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Darkstalkers is a game series created by Capcom. Just like Street Fighter, it originated as a fighting game, and got turned into a bad cartoon. On the other hand, Darkstalkers (the cartoon), made Street Fighter weep in shame.


So basically, Darkstalkers got its success cult following because some guy at Capcom got an idea. "Hmm. People like fighting games... and people like monsters... I know! Let's make a game about monsters fighting!" "Yeah! And we'll throw in a naked catgirl as well!" "Works for me!"

Unfortunately, the series is bogged down by a number of problems. For one, everybody looked cutting edge at the time, but now, they really need some redrawn sprites. Badly. Not just that, but it never made it past the third installment. And the worst thing that happened to the series? This crappy cartoon. Basically, it starred a wizard named Harry (sound familiar?) who accidentally summoned the battling Darkstalkers to his world. The heroes (that would be Felicia, Harry, Rikuo, Sasquatch, J. Talbain, etc.) had to fight against Pyron, who had recruited several other Darkstalkers to join him (that would be Demitri, Morrigan, Raptor, Anakaris, etc.). Of course, poor animation led to the Darkstalkers looking extremely scary... and not in the intended way. Of course, it didn't last long and I don't think anyone remembers it... except for, of course, ShreddaX.

Media Infomation

  • TV Show based off of a video game
  • Cartoon made by DiC


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Morrigan Aensland - A hot succubus who really needs her sprite redrawn.
  • Demitri Maximoff - A vampire who looks suspiciously like Kazuya.
  • Felicia - Some weird hot girl who thinks she's a cat.
  • Anakaris - An old man who's crazy for pudding.
  • Lord Raptor - A crazy rock-and-roll zombie who can get away with saying "bloody" on a kids' show.
  • J. Talbain - The most popular Darkstalker... in AMERICA!
  • Rikuo - Pretty handsome for a freaky fish guy.
  • Victor - For the last time, it was the creator who was named Frankenstein, not the monster.
  • Sasquatch - Umm... a snow monster.
  • Bishamon - A crazy samurai ghost.
  • Huitzil - Umm... a robot.
  • Pyron - He is your master.
  • Donovan - Dan Hibiki's father.
  • Lei-Lei - A Chinese zombie whose sister is a piece of paper.
  • B.B. Hood - What would happen if Little Red Riding Hood was a complete psycho.
  • Q. Bee - Umm... a bee.
  • Lilith - Morrigan's flat-chested sister.
  • Jedah - A complete badass.


Was probably only used about four or three times in poop. Ever.

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  • Fans of the Darkstalkers arcade games

Further information

Lord Raptor blew up a T-Rex with the power of rock and roll. I'm not shitting you!

(ShreddaX has also admitted that "ANAKARIS' QUEST FOR PUDDING" isn't exactly his best work)


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