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Dinner Blaster

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


"Dinner Blaster" is a video made by CraaazyCat13, in which The King wanted to kill Link, following Link throwing a brick at his head. The video was uploaded on December 27, 2007 (according to Wayback Machine).

In Brief

At the time, this was one of the most famous YouTube Poops out there, placing CraaazyCat13 in the mainstream. Unfortunately, this poop, with the faithful help of WalrusGuy, spawned an army of terrible Flash Poops.


The King returns home upon which point Link chucks a brick and clocks the King square in the forehead. The resulting concussion causes the King to develop a sudden and unexpected evil laughter, implying he may have become completely fucking insane. Upon asking Link what happened, who replies nothing, and when asked if really, retorts NO, Link's head fucking explodes, causing an off-screen Mario and The King to erupt with laughter. King Harkinian pulls out his newest weapon, the Dinner Blaster, which blasts out diabolically crafted nuclear cheeseburgers containing hundreds of millions of calories. Link eats one of the burgers fired by the Dinner Blaster, and instantly becomes 9,000 pounds overweight. As he and Zelda dodge an onslaught of the King's unhinged cheeseburger fire, Link discovers a treadmill, and begins to run on it. The King decides to ignore Link completely and focuses his fire onto Zelda, who screams in terror. Scatman John appears singing that he's THE INVISIBLE MAN tries to help by firing his SCATGUN at the King(or perhaps at Zelda, his position is unknown), but to no avail. Link manages to slim back down to 185 pounds, causing an enraged King to fire in his direction once again. Link misses the first cheeseburger in slow motion, but is promptly clocked by the second, which he apparently survives.

With the Dinner Blaster now out of ammunition, the King reveals he has a whole arsenal of weapons of Mass Dinnerstruction up his sleeve, the next he activates being a space station in Earth's orbit shaped like his head. He fires a devastating galactic Dinner Laser from it, leaving total and utter devastation in its path as it makes its way towards his own castle where Link lies. Before he can incinerate link, the space station inadvertently explodes in a fart of smoke, causing the King to curse to himself. He is about to give Link a free sample of his super freeze breath, when Gwonam arrives with a jet pack to rescue Link, telling him to "GaHURRY!". The King chases them through the sky with a Dinner Zeppelin, promising to Link "My Boy, I'M NOT GONNA FIGHT YOU. I/M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS." When it appears that Link and Gwonam are doomed, the zeppelin collides with a hang gliding Gay Luigi, crashing and defeating the maniacal King once and for all. Link and Gwonam are finally safe, and travel to Infinity and Beyond.


The video creator made the Dinner Blaster private, much to the outrage of ignorant fanboys everywhere; although several other people uploaded it. It is also criticized for not for being a Youtube Poop in the traditional sense, but for being a story-based flash poop.


  • The weapon itself is REALLY powerful, especially against living things. It is usually The King's armament of choice.
  • In The King's Epic Adventure Part 2, Otocon delivers the Dinner Blaster to the King to aid him in battle. He defeats the Darknut with it, but it proves to be useless against Dieman, with Otocon referring to it as "small arms".
  • CraaazyCat13 claimed that this video's effects/edits was animated frame-by-frame in MS Paint and edited in Windows Movie Maker.
  • TV Tropes considers its Scatman John scene to be a Big Lipped Alligator Moment in YouTube Poop.
  • Many unofficial sequels to Dinner Blaster have been made, some fairly good, while others terribly shitty.