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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

No one really knows what a Sus is. In fact, it's not even a word. It is a YouTube fad that involves taking a word that either starts with or ends with an S and playing it forward then backwards, thus creating a "SUS" sound. This method has later been applied to different sounds to create "lol" and "joj".


No one knows (or gives a shit) when or how it started, but experts claim the fad was begun by the pooper KroboProductions with his poop "Captain Rescue gets a Slim Pack of Doublemint Gum." It seems that from those, the fad began to spread to other poopers.


Although it has not been confirmed exactly what a Sus is, there have been some theories. One professional in particular, Dr. Franz Süssmayr, believes that Robotnik may have named his PINGAS Sus. A more common theory states that Sonic convinced Tails that a Sus was a Fire Sumo with breasts 7 times larger than normal, so he uses it as a "bad word." Even still, some argue that Sus has been heard used in other cultures as a code word for "Luigi's virginity." Obviously, this usage would be largely outdated because Sus would be long gone by this point in time. One theory that has been thrown out is that "Sus" may be an adjective applied to a Luigi twice as gay as a normal one (i.e. Sus Luigi), but this theory has been discredited because of its grand impossibility.

There is a new theory that sus is a portmanteau, of the phoneme /s/. All sus related activities can be considered portmanteaux. We are using portmanteau in a more abstract way than traditional linguistics, but in ytp there are very few traditional constraints, if any.


Unfortunately, due to Sus's extremely widespread use in a short amount of time, some claim it got old quickly. Really quickly.

In fact, Sus jokes came in at number 1 of Stuart K. Reilly's video list of "Top ten overused poop jokes".

Despite this, many poopers still use Sus to this day and claim that it's one of their favorite poopisms.

Words Commonly Used to Make a Sus

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"Faaf" is a sus example from Cs188's "Your sink is the bathroom"
  • Any plural words
  • Sonic
  • Ass
  • Santa
  • Some
  • So
  • Sorry
  • Such
  • Introduce
  • Jesus (Hell, sus is part of his name!)
{{#ev:youtube|jabwH04bFP8|320}}Sauce, by giganticproblem666

Variations of Sus

  • Sauce
  • sSUSs
  • SOS
  • SAS
  • Suhs
  • SOOS
  • Sås
  • SOƧ
  • SUƧ
  • SÅƧ
  • SuhƧ

Other Variations

Video Examples