-12 2008 0:37 My entry for my own collab.
Day Year Happy 1-1 2009 0:20 Now I know where all my New Year videos went...
Billy Mays's drilling Fetish 1-19 2009 0:53 Collab entry.
Re: Youtube Poop 1-29 2009 0:31 Pooping someone who discovered Youtube Poop.
Boredom Comes in Loops 2-16 2009 0:48 Even my alt can't escape Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
The surreptitious acts of Dr Bob 2-18 2009 1:18 collab entry.
Makenshi's EPIC BATTLE 2-23 2009 Focuses on Makenshi and Madoshi from FF:U.
Sirrus is Afriad of Heights 3-2 2009 1:07 Collab entry.
did it for the lulz 3-29 2009 1:08 Collab entry.
Dynasty Warriors 6- Secret Gan Ning Cutscene... 4-7 2009 0:50 Collab entry/Trap video hybrid.
Flynnheart and Groverfield 5-5 2009 1:27 RPM Poop.
Gannon attempts to kill Doctor K 5-11 2009 1:18 RPM Poop. One of my personal favorite YTPs.
Super Sentai Spirits get Spirited Away 7-12 2009 1:27 Used Super Sentai concert footage.
Demon Fist Jin Smells Irony 7-23 2009 0:59
Ziggy Blows Himself Up 7-27 2009 0:43
I WANNA ⑨/⑨/⑨ 9-9 2009 0:30 CIRNO DAY POOP!!!
1second of Final Freaking Fantasy 9-13 2009 0:01 Collab entry.
I.M. Hate 9-29 2009 0:52 Collab entry.
HITCH YA LIKE A...Beach? 10-27 2009 1:02
Gan Ning Celebrates Thanks JESUS with Link 11-26 2009 0:41 Now I understand where all my Gan Ning went...
Scout Grongi is Gonna Headbutt Ya 12-17 2009 1:00 Kamen Rider Collab entry.
Haruhi Travels to Canada 1-29 2010 0:47 Collab entry.
RAPE EYES ACTIVATED 4-13 2010 1:03 Collab entry.
GIRUGAMESH Performance at WMM 4-13 2010 0:46 Collab entry.
SRIMP SENTAI MINIKENGER 2-23 2011 0:35 Gokaiger...IN WMM!!!
Jason Stops it From Happening 5-21 2011 0:13 Alt fad response. (See "It's Even Happening to Gilgamesh" for MAZZ0Murder account response)
Nintendo Wii Ghey 8-8 2011 1:36 Wii U is revealed! I LOVE THAT THING!
What does Robotnik Drive? 1-11 2012 3:41 Why did I post this on MAZZ0Murder again???
Some Screams Should Stay in Hell 7-30 2012 0:19 Alt fad response. (See "Fish Tremble at the Sound of That Name" for MAZZ0Murder account response)
MANN vs MANN 8-14 2012 0:54 Mann vs. Machine Trailer poop (TF2)
Stupid Senseless Pointless Youtube Poop Video That... 8-20 2012 0:43
No One Grasps the Concept of This Video 1-20 2013 1:14 Hey, Spiderman deboot-I mean-Reboot.
WHEN NERDS BECOME ANIME OBJECTS 2-4 2013 0:07 AVGN and NC appeared in an ANIME!
MEGA Final henshin!!! 8-9 2013 0:18 MEGA...EVOLU-HENSION!
Cid Loses His Virginity 5-11 2016 1:03 First upload to this account in over two years!
Switch-A-Roo Will Kill YOU Part 2 3-1 2017 0:35 First upload to Alt account in 2017 & collab entry.




  • "BANNED ANIME: Never released in France!" One of MAZZ0Murder's first tennis response is criticized because it is thought of a trap video.
  • "It's a Mac!" suffers the same fate as the video mentioned above due to it appearing like a trap video and it was one of the first Youtube Poop's MAZZ0Murder made that dropped any significant tags to indicate it being of that genre of video. Another ongoing debate in the comment section is whether Windows OS or Mac OS is better, and even though most thing this video was made with a Macintosh, it was made with a windows computer, much to the confusion of the viewers.
  • The creation of "The DOUBLE 60 Seconds Video" and "The 69 Seconds Video" received negative attention due to their source material being made from a popular Youtuber at the time. Following the bizarre criticism that the video the youtuber ATSMITW made called "30 Second Video", the commenters liked to point out in "The 69 Seconds Video" was in fact really 70 seconds. This argument ceased once the title was changed to "The 69 OR 70 Second Video".



  • One of the first to poop FFXII Gilgamesh
  • The first to poop Gosei Sentai Dairangers (Super Sentai's series of 1993)
  • First to poop The Force Unleashed
  • Got good acclaim for pooping a video of a vacuum cleaner
  • Successfully hosted the Atari 2600 Collab.
  • Only person to STILL have a Poop Duelist achievement on the forums
  • GIRUGAMESH!!!! and getting the fad practically named after him
  • Created the "Japanese title!" fad which used a quick TV spot of Godzilla (2014) roaring, but replaced with a different sound.

In Real Life




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Other Information

MAZZ0Murder is keeping GURGAMESH alive whether you like it or not.

Youtube has given him two strikes before. One from the use of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, another from the use of a music track (which was not owned by the source that made the claim, so it wasn't right to get that one!)

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Has earned a Bachelors Degree in Digital Film and Video Production. Although no emphasis could be declared, he is proficient in Film Editing. He says that by creating youtube poop, it helps to keep his editing skills sharp as this makes him faster and more precise with the footage he is working with.

He participated in the Tennis Season in Team Gilgamesh with MoogleAbuse(simply known as Moogle now), Chrisgendo and theHappyFungus). The team name was coined by MoogleAbuse.

His alternate account, MAZZAltMurder, uses sources like Dynasty Warriors 6's Gan Ning and Power Rangers RPM as almost completely exclusive sources to the channel. They appear on the channel much more frequently than they do on his MAZZ0Murder account. This account also uploads many collaboration entries which do not appear on his main channel. This makes the two accounts unique from one another. However, in the event MAZZ0Murder is banned, this would become the primary account.

Tennis Matches


Poop Duels



  • First Pooper to be awarded a Poop Duelist medal.
  • Makes common spelling errors in chat rooms. "Gool" was a typo of "golly"
  • Commonly uses a HAI Kitty macro in welcome threads, sometimes accompanied by a "welcome" macro. It s the most common of the Kitty macros he has made.
  • Real name is Justin
  • He shares his birthday with Keanu Reeves.
  • The avatar he uses is always an image of Kaze from Final Fantasy: Unlimited
  • His favorite Youtube Poopers are
  • Often criticized due to the face he doesn't kill anyone
  • Often associated with "GIRUGAMESH!"
  • Though he successfully pooped every episode of Power Rangers RPM, Toei had a video of containing content from episode 23 taken down. It has yet to makes it's return in a video.
  • Favorite game series are The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy.
  • His favorite movie director is Alfred Hitchcock. As such his favorite movie is North by Northwest.