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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Closed.png The account dreamcastboy99filmz has been Closed.

In Brief

Dreamcastboy99filmz(Real Name Ethan) is a YouTube Pooper who is mostly known for being dormant and then acting like a pop up ad... He also used to make THX logo Bloopers and Stick Figure Animations. He even made an HD walkthrough of Cave Story, which unfortunately might never get finished. If he's plastered again,he's going to be banned. For sources these days he uses Michael Rosen and/or makes mini YTPMVs. He sometimes pulls JonTron or Angry Video Game Nerd out sometimes in case he wanted to make jokes with those sources.


Dreamcastboy99filmz made his first YTP in 2012. He later made 2 more, The sky had a PINGAS and Grover Teaches awesome Win, which were deleted due to Viacock being their usual selves with not letting him use SpongeBob and video not syncing with audio(plus copyright strike avoidance) respectively. To get revenge on Viacom, dreamcastboy99filmz made a YTP called Virtual Boy kills you, later renamed Virtual Boy can kill the V of Doom. After acquiring Sony Vegas,he produced his first Sony Vegas YTP,called Billy Mays sells the Smart Bomb switch, in which he avoided copyright issues with overlays. He released a Mama Luigi Poop named Zero Yoshi Smashes King Ganon's Palace(later deleted in fear of copyright strike #2). He tried to make his own joj poop after seeing no one needs foundation repair, called 'Return of the Joj." He made another Poop,a YTPMV using Klonoa and Morshu. His Cave Story Poop got put on hold by his flash drive dying. He later Celebrated his 2 year anniversary on youtube with another JoJ,then another filler about theGamerOfAllGamers' being dormant. He continues to find inspiration to make Michael Rosen YTPs. Nowadays he does nothing but fillers due to certain websites taking up his time. In 2016 his school enabled a permanent restricted mode and now he'll have to use his backup account...which he usually uses to comment on videos.

On 6/30/2017, after 5 years on youtube, his main account was closed with a final total of 220+ subscribers and 104K video views across all his videos. All activity has moved to his backup, where every last video he made will be archived somehow...

First Poops seen/Inspiration

  • Sonic Sez How to kill a teacher(the very First he saw,not inspiration)
  • the sky had a weegee!
  • The big city Toilet
  • Caillou's candy cornhole catastrophe

First poop made

Explosives Rule!

Prefered Methods

{{#ev:youtube|fNo-iLziMYU|320}}Why he no longer waits for Dormant people.

Prefered Sources


  • 100 subscribers on original account
  • 200 subscribers on original account
  • 226 subscribers at the time his original account closed.
  • First pooper to use Klonoa in a poop.
  • YouChew's most annoying,as he manages to plaster ads for his channel everywhere like some sort of virus.
  • One of the first/few to use Battle of the Planets in a poop.


  • He isn't really well known but his videos get negative comments from a user called Nathan Gotti.
  • DSYTP says DCB's sentence mixing is on point.


  • His first 2 deleted YTPs were lost forever so DCB99 will never re-upload them...unless he remakes them entirely to avoid copyright.
  • He sucks at masking
  • His channel is very disorganized
  • His jokes are often lackluster, not to mention he uses too many Color Bars transitions in his videos.



  • Terrorism (especially ISIS)
  • Evil
  • Poopers who close their accounts and take their videos with them
  • Nathan Gotti
  • dickgirl and cuntboy rule 34 and shit fetishes
  • Advertiser-friendly guidelines and YouTube Heroes.
  • Social Justice Warriors
  • Susan Wojcicki
  • Cartoon Network’s current staff
  • Teen Titans GO!
  • most cancerous fanbases including the SuperMarioLogan fandom (which went braindead in the past two years)
  • the current PG WWE product and everything stupid about it.
  • The fact that he’s powerless to do anything about YouTube killing themselves.
  • The retail apocalypse, as well as nostalgic sites going down.


  • a catgirl called Luna
  • Brianna Nightshade
  • crazyphyso
  • the Michael Rosen YTP community


  • He would have been a participant in SpongeBoy123's Nicktoons collab,but the collab was cancelled.
  • is rumored to be a furry after his message to TheGamerOfAllGamers
  • He told Link to destroy the V of Doom.
  • His future deprecated IP,NinjaDude,wields Uctions
  • He has a PlayStation Network Account.
  • He made a Cave Story mod starring a character he made, nicknamed NinjaDude. This mod incorporated YouTube Poop Spadinner elements into the game, like the Dinner Blaster, Uctions and even adding in King Harkinian's laughing face into the game.
  • Tetsuya from his hiatused project Epiquest is his current avatar. (As of 2018, an evil version of him with a South Park style replaced the MS paint version)
  • He tried to bring the joj Back.
  • He signed up for YouChew,but got errors saying he isn't allowed to visit it. He got unblocked.
  • He found a friend in Tabull89 who helped him get to YouChew.
  • DreamcastBoy99filmz loves Cave Story so much that sometimes he wishes he was Quote,even though he looks like Quote on LittleBigPlanet.
  • His Flash Drive broke,and it contains most of his WIP poops and Poop sources,so he cancelled 2 poops,titled "Quote gets a Car" and "Billy gives Link the Shield repair King."
  • Joined much like other members of the Rosen Poop Community before closed its doors.
  • His favorite cartoon characters are Babs and Buster Bunny.



YTP spadinner Cave Story Mod


Other Info

He's a 19-year-old who loves video games. His original YouTube name comes from the Sega Dreamcast,a console released only half a month before he was born. His first console was his father's PlayStation.



DCB99f closed


My alt

YouChewPoop Forums

YouChew account account

[2] is dead


  • Steam Community ID:Buster the Badass
  • Xbox LIVE:ZeroTehPwnz0r
  • PSN:DreamcastBoy99
  • Minecraft:DreamcastBoy99
  • Nintendo Network ID: DreamcastBoy99
  • dreamcastboy99filmz